My Husband Cheated on Me Gay

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My Husband Cheated on Me GayMy husband and I are both strong confident successful thirty year olds who pride ourselves on diligence and hard work. My husband Kevin was an aspiring fitness model when we met nearly ten years ago and over the last decade I’ve been right at his side as his career in the industry took off. After our wedding, Kevin and I decided to branch out and open a small fitness/tanning studio. With the help of Mike, Kevin’s best friend and business partner, our studio took off and eventually grew to a small chain of four studios.We had the world in our hands. With all the money coming in, Kevin and I indulged in lavish vacations, expensive cars and a dream house we built from the ground up. With the business basically running itself, Kevin re devoted himself to his physique. After getting in the best shape of his life, his modeling career had a resurgence. Being gorgeous and very proud of his Adonis like physique he even managed to be featured in Playgirl magazines ‘Hung hometown hotties’ spread.I was young, happy and madly in love. I was also oblivious to what should have been obvious, hence the story you are reading.It was the night of our tenth anniversary and I had the perfect evening planned. Kevin usually worked till six o’clock so I spent all day cleaning the house and cooking a huge dinner of his favorites.The bathroom was still steamy as I stepped out of the shower and admired my wet naked body in the mirror. My tummy was firm and flat thanks to a strict diet and Kevin’s advice in the gym helped my physique stay long lean and muscular. I cupped my breasts and gave my nipples a quick squeeze. Kevin had bought me breast implants as a birthday present years ago and the big round double D’s were a perfect complement to my strong tanned physique. Like my husband, I wasn’t shy or bashful about my body, I worked hard for my looks and I was very proud of the body that Kevin got to enjoy every night.Six thirty had come and gone but Kevin had still not made it home. Growing anxious, I called his cell but got no answer. I called the front desk at our gym and even that went straight to the voicemail. “Where could he be?” I muttered to myself, “Why would the gym be closed so early?”.At nine o’clock my frustrations turned to worry. I had left several messages at both numbers but still had no reply. Dinner had long since gone cold and I was sick of sitting around worried. I threw on a pair of old jeans and a tank top and decided to get to the bottom of things myself.Our gym is just a few miles away from our house so the drive over didn’t take more than ten minutes or so. Adding to my confusion, all the lights in the gym were off and the ‘closed’ sign was hung in the door. I saw Kevin’s car parked out front and my heart slowed down a little bit, he couldn’t be far from his car.I tried the gym door but of course it was locked. I pressed my face into the glass and peeked inside. The lobby looked like it always did, except for two pairs of shoes on the otherwise empty rack near the desk. I immediatley recognized one of the pairs as Kevin’s sneakers. Rummaging through my purse I found the spare keys I had for elazığ escort those rare days the front desk girl called in sick and I had to open the studio myself. I unlocked the door, entered the alarm code and stepped into the suspicious darkness.I flicked on the front desk lights and the lobby lit up. I called Kevin’s cell one last time and again I got no answer. I locked the front door behind me and started snooping.The gym was kind of creepy with all the lights off. I’ve always been a little afraid of the dark so I was sure to hit the light switch of each room I entered. Slowly and silently I moved from floor to floor, all without any sign of my husband. After peeking into the women’s only area I moved downstairs towards the showers and changing rooms.Standing in the hall between the men’s and women’s showers, I listened long and hard. At first I thought my ears were playing tricks on me, but I was almost certain I could hear water running in the men’s room. Having come so far already, I clutched my purse to my chest and entered the shower room.The room was very steamy but not enough to obscure my vision. I moved past countless empty benches making my way towards the noise which had to be a running shower head.I came around a corner and froze mid step. Just in front of me in the communal shower area were two naked bodies entwined on the floor. I instantly jumped back behind the corner, moving so fast I couldn’t even get a good look at the bodies. I must have moved really fast because neither person made any indication that I had been noticed.I clutched my chest which felt like it was about to burst. I slowed my breathing and swallowed the lump of excitement in my throat. As quietly as I could I craned my neck and peeked around the corner. The image I saw next was the image that would change my marriage forever.Kevin, my strong husband of nearly ten years was standing naked underneath a running shower with his side facing me. He was bent over slightly with his hands up on the tile wall and his head bent up to the ceiling. Mike, our family friend and business partner was standing behind Kevin massaging his ass cheeks and holding in his hand the biggest erection I had even seen in my life. For a brief second I got angry, I thought that Mike was hurting Kevin or abusing him somehow, my thoughts changed however as Mike bent down and began slapping and kissing my husband’s bare ass cheeks. My eyes bulged as Kevin threw his head back and moaned, all the while stroking his big meaty cock with one hand.I didn’t know how to react, I was speechless. Kevin and I had always had a very open and adventurous sex life, but NEVER before had we discussed anything like what I was seeing. Kevin was my husband, my strong, sexy, powerful husband, it was shocking and I have to say a little hurtfull to see him intimate with someone else even if it was another man. As shocked as I was the naughty little part of me wanted to see more.Mike was a very handsome man but I was blown away at how great he looked naked. Like my husband he was about 6″2 with a very muscular and streamlined physique. He had a bronze tan and erzincan escort also like Kevin I couldn’t see an ounce of hair or fat on him. I could only see him from the side, but from what I could see I was very impressed.”Hmmmmm fuck are you ready Kev?” Mike grunted.He was rubbing his massive cock up and down my husband’s ass crack and Kevin only moaned in response.Mike lined his cock up to my husband’s ass and gently pressed his hips forward. I could tell the exact moment he was inside my husband just by the look on Kevin’s face. In almost ten years together I had never once seen such an erotic expression on his face, he looked almost possessed with lust.”Hmmm yes, fuck my tight ass” he groaned back at Mike.Mike spanked his ass hard and slowly started to fuck my husband.I was so taken back by the scene in front of me that I almost didn’t notice how much my nipples were sticking out threw my top. Whatever I was seeing it sure as hell was turning me on. I squeezed my right nipple hard and felt my heart quicken and my pussy throb. Still being as quiet as I could, I unzipped my jeans and stroked my bald pussy with my other hand.Kevin must have loosened up a little bit, because he was rocking back now to meet Mikes cock with every thrust. He was constantly grunting and groaning and both men were clutching each other’s hard strong bodies. It was hard to take my eyes of my husband’s face and his expressions, but I found Mike hard to ignore as well. His fit muscular ass flexed and clenched with every thrust and his huge balls swung forward rhymically to smack lightly against Kevin’s. My pussy was literally soaking my hand and my nipples felt like rocks as I slowly worked myself into a tizzy. The scene in front of me was by far hands down better than any porn I had ever watched. I felt the beginnings of my orgasm start to grow and I rubbed my clit harder and harder.Kevin moved both hands to the shower wall and bent over farther at his waist. Mike reached around and took hold of my husband’s cock in his strong hand and began to slowly stroke it as he fucked. Kevin was in pure ecstasy and was moaning like a porn star slut with each and every thrust from Mike. I yanked the neckline of my shirt down and pulled out one of my luscious tits. Still stroking my throbbing clit, I brought my tit to my face and sucked my nipple hard. Electricity waved through my body all the way from my head to my toes.Mike slowed his thrust gradually and then finally pulled his rock hard cock out of my husband’s ass. Kevin let out a slutty little whimper as his ass was left empty.”Time to switch it up” Mike grunted, both of the boys laughed at the statement.My husband turned around and immediately him and Mike embraced and kissed. Their hands were all over each other’s cocks and balls as they made out like virgin high school k**s. I couldn’t believe how erotic it was too see two masculine jocks kissing each other passionately. I bit my nipple gently and slowly inserted two fingers into my soaked pussy.Kevin got down to the floor and lay down on his back. His very satisfying eight inch cock was hard as iron and pointed escort bayan straight up at the ceiling. Mike positioned himself over top of Kevin and slowly lowered himself onto my husband’s throbbing fuck-stick. “Ohhhhhhh fuck yes” he groaned when he had slowly taken Kevin’s entire length into his ass, “fuck me good Kev!”.I inserted another finger into my pussy and pulled my other breast out of my shirt for some attention, my orgasm was fast approaching and I wanted it to be timed perfectly.Mike was facing me, so I had an unobstructed view as he rode my husband reverse cow-girl (or cow-boy) style. His own enormous cock bobbed and swayed wildly as he moved up and down on Kevin’s member. Being the generous lover that I’ve always know him to be, my husband reached around and began tugging softly on Mikes ball sac. Both men were grunting and groaning loudly, completely caught up in each other and their own pleasure.Mike was stroking his cock slowly and I could notice pre cum oozing steadily and dripping onto the boy’s legs. With his free hand he reached back and supported himself on Kevin’s chest. My husband immediately took the hand of his muscular pecs and brought it to his mouth so he could suck Mike’s fingers.”Ahh, ahhh fuck im gonna come!” Mike declared between moans.Kevin started thrusting like a madman, sending Mike into an abyss of pleasure. Mike’s cock suddenly erupted and shot a massive rope of cum onto the tile floor several feet away. Again and again and again his cum burst forth in an orgasm that lasted what seemed like minutes.I could’ve came then, but I held off, I was very close but I wanted to wait and cum with my husband.Mike slid off of Kevin and went to his hands and knees on the floor. My husband took the hint and mounted him like a porn stud mounting some blonde porn slut.I was finger fucking my pussy with a vengeance and stroking my big tits like my life depended on it, I was sooooo close to climaxing but wanted to wait for my husband.”Ohhhh fuck yes!” Mike moaned softly as Kevin fucked his ass from behind. My strong sexy husband looked so beautiful as he fucked his best friend like a slut. Mike’s slightly deflated cock swung like a pendulum as my husband thrusted into his ass again and again.”Ahh, ahh, ahhhhh” Kevin began to grunt and thrust faster.”Ahhh fuck Im gonna cum!”.Mike immediately jumped off Kevin and began jerking his cock with two hands. My husband lasted a few more seconds before he threw his head back and his muscular body began to twitch.Just as I started to clamp down on my fingers and have my orgasm explode, Kevin began to shoot massive ropes of cum all over Mike’s face and hands. Over and over his dick creamed and over and over my body rippled with satisfaction.In my lusty haze I had managed to move around the corner so I was standing right in the middle of the doorway to the shower. With my tits still hanging out and my hand still down my jeans, I jumped back behind the wall and collected myself. I could hear the guys laughing and talking as they turned another shower on and began to clean up. I couldn’t help but smirk wickedly as I heard the sound of an ass being spanked followed by deep kissing again.The weight of the situation would soon hit me, but right then and there I was still caught up in the sexiness of it all.I quickly covered myself up and ran for the stairs. I had to hurry, Kevin would be home soon and we would have a lot to talk about…..

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