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My Girl FriendHi, My name is Aakash and this is the story of my girlfriend. We had a beautiful relationship but it all came to an end after I was sent a video of my gf getting rammed by 4 of her colleagues. My gf is currently studying in AIIMS she is from Delhi. She is tall, fair, sweet voice, beautiful baby pink lips and pinkish-brown nipples. She has an astonishing figure of 34-28-36. She has brown eyes and long hair.She walks like a real peace of work. She sways her mighty ass to tease on-lookers. She has an ass which anyone would like to eat and boobs anyone would like to suck. Her name is KavitaIt all started when Kavita was new in college. Kavita is soft spoken but is naughty and would like to tease people with her cleavage. She never gave much attention to many guys so everyone had eyes on her. I guarantee that most of the guys would have masturbated imagining her. She being a medical student, used to work under 2 4th year Mbbs Students whose names were Rishi, Saurabh and 2 senior residents, Vivek & Vishal, that is the guys who just graduated from that college and were working in the college. She was the only girl in that group. Kavita had to take orders from them and obey as they had her career in their hands. She, as I mentioned was always notorious and would wear sleazy dresses. She always had an apron on but she used to keep the upper 3-4 buttons open. She usually wore a jeans and a top with buttons. She always had top 2 buttons open. Most of the time her work was to assist Vivek and Vishal in Operation theatre and she had to assist Rishi and Saurabh who were assistants of Vivek and Vishal.Let me tell about these four guys. Vivek was a tall dark medium built guy and always used to flirt around with girls. Vishal was fair than vivek and was very well built. Rishi and Saurabh were lean but were boys who always tried to find girls for a night stand. Kavita knew all this and yet she used to wear sleazy dress. I always had an argument about this with her. She always asked me to believe her.One fine day these guys asked Kavita to come to operation theater where she saw that only these four guys were present.Vivek had made the plan, he was always influenced by the way she showed her cleavage. As Kavita opened the operation theater door. She saw that Vivek was on the bed and the three guys were standing surrounding him. Kavita moved towards the bee to check what was going on. When she asked about what was the problem, Rishi told her that vivek was having some breathing kaçak iddaa problem and needed to be blown air through mouth. She resisted for some time but Vishal immediately ordered her to do so. Even when she suspected that their was something going on she had no option but to give a blow in Vivek’s mouth. As she started doing so, vivek held her from the back of her head and started smooching her. She could not understand for some moments but resisted later. She could not do so. After some time as Vivek stoped smooching she stepped back. Kavita was shocked with what just had happened with her. She started arguing with Vivek ‘ Ye tum kya kar rahe ho, mein jaa rahi hun’ . But Vivek told her that if she does not listen to all of them, they would ruin her career. She was taken aback after listening to this but had no option but to listen. ‘ Please aise mat karo, tum jo bologe woh mein karungi’ Vishal ordered her ‘Idhar aa aur mere lund ko hila’ .She went to Vishal as an obedient assistant and started rubbing his cock and within no time his cock was hard. Then Vishal ordered her to open his fly and stroke his cock, within no time Kavita had his cock in her hand. Looking at this Rishi and Saurabh came close to her and removed her apron. Vishal said ‘ Kya leti hai hath mein mast hila ke deti hai’ to which Rishi said ‘ Aaj to isko order de de ke itna chodna hai ki jate waqt poori taraha apne cum se gili hojaye’Saurabh put her another hand on his pant with semi hard cock and said ‘Kaisa laga mera lund, tere hatho mein toh jadu hai, jaldi se meri zip khol aur mere land ko bhi hila’ she did so. Vivek came close and started kissing her again and held her neck to push her lips on his lips. She could not take back her lips and had to kiss back. Rishi started to massage her nig boobs from behind.Imagine 2 cocks in her hand one guy smooching her and on massaging her boobs. She started to moan, she could not resist her enthusiasm to get fucked by 4 guys as she had to listen to them all. Vishal said ‘ chal ghutno pe aaja, teri jagaha vahi hai sali, hume apne cleavage se stati hai’ she sat on her knees. As she sat Vishal took his cock and forced it in her mouth to which she was gagging. Vishal ‘ aah kya mast muh hai iska, chal mere laude ko acche se chus le’ to which she replied ‘ mmm….’ she had started enjoying it. Rishi was taking video of all this ‘sali ka aaj mast porn video banate hai’ she could not resist as she had cock in her mouth. Saurabh slapped his cock on her mouth to which she started kaçak bahis sucking Saurabh’s cock while stroking Vishal’s cock. Rishi and Vivek in no time came close to her and opened their fly. There she was, surrounded with four cocks, three slapping her face and one getting sucked. In the mean while, Saurabh was about to cum when he held her back and started stroking hard and as he started cumming he pushed his whole cock in her mouth and gave her a deep throat cum. She gagged but Saurabh ordered her to swallow it all. He said ‘pura nigalna padega nai toh aur muh mein chodunga’ she obeyed him like a slut and swallowed it all. As Saurabh removed his cock Rishi instantly put his cock in her mouth and within no time he was giving her deep throat and his cock was clearly visible stroking her neck. And in no time he also poured his cum in her mouth and she again swallowed it all. Immediately within no time Vivek and Vishal did the same. As everyone was sucked Rishi hold her arm and asked her to stand up. Everyone folding their hands, Vivek said ‘chal button nikal ek ek karke apne top ka’ Rishi said ‘Nai mujhe nikalne hai’ to which everbody laughed and Vivek said ‘jaa beta iske bubbe kholde’ Kavita said ‘please aram se karna’ Rishi went behind her and started opening her top button by button. Saurabh, Vishal started moving hands around her breasts. Vivek started kissing her to which she was responding and kissing back passionately. Within no time her big melons were out and Vivek commented ‘wah yar kya bubbe hai, aise chuaenge na aaj hum sab ki laal hojaye’ Kavita said ‘ please bas hoagaya jane do mujhe’ Vishal said ‘ arey abhi toh bas bubbe chusne ka socha hai ithni kya jaldi hai abhi toh gand aur chut saath mein marni hai’ Kavita was scared as she was never fucked in her ass ‘please yaar gaand mat maro’ to which Saurabh said’kyu bf ne nai mari’ Vivek said ‘koi baat nai aaj mardete hai’ and vivek started unbuttoning her pant and in one stretch pulled her pants down. Meanwhile Vishal held one boob and Rishi held another and started sucking aggressively Kavita started moaning ‘aaah.. dherese karo dard ho raha hai’ but Rishi and Vishal were in now mood to listen and started sucking more aggressively.Vishal while holding the boob ‘Vivek dekh kitne lal hogaye hai, bohot tasty hai yaar, tujhe chosne ko bohot time baad milega’ and started sucking more Kavita ‘aaah…please abb koi toh chodo’ Vivek ‘arey meri raand tujhe aaj toh bohot chodenge hum’ Rishi pulled her panty down and said illegal bahis ‘kya mast chut hai gori aur ekdam saaf, aaj toh mein 2-3 baar chodunga’ to which Vishal said ‘aaj isko order dena tab tak nahi band karna hai jabtak hum nai bolenge’. Rishi slept on the bed ans asked her to position herself on his cock ‘Chal baith teko savari karata hun meri’. Kavita in no time took his cock in her vagina facing Rishi and she started up and down motion riding on his cock moaning in low voice. Saurabh was sucking her boobs. Vishal came from behind her and started fingering her as, Kavita looked back and started crying and pleading ‘please mat maro meri gaand aaah, khon niklega’ Vishal ‘arey aaj toh tu professional rand hone wali hai itna toh banta hai’ Vivek was recording all this and was pulling her nipples. Vishal first inserted on finger with oil and then two finger she moaned loudely and tears went doen her face but fo hide that she was riding Rishi’s cock harder. In no time Vishal with his huge cock put his cocks tip on her ass, she was frightened as she had never experienced double penetration. Kavita ‘dheerese please mera first time hai’ Vishal listened to her this time and slowly entered her ass and started slow stroking. In some time his cock was completely in her ass. She laughed in joy and said ‘aahhhh… meri gaand maro vishal’ Vishal started slowly stroking again, Rishi also started stroking slowly. She was overjoyed and said ‘chodo mujhe chodo’ she was clearly into it. In not time Rishi and Vishal were fucking her like a real slut both of them im synchronisation while Saurabh sucked her nipples. She started riding them both and was moaning loudly and asked not to stop both of them. Vivek pushed his cock in her mouth. Vishal and Rishi were fucking her simultaneously and Vivek started fucking her mouth she was gaging and moaning and was completely responding to them all. In some time Rishi and Vivek switched places and Vivek slept on bed and put his cock in her vagina and Saurabh put hai cock in her ass while Vishal was fondling her breasts. Kavita ‘aaah aaah chodo mujhe come on chodo’ Vivek ‘aaja meri raand tujhe toh aaj bohot chodunga’ . Saurabh and Vivek started ducking her fast and Rishi fucking her mouth. In no time Vivek cummed in her vagina and Saurabh in her ass to which she said ‘Aaah tumhara sara cum dalo mujhme bhardo mujhe cum se’ after fucking her 3-4 times she sat ok her knees and begged for cum ‘mujhe nehlao aur tumhare cum se’ and in no time everyone again came on her and she was completely drowned in everyone’s cum.She never stopped obeying them and it all went for 6 months untill some time ago when I was sent a video and I asked her about all that was going on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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