My girlfriends mom part 4

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My girlfriends mom part 4It was almost close to 10 by the time we left Shreya’s place. It was aSunday the next day and it was almost impossible for Mala to get out of the house with her hubby around. I had plans of my own too, had to catch up with a few friends. We had planned a friendly cricket match in the morning. Mala dropped me close to home in a cab and went home. Snehal called me in the morning and asked me my plans, she wanted to goshopping and I told her I was off to play a match. She knew better than to ask me to cancel my plans, she knew I was crazy about cricket. She asked me what time I would be done playing and I told her around 3. Sneha told me she would finish her shopping and asked me to come by her place around 4 so we could have tea together. I told her I would see her then and we hung up. It was a hot afternoon and my team mates were playing a lousy game.After hurling a few abuses and missing a few catches we lost the match. I was pissed, sweaty and tired. I went home took a shower and had a late lunch. It was almost 4 by the time I got down to go to Snehal’s place. I rang the doorbell and Mala opened the door. She gave me a huge smile and asked me to come in, she told me Snehal had just come home and had gone to take a shower and asked me to sit and make myself comfortable. I was sitting on the couch facing the kitchen, I wanted to see Mala asshe worked in the kitchen. Mala looked at me and threw me a kiss. She was dressed in a long flowing skirt and a t-shirt. She came to the kitchen entrance looked left towards Snehal’s room backed up and raised her t-shirt and flashed me with a wink. I winked back laughed softly. Snehal soon emerged from her room gave me a smile and sat down. She asked Mala if she could prepare tea for the two of us and Mala told her the tea was already ready and brought out two cups and placed it in front of us. Snehal gave a sly smile as she noticed me looking at Mala and leaned over and pinched me. Soon as we finished the tea Snehal asked me if I was game for a walk, I nodded my head and the two of us headed out. The moment we were down she looked at me and asked me if I had the hotsfor her stepmom and I gave her a surprised look. She laughed and told me it was ok if I did knowing that I always had a thing for older women. I told her laughingly that if she kept talking about her stepmom I would be tempted to seduce her. Snehal looked at me and told me she had no problems but, if I were serious asked me to be careful. I was surprised to hear that. I asked her if she was serious about what she meant and she told me she had no problems cause if I managed to do it, which would mean we, that is, Snehal and I would have no problems about finding a place for ourselves all the time. I laughed and told her she was a real bitch, she winked and told me she sure was and she turned and gave me a quick hug. We stopped at a roadside tea stall ordered for some tea, I lit a smoke sipped on my tea as we spoke for some more time. She was busy giving me ideas on how I could possibly seduce Mala and I had a smile on my face all the while. She told me to come home the next day and added that she bolu rus escort would make sure she would not be home and asked me to put my plans in action. How I wished I could tell her the truth. The next day I went to Snehals house as planned. I rang the bell andfound Mala opening the door. I smiled and said hi and she smiled back and asked me to come in. the moment she closed the door she walked over to me and gave me a deep kiss and told me Snehal had gone out to her uncles and wasn’t expected anytime soon and her hubby had gone on an official tour again. We kissed again as she led me to her bedroom. She sat on the bed and pulled me closer to her and unzipped me pulling my jeans down. She soon had my underwear off and started kissing my cock. She looked at me and said “Shreya is on her way here you want to wait or do we go ahead?” I told her we could wait if she wanted to and she said though she needs a good fuck she ought not to be so greedy and laughed. I pulled my underwear up and we kissed. I played with her tits for a while. She asked me if I wanted to have a cold drink and I nodded and said yes. She got up and went to the kitchen to get me a drink and I put my jeans on and followed her. I took the glass from her hand and gave her a quick peck on her lips. We sat down on the couch and started talking. She told me she had beenfantasizing about me all night and has been wet since. I laughed and put my hand underneath her skirt and rubbed her pussy ” you are definitely wet” I said and we laughed. I wasn’t sure if I could tell her about what Snehal and I had talked about and decided against it. I finished my juice and put the glass on the coffee table. Mala told me she has never felt this horny before and just thinking about the two of us turns her on. She then told me about how she fantasized about being dominated and also told me how much she enjoyed licking Shreya and confessed that she had fantasized a woman touching her. The doorbell rang and she got up to open the door. I smacked her arse just as she got up and she turned around and winked. Shreya entered looking dazzling. She had d****d a grey silk sari whichcomplimented her looks. I got up walked over to her as Mala closed and latched the door. Shreya came over and gave me a tight hug and kissed me. We sat down on the couch as Mala offered her a glass of juice she sipped from the glass and put it down. I pulled her close to me and started kissing her neck and nibbling on her earlobes as she moaned softly. I squeezed her tits and started unbuttoning her blouse. Mala sat and watched us with a smile. I soon had Shreya out of blouse and kissed her cleavage. I had my hands on her hips and she held my by my hair. Mala told us to get to the bedroom just incase someone were to come. The three of us headed to the bedroom. Shreya sat on the bed as I stood and asked Mala to get on her knees. Mala was on her knees in a jiffy and unzipped me again and took my cock out and kissed the head. She started sucking on my cock as I freed myself of my jeans and my underwear. She licked my balls and sucked my cock some more. I asked her to bolu rus escort bayan stop and sat on the edge of the bed, I asked Mala to take her top off. Soon her bra came off and she rubbed her tits on my cock. My cock was slick with her saliva, I looked towards Shreya and asked her to take her bra off too. I slipped back on the bed and Mala climbed on the bed and got between my legs. She held my cock as Shreya slowly devoured my cock in her mouth, she licked the length of my cock and turned and kissed Mala. I squeezed Shreya’s tits hard and asked her to climb onto my legs. Shetook her sari off and climbed on my legs. I started sucking on her tits as I held her hair and pulled her head back. I soon had my hands rubbing her pussy through her panty, I slid her panty aside and slid my finger into her wet pussy, she let out a huge moan. I finger fucked her and sucked on her tits hard. Mala bent over took my finger out of her pussy and started sucking on my finger. I pushed Shreya down and bent down between her legs. I slowly licked her stomach sliding my tongue down to her pussy, I thrust my tongue deep inside her pussy she held me by my head and thrust her pussy towards me ” Oh yess god I never had all these pleasures in my life before god lick me lover lick me deep” Shreya almost screamed. I lapped at her pussy like a hungry dog. Mala came up behind me and started licking my ears, she kissed my neck and her tongue started working all over my back right down to the crack of my arse. She held my cock in her hands and played with it. She knelt down and took my cock in her mouth and sucked on it slowly. She licked my cock all over and her tip licked my balls. Slowly she moved towards Shreya’s pussy and soon her tongue dove into her pussy. She licked her and held her clit between her teeth pulling at it softly, she thrust her finger inside Shreya’s pussy as she tongue fucked her. Mala took her finger out of Shreya’s pussy and inserted it in her arse, Shreya almost jumped and Mala and I laughed. Mala slid her tongue onto Shreya’s arse and licked her, Shreya moaned and whimpered in pleasure, ” Fuck Mala you are driving me crazy, oh fuckkkk I am going to cum I am going to cummm” Shreya screamed as she jerked violently and reached her orgasm, Mala took her tongue out of Shreyas arse and drove her tongue into her pussy lapping at her pussy juice. Shreya looked at Mala and told her she had no idea a woman could turnher on so much and Mala told her she enjoyed it as much as she did. Shreya asked Mala if she wanted her to lick her pussy and Mala smiled and kissed her deep. Shreya opened her mouth and let Mala’s tongue inside her mouth and they kissed like long lost lovers, Shreya slowly broke the kiss and kissed Mala’s tits and started sucking on her nipples. I stood up on the bed and thrust my cock into Mala’s mouth. Shreya kissed her way down to Mala’s pussy and she licked her pussy, she spread Mala’s pussy with her fingers and dug her tongue deep inside her, Mala moaned loudly. Mala pulled Shreya up and kissed her. She pulled me down and asked me to fuck Shreya. Shreya turned around and rus escort bolu told me “yes I want that cock inside me fuck melike a real slut, I want to do all those things that you and Mala have done, want to be a nasty little bitch, your bitch Ravi, fuck me please.” Mala laughed and said ” Two sluts for your lovely cock hun, two sluts ready to do anything, you just need to tell us what you want and we will do it for you.” I felt like a king, no more like an Emperor. I turned Shreya around and told her to crouch, ” you want to be my bitch, well am going to fuck you like one today” I told Shreya as I held her hip and thrust my cock into her wet pussy. I rammed her pussy like a mad man and squeezed her tits. I wrapped her long hair in my hands and fucked her hard. ” I am your bitch, I am your bitch your little slut, your whore, fuck me, fuck me anyway you want, oh god oh fuck yes I want to be your slut” Shreya kept saying. ” God am going to cum Ravi am going to cum fuck me harder” she screamed as she jerked and came once again. I pulled my cock out and noticed she had tears rolling down her face and a huge blissful smile. She fell down on the bed just as Mala took my cock in her hand and sucked on it. It was Mala’s turn now and she lay down in front of me her head onShreya’s lap. I got between her legs and asked her to put her legs on my shoulders as I positioned my cock and rammed her pussy. Shreya got up and sat up, she placed her legs across Mala’s face, Mala started licking her pussy. I removed her legs off my shoulders as I bent down to suck on her nipples. I bit her nipples as she moaned loudly. I fingered her pussy with my cock inside as she squirmed and thrust her hips up. ” Fuck am going to come lover am going to cum” she muttered. She thrust her hip towards me just as she came hard. She bit her lips to stop from screaming, her pussy walls squeezed my cock as she came. I rammed myself deep one more time before I pulled my cock out of her. I pulled Shreya down and grabbed her by her hair as I face fucked her. I was about to cum too and I screamed ” Suck me bitch am going to cum, swallow my cum, suck me harder” Shreya increased her tempo as I shot my first load into her mouth, I shot load after load into her mouth. I pulled my cock out of her mouth when I was done cumming. There was a drop oozing out of my cock and she flicked her tongue on my cock head licking it up. Mala looked at her and told her not to be too greedy and share some of the cum with her and laughed. Shreya bent down and kissed Mala swapping my cum from her mouth to Mala’s. The two of them kissed deep just as some of my cum dribbled down Mala’s mouth and Shreya licked it up and swallowed. We fucked once again and decided to meet the next day at Shreya’s. Ireached home and just finished taking a shower when the phone rang, it was Snehal, she asked me to meet her for dinner at our favourite haunt and I told her I would be there in a few. Snehal was already there by the time I reached. She gave me a hug and wesat down to order dinner. Soon as we placed our orders, Snehal looked up at me and asked me if the plan worked. I gave her a smile and told her it did. She came closer to me gave me a quick peck and asked me to tell her all the details without missing out anything. I quickly made up a story and told her how I seduced Mala. Snehal told me that the next time Mala and I were fucking she would just walk in and act surprised. I agreed it was a good plan.

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