My Journey part 11

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My Journey part 11My Journey part 11.I was so turned on that again I thought I would cum but wanted my cock in his wonderful mouth again and really wanted to take his cock in my mouth so sat up and moved my head towards his beautiful cock and kissed one for the first time in my life as he took me in to his mouth, my mouth opened slightly and I put my lips around his cock head until my tongue could run around his helmet feeling every little lump and bump and play with his cock eye and suck and swallow his pre-cum before starting to move my head up and down his shaft as he was doing to me.I was quickly building to a massive orgasm but could no longer and didn’t want to control myself as I felt pulsating wave after wave of pleasure running through my cock and body and felt the first spurt of my cum shoot into Matt’s mouth his cock began to spurt thick streams of spunk in to my mouth almost at the same time and I was at the very least now a knicker wearing Bisexual cock sucker.After a few minutes of licking and kissing each others softening cocks Matt laid the same way as me and we just hugged not talking as we fell asleep.In the morning I woke up with a start and realised immediately what we had done and felt both shame and then sexual excitement as I looked at Matt’s naked body and his already hard cock that was touching my leg as he slept.When Matt woke up we talked a little about what we had done the night before as he gently played with my nipple and again I was turned on like mad so I pushed my rock hard cock against his leg and he suggested we have a shower and some breakfast, so I walked to his little bathroom with my hard cock bobbing around with me trying to be a little discreet about it as I had never been seen walking around naked least of all by Matt. I was sitting on the toilet when Matt walked in and gave me a clean towel and a toothbrush still in packaging.All this was new to me as I watched Matt turn on the shower and told me to get off the toilet as he needed to go so after wiping myself we swapped places and I got in the shower and let the hot water massage me as I enjoyed the sensation of water hitting my body for a few minutes before I felt Matt step in behind me and using some lathered up soap he began to wash my neck back bum and between my legs before I felt both hands reach around with one hand gently escort eskişehir pinching my nipple whilst the other hand encircled my cock and began to wash it in a sexy forward and backward movement.I then felt him moving his hand from my nipple to my bum where I felt one of his fingers begin to play with my hole before pushing the finger tip inside me, it felt incredible so I spread my legs even more allowing him to insert more of his finger in me and then Matt began to finger fuck me for a few moments before withdrawing it and asking “would like to help clean him up in the same way?”We swapped places squeezing past each other and our cocks legs and upper bodies touching each other as we did so and I did to Matt exactly as he had done to me including finger fucking him before kneeling down and licking his crack kissing and licking his arse hole simply because I wanted and needed to do it.When I had finished we faced each other hugged and ground our rock hard cocks together as we French kissed with a passion I had never felt before.I didn’t like his stubble when we kissed so when it was time to finish I asked if we could both shave first so Matt got his razor and a disposable one for me and we shaved and brushed our teeth before we got out of the shower and wrapped towels around us before moving in to his kitchen and having a light breakfast of toast.It was a strange thing but I still felt uncomfortable being with and talking to Matt when we were not involved in sex and although it got better during our short relationship I never was truly comfortable with the man on man thing without the sex.As we ate Matt asked me about the women’s knickers and how I felt about what had happened the night before and in the shower and what we had just done together.After explaining about the knickers and how it had started I asked about when he had started having sex with men and he said he was bisexual and had known from an early age that he liked both males and females and had fancied me for ages and hoped we would get together before he moved away.Matt then told me that although he wanted to fuck me he wanted me to fuck him more if I wanted too and so with that he stood up and walked in to the bedroom and I stood and followed a minute later. When I walked in Matt was lying naked on the bed with his legs apart rubbing my eskişehir escort knickers over his hard cock and balls and when I joined him on the bed he handed them to me and told me to put them on, after lying beside Matt he began to stroke me through my satin knickers whilst I played with his arse hole, cock and balls before climbing up his body to kiss him.After a few minutes I laid between his legs and kissed my way down his body licking and gently nibbling his nipples then his belly button and then moving down further to suck his cock and balls before running my tongue over his hole after he pulled his knees up to his chest allowing me full access to it.Spreading his cheeks apart with my hands I began to moisten his hole with saliva before pushing the tip of my tongue in further and further as he got used to it, that got him moaning squirming and pushing against me as his arse hole flexed and relaxed. Matt asked me to stop and got a large towel laying it flat out on the bed with a pot of Vaseline before lying on the towel, I again moved in between his spread legs I knelt between his legs before l lowered myself forward and kissing Matt again with open mouths as our tongues fought against each others and I ground my hard satin covered cock against his hard cock whilst pinching and flicking his hard nipples.Matt broke off the kiss and said “I need you to fuck me Now” and handed me the Vaseline told me to cover my cock and then work some into his hole with first one, two and then three fingers before lifting up his bent legs to his chest and grasping my cock and pulling it between his arse cheeks and rubbing it over his hole telling me to gently push forward as he did it and suddenly my cock head just popped in, the look on Matt’s face showed he was in heaven so I pushed in a little more before withdrawing a little and pushing in a little further each time until my cock was fully in his arse.Watching my cock slide in and out of his hole as he moaned and shuddered was so bloody sexy I just had to lean down and kiss him taking hold of his head in both hands feeling our skin touching from our lips to our legs before Matt wrapped his legs around my waist. I began to pump his arse in short strokes and he grabbed my satin covered arse cheeks stroking them whilst pulling me in to him even more before and his arse eskişehir escort bayan muscles clamped around my shaft with an incredible strength that left him moaning and me whimpering and Matt telling me to just fuck him till I came so I ground in to him feeling his cock throb against my belly and shoot his load just after having shot my own load in his arse in what can only be described as the best orgasm I had ever had up to that point in my life.We stayed in that position as my cock began to soften for sometime with me resting my full weight on top of him and my head on his shoulder as he cuddled me with one hand still stroking my arse through my knickers, after rolling off Matt we went and had another shower together to clean ourselves up and give us both time to recover before we had sex again with it being my turn to be fucked by Matt something that had really scared me first thing in the morning when he had first mentioned it but that was before I had fucked him and I saw the affect on Matt as I entered and screwed him until we both almost came together yet again and now I was quite looking forward to it.Later after a coffee Matt said I didn’t have to let him fuck me If I did not want too so I stood up and showed him my hard cock and said I wanted to make love with him so we again went in to his bedroom and Matt put the bath towel back on the bed and we lay together just kissing as Matt played with my arse licking his finger and inserting it up as far as it would go in before kneeling between my legs and going down on my cock using his tongue he explored my cock head and shaft before moving on to my balls sucking first one then the other.He then pushed my legs up and licking and kissing until he got to my hole where he swirled his tongue around so I pulled both my cheeks apart to give him better access so he could insert his tongue into my hole as I had done to him earlier and it felt absolutely wonderful. Matt then stopped and moved up the bed until we were face to face and again said “are you sure you want to do this” but I just told him I wanted to be fucked so after a quick kiss he reached for his pot of Vaseline and said he would try to get my arse ready by fingering me before using his cock so after applying a liberal amount to his fingers and my arse he began to work them in and out of me telling me to push out to aid in the insertion of his fingers.It didn’t take long to get the idea of what he was trying to get me to do and very shortly I was enjoying being finger fucked with two fingers in a rhythmic fashion that would soon be replaced with his throbbing cock.

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