My Hometown Boy

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This is the story of my sometimes partner Rikki. We both went to school together and were good friend for most of that time. We would spend the weekends together just hanging out playing sports and video games together. When we were younger Rikki would stay the night at my place. We would talk into the night eventual coming to the topic of sex. I was a virgin but Rikki certainly wasn’t and we would make up stories of our dream girl. On this one fateful night we took our discussions a bit further, I don’t know how but we did it but we ended up both naked and spooning, with Rikki behind me. He put his cock between my ass checks, not full anal but fucking thrilling all the same, I was rock hard. He reached round and grasped my cock and gently stroked and I began to rub up against him. But then we chickened out and spent the rest of the night trying to ignore each other

I avoided Rikki after that, uncomfortable with what we had done. And a few months latter I was accepted to a new school on a sports scholarship, I would have to go to the hostel as my parents would be unable to make the move. I left Rikki behind but I never forgot him. My time at my new school was excellent, it was a same sex school but there were always girls around. (The blatant homosexuality of the place was nice to). But when I when I finished school a few years latter I came back home for the summer before going to uni. I had been visited at school by family but some how I had never gone home before then. After the initial interest at being home I became bored. My old town never was a real swinging place.

I began to take long walks and on one of these I encountered Rikki. He had grown since I had known him, he was rock hard, and tanned from all the surfing he did. It seemed like gaziantep escort nothing had happened in the last three years and we hung out all afternoon like in the good ol’ days. In the evening we went to this quiet bar for a few drinks, and there we came back to what had happened that night. I went first, which was unusual because that was what Rikki normally did. I confessed that I had never forgotten and had regular fantasies about it. Rikki was certainly stunned by my omission. But not as much as I was when he admitted to being completely Gay. This was a surprise because he had always been a ladies kinda guy. (Now me, I’ve decided I’m Bi. But Rikki makes that hard given that he’s so hot but I like pussies to much to give them up.) My mind began to spin, in all those years I had never acted on any of my urges but here was my chance. Saying as much to Rikki we paid up and headed for his house.

Me and Rikki had always been a kind of odd pair. He was working class, he’s mom had divorced his dad when the latter ended up in jail and had remarried and split up twice since then. I was upper middle class with the proper parents and family where nothing was ever out of place, and there was always money. It had been rumoured that Rikki’s mom was a whore when I was a school and seeing her and the house for the first time in years didn’t shake that suspicion. She was sexy as hell but in a more mature kinda a way, shed definitely had her boobs done and greeted us wearing a very short dressing gown. But then she had worn that before when I meet her so it didn’t faze me. Rikki seemed embarrassed and grabbed my hand leading me to his room, while his mom only gave us a knowing smile.

Once in his tiny room (smaller then my dorm at school) we were at each other kissing and holding each other close. We pulled each others clothes off and admired each others bodies, his toned through surfing and mine through rugby. His cock was an impressive seven inches, and wide as. My own was longer about nine inches and a bit thinner. But then we were at it again kissing and holding each other. Some how we ended up naked, lying on his small bed. We touched each others bodies, stroking and pinching, slapping and rubbing. Our cocks were hard rods of flesh rolling over each other and every where else.

Soon I was too hungry I reached down between his legs and grasped his rock hard cock. I began to stroke it and used my other hand to hold his balls gently squeezing them. Soon he’s dick was covered in pre cum. Urged on by his soft moans I slide down his body, taking his cock in both hands. Rikki lay back and gave me an encouraging smile. I then began to flick my tongue out just touching his swollen head. I tasted my first man juice than and loved it. I then swallowed his head whole taking half of his 7 inch beast, at once. I rolled my tongue over and under his man meat; suddenly Rikki grabbed my head with both hands and forced me down on his rod while thrusting at the same time. His breathing began to quicken as did his trusting and I knew he was going to cum. Bracing my self he gave one final heave and filled my mouth with sweet cum, I tried to swallow it all but it was a huge quantity and I had to pull back, letting it splash on my face. He came and came, torrents of cum. When he finally subsided, I pulled my self up and kissed him leting him lick his cum off my face.

When he was done he grinned at me and began to work his way down. But I wasn’t having any of that; he was going to finish what he stared. Getting up on hand and knees I turned a way from him and waved my ass. Figuring out what I wanted he got up to his knees behind me. His hands pulled apart my checks and then i felt the head of his cock still slippery with his cum touch my anus. It was incredible, and then the pressure began to mount. At first he didn’t seem to make any progress, but then it started his wide cock was indescribable, the moment I had seen it I knew I wanted in my ass. When the head got in the pain spiked, but I was too turned on to care. I began to squirm and push against him and soon he filled me like nothing I had ever known. As the pain faded he began to thrust in an out teasing me, nearly pulling out and then ramming it in hard. I was so preoccupied it took me a full minute to realise he had reached round as was stroking me. I let him do his thing, fucking me and stroking me, I had never felt anything like it. Soon I realised I was going to cum and began to rock against him, going faster and faster, while at the same time he jerked me with the same quickening intensity. Suddenly he came again, like the stallion he was and my ass filled to over flowing with his cum. But I didn’t notice, at the same time I came, shot after shot flew out and landed on his pillows. We ended up lying together, spooning each other, his cock still inside me. After we had recovered we began again, fucking, sucking, and jerking.

The next morning I woke next to Rikki, he was fast asleep his cock only slightly smaller then in his heat. Smiling I got up and went in search of break fast, in stead I found his mom, dressed ready for work eating toast on the couch. She asked me if I had a quiet night, when I said yes she laughed. Not likely you two were at it like fucking rabbits. Turning to the fridge I smiled remembering last night, we had gone at it like rabbits and tonight we would do the same.

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