My Girlfriend’s Son

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My Girlfriend’s SonMy Girlfriend’s Son I’d met and had been going out with a younger lady for several weeks. Her name was Lily. Nothing heavy yet, just passionate kissing and some playful fondling. I really liked her and could tell she really liked me. Lily was short and slight with real small breasts that I absolutely adored. Puffy aureola and big nipples…Beautiful chunky apple ass and a fat pussy that looked awesome in panties. She learned early of my extreme panty fetish and would wear a lot of short skirts and give me peeks every chance she could and sometimes when she shouldn’t. We panty shopped and she always wore some that I picked out.We were sitting on her front porch necking passionately, getting hot. She was fondling me through my jeans, there was a wet spot forming on the material..she worked it with the tip of her finger..I was very hard. My hand in the meantime had reached her panties which were already wet, and I began to gently caress the soaked material. Her knees were spread and her skirt bunched up to her waist, I started fingering the panties into her crevice…we were breathing harder and reaching the point of no return when she whispered, “Wait, let’s go inside” Up until this moment, I was never allowed in her house. She had a th…..n year old son and I guessed she was just protecting him, waiting until the time was right. Well, looks like that time had arrived. She looked me in the eyes and said” I want to tell you about my son before we go inside. My son is special, unique, Please don’t be judgmental by what you see and try to accept him as he has decided to be. He is homeschooled now…I let him be exactly who feels he is and never judge him he is quite shy sometimes…he’s most likely asleep on the couch waiting for me..if he’s awake, please don’t show shock ok baby?” Not having any idea what was waiting inside, I said, “Of course baby, don’t should know me enough by now to know I’m a live and let live guy.”She unlocked the door and let us in…she put her finger on her lips shhh..I took her finger ad sucked it into my mouth…she ground herself against me and I grabbed her ass up under her skirt and helped her do it, grinding back and kissing her lips. That’s when both of us heard it at the same time…we stopped what we were doing and listened. A second low moan from the front room. She looked up at me and took my fethiye escort hand, we moved quietly in the carpeted hallway toward the front room. I peeked around the corner and was totally blown away.A beautiful young girl was lying on the couch dressed in button blouse and a pleated schoolgirl skirt with black and white thigh hi’s on her young smooth legs. Her head was back and I saw that her skirt was up, legs spread and she was stroking herself through her pink nylon bikini panties. She moaned again and raised her hips off the couch a bit and I saw then what I missed at first look…the young girl was stroking a pretty large cock under her panties…it hit me..this is her son! I stood there watching this girl/boy fondle themselves when she comes up behind me and grabs my rock hard cock…”does it turn you on?’ she whispered in my ear….I said nothing, just watched..her son. There was a large wet spot now visible on the nylon material as he started squeezing and rubbing up and down his panty covered cock faster and harder now…breathing hand was under Lily’s skirt behind me working on her soaked panties, she trapped my hand between her legs as I rubbed her off…she was gonna cum soon…she unzipped me and released my aching cock…oh the relief….her hand started seriously stroking me and I knew I would cum if this young boy did…. On cue the boy raises his hips higher and starts jerking and grunting…the panties became soaked as he blasted his load into them She managed to cup the front of my cock as I lost it too and came into her hand. She started jerking on my trapped hand, grunting as she came into her panties…she pulled me back into the hall..”I guess it does,” she whispered and grinned at me while cleaning her hand off with a tissue…”You have something in common, he’s crazy about panties too.” We straightened ourselves up and made some noise as if we had just walked in the door and went into the front room. Her son was now sitting upright on the couch looking up at us as we walked in the room. His eyes registered surprise and a little shock when he saw me. Lily introduced us “ Honey, this is Roger, and this is Tommie, my son,” she said and sat down next to Tommie. It was amazing, if I didn’t know his true sex, I would swear this was a beautiful young girl..his face and skin were flawless..large blue eyes and a pointed chin accented the escort fethiye female look…his hair was shoulder length and done in a feminine style that flattered. Lily turned to her son, tilted his head up and kissed him. Not a motherly peck; but a serious passionate full lipped kiss. Tommie put his arms around her neck and kissed back. I could see them sucking on each other’s tongues. I stared at this scene completely taken aback and a little embarrassed. As he kissed his Mother, Tommie’s legs parted and I could see up his skirt…his pink panties were soaked from his earlier masturbation and he was hard again. Lily’s panties were also visible and they were wet too. I couldn’t help it, I was getting hard watching this incredible and totally unexpected scene in front of me. Lily took her hand and ran it up her son’s leg until she reached his soaked panties. She cupped his cock and squeezed..She took her mouth away from his, “Oh wet you are, what has my boy been doing while Mommy was gone?” She rubbed and squeezed him through the panties..his eyes were closed and his cheeks were red, neither were paying any attention to me at all..I might have been invisible. I was very hard now..I let my hand stray into my lap.Tommie now moved his hand to his Mother’s panties and started to softly stroke the wet material he found there. She spread her legs wide…”yeah baby” she said softly, “ make mommy feel good” “Are they wet baby? Make mama cum in her panties. I’m close baby….Oh God!!” Lily clamped her legs together and stated shaking and moaning loudly as she came into her panties for the second time that night. Her hand was still squeezing his cock inside his pink panties. Lily leaned over in front of her son and took his panty covered cock into her mouth and started licking and sucking it, up and down it’s length making the thin nylon soaked and transparent, his hardness showing plainly through. Tommie sucked in his breadth and moaned at the wet touch his hand s going to his mom’s head, caressing her hair. I was totally turned on like I have never experienced..I was hot, confused, and hornier than I have ever been in my life. I didn’t care anymore, I opened my jeans and took out my painfully hard erection and started to stroke.Tommie was jerking his hips up every time Lliy would tongue his panties. Lily took her hand and drew the wet material fethiye escort bayan down so that she uncovered her sons truly throbbing cock and wrapped her mouth around the head, sucking and licking it. She made mmmm noises as she sucked him and he just grunted and moaned…it looked like he was gonna cum any second; but then Lily took her mouth off it and kissed it’s length, ”Do you wanna cum insde mommy baby? Hmmm? wanna fuck mommy and cum deep inside her?”Tommie spoke in this little girl voice keeping his eyes closed, “Fuck me Mommy..let my cum go inside you” He started pushing his cock in the air while Lily raised herself up and climbed onto her son’s lap holding just above her pussy. She pulled the soaked panties she was wearing aside and lowered herself slowly onto her son’s hard cock. She pushed until it was buried inside and her and she sat on his lap.I was my wildest of dreams I didn’t expect this evening. I couldn’t believe my new girlfriend just put her son’s cock inside her with me sitting here watching and pulling on my own cock. I didn’t know how much longer I could hold out I was going to cum soon.Lily started raising and lowering herself on Tommie’s cock…slowly at first, then faster. Tommie was shaking, and moaning loudly saying “oh fuck me Mommy, fuck me Mommy”…..and mommy did faster and faster until Tommie almost screamed”Oh Mommy, here it cums” “Do it baby cum into Mama”…I came at that point, I didn’t even try to catch it or watch wear it went. I was trying to focus at the same time as Tommie jerked upward and moaned loud and long as he released inside his Mom’s wet pussy. Lily was shaking and grunting as she ground down onto her son’s cock feeling her own orgasm overtake her. She sat there shaking and cuming, seemed like a long time; but was probably minutes and it was over. Lily collapsed sideways and lay with her head on the arm of the couch. Tommie’s cock slipped out and Lily’s panties were back in place…I could see tommie’s cum soaking the crotch… Tommie didn’t move at all, just lay there with his head back and eyes closed. All of us breathing heavily and no one was speaking. During the whole encounter, Lily never made eye contact with was like I wasn’t even in the room. Has she done this before with other guys? Now that it’s over do I just get up and go home? I was starting to feel a bit uncomfortable as I watched the two of them on the couch unmoving, possibly sleeping. I decided to leave..I quietly got up from chair and so as not to wake the two lovers I silently took my leave.Lily called me the next day….to be continued

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