My Friends Daughter

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My Friends DaughterI was hanging out at the bar when my friend Charlie walked up and sat down next to me. He told me he needed someone to look after his daughter, who was staying with him for the summer, while he took a trip to Dallas. I said I would look in on her and make sure she was okay. I went to the trailer the next evening and knocked on the door. The door opened and I saw an extremely hot little doll. I thought she was 15but it turns out she was 18. She told me she wanted to go get some dinner and see the city. We got in my truck and drove off to the restaurant. It was hard to drive and keep my eyes on the road cause her shorts were real short and tight. She had long slim legs and pert little tits. We ate and talked about her life, when we finished dinner we were driving to the bar where I worked and she lit up a joint. I was getting a contact high and thats when I lost some of the evening. It turns out we went bowling and rollerskating which I don’t remember. We wound up in the trailer around 2 AM kırklareli escort and thats when I started remembering again. We sat and talked and she said she wanted to get comfortable. She came back from her room wearing a Workout leotard and said she needed to stretch out. I was getting hard from watching her spread her legs and stretch. she came over and sat on my lap and started kissing me. We dry humped like crazy when a thought came into my mind, This is Charlie’s daughter and he’s one crazy S.O.B. He once pulled a gun on me for stopping him from getting into a fight. What would he do if he knew what I was dong now? She had an instant orgasm when my cock rubbed her in the right place and said I want to sleep now you can leave. I left the trailer with blue balls and A scared feeling looking for Charlie. She called me the next afternoon and invited me to dinner. I went by around 7 and knocked on the door. She let me in and smoked a joint before we left. We went out and had dinner and kırklareli escort bayan stopped for a 12 pack of beer before we went home. It was around 10 when we got to the trailer she said have a beer and relax I’ll be right back. When she came back she had a sore back and would I rub it for her. She sat on lap wearing a see through nightie and tiny panties. As I rubbed her back she rubbed her pussy on my now growing hard on. She turned around and said her chest was sore too. I slowly rubbed her tiny tittys and she moaned softly. Her panties were soaking and she was rubbing furiously on me as we kissed. She slid off me and took my hard cock out of my pants and into her mouth. She was an expert cock sucker she worked my kob for more than ten minutes before she looked up and said your turn. I took off her panties and kissed the sweetest smelling pussy ever. She had a small patch of hair that made it look even more inviting. I licked her clit and stuck a finger in her pussy. I ade her escort kırklareli cum after 2minutes and she left my face soaked with her juice. She got up and led me to her room and pushed me onto the bed she sucked me till I got hard again and eased my cock into her tight pussy. I was in heaven, her pussy milked my cock. She started slow and raised and lowered herself on my entire lentgh and started picking up speed. She would go up till I almost popped out and would slam back down. We did this for 10 minutes then she said Get on top. I got on top and started fucking her whe swithed positions every 10 minutes and were doggy style when she clamped down on my cock and had a massive orgasm.It was too much for me the tightness of her pussy squeezing my dick and her hot juices caused me to blow my load deep in her pussy. We slumped over on the bed my cock still in her pussy and our cum oozing out. We woke the next morning naked in each others arms and a gun in my face. Charlie had come home and found us. I was scared shitless till he started laughing and said ” Did you enjoy my daughter, Did she fuck you good” I said ” She was the tightest piece of pussy I’d ever had. He left us alone saying “Do her again If you want Thats what friends are for!” I rolled her over and started to fuck her again.

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