My Gym Teacher Ch. 02

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I remained a part of the Thursday night Gym Club right up to the age of eighteen and that was when Terry who led the club did what he did to me. It was not actually rape so I knew that I would have no recourse in law and anyway I had no stomach for that but I could not keep from sharing it with my best friend, Fran, who was also part of the club.

We had always had our suspicions about the way that Terry looked at us as we did our routines in our tight leotards but he had never actually crossed the line as far as any of us knew. However when I talked to Fran, she related to me as a fellow sufferer. She confessed to me how she had been tricked into going to the club room one Saturday morning and what had transpired. Only three other members of the club were aged eighteen so the pair of us decided to talk to each of them alone.

You can guess what we discovered and that is what led to us all meeting at Fran’s home one Saturday when her parents were out. It was a council of war but none of us wanted to go to the authorities as Terry was clever and had arranged things so that we were all complicit in what had happened. If it came into the open we would suffer as much as he would and, technically, he was probably not guilty of an actual crime.

But there had to be something we could do and that is how the plan was hatched. At first none of us dare hope that we could do it but, the more we talked about it, the more we wanted to try. We were all intelligent and well educated and we believed that the plan would work if we spent enough time going through the details and making sure that we all carried out our tasks correctly.

Our plan began with two convenient facts. Firstly Helen was studying organic chemistry and she believed that she could obtain a certain substance from the school lab. This was the most dangerous part of the scheme because the chemical concerned is very nasty stuff and too much can kill. None of us wanted to do time for murder so we would have to administer a very light dose which had the drawback of knocking our man out for a very short time. As soon as he fell asleep we would have to move like greased lightning to ensure that we had him where we wanted him before he came round.

The second convenient fact was that Terry always drank the same brand of bottled water and he would swig from the bottle throughout a gym session. When he was not actually drinking he left the bottle against one wall of the gym where a very swift and discreet girl should be able to switch it for the treated bottle.

Like all evil men, Terry would be brought down by his own weakness and the plan swung into action one Thursday evening towards the end of club. The younger girls went to change but us five, appearing worn out, slumped down on gym mats and Terry stood by chatting idly to us and ribbing us for having no stamina. Abigail said that it was not our fault as we did not get enough stamina training in the club and we could not build really tough work into the club as the younger girls would be left out.

Alex picked up her cue perfectly.

“It would be great if just us five older ones could have extra sessions.”

We saw Terry’s face light up. He was being offered the chance of being here in the club with just five eighteen year old girls who would be wearing the bare minimum and who would obey his commands as he took us through really demanding drills. I am sure I saw the bulge in his tracksuit trousers as he said that he might be able to arrange something if we all really wanted special sessions.

And so he was hooked. It was arranged that the following Saturday Terry would give us stamina training and he said he hoped we realised what we were taking on. I hardly slept on the Friday night as I had so much going around in my head. Would the plan work? Would all five of us be able to do our part? Would this put an end to Terry’s evil ways?

On the Saturday morning we all drifted in at different times either side of the agreed 10am to give the impression that today was nothing really special. Helen was carrying her usual gym bag and I looked at her to catch her slight nod indicating that the bag contained the special water bottle. She carelessly dumped her bag down just beside Terry’s bag against the wallbars.

Terry was positively glowing and said that he hoped we were well prepared because today he was going to be “Really tough” with us and we would have to obey every command at the double. And he lived up to his words. The worm was enjoying acting like an army drill sergeant as he shouted at us to make us move through an obstacle course which he had set up. Every so often we had to stop what we were doing and line up to do squat thrusts and sit ups which just happened to make sweat stick to our bodies and highlight our every curve to his eyes. Then it was star jumps which had us leaping into the air with legs wide apart so our breasts bounced and the fleshy bits between our legs were clearly outlined against our leotards.

It was entirely Ataşehir Escort natural that poor Helen had to drop out, gasping for breath, and make her way to her bag for a drink. While doing this she had her back to the hall so that no-one saw her switch Terry’s water bottle with her own. Terry had not stopped for a drink; I guess being macho meant that he had to keep going longer than us but it was part of his creed that we had to avoid becoming dehydrated so that the body could work to full efficiency. Surely he had to take a drink soon.

And so the punishing pace went on but someone who keeps yelling will eventually have a dry throat and we all experienced great satisfaction when, still yelling at us to move faster, Terry moved towards his bag, bent down and took a long gulp of water. He put down the bottle and ran back to where he had been standing behind the vaulting horse so that he could enjoy a clear view of teenaged bottoms as we went over the box.

Georgina was on the mat having just landed when I landed beside her. Hidden from Terry behind the box she whispered to me.

“How long?”

Helen was supposed to be the expert so I had no idea of how long the drug would take to work. Terry ran from behind the box to stand beside us.

“Get up you two. Get up those bars. Move it.”

The pair of us scrambled up the wall bars and began to move sideways along the top bars following the course Terry had set for us. Stealing a look over my shoulder I saw Terry leaning against the vaulting horse. Helen was a little way behind him just stood watching him. We saw his mouth move soundlessly then he slowly turned around so that he could place both arms across the top of the horse.

All the girls were frozen now just staring at him to see what would happen. Helen broke the spell.

“Hurry UP. We’ve got maybe three minutes.”

At this we all rushed to our appointed tasks. Georgina ran to where we had dumped our bags and began taking out the items we would need. Alex took a chair from the stack against the back wall and placed it in the middle of the floor and the rest of us ran towards Terry. Georgie also put the drugged water bottle into her bag so that no trace would be left in the gym to show how we had knocked Terry out.

Helen was brilliant as she spoke to him almost like a nurse.

“It’s OK Terry we have to get this off you.”

With me supporting him as his legs began to buckle Helen stripped off his jacket exposing his white vest. His legs gave out at that point and I could not prevent him from slipping to the floor whereupon Alex began to strip off his trainers and socks. Helen pulled off his vest exposing his quite impressive physique with lots of dark chest hair then Georgie passed her the handcuffs which myself and Fran had bought in a very embarrassing trip to a sex shop.

I felt a bit easier now that we had the cuffs on him as, even if he woke up, he would be a bit inconvenienced with his hands manacled behind his back. While this was being done Fran and Alex were pulling off Terry’s tracksuit trousers and his black Y fronts. His cock looked pathetic as it lay fat and flaccid and we all smelt the scent of semen. The germ must have cummed himself as he watched us go over the box.

So now he was sprawled naked on the floor and we had no idea how long he would remain under the drug. For a moment he had been completely unconscious but already he was beginning to move his legs and to make slight groaning sounds. It took four of us just to put our hands under his arms and lift him upright. Abi held the plastic chair so that it did not slip and as soon as he was on the seat with the back between his arms and his body the binding began. His ankles were drawn back and bound to the back legs of the chair so that he was riding the chair like a horse with his legs apart and his wedding tackle in a very exposed position. A rope was wound around his cuffed wrists and then tied around his waist binding him to the chairback and another rope went around his head and between his lips and then down the back of the chair to be tied to the handcuffs. The rope in his mouth was probably quite painful and it distorted his face.

As this process went on Terry began to revive and automatically tried to resist but his mind was still not functioning properly and he could not co ordinate his actions. It must have seemed to him that hands were everywhere and he was surrounded by malicious little pixies all doing different things to him.

By the time we had finished binding him and we all stood back to observe our victim he was fully awake and pulling uselessly against his bondage. He was looking around, or as much as the rope around his mouth and head would allow, and he was making grunting sounds like a pig.

I picked up a cardboard folder from the floor where Georgina had left it when she unpacked our bags.

“Listen to me Terry. This is a folder of five signed statements detailing exactly what you have done to each Anadolu Yakası Escort of us. If we showed it to the authorities they would find it very persuasive and, at the very least, you would find that no-one came to the club anymore. We do have other copies so we will leave this with you for you to read and reflect on what pond scum you are.”

He had still been grunting into his gag as I spoke but I had moved very close to him and held the folder directly before his eyes. While I had been speaking Alex had levered the top off the treacle tin and, as I finished, she held it upside down over his head so that, very slowly, treacle began to run over his hair and down his face onto his naked body.

Abi picked up an indelible black marker and began to very slowly and deliberately write “Pervert” on his belly. The letters were a bit wavy due to his squirming on the seat.

Terry was very angry now as he pulled against his bonds making a lot of noise and causing the chair to rock from side to side. Fran reached down to our equipment store on the floor and picked up her mother’s garden secateurs then she advanced upon Terry with the jaws open and the sharp blades exposed. Fran had murder in her eyes as she shouted at Terry to keep still. When Fran moved the blade towards his manhood Terry saw the wisdom of keeping still and he actually went quiet especially when he actually felt the cold steel touch his willy. His eyes were wide with terror now and I think he was trying to reason with Fran but it was hard to be sure due to the rope in his mouth.

Alex had not put down the treacle tin so his chest and belly were now running with the sticky golden goo. Keeping the blade against Terry’s flesh Fran told Terry to keep very still. She was smiling sweetly and speaking quite quietly but she frightened me and I was not in Terry’s vulnerable position.

Now Abi moved towards Terry with a green ink marker in her hands and Fran removed the secateurs but continued to hold them rather like a dagger at about the level of Terry’s groin. Terry was still and silent as Abi lifted his willy between her finger and thumb as if it were a piece of refuse and began to paint the whole shaft green. The action of the pen against his tender flesh must have had an effect upon Terry as he began to erect which made it easier for Abi to finish her artwork so that soon he had a bright green rod pointing straight ahead and angled towards the ceiling.

We had talked at some length about the next stage of Terry’s torture. Initially some of us had not wanted to do it but then the dissenters had come around to the idea that it would be rather delicious and the perfect torment for someone of Terry’s rather basic disposition. Fran and I nodded to each other and then we moved in front of Terry. I had harboured real doubts about whether I would be able to do what I was about to do but, now the time had come, it was all girls together and the bound and gagged figure in front of us did not really seem to be a person. As the other girls watched Fran and myself slowly turned around to give Terry a good view of our curves within the scant covering of our leotards and then we began to peel down our leotards revealing our very functional sports bras.

Fran is quite a bit bigger than me in that department and she bent down so that her boobs were near to Terry’s face and then straightened up as we both took our bra off and stood there posing and displaying our boobs to Terry. It was pleasing to note that his green rod was ramrod straight and bouncing slightly as he began to groan.

Fran and I now pulled our leotards down and off leaving us in just little cotton briefs which we very slowly removed and then we stood giving Terry a clear view of our nude bodies and pubic fuzzbushes which we pushed out towards him.

His groaning was louder now and he was trying to move towards us but, of course, the ropes held him in place. We noticed the rope in his mouth cutting very pleasingly into the corners of his mouth and little specks of blood beginning to appear as it broke the skin. We both had our knickers in our hands and we wafted them under his nose before I pressed mine to his mouth and wound them around the rope gag where they became covered in treacle but, I am sure, still gave him a good taste of girl.

We had eventually agreed in the planning stages that all five of us would display ourselves to our helpless captive so that he would have the agony of being surrounded by naked young girls who were all just out of his reach. Now that Fran and I had led the way the other three arranged themselves in front of him and oh so slowly began to strip for his torment and frustration.

When Abi, Georgie and Alex were naked they passed their knickers under Terry’s nose and briefly draped them over his eyes before throwing them at his body where they stuck to the treacle. The trio then spent some time posing in front of him, turning around and bending so that he saw their clefts and then Kartal Escort facing him and displaying their boobs and sticking out their pussies. Alex even put her fingers between her legs and gave him a little show. They said later that it was a wickedly delicious thrill like when you are very small and you show your body to your favourite uncle and your Mum lets you get away with it because you are little.

All this certainly had an effect upon Terry who was making small groans and practically whimpering as he rocked on the chair desperate for relief of the pressure which was building up in his balls. By this time the treacle had run down his body so that he was sitting in a small puddle of goo and he made little glooping sounds as he moved.

Georgie, still stark naked, reached out her slim fingers and very gently rubbed Terry’s balls which only added to his tension. She made it clear that she could easily squeeze quite a bit tighter and poor Terry would be able to do nothing to prevent it. Of course lots of giggling and cat-calling was going on the whole time. While Georgie had been tormenting the gym leader Alex had run to the changing room and come back with the large plastic bag which she had left there when she arrived. We had arranged that Alex was the last to arrive so that Terry was in the gym with the rest of us and he had not seen her carry the bag into the changing room.

The bag contained a feather pillow which we had bought for the purpose and Alex picked up one of the pairs of scissors which had come out of our gym bags. She waved the pillow in front of Terry and then slashed it open with the scissors so that it released a snowfall of feathers which fluttered down over his bound form and, of course, the feathers settled on his treacle covering. To our delight he sneezed which caused the rope gag to pull on his mouth and a trickle of blood began to run down his chin.

The unfortunate Terry was surrounded by five jeering naked teenaged girls who were just out of his reach and his humiliation was not yet over. Abi picked up a pink elasticated hair scrunchie and slowly moved towards her helpless, struggling victim so that he had plenty of time to wonder what she was going to do. She then fitted the item around his ball sack and his, slightly wilting, member so that it provided him with a lovely feminine decoration. At the same time Alex picked up a pair of her lilac briefs which had slipped from his body onto the floor and she pulled them onto his head like a hat.

That was when the cameras came out and we had lots of fun taking pictures of our gym leader so that we had a record from every angle of his humiliation. Our next act was to put the cameras down onto the floor and each pick up a pair of scissors then, standing in front of Terry, we began to cut all of his clothes into useless shreds.

We were almost finished now but we still had a couple of things to do. I picked up a jar of strawberry jam and a teaspoon and began to spoon out great dollops of jam onto his groin area so that it mingled with the treacle on his penis and balls and made a sticky mess in his pubic forest.

I found there was some jam left over so I dropped lumps of it onto his body and the others had fun rubbing it into him and making a lovely mess in his hair as he wriggled about in a futile attempt to avoid his fate. We were all drunk with power now and giggling helplessly which must have been terrifying for Terry as he had no way of knowing how far our vengeance would go. Some more pictures were taken and then Fran picked up a roll of pink parcel ribbon and began to wind it around Terry and his chair. She started at his head and worked all the way down to the floor so that he looked a bit like a pink pillar box with a couple of slits for his eyes. There were a few more camera flashes and then it was just about time to bring the day’s fun to a close.

I picked up the key to the handcuffs and held it a few inches from his nose.

“We are going to put this key on the floor behind you. When we talked about it most of us thought that you would probably be able to tip the chair over and wriggle to a place where you could reach the key to free yourself. Of course we don’t know how you would be able to get to your car without any clothes on but that’s your problem.”

Fran now took up the speech.

“If you don’t get free by the morning Mrs Sprocket will probably free you when she comes in to clean. You’d better hope that she doesn’t open our little file of incriminating statements over there on the floor. We have lots of lovely pictures of you which we might decide to put on the internet. If you come anywhere near any of us or if we even hear anything bad about you we WILL take our statements to the authorities.”

Terry was now screaming into his gag and his eyes were wide. I think he was saying that we couldn’t leave him like that – but we could. Just as a final touch Alex reached between the ribbons around his head and pulled the lilac knickers down over his eyes then we went into the changing room to wash the goo from our hands and get dressed. When we were dressed we returned to the gym to gather up all our equipment so that nothing remained there which was ours. As we left we chorused our various farewells to our gym teacher.

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