My Girlfriend’s Roommate

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I started dating Lori my junior year of college, she was a freshman. The first moment I saw her I became completely infatuated with her. She had this charisma every guy picked up on, and her body was beautiful. She was really petite, blonde hair, and bright blue eyes. She didn’t really have many curves, but a guy could have worse things to look at.

We kept out relationship casual at first, with no attachments. I lived alone in the upperclassmen dorms and she would stay over most nights. She was a virgin when I met her, but she gave me pretty much everything a guy could want otherwise. You could tell she was a pro at satisfying her man without the act of sexual intercourse. Then came the day we decided to be exclusive and she took me back to her dorm to meet her roommate.

I walked into the tiny dorm room and immediately picked up on the kind of person her roommate was. Posters of bands I never heard of, were all over her side of the room. Black shirts and converse shoes of all colors were strewn everywhere. I always was intrigued by those bad ass emo girls. I even spotted a motorcycle helmet in the corner. Right as I was done scanning the area, she walked out of the joining bathroom in a haze of steam.

All she wore was a skimpy towel. She had long silky wet jet black hair, piercing green eyes, and amazingly womanly curves. She had to be at least a C cup, and I noted them spilling over the top of the towel. Lori came to my side and introduced her as Alexis. Alexis smiled this awe-inspiring smile and reached out a dripping wet hand. I tried to regain my composure and hide the massive erection that had come upon me and received her handshake. The sparks were clear. Even Alexis felt it.

After the months rolled on, I became more interested in Alexis and less in Lori every day. Lori was so predictable and ordinary, while Alexis was amazingly hard to read and so very crazy and spontaneous. I found myself coming over more often to Lori’s place if only to catch a glimpse of the elusive Alexis.

One night I decided to stay over. I pride myself in having a very hard body, and as soon as it got late I took the opportunity to take off my shirt and walk around strutting my stuff. Alexis didn’t even seem fazed. She listened to her punk/ emo music with head phones and wrote in what appeared to be a journal.

That night Lori knowing that our relationship had been rocky lately decided to give her virginity to me. We had only been lying together on the bottom bunk for about 15 minutes spooning with Alexis on the top bunk. I was imagining what position she was laying in and what Alexis could be wearing up there in the dark, when Lori put her hand on my dick. I jumped slightly.

“I want this inside me.” Lori whispered huskily. Any guy in their right mind couldn’t refuse an offer like that. So without hesitation I started to take off her clothing. She helped me pull down her panties. She draped one leg over my body as we started to kiss. Bostancı Escort Her familiar tongue found mine, and we passionately embraced. I kissed my way down her throat and took extra care to fondle the small of her back before I cupped her firm little ass in my two hands.

Her pelvis was now pressed up against mine, and she whimpered slightly. I faintly heard a movement from the top bunk, but Lori took no notice of it. I hungrily licked my way to her little breasts. They were barely a handful and I cupped the left one while I sucked on the right. Her little nipple hardened immediately with excitement as I flicked my tongue over it lightly. She giggled and her hand traveled to my cock, as she gentle stroked it through the boxer shorts.

Oddly enough, I didn’t seem to be erect at all. She made a quizzical expression and kept stroking it. She took her other hand and guided my palm to her naked hairy pussy. At the moment I heard her moan, shortly after I heard a moan coming from the top bunk! Surely Alexis isn’t masturbating to the sounds of us having sex?! At the thought, my cock sprung to life in Lori’s hand. She giggled and whispered,

“Wow, baby.” Thinking she was the cause of my sudden erection.

My fingered traced the folds of her pussy, and were soon drenched in her juices. My cock was still eager, and dripping from the thought of Alexis fingering herself, and I pictured that Lori was Alexis. Suddenly I had the urge to dive face first into her cunt. I crawled down Lori’s body and started eating her out for all that she was worth. The taste was salty and she had a musky scent. The hairs tickled my nose, but imagining it was Alexis, I couldn’t get enough.

I fucked her pussy with my tongue and flicked her clit until she was writhing with pleasure. When she was on the verge of an orgasm, I positioned myself at her opening and thrust myself into her with my eyes closed. I could almost see Alexis under me with her eyes closed in passion, her back arched and her lips crying out my name… “OH, Gary!” Lori yelped as we both came.

There is no way Alexis could have missed that. But she made no noise, and as Lori and I lay panting, the top bunk was silent. DAMN, I thought. I hope she is thinking about me right now, cause I can’t get my mind off her. My nights spent over became more frequent, but Alexis’ became more distant. She sometimes would stay out all night, and I became jealous thinking about all the things she could be doing.

Then the summer came and Lori and Alexis decided to move into an apartment off campus. Alexis and Lori had different bedrooms but shared the same bathroom. I stayed over frequently, but it became increasingly harder to see any of Alexis with her introverted tendencies. One morning while both the girls were in class, I ventured into Alexis’ room. The room was tidy, yet haphazard, as only a free spirited and wild girls room could be.

I nosed around for a while and found Anadolu Yakası Escort a box hidden at the back of her closet. It contained her diary I had often seen her writing in, and various sex toys. I was giddy with excitement. Hand cuffs, dildos, vibrators, and even a tape of which only dirty things could contain all fascinated me. Lori was so square about her lovemaking, I was almost too eager to find someone with whom I could experiment. I just wished that it could be Alexis that I could slide my cock into. I wish it could be Alexis whose pussy I ate out most every night, and I wish it was Alexis’ tits, oh her beautifully full breasts, that I fondled and caressed at night.

I opened her diary slowly savoring the wrongness of it all. I was surprised at what I found inside. Poems, all very explicit, pictures she had drawn of sexual positions she liked most, and entries about ME! She did notice me! Page after page was little excerpts about what she had seen of me that day, and what she had thought. I almost collapsed from the release of it. She felt the same way I did.

But, there was a downside. I knew she would never hurt Lori that way, by being with me. My energy waned and I felt suddenly depressed. It would never be… I decided to at least take a souvenir. I went to her hamper and found a pair of her dirty underwear. They were a little pair of shear hip-hugger boy shorts. I couldn’t resist, and I slipped them into my pocket. That night while Lori slept peacefully next to me, I got up and went into the hallway.

I heard Alexis come in only moments before and I crept up to her doorway, which was open a little and light streaming into the hallway. She was completely naked and on all fours in front of her CD and record collection, trying to find a certain track. Her legs were spread slightly and I had the perfect view of her completely shaven pussy framed beautifully by the sweetest piece of ass I have ever seen. I think I came right there in my pants. I sat and watched for what seemed like an eternity while she searched. Her pussy lips opened slightly at one point and I saw a glimpse of a pink inside.

She finally got up and I rushed back into Lori’s room before she could catch me. I heard the shower come on in the bathroom and I walked back into her room and sat on her bed. I decided I could wait no longer, I had to have her, or at least let her know how I felt. After about ten minutes the shower went off and I heard her open the door and walk down the hallway. I was unprepared for what happened next. She was so startled that I was sitting there on her bed, she dropped the towel that was wrapped around her. It reminded me of what I imagined I wanted to happen the first time I saw her.

Her tits were exposed and her chest heaved up and down from the initial fright. Two perfectly shaped globes topped off with two large areolas and cherries for nipples. A glistening of moisture from the shower still glazed Pendik Escort her entire body, and as my eyes traveled down I noticed the pucker of her pussy lips and a tiny tattoo on her left hip tapering down to two amazingly fit legs.

My cock sprang into action instantaneously. A blush crept up her entire body, and it was so endearing, before I even thought about it I was at her side and covering her with my body. I cupped her buttocks against me, until I could feel our pelvises against one another. Her skin was warm and slightly wet. Our lips met and her tongue sought out mine ravenously.

She whimpered when I reached up to feel a breast. They were soft and firm. I couldn’t contain myself. I wanted to be everywhere on her body all at once. I licked everything I could get my lips near. She tasted sweet, clean, and soapy. We made our way over to her bed and I threw her down on it. While I stood there looking admiringly at what awaited me, she lifted up her arms in a beckoning manor.

“Please Gary, I want you. Don’t think. I want this, and if you do, then come to me,” She spoke softly.

I dove onto her, running my hands through her wet hair and down her goose bumped torso. She shivered from the thrill. I kissed my way down her chest and finally found her sweet little nipples hard from the excitement. I suckled one tenderly and she moaned. Then I moved across to the other nipple, already taut and red. I flicked it and nibbled on it teasingly. She cried out in sheer pleasure, neither one of us thinking about what would happen if Lori found out.

I couldn’t wait any longer; I crawled down the length of the bed until I met with her cunt. I could smell her sex, sweet and inviting. Her lips were swollen and ready. I needed to taste her. I opened up her lips gently and licked up the length of her. She pressed herself into me more. I soon buried my whole face into her pussy felling the juices smelling nothing but her aroma. It was heaven, then without me even noticing, she had positioned herself into a 69.

She pulled down the edge of my boxers and took in my entire length with one slurp. While she pumped my member in and out of her mouth and massaged my balls like a pro, I took turns finger fucking and tongue fucking her pussy until we were both on the edge of an enormous orgasm. We stopped and I turned her over on the bed until she was on all fours.

The same view I had earlier was now offered in front of me. I could even make out her tiny puckered anus. Her thighs glistened from her juices and I plunged into her. We rocked back and forth together for what seemed like hours. Nothing but sounds of pleasure and the moisture could be heard, and the smacking of my balls against her ass as I fucked my girlfriend’s roommate doggy-style on her bed with Lori sleeping next door.

I grabbed onto her breasts every time they swayed back from the motions, and she fingered her clit furiously with every thrust. Then with great relief I shot my semen into her aching pussy and she yelled out in relief simultaneously. We both laid next to each other completely spent of energy and reveled in the whole situation. Little did we know that there was a bystander in the darkness of the hallway…

to be continued…

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