My Fun With Mom

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My Fun With MomMy fun with momChapter 1As Mom and I walked back to the car after dropping dad off at the airport, she put her arm around me and pulled me close. She had been doing this whenever we were together and alone. She giggled as I placed my arm around her shoulders pulling her toward me. I was a little taller than Mom so I kissed the top of her head as we walked. Why I did, I couldn’t tell you, except I loved my Mom and at that moment felt a little sorry for her because Dad would be gone for the next month on business.Mom stopped, making me almost pull her off her feet. Turning toward her, I saw a strange look on her face as she stepped up to me. Reaching up she pulled my lips to hers. Completely surprised by this, I did not pull away. She parted her lips slightly and I took her invitation to slide my tongue into her warm, wet mouth. Her breath exploded from her lungs and she broke our tender moment gasping for air.”Oh my,” Mom whispered, “that was most intense.””It sure was Mom,” I told her trying to hide my hard-on and catch my breath also.”Now where was the car?” Mom asked weakly.”Over this way Mom,” I said shyly.She took my hand in hers as if we were high school k**s. My palms were sweaty and my mouth was dry as we walked down the aisle of cars. When we came to ours, I opened Mom’s door so she could get in and I could help her, just as Dad had taught me. Mom stood there with her back toward me. I was standing just outside the door. She turned suddenly and she was in my arms in an instant.Our lips met, hers were soft and warm, as I slid my tongue over them. Mom’s tongue forced its way into my mouth. It was my turn to experience my breath exploding out of my lungs. Mom just giggled as she stood there looking up into my eyes, my hard on pressed against her stomach.Turning, Mom sat down quickly in her seat. I stood there waiting for her to lift her feet in and sit back. Instead, she looked up at me with her doe eyes and smiled. Reaching out, she grabbed my belt and pulled me toward her. She was quickly unbuckling my belt and undoing my pants. Before I could move, she had my cock in her hand stroking it, looking up into my eyes.”I know this is moving fast, but I have wanted to hold this for a long, long time. Now that you have graduated high school, have turned eighteen and will be off to college next month, I just have to have you son. I hope you can forgive me for what I’m about to do.””Mom, what…”She leaned forward and took my hardening cock in her warm, wet mouth. Looking down I watched her eyes as her lips slid down my shaft. God it felt so good, but she was my Mom! Damn, I wasn’t supposed to be feeling what I was feeling! My cock was so hard I bet I could hammer a six in spike into a four by four and what Mom was doing to the sensitive head was driving me nuts.”God, o’ god, o’ god, Mom if you don’t stop I’m going to do something you might not like.”As I finished that statement, she started to suck harder. Then she brought her hand up to my balls and squeezed gently. I groaned deep in my stomach as my orgasm contracted my balls. My warm semen shot out of the end of my cock right into Mom’s throat. She shook with her own excitement as spurt after spurt pulsed out of my cock. All through this Mom kept sucking and swallowing. With on final suppressed roar I caught myself on the door to keep from dropping to my knees.”God Mom, that…that…what are we doing? God that was great! Where…you’re my Mom…where did you learn to do that? You’re my Mom.””Sweetie, I am your Mom and I love you, a lot. Now pull up your pants and let’s go home and pack.””Pack?””Yes, pack. We are going to the lake house.””But this time of year it deserted up there…””Exactly! Now get in the car.”I pulled my pants up and buttoned them. Hurrying around the car, I climbed in behind the wheel and started the engine. Once we left the airport parking lot Mom slid down in her seat and pulled her dress up. She had on a pair of bikini style white cotton panties and from the brief glimpse I caught as she pushed them down her beautiful legs, they were soaking wet with her juices. Looking over at me, she slid one then two fingers into her body as I tried to concentrate on the road.We were on the expressway headed away from the city. The road populated with trucks in the right lane, all of them trying to get out of the city before rush hour. Mom moaned distracting me, as I looked at her plunging her fingers in and out of her body. I heard truck horns next to us blaring. Mom was not only putting on a show for me, but for anyone that could see down into the car. The look on her face was so sexy. Did I just think that? She was my Mom and here she was finger fucking herself right next to me.As we turned onto our street, she flipped her dress down and smoothed it over her lovely legs. After stopping in the driveway, she jumped out of the car and almost ran to the house. Inside she went up stairs. I followed her wondering if she was serious or had a change of heart. I was sort of looking forward to spending some time with her and if she meant what she had said, well I was ready. Thinking about what had happened at the airport was turning me on again.Looking into my Mom’s bedroom, I saw her standing naked in front of the bed with a suitcase opened and half full. Turning to grab something else out of her dresser drawer, she noticed me gawking at her.”Do you think I’m pretty? As pretty as those young girls you have dated?” she asked, as she stood there almost posing for me.”Mom you will always be the most beautiful woman I know. God you are so hot!””I’m glad you like the way I look son, god I’m so wet thinking about what I did to you at the airport,” she told me as she went back to packing her bag. I noticed she wasn’t really packing much in the way of clothes, just a lot of lingerie. Sexy panty and bra sets. Garters and stockings, shear nightgowns, at least three bikini swimsuits. Things I had never seen her in, things I thought I should never, ever see on her. My cock was standing at attention as she turned back to me and smiled.”Go, go pack a bag. We shouldn’t need much. I think we will be spending a lot of time indoors. So go pack,” she prodded me by patting my stiff cock.Backing away, I tried to think of what I had that would be sexy. I had nothing really. No sexy underwear, no sexy clothes of any kind, I did however have a jockstrap. For some reason and I was told this by a girl friend, girls at least thought that a guy in a jockstrap was sexy. I don’t know why but that’s what she said along with several of her friends. I had a couple of them, so I grabbed my overnight bag and threw them inside. I packed some underwear, shorts, t-shirts and a pair of sandals. I had on a nice pair of pants, a button down shirt and a pair of tennis shoes should we need to go out. As I stepped out of my room, Mom was standing in the hall waiting. She had on a yellow sundress with a white straw hat perched on her head. She looked so cute. Bending forward she grabbed the hem, it ended just above her knees, pulling it up to her neck. She wore no panties. God her pussy looked so sexy. Dropping the hem, she pulled down the top to show me she wore no bra. With my eyes wide with surprise, she stepped back into the bright sunlight and the dress disappeared. She stood naked before me. Turning so I could see her from the rear, I yelp my surprise at the tattoo I had never noticed. It was a little fuzzy, but I saw it through the dress.”Mom, where did you get that dress? And when did you get a tramp stamp?” I hoped I didn’t offender her.”The dress I have had for years, you father bought it for me on our fifteenth wedding anniversary. Dad gave the tramp stamp, as you put it, to me the next year when we were in Florida. For spring break,” Mom smiled at me over her shoulder.”Spring break! You have been to spring break in Florida. You, my Mom, has been to spring break with all those college k**s?””I was and I had a marvelous time,” she replied picking up her bag and heading downstairs.I rushed to follow her. She had the trunk open and had already placed her bag there. I threw mine in after hers and closed the trunk. I walked to the passenger side where she was waiting, standing all prim and proper as a lady should, for me to open her door. She looked wonderful in her sundress and the close I got to her the more it disappeared. As I opened the door, she slid in allowing he dress to ride up her beautiful legs. As she reached back for the seat belt, I had a clear view of her breasts. Her smiling eyes met mine as she pulled the belt across her lap.I closed her door gently and ran around to the driver’s side, got in and started the car. The drive to the lake house would take around two hours. Two wonderful hours with a woman, I had known all my life, but hadn’t known at all. We talked and as we talked, she would put her hand under her dress and caress herself as she told me stories about her life with Dad.It would seem my Mom was a slut and had been since she was a teenager. When she met my Dad, he had realized what she was and exploited that, to what my Mom said was, to his advantage. She had enjoyed every minute of her exploitation. They started with swinging, my Mom was a swinger, holy shit! They started with couples like themselves, but soon Mom wanted more and Dad was happy to help her get whatever she wanted. They were then inviting single men along with couples to their parties. This all happened before I was born of course. Soon they were just inviting single guys over to fuck Mom. Surprised by all this I was having trouble driving because my dick was so hard. Mom and Dad continued to throw her ‘gangbang parties’, as she called them for a couple of more years. Then she told Dad she wanted a son. The parties stopped while Mom and Dad tried to conceive. Two months after going off the pill, Mom came back from the doctor’s office and told Dad she was pregnant.They were both overjoyed and planned a party for the next weekend. Damn my Mom was a horny slut! Although her pregnancy she had multiple sex partners every weekend. Dad just couldn’t keep up with her by himself, so on weekends they would get a motel room for their parties. Each night there would be as many as ten men in the room waiting to fuck my Mom. During the day her and Dad would sleep then go out for something to eat until the next group showed up to take care of Mom’s problem. After I was born, the parties stopped, completely. Dad was not only exhausted from helping Mom take care of me, but trying to take care of her needs too. At one point Dad was so tired that he almost had to go to the hospital. That’s when Mom started having ‘friends’ come over at night or while Dad was at work and I was napping. Dad recovered and Mom was sexually satisfied.As I grew up, they moved their escapades out of the house to an apartment Dad rented just for Mom. Grandma, who didn’t know anything about Mom, would come over to watch me. She was happy to do it. While Mom would türbanlı çankırı escort go on ‘errands’, she needed to do during the day. At night, they hired a babysitter for me and headed out. She said it wasn’t everyday or every night, just on weekends and the occasional Wednesday afternoon. Whether Grandma suspected or was curious why every Wednesday, Mom didn’t say. When I was ten, they bought the lake house for all of use to enjoy. Mom said it was a place to relax and enjoy her husband and son. She told me she really enjoyed being at the lake in the summer. She said there were several houses where parties went on which she could let loose without shame. I do remember when growing up there were a lot of nights that Dad put me to bed and Mom headed over to the neighbors to ‘talk’. However, as I got older they had to be more discreet with how they got Mom what she so desperately needed, cock.By the time I was in high school, they had stopped, not because of my age, but because of AIDS. Dad would bring around a select few men, uncles to me, for Mom. She told me condom were required for everything they did together. She then told me that Uncle Bill was not really my uncle he was her lover until this morning. This morning she had decided only to have sex with Dad, oh and me.Chapter 2My mind was reeling as I pulled up into the driveway of the lake house. It was really only a four bedroom, five if you count the basement as a bedroom, wooden house. It had been painted many different colors while we owned it, but right now, it was a sun faded light blue with light brown trim. The only good feature about the house was the copper roof.Opening the trunk I grabbed both of our bags, then slammed it shut. Mom whirled around to see what had happened. I smiled as her dress flared out like a parasol showing me her lovely legs almost up to her naked pussy. What did I just think? Moms don’t have pussies! I had seen my Moms twice today and it had looked marvelous. I winked at her. For some reason that made her blush. Now I had seen Mom blush many times, but this time I thought, she looked so sexy, I could feel myself becoming aroused. Mom held the door open for me as I carried the bags to the big bedroom, the one Mom and Dad used. Right behind me, she pinched my ass as I dropped the bags. Spinning around to face her, I pulled her to me in a lovers embrace. Her lips were soft and partially open waiting for my tongue to dance with hers. Letting my hands drop to her ass, I gave it a little squeeze. Mom moaned into my mouth as I pressed her against me.We kissed for a long time. It felt like hours and was so wonderful I didn’t want it to stop. I was in lust with my mother. God she was so hot and a great kisser. Her hands were on my head, caressing and running her fingers through my hair. Finally, I could take no more. Pushing her gently away from me, I spun her around and unbuttoned the back of her dress. She just stood there letting it fall from her shoulders to puddle around her feet. I pulled my shirt off and slid my pants and underwear down my legs. Mom just stood the way I had left her.I stepped up behind her, reached around her and cupped her breasts. She moaned, leaning back against me. Her arms came up wrapping themselves around my neck. Turning her face up toward me, her lips were there for me to kiss. I kissed her passionately as I caressed her tits. My cock was aching as it pressed into her back. I backed away again, spun her around to face me and pushed her backward onto the bed.Giggling, she lifted her legs high into the air spreading them in invitation. Looking down at my first glimpse of her wide-open pussy, I couldn’t help myself as I rushed forward and planted my lips against her clit. Her squeal of delight was the first real sound either of us had made since getting out of the car.She tasted so good and she was so wet. I knelt there with my face plastered against her body for a good half hour. Mom was moaning and crying at the same time as I plunged my tongue as far as I could into her pussy. She finally could take no more and pushed my head away looking down into my eyes.”Where in heavens name did you learn to do that so well?” she asked, as I crawled up in bed next to her.Leaning over her I pressed my lips to hers, allowing her to taste herself on my lips. “Maria Whiteside, she loved to have her clit licked for hours.””Really? I never suspected her of seducing you.”She pulled my lips back down to hers reaching down to stroke my cock in her delicate hand. I groaned as she pulled on me. She pulled again harder. On the third tug, I got the message and climbed between her legs. She giggled as I hovered over her looking down into her big green eyes. Reaching between us, she took my cock and brushed the head up and down her labia. For me the feeling was exquisite. For her it was…a dream come true.”Oh god, I have been waiting for this moment for so long. Push it in sweetheart. Please put it in mommy?”Looking down between us, I watched as I pushed forward. My cock began to disappear into my mother. Soon I was all the way in her body wrapped in her warmth and wetness. It felt, well it felt so good I almost came. Mom was watching my face as I screwed it up in pleasure. Letting myself down, until I propped myself up on my elbows, I pressed my lips to hers. I didn’t move a muscle. Mom started to buck her hips as her mind caused her to go wild with lust.”Fuck me son, fuck me, please,” she cried out.I slowly pulled back, then slowly slid back into Mom. Over and over, I slid in and out of her luscious body. Staring into her eyes I slowly started to speed up my thrusting. Mom’s face was a mask of lust and pleasure as my cock invaded her body. Squishy sounds of love emanated from between our legs.”Yes, yes, yes,” she repeated, over and over, as her orgasm ripped through her body.Shaking and shivering, she bucked up to meet my every thrust into her. I was now pounding into my mother as fast as I could and as hard as I could. She loved every thrust, every slap of our bodies against each other. She started screaming and calling my name as my orgasm built. As she told me she loved me, my cum shot out of my cock. Spurt after spurt of my milky seed splashed against her cervix.Exhausted I froze in position on top of Mom. Her legs wrapped around my waist, her arms around my neck, she was crying and whispering how happy I had made her. I smiled as I looked into her eyes and gave her a quick peck on the lips. I rolled off her, lying on my back as I watched her in the mirror above the bed. What? I had never noticed it before. She did look beautiful lying next to me though.”When did you get the mirror installed?””Last week, when Dad and I came up here for the weekend, I thought you might like it, I knew your father would love it and I kind of enjoy watching you now.””Me to Mom, you look…so hot lying next to me. Geez, I can’t believe I just said that.””What, you don’t think you mother is hot?””That’s not what I meant and you know it, Mom.””I know dear, I know, but you will get used to this soon. That’s one reason your Dad took this assignment, so you and I could get comfortable together. I want you to be comfortable between my legs, in my arms, in my bed.””Mom! That’s Dad’s place, I can’t take that away from him.””Son, for the next month you will be my lover, my son and I will be you mother and your whore. I will do what you want me to do, whatever you want. I am yours to command, Son. Just as I am Dads to command, do you understand?””Mom, let me get used to being in your arms first. We have a month to talk about the other stuff you are telling me about.””Fine, then go get me a clean, warm, wet washcloth so I may teach you to be comfortable in my arms.””Right, be right back.”After Mom cleaned herself up, we spent the rest of the afternoon cuddling, kissing and touching each other. I just couldn’t get over how willing she was to let me touch her in any way my heart desired. At one point, I just lay between her legs inspecting her labia. I watched them engorge with blood every time I licked them. I was fascinated with her sex. I was enthralled with her body. Her smooth, soft skin, her firm, pliant breasts and big hard nipples, she was glorious. Laying there facing each other, every now and then kissing passionately, we both giggled when my stomach growled.”I’m hungry too Son. Why don’t we go out to eat? The pub in town has good food and I could use a drink or two before we come back here.””Sure sounds good to me. Do you have anything descent to wear? I mean that dress…””You don’t like the way I look in that dress,” she said pouting her lips.”Of course, but we’re going out,” I said softly.”But I have worn that dress to town before, when I was here with your Father last week.” My eyes widened in disbelief.”Okay, then my little slut,” I said to her. She shivered at my words. “Get yourself ready and we’ll go.””Yes, Master,” she said meekly as she climbed out of bed.I lay there watching her as she bent, picked up her dress and slid it over her head.”Will you button me up Master?””Mom, don’t call me Master, please.””Of course my boy, I was just playing the part of your slut dear.””I’m sorry for that too, Mom.””Don’t be, I like being called a slut by my men. It makes me feel wanted.””Mom, you’re always wanted. By me and by Dad, we both love you very much.””I know Son, I know. It’s just…a long, long story that I might tell you some day.””Okay Mom. Just realize, I will always love you and will want you until you want me to stop. Wanting you that is, I will never stop loving you.””You…I want you to want me always. I…will love you forever my dear boy.”Mom rushed into my arms as she pulled my lips to hers. I tasted tears on her lips as we kissed. I felt the sobs and heard the sighs. I hoped they were of joy as I kissed her back with all the passion in my being. She pushed me away and ran to the bathroom. I stood there looking after her as the door closed.”Get dressed while I put my face back together,” she yelled. Nodding, although she couldn’t see, I put my clothes on. She came out of the bathroom as I finished dressing. She was smiling when she emerged, which was a good sign. I smiled back at her as she came to me and into my arms. She just hugged me.”I’m sorry for…””Mom, you’ve done nothing to be sorry for.””Thank you my darling, thank you. Let’s go eat.”Chapter 3We went to the pub in town. Mom was the hit of the place and every guy that was there alone hit on her. She would smile at them and tell them that she was here with her son and that tonight she was off limits. They would look at me and tell me what a lucky guy I was. I got the feeling that Dad had brought Mom here to find those extra cocks she craved. After our food came the group of guys at the bar left us alone. Mom kept the conversation light, but under the tablecloth, her free hand would squeeze my hard cock every chance she got.I just smiled and kept eating. türbanlı çankırı escort bayan After we finished we got up to leave and three big burly guys came over to talk with Mom. She smiled at them as they said they would like to take her out to their van for a little while. When she said no, they didn’t appear to take her seriously. When I went to step in front of her, she put her arm in front of me. Smiling she kicked the lead guy in the nuts.”When I say no, it means no you stupid hick,” she yelled. “Now the rest of you yahoo’s take your friend and get out of my town.””Yes Ma’am,” the other two said, as they bent down to help their buddy up. Just as they got him up on his feet, two sheriff’s deputies appeared behind them.”Any trouble here Missus Carlson?” One of the deputies asked.”Not anymore Carl thanks for coming though,” Mom said as she winked at him.Carl laughed as him and the other deputy ushered the three strangers out the door. Mom sat back down, so I did too. Carl came back in and handed the bartender some bills then turned and came over to our table. He pulled out a chair and sat.”Is this your boy Jenny?” he asked.”Yes it is Carl. Son, Phillip this is Carl, Carl, Phillip.” Mom introduced us.Carl stuck out his big hand. I took it in mine and we shook. I suddenly realized that my hand was just a little bigger than his. Mom was smiling as Carl looked at her. He nodded at her and stood. He tipped his hat and smiled at Mom.”It was good to see you again Jenny,” he said as he backed away.”It was nice seeing you to Carl,” Mom said smiling.She was still beaming as she rose from her chair. I got up and we walked out to the car. I opened her door and helped her in. I ran around to the driver’s side and climbed in behind the wheel. I just sat there for a second as what happened inside replayed in my head. Especially, the way Carl and Mom looked at each other.”Mom, how long have you and Carl been…””Since we bought the lake house, he has been one of my favorites.””That explains the looks you gave each other.””Do I detect a note of displeasure?””Oh, no, Mom, not at all, but this is all new to me. Have you also done those three who…””No, never, and when I find out who told them, whatever they told them, I will have their nuts on a platter for the raccoons to eat.”I had to laugh at her as I started the car and drove away. When we got home mom immediately took her dress off and turned on me pulling at my clothes. I was naked in seconds and we were in each other’s arms. I hugged her to me, her head was on my shoulders.”I love you Mom,” I whispered.”Even though you know your mother is a slut?””Yes, even though,” I said laughing.She slapped me on the ass as she wiggled out of my arms. She was laughing as she ran toward the back door. Before I could catch her, she was out the door and half way to the lake. As I ran past her, I scooped her up in my arms and ran along the pier.”No, no, it will be too cold,” Mom screamed, as I jumped off the end of the pier into the water.When I hit the water, I let go of Mom as I sank into the cold, dark liquid. Mom was just above me as the moon shined above us. I reached up and pinched her ass. I was slowly floating to the surface watching Mom swim to the surface. I slowly broke the surface just behind Mom. With her back to me, I reached around her and pulled her to me. She squealed then laughed as I tweaked her hard nipples.”Damn I love you,” I whispered in her ear.”I love you to Phillip I love you very, very much.”Spinning in my arms, she was facing me. Our lips met. Treading water with my lips pressed to Moms was not easy. Then my foot touched the bottom and I could stand and hold my mother in my arms. Her legs wrapped around my waist as she realized that I was standing on the bottom. My cock was in just the right position, pressed up against her pussy.”Yes, yes, put it in,” she cried.I took a couple of steps closer to the dock and let Mom slide down my body and onto my cock. She gently bit my shoulder as I penetrated her body. I held her still as she grew accustom to the invader inside her. Raising her head to look me in the eyes, she smiled. Her eyes rolled up into her head as her head slowly fell backwards.”Oh god I’m coming Phillip, you’re making you mother cum without moving,” she whispered.Her body started to shake as her head dropped back further. I just stood still, pulsing my cock to the beat of my heart. Mom’s vagina was gripping me so tight that that it almost hurt. We stood that way for a long time. When Mom’s orgasm was over, she brought her head forward. Looking in to my eyes, she had the most amazed look on her face.”Take me back to the house,” Mom whispered hoarsely.With her arms around my neck and her legs clamped around my waist, I walked toward the shore. The further we emerged from the water the more amazed the look on Mom’s face became. As her ass cleared the water, I felt her drop down onto my cock completely. Her clit was pressing against my pubic bone causing her much delight.”Oh my god, that feels wonderful,” she whispered.”Why are you whispering Mom?””Because I can’t talk any louder right now, dear,” she told me kissing my cheek and resting her head on my shoulder.I walked to the house every step causing Mom to moan with pleasure. When I was in the bedroom, I leaned forward and set her on the bed gently. Once I had her weight on the bed, I started to slide out of her.”No, no, stay in, I want you to…”I slammed back into her. She screamed with pleasure. I pounded into her again and again. Her cries of ecstasy echoed in the bedroom. For the next hour, I just used my mother like a street slut, not that I know anything about street sluts except what I read. I finally stiffened as I shot my seed deep in to my mother’s body. She had been laying limp for the last five minutes. She was conscious, her eyes were open and she was smiling up at me, but she didn’t move. As the last of my seed spurted into her, I collapsed to the side so as not to crush her.We both lay there for a long time. Neither of us spoke as we looked into each other’s eyes. Mom’s eyes were still filled with wonder as her nostrils flared with each breath she took. Her breathing was slow and steady as I tried to catch mine. Finally, she roused enough to roll onto her side and face me. She placed her hand on my chest and sighed.”That was so…wonderful. It was the best orgasm I have had my entire life. Phillip you are my dream come true, my god you are a fantastic lover,” Mom told me, the awe in her eyes reflected in her voice.”Mom, you embarrassing me, I’m not any better than the next guy.””You are to me, you’re my Son.””Ah. Let’s take a shower and get to bed.””Okay dear.”So, that’s what we did. I had fun soaping Mom up and she, as well as I, enjoyed soaping me up or down, depending on how you look at it. All dried off and warm, we cuddled up in bed, kissing and caressing each other. The rest of the night was more fun than I ever had up at the lake. Somewhere in all the cuddling, we both fell asleep.Chapter 4I woke to a bright new day with my mother’s mouth around my hard cock. A bobbing head was all that I could see. The wonderful warm, wet mouth was what I felt and it felt real nice. I was completely relaxed as my orgasm started to tighten my scrotum. I yelped when my prostrate pulsed and Mom began sucking hard. She drank down every drop, my cock buried deep in her throat. Keeping my cock in her mouth until it deflated, Mom moaned softly.”Mom, I’m up,” I told her. “I know,” Mom said, popping my dick out of her mouth, “dear.”She crawled up beside me a smile on her lips. Leaning in she kissed me gently. Reaching up I pulled her head down kissing her with all the passion I was feeling. Mom moaned when I grabbed her hair in my fist rolling her so I was above her. Pulling my mouth away from hers, I looked down into the most beautiful eyes in the world. They were full of passion, blazing with lust and the prettiest green. Until that moment, I had not realized just how pretty her eyes were.”So what’s on the agenda for today?” I asked.”Whatever you want Son, you’re the boss,” Mom said shyly.”You were serious then?””Yes, I am yours to do with as you want.””Hmmm…I will have to give that some thought then. Anything?””Anything, as long as you’re with me.””Mom, I don’t know…I haven’t the faintest idea what you are into.””We will have to explore my dear. I may like what you have in mind or I may not, so we will have a safe word.””A safe word?””Yes if I want things to stop I will use the safe word. When I do you must stop or stop what is happening immediately, understand?””Yes, of course Mom. What safe word would you like to use, the one you use with Dad?””No!”I thought I had said something wrong the way she almost shouted no.”I’m sorry…””You don’t have to be sorry, you did nothing wrong my dear. It…well…it’s just that the safe word should be something special between us, is all.””Oh. How about lattice? Like the roses in the backyard where I put the lattice for them to climb. I remember the smile on your face when I was finished with that project for you. Would that be a good word?””Yes my darling, it’s perfect,” Mom whispered, pulling my lips to hers.She was crying again as she kissed me passionately. We kissed for a long time. I kissed her face all over, tasting her tears as they rolled down her cheeks.”Mom, why the tears?””I’m just so happy dear, so very, very happy my love.” Her lips pressed against mine full of passion and fire.Our lips still together I rolled to the side. Mom pulled back and looked me in the eye. When she saw me smiling, she smiled too.”Mom we have a lot to discuss. I really do want to explore, explore with you the bounds of…””Me too Son, me too. God I love you so much, so much it aches.””Where to start? I know you already like multiple partners…””Not with you, not with you, that’s why I told you all those things on the way here. What we do has to be new, new and exciting. What I do with your father is what we do together, it’s what he wants, his bounds have already been reached. With you, I want to go further, new territory. Do you understand?””I see, yes, yes I understand. I’m hungry, what should we do for breakfast?””There is food in the fridge. Bacon, eggs whatever we will need. Your father had it stocked before he left.””Good, now go down a make me a nice hearty breakfast, I think I’m going to need it.””You wish is my command.””Mom, let’s not start our ‘games’ until I have time to digest everything. Let’s just hang out today. Maybe go for a swim if it’s not too cold. Or just lay around the house being with each other.””Okay dear, that suits me fine. I’ll go get breakfast ready.” Mom jumped out of bed and was out the door before I could speak.Breakfast was great. You don’t know how erotic it is sitting across the table from your naked mother until you do it. I stayed naked also. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her. She has the most magnificent breasts, türbanlı escort çankırı not too big and not too small. Her waist is not small but she is not fat. She is very healthy and has kept herself in shape with multiple exercises as you can imagine. Once we finished our breakfast we did the dishes together the stood there looking at each other. Mom, on tiptoe kissed me quickly on my cheek. Turning she headed toward the back door. In the closet next to the door, she reached in and pulled the rolled up hammock out holding it up. Nodding my head, we both stepped outside. It was a nice day for early fall. It was just after the Labor Day weekend and the lake was virtually deserted. The temperature out was very pleasant even though we were both nude. I helped Mom with the hammock and held it so she could lie down on, in it. Then very carefully I climbed in with her. The hammock forced us to roll together into the middle our bodies pressed together staring into each other’s eyes.Mom started laughing as we adjusted ourselves to we were comfortable. She lay next to me, my arm under her neck, my arm d****d down over her breast. I idly fondled her hard nipple as we lay there in silence. It was so quiet and the leaves overhead whispered as the slight breeze brushed past them. I was at piece with the universe. I had a beautiful lady next to me, a wonderful feeling breast in my hand and a soft, delicate hand around my cock. We lay there for about an hour before either of us said a word. It was Mom who finally broke the silence and what she said shocked me at first. “Phillip, you go to college in two weeks, I want you to promise me you’ll use a condom when you fuck all those coeds up there.””Mom!””Promise me. I want to be able to keep having you inside me without one of those terrible yet necessary things on so, please promise me you will use a condom.””I promise Mom. I to never want to have to use one of those with you so, I will always use them with ‘those’ coeds up at college.” I laughed a little after I answered her. “I want you to promise me the same Mom.””Son, I have required all the men I fuck, except your dad and now you, to wear a condom before they stick their cock in me. Even for just a blowjob they have to wear one so, don’t you worry about me.”Nodding I looked back up at the leaves above. Far away in the distance, we could hear the sound of a lawn mower buzzing away across someone’s lawn. Other noises of activity now filled the air as the few people who lived here year round started to rise for the day. Mom didn’t make a move to rise.”If someone wanders through herer on their way to the lake what are we going to do?” I asked.”I,” Mom raised her head to look me in the eye, “don’t know. What do you think we should do?””Wave hi?””We could do that, there are a number of nudist that live around the lake.””I think it best if we go inside, just in case it’s someone we know.””For heaven sakes why?””Your reputation, Mom. In some people’s eyes what we have been doing is wrong.””Oh Phillip, you don’t have to worry about that dear. My reputation is just fine around here, tarnished and happy.””Mom.””It’s okay dear, that’s just how I like it. I like the men and women looking at me as if I’m the town slut, because I am, I know I am and they know I am. And if they can’t handle me loving my son as I loved them then they are the hypocrites as most of them have fucked each other and me. I have no problem staying out here in the arms of my son. Do you have a problem staying out here in the arms of you mother?””No Mom, of course not, but I’m a guy. A horny, hormone filled guy.””I’m so glad you are.”She pressed her lips to mine, gently at first. As our passion rose, she mashed her lips to mine harder. As we kissed, I became more and more aroused. When my cock was as hard as steel, Mom rolled on top of me, her legs straddling mine and slipped her pussy down my shaft. Being very careful, Mom rose to her knees leaning on my chest. She smiled down at me as she took me all the way inside her.”God that feels so good,” she whispered.Looking up at her, I was so turned on by the look on her face as she squeezed me with her vaginal muscles. Here we were, mother and son, having sex in a hammock, in the middle of the morning, in bright sunshine. It felt terrific. At this moment, I realized what a mind fuck really was. It was my mind that was turning me on so much.Mom just stayed in that position looking down into my eyes. She was so beautiful, so full of life. Her eyes dazzled me. Her smooth skin looked wonderful. Then a though hit me.”Mom, how old are you…really?”Her smile faded into a frown, not a bad frown or a mad frown, but a thoughtful frown. “Why do you want to know, you know a woman doesn’t like to reveal their age.””Mom quit trying to avoid the question. How old are you?””Phillip, I was very, very young when I fell in love with your father.””How young?””I will be 39 years old on my next birthday.” She squeezed me with her pussy as she said that.”How old is dad?””Your father will be 49 at his next birthday. Satisfied?””So he got you pregnant at my age?””Yes dear, I was pregnant with you as I walked the aisle up to the altar, so I could take my vows to marry the most wonderful man in the world.””You and dad really love each other.” “I know that’s not a question, but I will answer that because I like too. Yes, I love you father with all my heart and he loves me. I would do anything for him, anything. He would do anything for me, he has done everything I asked him, as I have done everything asked of me. We are man and wife, whore and client without exception.””That is good to hear. I would hate to come between you two.””But that would, could never happen dear, there is no way you could come between me and your father, no way.””Good. Now make me cum…I need to cum Mom. Watching you out here in the daylight…god you are so beautiful, so fucking beautiful.””I’m…glad…you…like…god I’m coming,” Mom said quietly.”Me…to…Mom,” I croaked as my orgasm squeezed cum up my cock and into my mother.We both shook and shivered from our pleasure. Mom collapsed on me when her orgasm finished. I hugged her to me enjoying her skin next to mine. We lay like that for a long time, but finally got up and went inside to clean up. My juices had rolled out of Mom with hers onto my balls. I needed a shower and Mom said she did too. Again, we had fun in the shower together.Chapter 5We both ran out of the bathroom and flopped down on the bed into each other’s arms. I was so in love with Mom. No, I really mean that. I was in love, the romantic kind of love, with my mother. She was only twenty years my senior. She didn’t look a day over thirty. I had heard many a man say that to Dad. Mom’s girl friends always asked her how she stayed looking so young. Mom would laugh it off and tell them genes.The rest of the day, we just rolled around on the big king size bed. Kissing, touching, sucking, licking and loving. I just couldn’t get enough of her and her of me. It was all so fantastic yet in the back of my mind, there was apprehension. A feeling that what we were doing was not absolutely right, yet I could see no wrong with the feelings I had for my Mom. She was on the pill, so there was no reason to fear pregnancy. We were both healthy, I had just had a check up and the doctor had run all kinds of test for my college entrance in two weeks. I didn’t have HIV or any other STD. Mom had just been to her doctor also. I had seen her blood test results, she had left them lying out on the kitchen table. When I saw she was clean and healthy, I laid mine down next to hers. Why I did that I don’t know, maybe just to show her I was her good little boy and hadn’t been fucking some skank. So, I knew we were both clean and healthy and she knew also. The rest of the day was fun. We talked a little more about when I went to school and explored each other. I had my face plastered to her delicious pussy when she started talking about the next year.”You do know you will have to come home for the holidays and I will be up to see you at least once a month for a week. I will not interfere with you studies, but I will want you as often as you can.”I mumbled as I continued to suck and lick her sex.”When you come home Dad will find things to do out of the house at night so we can enjoy each other.”Again, I mumbled into her pussy. She giggled at the vibration this caused. Lifting my mouth from her sex I crawled up between her thighs and slid my cock into her as far as it would go. Mom moaned at the invasion and smiled looking into my eyes. I smiled at her, propping myself up on my elbows.”Mom, I can’t ask you to come up and service me every month…””Oh, I like the way you put that. Service you, how nasty sounding.”My mind reeled with sudden uncontrollable thoughts. Images really, my Mom servicing not only me…no, no not that. Then another thought raced through my mind. Pictures of my mother, naked, on a screen, with a join button, then it was gone. I would have to think on that one more. I leaned down and kissed her.”Fine you can come up whenever you want. I’m sure whatever party I had to go to I’m sure I’ll want to be with you instead.””Oh, frat parties, I love frat parties. So many delicious young men…””Mom, no not that, I don’t know if I’m ready to share you with anyone but Dad,” I told her.”Phillip, when I go out with your father I will most likely find myself in bed with other men. Do you want me to stop that? Because I won’t, your father enjoys sharing me and I gladly do it for him.””No Mom, no, I thought you wanted to do different things with me, so that group stuff is out for now when you are with me. Okay?””Yes dear, whatever you want.”Lifting her leg, I lay down still inside her. We were both able to relax and just enjoy being coupled. There was no hurry, no urgent need to orgasm. Just being inside her was the best thing I had ever experienced, Mom seemed to enjoy this also. I kept myself hard by just looking at my Mom, her body, her eyes, her lips all wonderful and sexy. Eventually, all that got to me and I started slowly to stroke my cock in and out of her wonderful body.Mom just smiled and moaned as I did. It was so easy this way. I could keep stroking and watching her, completely relaxed, but there did come a time that the urgency of my needs forced me to do it harder and faster. Soon I was pounding into her as hard as I could. Mom now racked with orgasm scream with pleasure, as I was reaching my peak. My scrotum tightened and my semen shot out of me like a bullet. Mom was shaking and crying with pleasure as I filled her with my seed.I lay there looking at my mother, covered in sweat and panting, coming down from an emotional high that I had just caused. For myself, I was pretty pleased with what I had accomplished. I had made my mother come, hard. I loved her dearly and I know she loves me.”Mom, are you hungry? We haven’t eaten since early this morning and I’m starved. Why don’t we…no the only place in town to get a decent meal is the pub…””No there’s a new place on the other side of the lake. Not to fancy, but unusual, it opened last year.””How come you and dad never took me there?””Well the unusual part is why. It’s at the nudist resort.””I didn’t know about that either sounds fun.””Good, let’s go shower and well get dressed and go.”And that’s what we did.End of Part One.

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