My Husband in My Panties

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First let me say that I absolutely love my husband. I’m his 3rd wife and he’s my 2nd husband. It took a while but we finally found each other.

Johnnie writes under the pseudonym eviltwin and believe me, I’ve read some of his works, if you want call them that. But his under lying themes deal mostly with a male losing by force or by choice his masculinity. Knowing Johnnie I also know where those ideas come from.

You see, my hubby really does suck cocks and wear panties. I know. I started the ball rolling. This is how it happened.

Johnnie is a good man. He’s honest and generous. My husband respects women and has never made me feel inferior in any way. He earns a 6 figure salary and along with my earnings we live a comfortable life.

Our comfortable life includes inviting an occasional and suitable person into our bed. We both enjoy a healthy sex life and if others judge us by our associations then so be it. I’m here to let Johnnie’s readers understand the motivation behind the subject matter of most of his stories.

My husband, fiancé at the time, would lay me on my back with my legs spread and lick my pussy through the material of my panties. He’d lick under the edges and suck me through the gusset. Finally he take them off me and we’d have intercourse. Over time his attention to my underwear with me in them became longer and more passionate. Then came the time he would just push them aside a little and stick his dick in me and fuck me while I still had them on. It was not the most comfortable way but I indulged him.

Once his fascination with my panties became clear to me we had a discussion. He was at first uncomfortable talking about his little harmless fetish. You have to understand Johnnie to understand that. At work he is responsible for 30 to 45 people depending on the current project. He makes decisions all day that affect people’s lives and the project’s success or failure. It’s stressful and it wears on him at times. When he comes home he likes to leave all that behind him.

So it became natural for my husband to leave the decisions that impact our lives together to me. The more he saw that I had both our interests at heart the more acceptable he became to doing what I wanted. No, he didn’t go wimp. He just trusted me with our happiness.

So one morning over coffee we discussed his panty fetish. I asked him about it and he told me that he thought panties were special. To quote him and he did put it so nicely, “it’s like the last bit of wrapping over a Christmas present. You just want that moment to last.”

What girl wouldn’t love hearing that?

I kissed his face and asked if he had a favorite pair or color. His favs were my red bikini panties. His second favorites, which I didn’t ask him about but he volunteered, are my leopard prints. Johnnie went on to list the rest and I let him talk. I took psychology in college and know that the more you let someone talk uninterrupted the more you can learn.

When I asked him why, he didn’t have an answer. I could tell he was embarrassed but I wanted to probe a bit further.

I asked him to wait a minute and went to my drawer and brought back the red, the black and the leopard panties. Spreading them out on the table I could see my husband get a bit flushed.

I stood behind his chair and rubbed my breasts on his back and neck when I reached over him to bring my panty collection in front of him.

I picked up the black pair and held them up to his face. I could feel the heat from his embarrassment. His breathing became shallow and a little fast.

I held the leopard panties up and asked him if he’d like to kiss them. He turned to me and, “what are you trying to say Cin?”

I told him I was experimenting and go along with me.

He took my hands and brought the panty to his face and kissed them. Then he asked if I was happy.

I told him that this wasn’t about me being happy. This thing we were doing was about him being happy.

I opened my robe so he could feel my naked boobs on him. Then I picked up the red pair and held them to his face. Without me asking, he just kissed them and held them against his face for a few seconds before becoming aware of what he was doing.

I reached for his dick knowing it was going to be hard.

I had him turn his chair and pulled his dick out of his boxers. I knelt down and began playing with him. I teased him before using my tongue on the shaft. Looking up I could see he still had the red erzurum escort panties in his hand. At the same time I took him into my mouth I pushed his hand with the panties in them up to his face.

I blew him and he held my panties to his face and mouth.

When Johnnie came, I held him in my mouth until he was soft. Then I took my red panties from his hands and used them to dry his dick.

When he caught his breath and felt the panties on his balls he told me that it felt nice.

Ladies, when the realization explodes in your brain I suggest you run with it.

I knew what the next step would be and planned it over and over trying to figure the best way to approach it.

I didn’t try to trick him. Johnnie is smart. He’d have figured me out within seconds had I tried to use subterfuge. I mean this is a guy who does the Sunday crossword with a pen and finishes them in 20 minutes.

Instead of forcing the issue I waited until we had time and the mood was right. We smoked a joint and were drinking wine when I asked him to do me a favor. I left the room and came back with my red panties. “Put these on for me.”

His first reaction was what I expected. His “no way”, fell on deaf ears. It’s exactly what I knew he’d say.

It took 10 minutes of convincing and reassuring my husband that no one would know, and it’s only us for him to give in.

His dick was hard as a rock even before he pulled them up his legs. Once he had disrobed there was no hesitation. He stepped into them and pulled right on up. They were tight as I guessed they would be but I made sure to compliment him.

I told him they looked good on him. I said that with a straight face because they did. I found myself getting aroused seeing my husband in my panties. I asked him how they felt and with his face red admitted he liked the way the material felt on his ass. I took him to the mirror so he could see himself. His pubic hair was sticking out and his dick head poked out of the top. He thought he looked ridiculous but when I dropped to my knees and licked him through the panties and held his balls all those thoughts left him.

We went to our bed where I got naked and pulled his dick out of the side of his panties and had him fuck me.

I couldn’t believe how fast he came. He wasn’t inside of me more than 20 seconds when he ejaculated. That was unusual because Johnnie is a good lover. He has stamina and can pace himself. But wearing those panties that night he lost all control.

He apologized profusely for me not having an orgasm. That’s when I pushed him down to my pussy. It was the first time he’d tasted cum. He didn’t seem to mind because he ate me through two orgasms before I had to push him away.

He held me and when I came out of my daze we kissed. I teased him about him having cum on his lips while wearing panties. He started to protest but I told him how hot I thought it was that he wore them for me and tasting his sperm was something I’ve done many times and he had kissed me afterwards besides.

“Really?” he wanted me to calm his fears.

I assured my husband that if he wanted to do that again we would. We agreed that it was hot and added his panty fetish to our love making.

I even convinced him to trim his pubic bush to a manageable growth so it would not stick out the sides of his panties. And yes, I did refer to them as his panties and he did not argue, not even once.

In the following months we had a friend of ours, Tom, join us. I didn’t insist Johnnie wear panties but I did suggest it. It was up to him. He refrained and I understood.

We had a lady friend of mine in town and she and I had sex while my hubby watched and jacked off.

She stayed two nights and we stayed in, hardly dressing at all, the three of us except for robes.

After watching me eat pussy all weekend and having my girl friend see Johnnie and I fuck I brought up the unfairness of it.

I told him that if he thought it was sexy for him to see me have my mouth on a pussy it would be sexy for me to see him go down on another man.

I got the response I thought I’d get. He told me I thought I was crazy. He said all the things a man would say about not being gay. But still the seed was planted. To tell you the truth I wanted to see my husband suck a dick.

Just about every weekend when we didn’t have company Johnnie would wear his panties. A lot of those times he’d cum too quickly and without being pushed he would go down on me. He was getting used to eating his cum so I wanted to try something.

I gave him a blow job and kissed him with my mouth full of his sperm. It wasn’t really full. I mean he didn’t cum gallons like in those Lit stories. That’s all bull if you ask me.

Anyway, that pissed him off and we had an argument about it. In the end I said I was sorry for surprising him that way and he said he was sorry for getting upset about what I did. He actually and freely admitted that if had he known what I was going to do it wouldn’t have been a problem.

I told him that he could expect that the next time and every time.

And just like him getting used to wearing panties for me, Johnnie allowed me to kiss him with his cum in my mouth.

And during all this time I fed his panty fetish by putting my covered pussy in his face and letting him lick me through them while he wore a different pair.

I surprised him on his birthday with a pair of pale blue panties. They were plain. No lace, no ribbons. Just a plain pair of blue panties that fit him better than mine did.

After a fake show of misplaced indignance he tried them on for me. His hard dick was evidence that he liked them. As a reward for his accepting them I licked his cock through his new panties until he came in them.

To my surprise he hurried out of them and rinsed them out in the bathroom sink. He told me he didn’t want them to get stained.

Remember I told you my husband already had a little kink going when I met him? The same way we grew older, his kinkiness grew. Mine did too.

For the next Valentine’s Day I bought him a red speedo. Johnnie looked good in them. He wasn’t built like a football player but he was in shape. Medium height and weight with tight abs, he is sexy to me.

He was at first shy about wearing his new swim suit to the pool when it opened that season. He complained that they looked like panties. “Sure they do but every one will know they’re not.”

He wore them for me. His package was pronounced in them. When we were laying in the lounge chairs by the pool I teased him about wearing his panties where every one could see. I got to him. He got hard and had to lay on his stomach until his erection wilted.

That weekend I told him I wanted him to wear his panties when he took me to dinner. He let me convince him and we went out to a local place and had Italian.

We stopped at a bar for a drink and just to be out of the house. We were sitting at a small table along the wall and talking about everything and nothing. You know? The usual married couple talk. We had a little buzz going when Tom walked in. Johnnie called to him to join us.

Tom sat with us and we chatted about people we knew and other meaningless junk, just enjoying each other’s company.

After a couple more drinks Johnnie suggested we go back to our place and burn one. (that’s smoke a joint to you who didn’t know what that meant)

So we walked back and lit one up. Johnnie put on his Grover Washington CD and when a slow number played Tom asked if could dance with me. We all had to laugh when Johnnie cracked that if that’s all he wanted to do with me I’d be disappointed.

Tom and I danced and kissed and my hubby joined us. Grinding against my ass, Johnnie reached between Tom and me and unbuttoned my blouse. After he took that and my bra off he took my pants off leaving me only in my panties. While he was doing that I was taking Tom’s shirt off.

Johnnie was kneeling behind me planting kisses on my butt through my panties.

I knew what I was going to do next. I was buzzed enough to do it too. I unbuckled Tom’s belt and pushed his pants and underwear down.

When Tom stepped out of them I turned us both to face Johnnie who was still on his knees.

He knew what I wanted and there was real fear in his eyes when he looked at me. I almost backed down but I was holding Tom’s cock like so many times before. “You’ve seen me go down on my friend Johnnie. You know what I want to see.”

Tom had his left arm around me. He understood what I was asking my husband to do and didn’t want it. I told Tom that if he wanted me he had to go along with this.

I held his cock in my right hand and used my left to push Johnnie’s head toward it.

He resisted at first but hearing me ask him please to this for me he relented.

I pulled Tom by his dick forward a step and there it was in front of Johnnie’s face.

I rubbed the head across his lips as he knelt there passively with his eyes closed. He was actually shaking.

I knelt next to my man and whispered in his ear that I really wanted this and I told him he did too. He opened his eyes in surprise and looked at me. Then without a warning he opened his mouth and took Tom’s cock in.

Still looking sideways at me he bobbed his head up and down a couple times before putting his hand where mine had been. Johnnie gave me a great show. He held the cock and licked the shaft. His left hand cradled Tom’s balls and he took him back in his mouth and sucked.

I stayed beside him while he did his best to please me. My sweet husband was doing his best for me and I was touched with his love for me. I kissed his cheek and he shared Tom’s cock with me. We kissed each other and the dick enjoying the experience.

After several minutes we stood and I pulled Tom to the bedroom. No words were spoken. I needed a dick in me.

In all the excitement Johnnie forgot what he was wearing and undressed quickly to join us.

“Damn!” was all Tom said before Johnnie realized he was still wearing his blue panties.

Johnnie went to pull them down but I stopped him. “fuck it Johnnie. He’s already seen you.”

My husband didn’t say anything. He looked at me with trusting eyes and left his panties on. The three of us lay together. Tom and I kissed as Johnnie ate me through my panties and then removed them so Tom could put his dick in me.

Then Johnnie and I made out until Tom’s fucking got me too excited and I put my arms around Tom and let him make me have an orgasm.

Tom finished soon after I did and Johnnie, still in his panties came to me and kissed my lips. Then to my surprise he moved down between my legs and licked my pussy. Tom was on my right and on his side with his hand holding his head up watched with me as Johnnie cleaned my freshly fucked pussy of Tom’s sperm.

I couldn’t believe it and wondered what got into my husband. I didn’t fight it though I let him clean me and bring me to another climax.

When Johnnie was done with me he looked at Tom and moved between Tom and me. Then he took Tom’s slimy cock between his lips and proceeded to clean it for him. Tom looked at me but said nothing. The only sounds was the CD in the living room and Johnnie slurping Tom’s dick which really wasn’t loud.

Johnnie stopped sucking Tom and left us. He later confessed that he was in such a sexual submissive daze that he couldn’t help himself. Maybe it was him wearing panties or maybe it was me getting him to take Tom’s dick in his mouth. I don’t know and neither does Johnnie.

He also confessed that when he left us he went to the bathroom and jacked off.

When he did emerge he apologized to Tom and tried to explain. Tom told him not to worry and that it would be our secret. I could see Johnnie was relieved to hear that. We talked about why I wanted Johnnie to do what he did and Johnnie told Tom and I that he had entered into almost a trance. After sucking Tom’s dick with me and Tom seeing him in panties sparked something new in my husband.

That spark drove him between my legs when Tom had finished and to Tom’s dick after we fucked.

That evening cemented our roles whenever we had Tom over. Tom began to take a more dominant role, leaving friendships out of the bedroom. I admit I went along for the ride. For me sex was never better. Johnnie and I would have sex during the week more than ever and we always talked about him sucking dick. It excited him as much as me going down on my lady friend did me.

It took Tom only two more visits before he asked Johnnie to wear panties again. Johnnie blushed but did as he was asked. That set the tone for the remainder of the evening.

Tom and I sat together on the couch and he had Johnnie suck his dick until he came in my husband’s mouth. I played with myself watching that. Johnnie in his pale blue panties. His dick leaked all over them as he knelt and sucked Tom off. Johnnie gagged when Tom came but pulled his head back some so that Tom could cum in his mouth rather than his throat.

When he was finished Johnnie came to me and shared Tom’s sperm with me. Then Tom took me to the bedroom and we fucked. My dear sweet husband did his cleaning chores again that night.

And that’s how it started. I didn’t force anything on him and neither did Tom or anyone else.

I never teased him about him sucking Tom nor eating Tom’s cum from my pussy. When a man loves you enough to do things he otherwise would never do, you treat him with respect.

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