My Lesbian Sugar Mama Pt. 05

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One of my favorite non-academic activities at college has been the aerobics class that Mrs. Morgenstern enrolled me in even before I was registered at State. Of course, her ultimate reason for signing me up at Lucille’s gym, specifically Lucille’s vigorous bi-weekly workout sessions, was to keep my slender body toned and beautiful for her own selfish pleasures (Mrs. Morgenstern will openly admit as much if you ask her!)

On this particular Saturday afternoon she was visiting me at the condo she owns right across the street from campus, and where I’ve been living free-of-charge as a student here. I was straightening things out in the living room in my undies while Mrs. Morgenstern lounged luxuriously upon my sofa, watching me.

“Yes, I want to keep that delicious ass of yours perfect for me,” she admitted, half to herself. “I demand a tight little behind on my pretty girl, and yes, that means a luscious butt that’s delightfully spankable!”

“And what about kissable?” I immediately protested. “Shouldn’t my butt be kissable for you, as well?”

“Yes, yes… of course… kissable! That really goes without saying!”

“Well, I think you should have LED with it!”

“Fair enough Kenzi, darling,” she laughed. “I so very much enjoy kissing that silky-smooth, delicious little derriere of yours! Are you happy now?”

“I just wanted to hear you say it,” I replied with a pout on my face, while simultaneously wiggling my butt sensually for her benefit. “I’d much rather have your lips pressed against my bottom than feel the palm of your hand slapping it!”

“Well, come closer then,” she coaxed, crooking her index finger at me in order to lure me nearer. “I want to give your curvy little rump some loving attention right now!”

“Nice try,” I giggled, remaining just out of her arm’s reach. “You just want to spank me some more!”

I remained what I thought was just far enough away, except that I miscalculated slightly. She made a quick lunge for the waistband of the black panties I was wearing, and before I could react she had swiftly pulled me within reach of her arms, which grabbed at my thighs before wrestling my scantily-clad body down onto the couch beside where she was sitting, elegantly clad in her designer bluejeans, while wearing one of her expensive black silk blouses. Everything Mrs. Morgenstern owns is expensive.

“Victory,” she proclaimed triumphantly, as I squealed and half-heartedly attempted to escape her tight embrace. “You’re mine, beautiful girl… just like a delicious little female fly trapped by a hungry spider for tonight’s dinner!”

Of course, there was nothing I could do but allow her to begin kissing & licking me all over, starting at my neck & shoulders, before she then swiftly tugged off my black bra and buried her face between my breasts. I continued feebly struggling, while she hastily pulled off what little clothing I still had on, her mouth and her hands aggressively exploring my soon-to-be completely nude young body.

“This luscious little body of yours…” she continued murmuring aloud between kisses, eventually pulling me down over her knee so that she could alternately kiss and spank me on my naked derriere as my struggles soon ceased altogether. Despite the sting of her hand slapping my naked ass I’ve discovered that I deeply relish the feel of this older woman’s fingers, lips, and even her tongue as they lovingly explore every inch of my round rump. “I find endless pleasure in playing with this luscious body of yours,” she observed, planting a row of soft kisses across my butt and upper thighs.

“More, please,” I whimpered in my little girl voice, arching my back slightly so as to lift my butt closer to her awaiting mouth. She responded by pressing her entire face right up against my inviting rump, causing me to squeal in ecstasy as her mouth completely traversed while nibbling hungrily at my curvy ass cheeks.

“It’s time to take this pretty fly into the bedroom,” she decided, helping me to my feet and slapping my naked rear to get me moving in that direction, adding: “You already know the position that I want you in!”

Yes, of course I knew. I swiftly pranced ahead of her, climbing atop the bed, kneeling down with my back arched and my head pressed onto a pillow, with Mrs. Morgenstern following behind me, after first grabbing a couple of plastic twist ties from the kitchen which she then used to secure my wrists to the bedpost.

“I want my pretty fly ensnared in my web,” she explained, hungrily leering at me as she bound my wrists together to the bedpost, “I prefer you tied-up and helpless… with this delicious little butt of yours awaiting my pleasure.”

To emphasize her point she again laughingly slapped my ass, causing me to squirm in protest, unable to resist or escape her punishment. I watched through the corner of my eye as she then quickly slipped out of her bluejeans and grabbed the strap-on that she keeps in her travel bag, rapidly affixing it around her lower abdomen as she licked her lips, enjoying the sight of my captive nude body. I continued feigning fear, struggling as if I was attempting to escape the cruel fate that she beylikdüzü escort had in store for me.

“You’re not going anywhere, pretty fly,” she laughed, leaning down to bite me playfully on my rump. “It’s dinner time, and this lady spider is ravenous!”

“Please don’t eat me, Ms. Spider,” I begged. “Isn’t there anything else I can offer you if you spare me?”

“And what could you possibly have that I’d be interested in, beautiful fly?”

Here, I slowly and sensually wiggled my butt, knowing full well how much she loved my doing that. She smiled and again licked her lips before breaking character.

“I’ll never get tired of fucking you, Kenzi,” she smiled, before then gently mounting me from behind, with her strap-on dildo very soon sliding its way into my awaiting pussy as she began slowly rocking my lithe body back & forth, with her manicured fingernails digging deep into my rump & hips. “I do so love having you face down and ass up for my carnal pleasures… it’s the ultimate submission!”

I very much loved it, as well.


But perhaps it’s time I got back to talking about the aerobics class that I attend twice a week at Lucille’s fitness center. Lucille is, as I’ve mentioned earlier, a former varsity basketball player here at State who opened her gym soon after graduating. Although now in her late twenties, she keeps herself in tip-top physical condition. She is also a young black lesbian woman who just so happens to possess a special affinity for younger blonde girls such as myself.

Mrs. Morgenstern knows all of this, of course. She and her ex-husband had even forwarded Lucille the start-up money she needed all those years ago to open her fitness center, and after I was accepted at State she got Lucille to agree to add me to her twice-weekly aerobics class, which wasn’t easy to do, as there was already a waiting list of other women wanting to join.

Unlike the paying members, I didn’t get my own locker. Instead, I was assigned to change & shower in Lucille’s private office, which has its own facilities. After workouts, I was expected to help Lucille tidy up the place, picking up towels and such, before then joining Lucille in her office. Once alone together, she would sit back and enjoy watching me slowly strip out of my skimpy workout leotard, ogling my body as if I was dancing for her at a strip club.

Once I was completely nude, Lucille usually enjoyed kissing me all over before then taking me with her into the shower. Like Mrs. Morgenstern, Lucille also owns a strap-on that she keeps in her desk drawer, and the black woman very much enjoys fucking me with it from behind while we shower together, with me standing up pressed against the glass, usually right after after she’s completely soaped my nude body beneath the steady stream of hot water. Lucille is really good at strap-on lesbian sex. It’s become our regular routine following practice. I never thought I’d enjoy being the submissive plaything of a dominant black lesbian, but I’ve come to really love being fucked by her!

A couple of Lucille’s former basketball teammates, many of whom are also into girls, have asked her to bring me along to one of their decadent parties. She confided to me that fucking a pretty blonde white girl is something that a LOT of black lesbian women in particular desire doing, but adds that she prefers keeping me all for herself, which is fine by me, although the thought of several black lesbians taking turns fucking me as their slave is certainly an intriguing one.

There are a number of female athletes who regularly work-out with the weight-machines at Lucille’s club, including several members of State’s very successful women’s varsity softball team, and a few of them have openly flirted with me on a number of occasions, including pinching my ass in the locker room as I’ve walked by. It really can’t be avoided, and I honestly don’t mind. It’s actually kind of fun!

As no men are allowed anywhere near Lucille’s aerobic dancing floor, the girls working out with me don’t have to worry about male gawkers, but it’s impossible to keep female athletes away because the women’s locker room adjoins the work-out area, and so on several occasions we’ve had softball players come in and watch us appreciatively as we dance to the music loudly playing on Lucille’s sound system. They especially seem to enjoy those routines that involve us sensually wiggling our “aerobicized asses” (a term that Lucille coined to describe our perfectly-sculpted tight little rear ends!)

Other girls in the aerobics class, including my close friend Alisya (who is blonde with a slender body like my own), have socialized on occasion with the softball girls, and she confirmed my suspicions that several of them are into being with girls.

“Alice Retten, she’s the team captain, she hosted a little get-together last Friday night, and she invited me over,” she breathlessly reported to me the very next day. “Several of her teammates were there, along with a few pretty girls she’s labelled ‘softball groupies,’ and before the adana escort night was over some of them were naked!”

“Seriously?” I asked her. “Not YOU, I hope?”

“Well, no… not entirely naked,” she admitted. “But Alice kept coming up with these silly party games that involved the loser taking off an article of her clothing, and they were all rigged so that me and the other girls kept losing. Before it ended I was down to my bra & panties!”

“Shut up!”

“No, I’m serious! And one girl was even completely naked!”

I stared at her in disbelief.

“Were you all drinking alcohol?” I asked, fairly certain that this was the case.

“Well… technically no… they weren’t supposed to have any, but she offered us Hawaiian Punch in a bottle that I’m fairly certain had vodka with it. The naked girl, I think her name was Sophie… yeah, she was definitely tipsy!”

“Did anybody get in trouble?”

“No… one of the assistant coaches arrived while things were heating up and she shut the whole thing down before anything got out of control!”

“Well that’s good news, at least,” I sighed. “I’d hate to see anything bad happen to you!”

“Yeah… well… here’s the thing, Kenzi… Alice and I have actually gone out on a couple of dates… you know, for pizza and stuff… and she’s even told me that she’d really like to see YOU at the next softball party!”


“Yeah, Alice says she and other players think you’re really cute… and they also know that you and I are good friends… and so now she says they want you along the next time they have a ‘celebration’ following a home game!”

Perhaps I should explain that, while I’m hardly a softball groupie, I have attended a few of their games, always sitting next to Alisya in the stands, so it only makes sense that the team would recognized me by now. I mean, their home crowds really aren’t all that big. In any case, I wasn’t in any ways opposed to socializing with them.

“What kind of a ‘celebration’ are you talking about?” I inquired.

“Well, she says they’ll be having a pool party next week at the head coach’s house,” she explained. “Coach Spurlock apparently has a really nice backyard swimming pool! Anyway, I’ve accepted her invitation, and I’d really love it if you’d come with me!”

“Well, sure… if you’re going to be there, count me in!”

“That’s great,” she happily replied! “And I’ll tell Alice you’ll be joining us!”


Head Softball Coach Audra Spurlock is a forty-something, fairly tall woman with a somewhat butchy-looking haircut. She was a star-catcher at State back in the day, and is apparently a pretty decent coach, as well. She’s got a large and muscular build for a woman, and her home is beautiful.

Alisya and I arrived together at the pool party, and were greeted at the door by the coach herself.

“I hope you two pretty ladies brought your swimsuits,” she smiled, while seemingly undressing us with her very eyes. I could instantly tell that, like many of her players, this lady almost certainly had a thing for pretty girls. “The pool is in that direction,” she pointed. “Have fun!”

Alisya & I briefly stopped off at the bathroom where we stepped out of our pretty sundresses, emerging moments later wearing the skimpy bikinis that we both had worn underneath. Alisya looked really hot in her tiny little black number, while I had on a very pretty turquoise bikini with matching thong bottoms. Mrs. Morgenstern herself had picked it out for me, and I thought it was mega-sexy!

“Your ass looks so amazing,” Alisya admitted. “So do those long legs of yours!”

“You look hot, too,” I noted sincerely, returning her compliment. “Let’s go have some fun!”

I guess I don’t have to tell you that we two made quite the sensation as we promenaded outside together onto the pool deck. Several of the softball players were already lounging there, mostly clad in shorts & tank-tops. We were greeted with wolf-whistles, but also offers from several of the girls to come sit with them. It was a very welcoming atmosphere!

“Over here,” I heard Alice Retten’s voice loudly calling out over the others. “Alisya, get your lovely ass over here… and bring that sexy long-legged friend of yours with you!”

We couldn’t help but laugh as Alisya and I then joined Alice and two of her softball teammates, who welcomed us into their midst. They were all comfortably dressed, but none of them had on swimsuits. All were very friendly, staring admiringly at our bikini-clad bodies. Alice greeted Alisya with a light kiss her on her mouth, causing my blonde friend to blush, but I could tell she enjoyed it. Meanwhile, one of Alice’s teammates, an Asian girl named Suzi, with short black hair (whom I later learned played left field), immediately offered to rub some suntan lotion onto my body, and I accepted her offer without a second thought.

“You’ve got really lovely skin,” she observed, after pouring some lotion onto her palms and beginning to rub her hands all over me as I comfortably reclined on my back in one of the many deck afyon escort chairs nearby. “These legs of yours are to die for!”

Now it was my turn to blush, as she continued possessively fondling my body as if she were giving me an erotic massage. Suzi’s hands were wonderful as they traversed my arms, legs, shoulders, and breast area, gently gliding across my stomach, all while her eyes devoured my bikini-clad body, lying mostly naked before her. I watched her lick her lips. Another player sitting nearby, a dark-haired girl named Riki (who plays second-base) decided at that point to assist Suzi in oiling me up. Very soon I had two of the team’s starting players happily applying suntan lotion all over my slender body with their talented hands. My skin was very soon exceptionally well-protected against the sun’s damaging rays!

“Roll over,” Suzi suddenly suggested. “Let’s get the rest of you!”

I could see her wink at Riki as they then gently assisted me onto my stomach, with both girls quickly adding more lotion to their palms before then applying it to my silky-smooth skin. Again, they began by sensually caressing my shoulders & back, before then giving considerable attention to my long legs and especially my ass, clearly the center of attention of their ministrations as the tiny thong bikini bottoms I wore made it an inviting target.

“You stay on your side, and I’ll stay on mine,” I heard Riki warning Suzi, as both girls began simultaneously massaging/kneading my butt. Their hands felt wonderful as they glided up my thighs before possessively fondling & squeezing my derriere. I couldn’t help but wiggle my behind appreciatively, with the two of them laughing in response as they continuing in their earnest efforts to keep my bottom from getting in any ways sunburned.

“This girl’s got the perfect ass,” Suzi admiringly observed, with Riki immediately voicing her agreement. “I just want to lean down and bite these delicious cheeks!”

Unfortunately for her, her intentions were suddenly interrupted by Head Coach Audra Spurlock herself.

“Are you ladies enjoying yourselves?” she asked. “You having fun?”

We all looked up to see the coach smiling down at us. She was clearly amused, but both Riki & Suzi appeared as if caught with their hands in the cookie jar. They stopped what they were doing, looking momentarily guilty. But Coach Spurlock just laughed and sat down on a nearby deck chair.

“We should always behave ourselves while still having fun,” she warned, again with amusement registering on her face. “We want to keep beautiful young women like these two supporting our team, don’t we?”

Both players nodded, smiling at one another before once again staring longingly at my butt.

“We’ll be good, coach,” Suzi grinned. “We promise.” Riki nodded, as well.

Coach Spurlock then turned to Alisya and myself, suddenly asking what we both thought about the idea of the two of us joining her team as ‘bat-girls.’ I had never heard of such a thing before, but coach then explained that she was considering adding a couple of cute bat-girls to retrieve the fallen bats after every play, and said she thought we might be perfect.

“It’s a really very simple concept,” she explained. “You run out of the dug-out, grab, the bat off of the ground, and bring it back into the dug-out. But having you two at our games will very possibly add an exciting visual incentive for our fans, as pretty much everybody enjoys looking at cute girls. And I’d see to it that each of you got a very cute little bat-girl uniform to wear! You’d both become a part of our team!”

Of course, it didn’t take much convincing to make Alisya accept the coach’s offer, and she immediately put pressure on me to join, as well.

“Oh, please say ‘yes,’ Kenzi,” she pleaded. “It’ll be so much fun!”

I promised to consider it, but explained to Alisya that I’d first have to get Mrs. Morgenstern’s permission. My pretty blonde friend nodded, assuming correctly, it turns out, that it was a done deal, and we both went back to enjoying the pool party.

Of course, as soon as word got around to the other players about their coach’s offer to make us bat-girls, they were more attentive to the two of us than ever! At least four different girls would ask me over the next couple of hours if they could rub lotion on my legs, and of course I answered ‘yes’ to all of them, partly because I wanted to be nice, but also because I’ve come to seriously relish the feel of another girl’s hands caressing my legs. And yes, that would include those same hands fondling my butt! The sensation just makes me all weak in the knees!

After a few minutes, team captain Alice urged Alisya to join her in the pool, where I would later see the two of them making out in the shallow end, with Alice’s hand squeezing my blonde friend’s beautiful butt. Soon afterward I, too, would be coaxed into the water by two of the other players, Riki and a tall thin girl named Jasmine, who would then take turns carrying me around like I was a baby, passing me back & forth between them, with their hands travelling all over my body as if I was their very own life-sized swimming pool ‘Barbie Doll’ to play with! Seriously, if the FBI had wanted to get fingerprints of Riki & Jasmine, they could easily have lifted dozens of them off of my ass by day’s end. All things considered, it turned out being an exciting and highly enjoyable afternoon!

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