My Journey to the Wild Side: Part Six

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My bathroom renovation was completed and I reflected on the past few days. The contractors had seen me naked and intimately touched me in every way. I had sucked them both off three times and my master was happy with me .I couldn’t wait until nine o’clock for my regular video chat with my master; I was eager to hear how pleased he would be with me. Right on the stroke of nine, he was online. I was naked and ready as ordered by him. When he saw me, he woke and he told me that he was very pleased indeed.“You did very well, my sex slave.”Thank you, sir.”“Did you enjoy the contractors seeing and touching you?”“Yes sir, I did.”“Get your thong now and put it on, I don’t want to see your pussy until the hair has grown back.”“Okay sir, but you ordered me to shave.”“I know I did; that was so that the contractors could see all of my slave girl.”I ran and got a thong and pulled it on.“Until it has grown back, I only want to see your tits.”“I understand, sir; it should be fully grown back within ten days.”“Remember, no husband rights, he does not see you or touch you!”“I understand, sir; he thinks that I am denying him as part of a sex game.”“I don’t care what he thinks; he will never touch you again.”“I understand, sir.”The next two weeks went along as usual. I would suck and fuck Dave whenever possible and my master only saw me topless online as we chatted .My husband came home from his business trip and asked me if I had been online with my man friend while he was gone. I told him that I had a few times and he quizzed me if I had been naked. My husband showed me he actually liked the idea of me showing myself to my online friend and he was disheartened when I told him that my online friend had only seen me in my lingerie.As usual, he wanted sex with me and I declined.“I told you that you were on a sex ban.” I smiled.“I have not fucked you in months now.” Graham cried, “How long before I get to see and touch you?”“You liked the idea of my online friend seeing me undressed and not you.”“I know, and I still do, but I need a fuck.”“We are not going to fuck and you are not going to see me undressed.”I couldn’t let my husband see me undressed! My master would not like it, and apart from that, I actually didn’t want Graham to see me naked.In the following days, I would give my master daily updates on the regrowth status of my pubic hair and how I was handling the sex ban on my husband. Finally, my pubic hair had grown back and I was excited for my master to see me naked again.My husband was home on the day that I was to show my master my pussy again but I didn’t care. I needed him to see me naked and I had been anxiously waiting for almost two weeks for this day to arrive.I told my husband that I would be going online that evening, and he got excited.“Does that mean that we will share the same bed and fuck tonight?” Graham asked.“No, it doesn’t.” I replied, “You will still sleep in the guest room, and the sex ban is still in effect.”“Can I at least see you naked before my next trip in two days?”“ No, you can’t!” I answered, “I told you, the sex ban is going to last for a long time!”“Can I at least sleep with you, then?”“No, I like to sleep in the nude,” I snapped, “you are not going to see me naked.  Only my online lover can see me naked.”“You mean, he has now seen you naked?”“Yes, I stripped naked for him last night!”“Wow, that is so hot.” Graham smiled, “And I am not allowed to see what he can see?”“ No, you can’t.”“Thank you, baby,” Graham smiled, “I am loving this.”So was I, but I couldn’t let my Gölbaşı escort bayan husband know that!That night, I went online and my master saw me naked again. He made me work myself off in front of the web-cam and I had several shattering climaxes .“When will your husband be leaving?” Gary asked.“In two days, sir.” I replied, exhausted.“Good, I have a job for you.”“A job sir?”“Yes, you will be away from home for three nights and four days.”“I will? Why?”“You address me like that?”“Oh! Sorry, sir. Why will I be away, sir?”“You are going to travel to New Orleans.”“Oh wow! When sir?”“In two days, you will meet me at noon.” Gary went on, “I want you to meet me at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in New Orleans.”“My husband does not leave until two-thirty, sir.”“I don’t care!” Gary shouted, “You will meet me in New Orleans at noon!”“Okay sir. But why?”“You are going to meet someone.”“I am? Who, sir?”“It’s a surprise, but wear a short skirt and button up shirt.”“Okay, sir.”“White sexy lingerie, and don’t be late.”“Okay, sir.”He repeated the address of where I had to meet him and in a flash, he signed out. I somehow had to get out of the house to do some shopping before my husband left for his next business trip.  I told Graham that I was going out with my best friend Crystal to do some baby shopping. She was having a baby in five months. This would be a perfect excuse.  Graham agreed.I went into town and bought an expensive, sexy, silky bra and thong set along with a white, semi- transparent shirt and a very sexy black skirt.I began to prepare myself to meet my master for a three night stay in New Orleans and to discover who it was my master wanted me to meet along with him. The night before, I bathed in luxury for over an hour. Thinking of where I was going, wondering what would happen there, I felt my pulse racing in anticipation.  My stomach had butterflies.If I weren’t in the tub, my pussy would be drenched! I wanted to, but I decided not to touch myself before I arrived. Exiting the tub slowly I still felt trepidation and nervous excitement. I did not sleep well that night.That morning, after my shower, I put on my new (and very sexy, I might add) white bra and thong set. While watching myself in the mirror, I added my new button-down shirt; White – just as my master ordered. My attire was completed by a new, very short, flared black skirt and matching high heels. I looked in the mirror again. Who is this person staring back at me? Was I really ready to go on this new adventure?I was nervous and excited about what my master had in store for me, but I trusted him completely. I was discovering that the more daring and erotic my tasks were becoming, the more I was beginning to crave them. I grabbed my bag that I had ready packed  the night before.My husband always slept in on his last day home. This morning was no different. Quietly carrying my heels and bag, I passed by the guest room door. I heard no sound from the room. As I passed the mirror in the entry hallway, I took one last glimpse of myself, a stranger to the plain housewife of a few short weeks ago. One deep breath and I turned and walked out the door, leaving a short note by my husband’s keys.My husband would be more than a little pissed at me for not being home when he left for his business trip, but I had more important things to do. I couldn’t think of that now. The note simply said; “I didn’t want to wake you. I won’t be back before you leave. I’ll see you when you return in a few weeks. Kerri” Escort Keçiören  He called me while I was driving and indeed he was pissed. I didn’t care, I was on an adventure!New Orleans is only three hours from me, but I left at seven in the morning to make sure that I was not late. I arrived at the door of the hotel by eleven o’clock; the hotel was the Ritz Carlton, a five-star hotel and it was amazing, it was very elegant and strictly for the rich.I waited in one of the hotel bars with my bag where I was to meet my master. Shortly, before eleven fifty, my master arrived and he was not alone! He was with a guy named Johnny, a very well-built, strong-looking man with a delicious smile.“Well done, my slave. You are right on time.” Gary smiled, “This is Johnny, and he is from New York.”I smiled nervously as Johnny hugged me.“Hi, Johnny,” I simply smiled.“I assume that she doesn’t know yet,” Johnny said softly, “or she would have addressed me in the correct way.”“Know what?” I asked nervously.Gary took my hand and placed it in Johnny’s hand and said, “You belong to Johnny for the next three nights and four days.”I gulped.“He is your new master for the next few days.”Johnny squeezed my hand tightly and I could feel the juices start to flow from my pussy.“If you think that I am a tough master, just wait until Johnny gives you orders,” Gary smiled.“Kiss me!” Johnny ordered, as he pulled me to him. “Kiss your Master now!”He thrust his tongue deep into my mouth and squeezed my ass as he kissed me deeply.  I felt his strong hands grasp my ass and in my state of need, I climaxed immediately.“You will call me Master,” Johnny smiled as he released his mouth from mine.“Okay, sir,” I replied.“I told you to call me Master, not sir!”“Oh, I’m sorry, Master.”“I have only known you for ten minutes and already you have earned a punishment.”“I have, sir? Why?”“I am your Master; address me as Master; not sir!”  “Oh, I’m sorry, Master.”“Undo the top three buttons of that shirt,” Johnny ordered.“Yes, Master.”I undid the top three buttons on my shirt and that exposed a lot of my virgin white bra.“The punishment only gets worse from here.” Johnny smiled.“I understand, sir.”“Master. Call me Master, not sir.”“Oh, I’m sorry, Master.”“Stand up,” Johnny ordered , “I am going to enjoy punishing you.”I stood up and he put his hands up my skirt and took hold of the waistband of my new silk thong. He pulled my thong down and ordered me to step out of them. I did as I was ordered and he held them up to his face and smiled.“You smell good.”“Thank you, Master.”He looked at my sexy thong for a moment before he put them into his jacket pocket. I was now standing there with no thong on and my bra half exposed!We stayed in the bar of the hotel for an hour before Gary told us that he was leaving. I got very nervous. I thought that he was going to be with us, but alas, the plan was for me to be solely Johnny’s for the whole three nights and four days.Gary did tell me that he had known Johnny for almost twenty years, and that he is totally safe and trustworthy.“You are the fourth girl that we have shared, baby. You are perfectly safe with Johnny.” Gary reassured me.“Thank you, sir. I love you, ” I answered with relief.Johnny and I stayed in the bar for a further hour before we went to the hotel restaurant to eat. We sat in a booth opposite to each other. I was very conscious of the amount of bra that I was showing.Our waiter took a long, close look at me when he took our order. I tried to Kızılay escort close my shirt but Johnny saw me and in front of the waiter, ordered me to undo another button as punishment for trying to cover up. The waiter smiled as he heard Johnny’s order.”Unbutton that shirt one more.”I gave a nervous smile as I unbuttoned the next one down; the waiter was watching very closely. Most of my bra and cleavage was now very much on show and I was getting very wet and excited about what was going to happen over the next few days!“Pull your skirt up.” Johnny said in a slightly raised voice, “I want your naked ass on that seat.”I blushed as I was certain other diners could hear him and I knew our waiter did as he was walking away with our order.“Yes, sir.”I realized at once that I had addressed him incorrectly.  It was too late. He noticed.“Sir? Will you ever learn?”“I’m sorry, Master.”“I want your bra on this table within two minutes!”“Master, I will never get to the bathroom and back in two minutes.”“Did I mention anything about going to the bathroom?”“No, Master.”“Get that bra off, right here and now,” Johnny smiled, “and I don’t want to see your tits exposed when you take it off.”“I have to remove it right here, Master?”“Yes, right here and the clock is ticking. I don’t want to see those tits flashed!”I moved my hand to the back of my shirt and unclipped my bra; I pushed my hand inside my shirt and struggled to pull my bra off without showing my breasts, but I finally managed it. I placed my white silky bra on the table and smiled.“Good girl,” Johnny smiled as he looked at his watch, “But, that took you three minutes and twenty-seven seconds.”He pulled my thong from his pocket and placed it on the table with my bra. I blushed with embarrassment. I was expecting a more severe punishment for taking too long to remove my bra; my relief was short lived.He reached into his pocket and brought out a small utility knife; he handed me the knife and ordered me to cut off the buttons that I had undone.“But master, I only just bought this shirt yesterday,” I pleaded, “It cost me over sixty dollars”“Am I supposed to feel sorry for you?” My new master smiled, “And, lose another button!”I carefully cut off the five buttons that I had undone and handed them to Johnny. I looked at my shirt and saw that a lot of my now naked breasts were showing; I dare not try to cover them as that would get me another punishment. I loved being on display, it excited me, it kept me wet, and most of all, I loved to be dominated!We stayed in the restaurant for another hour, drinking wine and chatting. The seat that I was sitting on was now soaked in my love juice; most of my naked breasts were on display and the wine had a soothing, carefree effect on me.Johnny paid the check and it was time to leave; our waiter smiled at me when he saw my bra and thong on the table and I blushed again with embarrassment. I stood up to leave the booth and Johnny came around to see how wet the seat was where I had been sitting; it was very wet and he slapped my ass and smiled as another bout of embarrassment filled my body.We went to walk away, and suddenly I remembered my new bra and thong were still on the table.“We forgot my bra and thong, Master; they are still on the table.”“I know; we are leaving them there!” Johnny smiled as he squeezed my ass, “We are leaving the buttons there as well!”“But, I only bought the lingerie yesterday Master; this is the first time that I have worn them.”“And it is the last time; were they expensive?” Johnny asked.“They cost me over one hundred and ten dollars, Master.”  Johnny smiled, “Isn’t that a shame.” Embarrassment filled my body as I looked back at my lingerie on the table; I thought of how long it took me to find the perfect set for my trip and I loved how the silky feel of them felt on my naked skin.

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