My Friend’s Date

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It was another lazy day at home. Work was a bitch as usual so it was a great relief for Jackie to strip off her work clothes and into her short shorts and tank top. The shorts barely covered half of her plump firm ass and her 36DD breasts were tight in her tank top. She usually didn’t wear such tight clothes because her room mate and good friend was a 32-year-old man and she only 21.

She was lounging in her recliner with a cup of tea when she heard the phone ring. It was her friend Bryan.

“Hey man, what’s up?”

“Oh Jackie great you’re home listen I need a favor. I’m on my date with Kayla and she really wants to fuck but my roomies are home do you think we can come over, you can join if you want.”

“You know I’d love to but my “aunt flo” is visiting this week but you’re more than welcome to use my room, Dan is gone this week.”

“Great I’ll be over in a few, thanks sexy.”

Jackie and Bryan were friends but like friends do sometimes they use each other for…shall we say…release?

Bryan and Kayla arrived a few minutes later. She can see why Bryan wanted to fuck her so badly. She was small and slender with a gorgeous ass and perky breasts. She had long brown hair and soft pouty lips. Jackie could tell she was horny too, her musky cunt juice was lingering in the air. Bryan and Kayla went into her room and Jackie continued watching her movie. Within a few minutes she could hear Kayla moaning softly and getting louder and louder. Jackie could feel herself getting horny thinking of Kayla’s wet pussy and beautiful breasts bouncing up and down as Bryan fucked her.

Just as the urge to go into her room and suck Kayla’s pussy dry overwhelmed her, şişli escort they walked out. The strong scent of Kayla’s sex filled the room again. They said their good byes and Kayla gave Jackie a seductive wink as she walked out the door.

A few days later Jackie was online when out of nowhere…

SexKitten: Hi Jackie this is Kayla, remember me?

Jackie1234: How can I forget? How are you?

SexKitten: I’m good, Bryan gave me your screen name I hope that’s ok?

Jackie1234: Oh that’s fine, what’s up?

SexKitten: Actually I wanted to confess something, When Bryan was eating me out the other night I was fantasizing about you, your soft hair gliding across my stomach and those smooth lips on my shaved pussy, oh gee I should stop I don’t know if you’re into that.

Jackie1234: No it’s ok, I’ve been with women before and to tell you the truth I was thinking about you too.

SexKitten: Wow all this talk about cunts is getting me hot, too bad you’re on the rag.

Jackie1234: Actually the day you came over was the last day, if you want to come over you can, my roomie won’t be home for another few days.

SexKitten: Ok I’ll be there in a few, see you soon sexy.

And with that Jackie signed offline and rushed to get ready. She brushed her teeth, combed her hair and slipped into a short black nighty to surprise her SexKitten. Five minutes later there was a knock on the door. Jackie opened it to find Kayla holding her trench coat open to reveal that she was completely naked underneath.

Jackie shut the door behind her and pulled Kayla close so that their erect nipples were caressing each other. Kayla licked her supple lips and kissed çapa escort Jackie eagerly. Jackie let out a sigh as her pussy quickly moistened. Kayla’s tongue darted in and out of her mouth. She moaned loudly as the strong, sweet smell of her snatch filled the room. Jackie ran her hands down Kayla’s smooth back and over her firm small ass. Kayla had large perky breasts but was small in frame and this made Jackie feel a little dominant. Kayla took control however and took her by the hand and led her into her room. There they caressed and kissed harder and harder.

“Lick me Jackie, but do it slow, I don’t want to cum too soon.”, Kayla moaned. Jackie motioned her to the bed. “Kneel doggie style, I always wanted to try this position licking a girl’s pussy.” Kayla did as she was told. Jackie slipped off her nighty and knelt behind Kayla. She ran her hard nipples over Kayla’s ass. She reached around Kayla’s leg and began to rub her hard clit. She moaned feeling Kayla’s freshly shaved pussy. Jackie began to feel Kayla’s juice flow from her hole to her clit and drip onto the bed. Jackie knew she had to stop or Kayla would cum. She had a better idea. She placed one hand on each of Kayla’s tanned ass cheeks and spread them revealing her tart perky asshole.

Jackie licked up her ass crack and over her hole softly and Kayla quivered with surprise

“Oh no one’s ever done that before, but it’s so hot. hmmm.”

Jackie tightened her tongue a little and focused her effort on the hole itself. probing it a little with the tip and getting it very moist. Kayla began to moan louder as her cunt got wetter and wetter. Jackie decided it was time to taste Kayla’s musky juice. She lowered one fındıkzade escort hand down to her own cunt and began thrusting fingers in and out of it as she lowered her tongue to Kayla’s sopping cunt. “What to do with the other hand?”, Jackie thought. She positioned her thumb over Kayla’s tight asshole and pressed a finger into it. She could tell that Kayla had a virgin ass.

Kayla’s juices flowed down Jackie’s throat as her own dripped down her leg. Kayla positioned her middle finger on her clit and began twirling it as Jackie’s thumb was twirling in Kayla’s ass. Kayla began moaning louder and louder as Jackie burst into orgasm, her cum running over her hand. Kayla feeling that Jackie had cum let out a scream as she herself came in Jackie’s mouth. Jackie allowed Kayla up and laid over her rubbing her cum covered hand over Kayla’s beautiful breasts.

“It’s your turn baby.” Kayla said as she motioned for Jackie to lie on her back. Kayla expertly lifted Jackie’s legs up to reveal her cum soaked snatch. Kayla lowered her head and ravishing the tight pussy in front of her. She licked hard and fast with her tongue tight against Jackie’s clit. Jackie had never been licked that hard or fast before. It was almost overwhelming. She felt her orgasm coming on and she tried to hold back. Kayla reassured her. “Let it come baby I want to suck your juices out of you, I can’t wait.” Jackie loosened her hold on her orgasm and let it come. It was hard and strong, her clit throbbed as Kayla slurped up her cum. Jackie wrapped her thighs around Kayla’s head pushing her head deeper into her juice.

As her orgasm subdued she loosened her grip on Kayla’s head. She slithered her gorgeous body up Jackie’s and kissed her. Jackie could feel Kayla’s pussy against her’s as the kissed each other. She knew she would never have sex like this with anyone else and wanted to hold Kayla there forever.

to be continued…

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