My First Time Pt. 02

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The whole next day everything was so normal and it was driving me crazy. All of the guys were doing what they normally did and all I kept thinking about was when am I going to get fucked again. Which was weird to me since I never even thought about getting fucked before and now after it happened it was all of my thoughts.

Richard was not even noticing me. He had me doing stuff I never thought of the night before and now he wouldn’t even look my way. Did he not realize how hot and sexy he made me feel? Was I not hot enough and now that he took my virginity he was done with me? Did he tell any of the other guys what we did? All of these questions and more were running through my head. I only knew one thing for sure and that was I was going to get fucked at least one more time before this trip was through.

That night after eating dinner the guys were sitting around drinking telling stories of the days hunt like usual. The night was progressing like it always did and usually a night of drinking and playing cards was next. This however was not in my plan. I had to find a way to get Richard alone so I could get fucked. A couple different ideas came to mind, like maybe asking to see if he would drive me into town to get something, or stuff like that. And then finally I couldn’t take it any longer. My lust for hairy cock became too much.

Richard finally made eye contact with me for the first time since we fucked. It was from across the room and I motioned with my eyes and a head turn to meet me upstairs and I walked away. I went up to our room and got naked, hoping he would follow. Before I was completely naked I heard him behind me enter the room. My heart was now pounding in my chest. I needed this soo badly. When I turned to look at him he knew. He knew what I wanted and seemed a little surprised how bad I wanted it. He walked over and whispered “you want to get fucked again?” I quickly answered that I’ve wanted it all day and he was all I could think about. He shook his head no saying that we couldn’t do anything with all of the guys downstairs. I pleaded with him that I didn’t care and needed him inside me again. And with that I walked over to the only bed in the room that was out of sight if someone walked by the room. It was another guys bed in the corner of the room. It would have to do since the room did not have a door.

I got on my hands and knees doggie, pointing my ass at Robert. Hoping he would want me again. I reached back to pull my ass cheeks apart and within seconds he was lapping at my hairy hole like a hungry puppy. It was all I could to stifle the noises my body was trying to make in reaction to his tonguing. I didn’t want the other guys to know about this but if I was honest with myself I don’t think I would have cared if they all gangbanged me that night. My real fear was they would kick me out if they found out I was doing this.

At one point I actually yelled out Fuuuck as he drove his tongue deep into my hole. He continued licking and fucking me like an expert ass licker for what seemed like 20 minutes. It felt so good I didn’t want him to ever stop. He then unzipped his jeans to sneak out his cock and whispered “ready bitch boy?”

I looked back shaking my head up and down but not saying anything. He grabbed my hips firmly and didn’t waste any time pounding away at my ass. As soon as his full length was in me he pulled almost all the way out then drove balls deep back in. Even though this was only the second time getting fucked ever, by his third thrust I found I was actually driving my hips back to meet his. The rough feeling of his jeans and zipper hit my ass with each stroke. My cock was rock hard and I felt like a complete slut getting fucked like this. The bed was squeaking at this point from our aggressive fucking but he didn’t care, he just kept driving into me. And I kept driving back to accept him, spitting in my fingers then reaching back too apply lube to his cock when I could. My head was actually whipping up and down as he just kept pounding and I couldn’t take it any longer my cock began pumping out cum. As I did my ass was tightening and spasming on his cock and he started cumming too, this time deep inside me.

He just kept grunting each time his cock pulsed another shot of cum deep into me. All the while holding my hips with this super tight grip. He pumped at Beylikdüzü Escort least 7 or 8 shots and then pulled out rather quick, zipped his pants, slapped me so hard on my ass that was still pointing up at him, and then whispered in my ear that if I needed a fucking again just let him know, and then he went back downstairs.

I rolled off the bed and went over to my bed which was across the room and collapsed onto it. I heard the guys get louder for a second when Robert rejoined them but had no idea what they were saying since it was in German.

I just laid there naked for a while feeling like I had become totally gay now. I thought and desired that feeling of giving my ass to men and being submissive to them was now who I was. I also thought about one of the other guys coming up to take a turn as I felt Roberts cum ran out of my ass a little. I reached back to scoop it onto my fingers so I could lick it.

Who was this now total cock slut anyway? I thought as my cock twitched, already wanting to be touched again.

I slept so soundly that night I didn’t wake up until 11 AM. When I went down to the kitchen to get some coffee I noticed most of the guys had packed up and left already. In fact there were only two others still there, Richard and Buvi. The guy who climbed into my bed when he was so drunk the night Richard first saw me jerking off next to him.

Richard came over to me and whispered in my ear as I poured my coffee. He asked if I needed cock again yet. Without hesitating for a second I looked him in the eyes and nodded yes. He then told me to quick go take a shower since he didn’t have much time.

I did as instructed and was back in the kitchen in 5 minutes. Since Buvi was still there I didn’t think anything was going to happen until he left so I sat at the table to drink my coffee.

Boy I couldn’t have been more wrong. I’m typing with one hand now so I can stroke with my other one. Thinking about what happened then still gets me so turned on. Both of them came and stood on either side of me and dropped their pants. I was not expecting that to happen but the sight of both of those hairy cocks wanting my mouth had me hard and ready for anything.

Richard told me if I wanted his cock in my ass again I better start sucking. I grabbed both of their shafts and began tugging each at the same time. Buvi had a huge grin on his face and I gotta say for an older guy he had a beautiful hairy cock and balls. And since he was hardest first I started licking his first while stroking Richard at the same time. Richard began instructing me on how to suck his friend. Calling me a dirty horny boy. I licked at his mushroom head that was at the tip of a nice thick shaft.

I felt like a gay pornstar as I sucked one then the other. Never leaving either for long so I could keep enough saliva on them to stroke better. As I worked their cocks I was taking off my clothes in between licks and tugs. And it wasn’t long before I was naked and squatting between them. Bobbing my head up and down one then the other. I’m not sure why I felt so comfortable and at ease doing this but it just felt so right. I found I had been sucking Buvi more as his musky smell was getting me going even more.And I liked his facial expressions and noises he was making.

Next Richard grabbed me forcibly , picked me up and put me on the kitchen table. I was on my knees with my feet hanging off and my butt in his direction. He knew what I needed and seemed to like how horny he got me. I felt his cock touch my hole and just relaxed into its pressure. At the same time Buvi had come to be in front of my face and I hungrily accepted him back into my mouth and throat. It felt amazing to have a cock in my ass and another in my mouth. Richard was reaching around and stroking my cock as he fucked me and Buvi was getting real aggressive fucking my face. I was gagging here and there but that didn’t matter to him. Richard kept whacking my dick harder telling me to just relax and give in to them. All while he was driving into my ass. Then he started grunting as his cock pumped into me. I started to cum then too and grabbed Buvi’s cock to stroke it as I sucked and within a minute he too was cumming.

What the fuck just happened I thought as we all sort of just started getting ourselves together. We kind of just went on our separate ways and got our stuff together to get going home. Nothing much was said after.

I knew one thing for sure and that was I would never be the same again after what I had done that weekend.

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