My First Time With Jess

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It was my gay best friend’s 18th birthday and we were having a house party. I’d gone there with a girl who I’d been sleeping with casually for a few weeks. She was a short, pretty girl with jet-black hair similar to mine. We were into the same things sexually and in general and at the time I felt that things would end up going further than just casual sex. We had already spent the afternoon smoking pot and getting intimate. We both loved to please each other. We’d spend hours licking each other out and just hearing her moan with pleasure while I went to work was enough to get me off. Anyway. . . . we turned up to this party and I was already slightly stoned. I said happy birthday to my friend and we went straight through to the kitchen to grab some drinks which really wasn’t a great idea, as on the way I spotted Jess in the cloakroom kissing another girl. It wasnt a big deal I’d never really seen her before, I noticed how good looking she was but nothing more; I was there with a girlfriend, so was she, no big deal. After about an hour of heavy drinking I was dead on my feet, but my casual girlfriend couldnt stop herself anymore. She pretty much dragged me up the stairs. Kissing me, caressing me and really not caring that everyone knew what we were about to get up to. I tried to tell her I wasn’t up to doing what she wanted to do, I was too drunk and I didnt like the idea of having sex in my friends bed (bit kaçak iddaa frigid I know!). She was having none of it, she thrust her hand down my leggings and began to stroke me, very gently just how she knew I loved it, she was kissing my neck and nibbling my ear, begging me to have sex with her. I kept saying that I couldn’t. I asked her to stop over and over but I kept groaning with pleasure despite myself and that was all the encouragment she needed. She ripped my shirt and bra open and began to tongue my nipple. And that is honestly the last thing I remember. Like a true lightweight, the pot and drink caught up with me and I passed out.  I woke up at about 2:30 in the morning, around 3 hours later. I was in the bathroom, with one of my friends shirts on but missing my bra. I was sat leant up against the wall with someone stroking my hair. I’d assumed it was my friend so I just kept moaning how awful I felt and apologised for ruining her birthday party. “It’s not my birthday” she said, the first words Jess had ever really said to me, (apart from a few ‘Hello’s’ at parties,) “and anyway it was your girlfriend who ruined it”. She wasnt angry with me, she was smiling but I could tell something had upset her. It turned out that after my casual-girlfriend had got bored of trying to revive me she had left with the girl Jess had been with earlier. “We weren’t together”, she said, “but I did quite like her”. kaçak bahis She explained how she’d seen me staggering around trying to get to the bathroom, that she’d helped me there, found me a shirt to wear to replace the one my ‘girlfriend’ had ruined, and stayed with me while I was ‘feeling ill’. She also told me I’d been mumbling how pretty she looked and how I’d noticed her downstairs earlier and felt attracted. I couldn’t remember any of it but from how much I blushed I think she could tell that I’d meant it. We stayed up talking for the rest of the night while I came around and by around 7 o clock I felt better, and by 10 I’d decided it was time to go home. I lived in a flat not far away from the party. I asked her if she wanted to come round for breakfast. I won’t bore you describing the rest of the day. She agreed, came back to mine, had breakfast and we talked for hours. Fast forward 4 hours. . . . By now I’d realised just how special Jess was. She has the most gorgeous blue eyes, shoulder length blonde hair, and a perfect, curvy body in a sparkling blue dress. I was completely hooked, I just couldn’t stop staring at her. She was telling me everything about herself, and I was fascinated. I wanted her, and for the first time, I was struggling to tell a girl how I was feeling. Luckily I didnt have to. “Are you gong to kiss me or not?” she asked me, “I’ve been waiting all day”. She turned bright red illegal bahis and was obviously nervous, but she kept staring at me with those perfect eyes, and I felt it was a ‘now or never’ situation. I leapt up from the sofa, and held my hand out towards her. She accepted and stood in front of me, still holding on to my hand. I pulled her in closer and placed my other hand on her waist, just above her hip. I placed my face close to hers, noses touching, and stared some more into her eyes. “You’re so gorgeous”, I told her. She opened her mouth as if she was going to reply, but I couldn’t wait any longer. I pulled her in even closer and began to kiss her passionately. I ran my fingertips up and down her spine and I could hear her moaning. She pulled me backwards until I had her positioned against the wall, our lips still hadn’t parted, and she lifted her leg up and wrapped it around me. I could already feel myself getting excited. I took my hand and began stroking the outside of her thigh. Up and down, slowly getting higher up each time until I found myself stoking her bottom. She was wearing a pair of guys boxers, which for some reason turned me on more. Her cheeks were so round and perfect, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t noticed earlier. We carried on kissing like this for another ten minutes. I’d never felt so turned on from just a kiss before. She stopped and pushed me away. I thought I’d done something wrong. But then she flashed me that gorgeous, nervous-looking smile again, and began to slip the straps of her dress off. She did it so slowly, as if she knew it was torturing me and exciting me in equal measures.

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