My Fucked Up Fantasy Night 1

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My Fucked Up Fantasy Night 1It’s Friday night, the town was humming with the jovial banter of drunken strangers, all of them enjoying the first night of their weekends. The low amber glow from streetlights flood the area like walking through a golden cloud. Everything was typical that night, Me and the girls were hitting the usual bars, chatting the usual chat. When it was suggested we try somewhere different, we were all game. We had all heard of this new underground nightclub in town, the Coven. Known for being an ‘Alt’ club and not closing until dawn, I had wanted to go there since first hearing about it.Our usual routine was to hit the bars early then move onto the nightclub at 1am. After sometime, we finally found this club. In the backstreets, away from the amber glow, away from the jovial banter we found the entrance to the Coven Club. It was lackluster to say the least, a heavy metal with a sliding peephole, it looked more like a prison cell door. If wasn’t for the blue neon sign and the hefty doorman stood outside it would look like a typical fire escape.Seeing us approach, the doorman looked with a cheeky smile and took a step to the side of the door.”Enjoy your night Ladies” said the doorman as he used two hands to open the heavy door.Suddenly, a blast of bass and distortion echoed up the passageway he just opened. Me and the girls walked through and into a corridor full of posters, pasted what must have been an amateur hand, not a square inch of the actual wall was visible. It was a collage of monsters, demons and gothic imagery showing the names of underground punk rock and metal bands, most I had never heard of. Even in its dank, colourless decor, I liked the look of this place. The girls were a bit dubious about the look of this place (we weren’t even in the bar yet) but continued to walk down the corridor. We got closer to a double door, we could see a blurred light-show reflecting through the dirty windows. The bass and distortion we first heard had now turned into an electronic thunder. There was a woman in a stall to our left, we paid her our entrance fee and opened the doors.Like a wave of energy, we finally saw the insides of the club. Standing in the doorway, we scoped the area. A collection of characters I had not seen before, faces of piercings and tattoos, hair of cartoon styling, clothes of leather and sheer. The ceiling was a battlefield of lights and çayyolu escort lasers, the walls covered with more demonic band posters, there was a sunken dance ‘pit’ in the middle of the room only reachable by and steel spiral stairwell. The smell was of leather, sweat and sex…..I loved it.The girls immediately realized that this was not the club for them but, not beings prudes, decided to have a few drinks there anyway. We fought our way to the bar and barley managed to order drinks over the almost deafening metal music that was blaring. We found an area we could sit, in the corner of the building, a little quieter there where we could here each other talk. “Well this is interesting” said Jane in a mocking manner, I had to respond.”This place is awesome, metal and freaks, I’m at home!”The girls new I was into the alternative stuff, black was my thing. My dress was black, My nails were painted black, My hair was coloured cosmic blue. It took a while for the girls to adjust to this alien environment, but when they did, they realized that everyone there, despite their looks, were incredibly friendly, funny people. We went to the bar for a fourth round. I got the drinks, when I turned away from the bar I noticed Jane and Natalie were talking to two guys, Natalie looked at me.”This is Jamie, She’s a lot more into this stuff than we are….J, this is Ben”He looked at me “Yeah, Hi” then returned to Natalie.Natalie looked at me and shrugged. I gave the girls their drinks and we returned to where we had been sat.From that point on, I became a fifth wheel and the night started to get a little awkward for me.”Fuck it….I’m going for a dance” I announcedFighting my way, once again, I found the stairwell to the dance floor. I didn’t care, I was a little drunk, a little annoyed and a little frisky. When I was on the floor, I could feel the music flow through me like a breeze, I didn’t even notice that I had someone else’s hands on my hips, I was enjoying the release of sensibility that comes with dancing so I let them continue. I even played up to them, leaning back, if felt her breasts in my back. I turned to look at her….she was beautiful. She had this mysterious smokey stare in her eyes. The stare she gave me was enough to make me quiver. She writhed in-front of me, quite a contrast to the heavy music that was playing. I couldn’t help myself, as cebeci escort she moved her hips I mimicked her and held her waist. Our legs locked together and she grinded her body against mine, I could have cum with anticipation. The music, still as intense seemed to dull, the other people dancing seemed to slow, the world began to blur…there was just her, staring into my eyes. Pulling me even closer, our breasts touched and she moved in, not to kiss me, but to my ear. She whispered.”Come with me” There is no logical way I could have heard that on the noisy dance floor, but it was clear as day. She pulled away from me holding my hand. I was bewitched by her, I could see her full body, perfect in every detail. she walked backwards, pulling me forwards toward the stairwell and leading me upwards. I couldn’t help myself as a looked at her ass, perfectly hugged by her red dress. She lead me past the bar to a door and we went inside.Through the door was another staircase leading down.”who are you?” I askedShe laughed “Lauren….There’s something I wanna show you”I was scared, I was curious, I was exited but most of all, I was horny.At the bottom of the stars was a room, it looked like a strippers booth….I liked where this was going. I was beginning to realize what she wanted to show me. In the middle of the room was a white leather arm chair, she lead me to it and sat me down.Standing behind me, Lauren told me to relax. In any other situation, I would have freaked out, but I was overcome with a sense of eagerness to find out about her, I wanted this to happen….whatever it was. I couldn’t see her behind me, but I heard her pour two drinks, she handed one to me.”Whats this?””It’s on me” she said as she started toward a stereo system, “Try it, you’ll like it”Why was I doing this? why was doing anything this girl said? Why was I wanting this?Music played and she turned towards me, staring at me with the same hypnotic look she gave me on the dance floor. Slowly, Lauren walked toward me, I was terrified, stopping at my feet, she lifted a leg onto my thigh, then the other leg followed…she was straddling me. Her head pulled back taking a sip of her drink, The sight of her neck swallowing was mesmerizing, I stared at her dumbfounded. I felt myself widen at moisten my panties. Finishing her drink, she let out an almost orgasmic sigh.”Now you” She saidI demetevler escort felt like so exposed and innocent, but obliged and drank what she gave me. In one gulp, I had finished the cocktail she had made for me, it was indeed as orgasmic as Laurens’ sigh had suggested. As I enjoyed the buzz from the drink, Lauren was kissing my neck. She pulled at the neckline of my dress like trying to open curtains. I felt her fingers pull at my bra, slowly moving it down I could feel the cool air on my nipples. Pushing up again, she lifted my tits out of my dress and moved her head toward them. Her hot tongue on my cold breasts felt amazing, I closed my eyes and concentrated on breathing. I felt her saliva run down my cleavage as she pulled away, still squeezing my tits. I lifted my dress to show her how wide and wet I was, hoping she would oblige……She did. Her hand pulled at my moist panties and raised her breasts to my face. Pulling down her dress, I opened my eyes and saw her hard nipples, I pushed my head forward pursing my lips.She stopped and pulled away, I was confused. Walking behind me again I lost sight of her, thats when I saw a black veil in-front of me. As the blindfold tightened over my eyes I lost my senses, all that was left of me was the need to fuck.I felt Laurens hands running up my thighs, the anticipation was immeasurable. Holding either side of my panties, she pulled down. Lifting my ass, she removed them. I opened my legs to show how much I wanted her, cum was running down between my legs, thats when I felt her hair tickle my thighs. I rubbed my clit as I felt her tongue discover my pussy, I felt her hands by my ass tighten, her fingernails dug in as she pulled me into her mouth. She broke my skin, just a little, but I liked it and with a shudder of joy, I let go and came. As I lay there, still shivering in pleasure, She bit my inner thigh hard. She really did break the skin this time, my body was confused…was this pleasure or pain. I let out a resounding “FUCK” and removed the blindfold…….the room was empty.”Where the fuck have you gone?” I said in vain. Grasping my leg I realized she had indeed bitten me “You gotta be fucking k**ding me!” Clumsily pulling my panties back up, I rearranged my bra and dress and left the room and up the stairs.Back in the club Lauren was nowhere to be seen. I found Jane and Natalie, still quite enamored by the guys they had found. I told them I was ready to go home…they obviously weren’t. I left the club, passing the hefty doorman once again.”So how was your first night here?” He asked”I had a good night thanks!” I said in half truth”You’ll be back?” “Oh, Definitely” I replied as I walked away”Yes You will”

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