My Girlfriends Sister and I Ch. 02

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Being in love was harder than I thought and it was killing me to except that Jessica was gone. As the weeks went by I realized that I may have really lost her. I hadn’t even heard from her since the day she stormed out of our house, after catching me and her college boyfriend in our bed, never looking back. The only thing I could do was talk to my sisters even though they hated me, for very good reason, hoping they would at least pretend they cared. I don’t know why but I felt the need to call Desari first.

“Hello”. She answered sounding a bit winded.

“Hey sis, how are you? I haven’t heard from you in a while”.

“Oh I’m sorry I’ve been really busy. Is everything okay”? She asked probably catching the tone in my voice.

“Yeah just kind of bummed out about Jessica”.

“Have you heard from her”? It seemed she was giggling.

“Yes”. I lied

“How did it go?” She asked her tone changed in a way that made me uncomfortable.

“Not so well. She just isn’t interested in talking to me”.

“I wonder why that is Les”? Desari laughed then mumbled something I didn’t quite understand.

“Are you busy”? I asked her.

“Yes and no.” Desaris’ voice was now filled with lust.

“What are you doing Desari”?

“I have to go sis… love you…bye”. She moaned in my ear, grossing me out.

“Love you to sis”. I said to the dial tone in my ear.

I sat there speechless not sure how to take what just happened to my ear. I couldn’t quite process it. My little sister having sex. I shuddered and sat the phone down as I rose to head to my kitchen; I decided I needed a really strong drink. Before I could finish pouring my drink my phone rang. I ran into the living room with an ounce of hope.


“Hey babe I haven’t heard from you”.

“Hi Mark.” My tone was dull and lifeless.

“You don’t sound too happy to hear from me”.

“What do you want Mark”?

“I just wanted to see what you were doing tonight, geez”.

“I’m busy”. I yelled and hung up the phone.

That phone depressed me further which drove me to take the bottle to me bedroom and drink myself to sleep.


I kissed Desari goodnight as I cuddled up behind her in her plush king-sized bed. I haven’t been back to Jacks house since I chose to grow some balls and come over here. I felt Desari squirming in my arms.

“Are you ok”? I asked softly.

“Yes just a little angry”.

“Why are you angry”?

“Leslie called me today and lied to me.”


“She said she spoke to you, but you have been here for a few weeks now and I haven’t seen you take a call or text.”

I chuckled and we continued to talk late into the night. I realized I had never been able to do this with Leslie because she was always tired or didn’t feel up to talking. Desari was so different than Leslie and her other sisters. She was smart, funny, sexy, though they all were, soft and feminine. I felt myself around Desari, she brought out something different in me, and she was helping shift back to reality and life.

Leslie was controlling and mean spirited, but Desari was the opposite. I did worry a little because Leslie didn’t go from the love of my life to my warden over-night it took her a few months.

I was so lost in thought I hadn’t realized Desari was sound asleep. I held her closer than I did any other night. She felt so good against me.

“I think I love you.” I said to the dark room as I drifted to sleep.

When I awoke I was alone in this huge bed and a familiar feeling washing over me. I smelled something delicious and I went down the stairs. Once there I saw a woman on the other side of the island taking something out of the oven. I crept over to the island and when she stood I startled her by accident.

“Hello, you must be Jessica. Ms. Fillmore asked me to give you this note and to prepare a small lunch for you.”

“Thank you so much. I didn’t catch your name.”


“I appreciate it Seana.”

She seemed a bit put off by my politeness so I stayed silent as she organized the food on my plate. When she was finally done she placed the delicious food in front of me, I thanked her and she walked towards the stairs. I consumed my food quickly realizing I was hungrier than I thought, but I also had never had such a succulent piece of salmon before. I hate asparagus but whatever Seana did to it made me try it and I loved it. I sipped my wine and read the note, it said:

Hey Hun sorry I left without a word but I had to work.

Be ready I have something planned for us later

See you soon

I smiled wide as I made my way up the stairs. When I reached the room Seana was laying clothing on the bed. I took in the sight of the clothes and I could tell, though it looked simple, it was very expensive. She smiled when she noticed me and went on to explain Gaziantep Yabancı Escort that Desari had some outfits delivered for me to choose from. She then informed me that she had drawn me a bath and that it was almost 6pm. I thanked her for the thousandth time and this time she said you’re welcome before exiting the room. I smelled something divine and it caused me to strip and drift towards the bathroom.

I was stopped in my tracks when I opened the door to what now seemed like a dream. There were candles all over, rose pedals floating in the water, and the sent grew stronger as I neared the bubbly tub. I sank into the steaming water loving the way it felt on my skin and I closed my eyes enjoying the feeling. I had been so lost in the amazing feeling of the bath that I didn’t even hear Desari come into the bathroom.

I got the feeling I wasn’t alone anymore; I opened my eyes and almost pissed myself when I saw Desari sitting on the other side of the bathroom staring at me.

“You scared me.”

“I’m sorry I couldn’t help myself, you look amazing.” Desari explained to me.

“How was work?” I asked actually interested.

“I had a good day like I always do.” She spoke as she stripped.

“You are an heiress, why are you a waitress?”

“I may be an heiress, but I like working more than I like sitting down doing nothing all day long.”

“I can understand that.”

“Are you enjoying yourself in there?”

“Yes I am and I am waiting for you to hurry your cute as up and get in.”

“Mmm yes ma’am.” She said as she slid into the tub with me

She made her way over to me and kissed me gently straddling me in the process. I couldn’t help but touch her, to feel the softness of her skin under my fingertips. She moaned into my mouth when my hands found her breast and fondled them gently. I couldn’t control myself anymore; I had to have her even if it was for a moment. I broke our kiss and lowered my mouth to her nipples anticipating the taste of her.

I flicked my tongue over her nipple playfully when I saw that she was trying to break away from me. I held her in place and covered it with my lips sucking it lightly.

“No Jessi wait. Later okay, let’s do dinner first.” She said pulling away with real force.

“Okay I’ll wait.”

“Believe me I want you too baby, but I’ve had enough sex for now. I want us to go on a date.”

“You are right a date is what we need.”

We bathed each other, kissing here and there trying to resist the urge to cancel our date. After drying we dressed in separate areas to surprise each other with our wardrobe choices. I stepped into the bedroom from the second bathroom with my jeans and my blouse, I had chosen to pair my outfit with some black three inch Jimmy Choo heels, which I found out were damn near $1000 shoes, that made my legs look long and toned.

When it came to make-up I was never a big fan, so I went with some cherry red lip gloss. I was ready and waiting for my lovely date.

When she emerged from her closet she looked gorgeous. From head to toe she was in Marc Jacobs, the Black Velvet Sweetheart dress, the black Marc pumps, and a Marc Bijoux clutch. The only thing that wasn’t Marc was the Blue Nile 18Kt white gold Harry Winston studs in her ear, over all; my new lover was wearing $4000 or more. That was more than I anything I had ever seen on any person. Before you say anything, yes I love fashion, but it didn’t love me until now.

“You look amazing Desari.” I told her with a huge smile.

“And you look good enough to eat.” She said to me with a lust filled tone.

“Oh no you don’t, let’s go before we never make it.” I laughed

Before it got physical fast, practically running down the steps, I made my way to the car. Desari was constantly surprising me and I was wondering would this ever end. I couldn’t help but smile and stare at the limo before me like a star-struck school girl. I felt her touch my shoulder and guide me from the spot I was stuck in towards the stretch car. She laughed at me as I stumbled down her driveway and into the car.

“She’s new at this Carson.” Desari explained to the tall older man.

“I remember your first time in your parent’s limousine; you had a similar look on your face.” Carson told her.

We rode in silence as I examined the vehicle, checking out the mini bar, the stereo, and the sunroof. I noticed that she was studying me intensely; I continued to look around the limousine trying to avoid the conversation coming, trying to figure out how to approach me with the subject. I did love her, though I was not in love with her, she’s a great girl, and a good lover. I knew she wanted to talk about this whole mess; I just didn’t want to do it now.

When we reached our destination I realized it was lifeless inside. What in the hell was going on here? Before I could ask she spoke.

“It’s just us here tonight love, I thought you might like that.” Desari stated.

“I’ve never had anyone do something like this for me before.”

“Now you do, enjoy it Jessi.”

We walked inside hand in hand with smiles on our faces. We were greeted but a beautiful waitress with long flowing blonde hair, a bust line that most women got done surgically, an ass that looked great in her uniform, greyish eyes, full lips, and a very slim waist. She explained that her name was Dessie while leading us to our table. Once seated in the middle of the restaurant Dessie disappeared into the back of the bar. When she returned she handed me a piece of paper with ever wine and exotic drink they offered. Dessie then offered that the best of the best was their Patron margarita. Desari and I accepted the suggestion hoping it was as good as she made it out to be.

“So are you enjoying yourself so far?” She asked with a smile.

“Yes I am thank you. Are you?”

“Yes I am.”

I was about to comment until Dessie showed up with our drinks. I sipped it lightly and it tasting wonderful. We both thanked her as she informed us she would be right back with the menus. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to open the door to this conversation or if I was ready to discuss it right now. That’s when I had to except that I would probably never be ready for it, that I would never want to really know what this was and how it was going. When Dessie returned with our menus she stated she would give us a moment to look it over. I bought myself a little more time by carefully studying every item on the menu. Though I was a slim woman I loved to eat and I saw some tasty things to choose from.

Desari seemed to be choosing her course carefully as well, which made me feel that she wasn’t sure she wanted to go down this road either. When I grew tired of browsing I decided I was going to have a classic, steak, potatoes, and shrimp. Desari announced she was having the Smoked BBQ platter with the chicken, spicy sausage, and brisket slices. Looks like I’m not the only one that likes to eat. I soon learned liked was an understatement. She then announced that she wanted her sides to be Mac&Cheese, Garlic Roasted Potatoes, and Semisweet biscuits. The girl dressed from head to toe in the finest of Marc Jacobs was the opposite of her dress code.

When Dessie returned we placed our order and thanked the beautiful freckled-faced waitress once again. Once she was gone I knew it left only one option, talking.


Jessica sat across from me looking just as terrified as me. I think she was thinking the same thing I was. I think she knew what I had been thinking for that last few days, where we stood.

“We can’t avoid this forever so let’s talk.” Jessica blurted out

“Okay, what is this?”

“I’m not sure exactly. What do you think it is?”

“I would like it to be relationship hopefully taking a serious turn.” I explained with a straight face.

“Are you sure you are ready for that? I mean your sisters, your parents, I know you don’t want to hear this and I’m sorry to say it, your age”. Her voice trailed off on that last statement.

I laughed softly at her cautiousness before saying, “I’m not worried about how people feel, I have already told my parents, and you don’t seem that concerned with my age. Are you concerned with it?

“No I’m not concerned with it; I am only two years older than you.” I retorted. “And when did you tell your parents?”

“I didn’t want Leslie to have them too worried about you, so after a week at my house I called them up and told them you were with me. They were actually relieved that you were safe. I think my parents are smitten with you.” I laughed after that last comment.

“Wow I wasn’t expecting that.”

I giggled when she noticed me blushing at knowing her parents liked her a lot. Before I could comment another secret emerged with our food. It smelled divine and looked just as delicious as it smelled. She placed everything in front of us filling our table with the various foods. I could tell she plated it to make sharing possible, which was good. We thanked her once again and began looking over our meal as Dessie asked us to enjoy.

We were silent as we tested out entrées to see if they were to our satisfaction. From the way Jessica began to dig in I was guessing it was. My food was marvelous as well. The meat was smoked to perfection, the Mac it was my parents’ restaurant after all. Now was the time to break the ice for the next discussion.

I sipped my margarita and cleared my throat before stating my secret. I wasn’t sure how to say it so I just said, “Dessie is my sister.” I said quickly, but I knew she caught it.

“Excuse me, what did you say?”

“You heard me.”

“I thought you were…. adopted.” Her voice was low.

“I am, but my parents never kept me from my other siblings. They encouraged me to find them and connect with them; it was just my bio parents they wanted me to stay away from.”

“Can I ask why that is?”

“My dad was an abusive sexual drunk who sought out his children for his desires, my mom was a meth junky who approved of his escapades when she wanted money to get loaded, and one of my brothers was dads’ protégé by force. I know I say it like it’s nothing, but truthfully it happened, I can’t take it back, and we all made it out.”

There was a sad look on her face but my last comment brightened her up a bit. I had opened the door to my life and I was hoping she took the bait to walk in.

“How many were there, besides you and Dessie?”

“Desmond, Lander, Phil, Jamie, Dessie, me, and Sierra and Seana.”

“Seana is your sister too?” Jessica was confused and amazed now.

“Yes she is. I try and help those who need help in any way I can.”

“Will you ever cease to amaze me?”

“I hope not.” I chuckled

Dinner was more than a success for us and I was happy that she didn’t freak on me when I opened up a little. Dessie joined us once I told her I had spilled the beans to Jessica and that added another side of the story that was cloudy to me since I was so young at the time.

“We all protected Desari with our lives as well as Sierra and Seana. Our dad tried hard to break the barriers but he couldn’t and we would have never let him. We lost the battle when he recruited our oldest brother Desmond to help him. When he refused he held a pistol to his head and forced him to beat us and tie us up. The moment he got to D and the twins, we helped them run away the next day. We ran until we made it to the nearest hospital, where they ended up examining us all and calling the police and Child Protective Services.” Dessie explained

“We were taken and separated that day, which hurt us deeply.” Desari continued, “My brother went to a juvenile center until we cleared his name and our father ran. He didn’t make it far though; the police caught him in a whore house just a few hours later. He was killed in prison shortly after he was sentenced.”

We talked well past 10. I was happy to let Jessica in and I wished she opened up soon.


My week had been horrid and tonight was even worse. My parents invited me to the family brunch, but I wasn’t sure I was up for the happy cheery Fillmore family. Mark had called me several times tonight trying to get laid. I refused him again and again but he wasn’t taking the hint. I knew I was drunk and I knew I was in no condition to drive, but I didn’t care I needed my sister.

20 minutes later I was at Keris” home stumbling out of my car. When I reached the door I could barely stand up yet I managed to knock and stay upright.

“Hi sis.” I attempted saying, but I knew it was slurred.

“Leslie, what are you doing here at this time of night?”

“I needed someone other than an empty house to talk to.”

“Are you drunk?”

“I only drank a little.”

“Get in here now.” There was anger mixed with worry in her voice.

Keri helped me stagger inside her home to the couch. My limbs felt heavy and everything seemed to be going in slow motion. She eased me onto the couch then called out to someone to bring me coffee. I looked up at here confused and a bit embarrassed, she had company.

“I’m sorry Keri I didn’t know you had company. I’ll just go.” I said to her feeling my face warm over.

“No, you’re not going anywhere Leslie.” Keri said sternly.

“Keri what do you need coffee for?” A mysterious voice asked from what seemed like a distance.

“My sisters here and she drunk”.

“Oh my, is she ok?” The voice was closer now.

The woman stood above me with a mug of steaming coffee. A look of concern on her face, but I didn’t recognize her because I knew all of Keris’ friends, or at least I thought I did.

“Will she be ok babe?”

“Babe!” The shock prominent in my voice.

“Leslie this is my girlfriend, Shannon.” Keri said with hesitancy.


“Yes girlfriend,” she turned to Keri, “You didn’t tell her?”

“I haven’t told anyone Shannon. No one knows except my parents.”

“She does now.” Was the last thing I heard before I passed out.


When I checked the clock it was almost 11. We had been sitting here sharing our lives for hours. After finding out who Dessie was and more of their life story I opened up myself. I told them that my dad left when I was young, my mom left not far after my dad left leaving me abandoned in our apartment for two months. I was only 8 when my parents left me alone in that ran down infested shack we called home. I went on to explain that once I ran out of food and the utilities were being cut off, I wandered the streets in search of food, clean clothing, and a warm safe place to stay.

I slept all over town, in bushes, in bus stations, parks, and other public locations. No one really cared about the homeless, kids included, enough to help or give a damn. I roamed around until I was 18 with all the local homeless men and women. They weren’t as bad as they are made out to be. Some used to be successful lawyers, doctors, and things of that nature but most were just like me, left to die or survive. I searched relentlessly for a job but because of my lack of address it was hard.

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