My first time dressed as a girl Part 4 ( Spitroast

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My first time dressed as a girl Part 4 ( SpitroastThe next morning I awoke with a raging hardon, Gunther was already up andwasn’t in the room so I masturbated myself to a rather satisfying orgasmusing the visual in my mind from the past two days as inspiration. After Icleaned up I found my panties at the foot of the bed and put them on andthen went into the closet. I fixed up my makeup and selected a Red wig thatwas fashioned into a steeply angled bob. I found a thin Ivory cashmerev-neck sweater-dress that was a decent fit and put that on after taking offthe corset which was becoming a bit uncomfortable. The cashmere feltheavenly against my body but it was a bit loose so I wrapped a couple thinbelts around my waist and slipped several bracelets over my wrists and puton some clip on earrings, finishing off my look with a long faux pearlnecklace that i looped around my neck three times. I checked out my self inthe long mirror and was quite pleased with my look. Classy, elegant,refined and hot! Man did I have great legs back then!I walked out into the living room where Gunther and Tracey were havingcoffee and watching the video from last night.their backs were to me andthey hadn’t heard me come in Tracey chuckled and said ” It looks likeyou’ve found the perfect slut for you Gun.””Tell me about it” he replied “Bobbi is a natural born cocksucker with thelips of an angel and her gurlpussy is heaven.I really have to thank you forintroducing him to me.””No problem my man! I knew the moment he showed up on the doorstep lookinglike a slut that you were going to have to make him your bitchgurl. Iassume you’re keeping this one around for awhile then?””Ya””Well I’m glad I got to pop his cherry then because after the workout yougave that ass yesterday there’s no way he’s as tight as it was that firsttime””Well you’re probably going to have more chances at that ass. Bobbi’s aborn sissy and I have the feeling that she won’t be able to go for weeks ata time when I’m gone on business. Also she confessed that she really likedit when we both used her yesterday and I’ve got a feeling she’s prime for agood spitroast. Plus she’s a teenager and you remember what it was likewhen you were one. Horny all the time! Now that he’s discovered this sideof himself he’s going to want to let her out and explore the gurl in him. Ithink when we go out shopping today I’ll get a copy made of the apartmentkey so he can come over whenever she wants to play dress-up. After all,practice makes perfect.”I cleared my throat “Umm, did somebody mention shopping?”Both Tracey and Gunther turned around to look at me. Tracey gave out a wolfwhistle and said “Look at you Bobbi! Damn if your not a perfect littlehottie. If you looked like that at school there’s not a single boy therethat wouldn’t be trying to get into your panties to pop your cherry. Ha,too bad I already took it!”I arched an eyebrow at him flipped him the bird. Then I turned to Guntherand asked if my appearance was pleasing to Master. He nodded his head anmotioned for me to come sit down beside him. I did so, gingerly as mybackside was sill quite sore from previous days activities.Gunther told me that we were going shopping for more clothes and outfitsand lingerie that would fit me better. The woman who would help us with theshopping was his personal shopper and knew about his gurls so I wouldn’thave to worry about her figuring out my secret as she already knew. He hadalready called her and she would meet us at the Mall at one PM sharp. hepoured me a cup of coffee and asked how much I had heard earlier. Prettymuch all of it, I replied. then I asked what a spit-roast was. He laughedand told me I’d find out later this evening as long as Tracey didn’t haveany plans. Tracey said he wouldn’t miss it for the world. Gunther told meto call my Mother and tell her I would be staying at Tyler’s place tonight.I did so and then we left the apartment stopping at a local bistro forbreakfast. The waitress told me how much she loved my outfit and I blushed,stammering out a thank you, realizing she had no idea I wasn’t a prettyyoung coed out on a breakfast date with an older man. I looked around andsaw several men checking me out while their wives glared at them. Being agirl was more fun than I had realized as I thought about all those menlusting after me. Gunther grinned at me,speaking softly “You enjoying beingthe center of attention?” I nodded. “That’s because you are a verybeautiful and sexy young woman Bobbi. There’s not a man in this place whowouldn’t’ fuck you silly even if they knew your little secret. My friendsare going to just love you when they meet you but that’s not going tohappen for awhile. I’m keeping you to myself for a bit. I’m going to getyou a key and when you feel the need to dress up you can come over and playdress-up. I’ve been an admirer of sissies since I was teen and I know themvery well. Now that you’ve discovered this side of yourself, you’re goingto want to let your inner gurl out. At times it will feel like a compulsionand if you fight it it will just cause stress to build up in you whichisn’t healthy. If i’m out of town I’m sure Tracey will indulge your needfor cock. At least there you’ll safe and able to indulge your cravingswithout risking anybody finding out your secret.”We finished our breakfast and walked out of there with me now fully awareof all the lustful looks I was getting and knew they were watching my assas I walked out the door. We hopped into his Porsche and drove to aHardware store. Once he parked he pulled his keys out of the ignition,handed them to me along with a wad of cash and told me to get copies madeall of them. I looked at him stunned “Even the Porsche key?” I asked, “Whynot” he said, “Some things that you’re going to need you cant get in thislittle hick town, you’ll have to go to Denver to get them and I’m notalways going to have the time to drive you there. Besides i’m sure you canimagine what your punishment would be if you ever put even the tiniestscratch on my baby.” I paled at the thought and turned to walk into thehardware store There I had the guy at the counter make me a set of keyswhile i perused through the keychains before settling on a pink rabbitsfoot. When I left I could feel the man at the key counter staring at mycute ass and I couldn resist turning to give him a wink as I walked outthe door. I was surprised to see Gunther sitting in the passenger seat withthe top down. He motioned to the driver seat indicating I should drive. Heasked if I had ever driven a stick shift before. My mom had a 260Z with astick so I felt confident and told him so. Then he asked if my wig wouldstay on with the top down and I explained that I had learned how to secureit properly in theater classes at school as we had put on a production of”Sugar” which was the Broadway musical adaptation of “Some Like it Hot” andI had played the role of Gerald/Daphne. We pulled out of the parking lotand headed over to the mall. I was a little nervous driving such anexpensive and powerful sportscar but found it wasn’t that different fromdriving my Mom’s 260Z just a lot more fun.When we got to the Mall we were met at the entrance to the Mall by a veryattractive and elegantly dressed woman about 30 years old whom heintroduced as Elaine. She hugged Gunther and turned to look at meexclaiming “My God Gunther she’s adorable! Wherever did you find this one?”He laughed and said “Believe it or not right in my living room. But I’lllet Bobbi tell you that story while you’re shopping together. While you’reat it could you pick out a couple suits for me? Oh I almost forgot Bobbi isgoing to need a set of boy clothes also since she has classes first thingin the morning” Realizing that he was leaving me with her to shop myanxiety started to peak. I realized that I felt safe and comfortable out inpublic with him around but wasn’t sure about being out without him.Evidently Elaine could sense this as she took my hands and said “Don’tworry Bobbi we’re going to have a great time together. I’ll take care ofeverything Gunther. Have a great time golfing” Gunther turned to me andsaid “Go with Elaine. She’s the best and will take care of everything.She’ll bring you back to my place when you’re done” Then he whispered in myear ” And tonight me and Tracey will show you what a spit-roast is” then hegave me a light smack on the butt and walked back to his Porsche hopped inand drove off.Elaine put an arm around my shoulders and walked me through the mall doors” I love that dress on you Bobbi. I picked it out myself last fall but itlooks much better on you than it did on Stephanie.Oh the things I can dowith you! We’re definitely going to have to take a trip to Denver. There’sa little shop there that caters to sissies like you.”We spent the next four hours shopping at various places in the mall. One ofthe first places we went was a shoe store as the heels I was wearing were alittle big for me and made walking more difficult than it had to be. Elainesaid it was essential that my shoes fit properly or my feet would kill meand I could even screw up my back with the wrong shoes. “I know there aredozens of shoes in Gunther’s special closet but you should only ever wearthose in the apartment, don’t do any real walking around in them or you’llscrew up your feet.” My shock that she knew about the closet must haveshowed because she laughed and said “Please sweety, who do you thinkdesigned that closet for him? Gunther and I go waaay back. Sometime afterwe get to know each other a little better I’ll tell you all about it. Butwe don’t have time for that today because we have a lot of shopping to do.”She took me by the hand and started to head towards a shoe store called”The Wild Pair” I stopped short panicking. It had slipped my mind that myolder sister managed that store,what if she was there? Elaine looked at mepuzzled. I told her that I knew someone who worked at that store. Shelaughed and muğla escort said “Relax honey, if I didn’t already know your little secretI’d never guess you were a boy. I’m going to tell you a little secret aboutperception. People see what they expect to see, when they look at you theysee the dress, the hair and makeup, the jewelry, the feminine curves, theheels all equal female in their minds. There are no visual cues on you suchas stubble or a pronounced adams apple to make them realize you are male.So the only thing that might cue them is your voice, so today you are aFrench girl visiting relatives and your English is quite limited Youunderstand it well enough but don’t speak much. I’ll ask you yes or noquestions and if the answer is yes either nod your head or say Oui. If theanswer is no, shake your head or say no but do it with a French accentokay? You think you can pull off a French accent?” I replied “Oui Madame. C’estun plaisir de vous rencontrer. J’em appelle Bobbi.” I winked at her “Twoyears of French class”. She laughed , patted me on the cheek “Perfectsweety, you’ll do just fine”Then she led me into the store, i looked around and breathed a sigh ofrelief. It didn’t look like my sister was working today.One of the girls looked up “Oh hey Elaine! How’ve you been? You pickedgreat day to come in. We just got a new shipment of shoes in lateyesterday. Karen is in the back checking it all in.” Ok, so she was thereafter all, Damn! Elaine said “Oh that’s great Kristy! This is Bobbi, she’sfrom Marseilles in France here visiting relatives. her uncle has asked meto take her shopping and show her around. She doesn’t speak much Englishbut she understands it pretty well. She’s going to be here for awhile sowe’re going to need several different things, heels, boots, sneakers,slippers, basically the works.” Kristy nodded and set about measuring myfeet and started bringing various shoes for me to try on. My sister cameout of the back room to help, chatting with Elaine, and even shook my handand welcomed me to the US hoping I would enjoy my stay. Fortunately she letKristy do most of the work and we didn’t have much contact. By the time weleft I was feeling very confident, even my own sister hadn’t recognized me. Wespent about an hour doing this and Elaine picked out over a dozen pairs forme. She took the white pumps Id been wearing and had me put on a pair ofsoft black flats that felt like heaven on my feet reminding me that we hada lot of walking to do.Elaine handed my sister a credit card and asked if her and Kristy could putput the shoes in the trunk of her Caddy out in the parking lot. She handedmy sister a key and asked her to leave it in the trunk.We spent the rest of the afternoon shopping at various shops and I got myright ear pierced at Claire’s (the left was already pierced), after Elaineconvinced me that I would have a lot more options if I did as clip onearrings were outre and not many places even carried them anymore. Ifigured I’d cover it with a bandaid and tell anybody who asked that I’dnicked it.At one of the first shops I was taken into a fitting room in the backwhere Elaine told me to strip down to my panties so they could take mymeasurements.I was a little freaked out but Elaine reassured me that theowner knew I was one of Gunther’s special girls and was totally discreet.The seamstress measured me all over with a cloth tape calling out thenumbers to Elaine who wrote them down in her organizer. The results37-27-34 I asked what that translated to and Elaine said I was close to asize 7 or 8 but that I would need alterations made if the clothes were toreally fit right. I asked why and she replied because I had a figure mostwomen would kill for…Large chested,Slim waisted, and a Small tight roundass. Most women were actually a couple inches larger in the hips than thechest. Which is why women were jealous of teenage boys. ” Put a corset onyou darling and you’ll take three to five inches off that waistline whichwill redistribute flesh to your chest and hips. Add a little padding in the right places and you will look like a lifesize Barbie doll.” When all was said and done they decided that because ofmy height and depending on the designer I would be either a size 6, 7, or 8and my bra size should either be a 38C or 38D. and that my panties shouldbe a size small.After the seamstress left the room Elaine noted the welts on my backsideand tsked. “Got you playing that game already does he?” she asked ” Let meguess, he set an impossible deadline and then you had to be punished fornot making it. Right? ” I nodded but sheepishly admitted how much I hadenjoyed it. She arched an eyebrow at me looking both surprised butwith realization dawning on her “Oh, no wonder why he likes you so much. Hetold me to go all out shopping today, that the sky was the limit. Not onlyare you the prettiest gurl he’s found in years but you really lovethis don’t you?” I nodded and she walked over to me and lightly traced thewelts on my derriere “Well, there’s going to be a lot more where this camefrom. I hope you know what you’re getting into. Now that he’s got you he’snot going to let go of you that easily. And let me tell you he is a verykinky and somewhat twisted man. He will have you doing things you’ve nevereven imagined. If you ever want out it won’t be easy because he isdominant and charismatic and somebody like you is putty in his hands.” Itold her I was cool with that and excited about discovering more about thispart of myself.”Oh you’re going on quite the adventure all right. Gunther is going to takeyou on a journey that will definitely test your limits. If you ever want tojump off the crazy train call me and I’ll help you out. I have a lot ofinfluence with him.””How do you know him so well? ” I asked her” Oh honey Gunther used to be my fiance. At least until I found out abouthis predilection for, well,…this” she said gesturing at me.The shock on my face had to be quite evident”Oh please Bobbi did you think he only fucked Sissies? That horny bastardlikes women too. He’s left a trail of aching pussy and ass on practicallyevery continent with the exception of maybe Antarctica.””Umm, does he like guys too?” I asked, praying the answer would be no. Thethought of Gunther having sex with another hairy man was just repulsive.” Oh god no baby! He really likes femininity, I guess it’s just the thoughtof a boy who is so submissive and loves being a girl so much that he’lldress up as one really turns him on. It’s just part of his dominant nature.That’s why I broke it off with him. I realized that I could never competewith his little Sissies and that they would always come first. What womanwants to deal with that?”I was definitely relieved. Not much was known about AIDS back then but itwas definitely considered to be a “Gay” disease. Why I thought thedefinition of what we were doing was different I had no idea but itwas.Fortunately I’ve been very lucky (and careful), despite the very largenumber of sexual partners I’ve had over the years I have never contractedany STD. I’m not sure why my luck has been so good but pray it continues tothis day.Elaine could tell I was dealing with a lot of fresh information and that Iwas having trouble processing everything, her next words were were soft andpresented as nearly a whisper. “There’s another problem sweetie” She pausedbriefly before continuing “You’ve got some spotting””What’s that?” I asked”You don’t fuck a monster cock like Gunther’s the first few timeswithout some bleeding” she said “There’s a bit of blood on yourpanties.(White Satin, go figure!) ” Don’t worry it will go away in a fewdays. But it will happen for the next few times you do it with him untilyour body gets used to him.” She pulled several tampons out of her purseand handed them tome “Lucky for you I’m on the rag right now so I’ve got spares on me. Putthese inside you and make sure you change them every few hours. You don’t wantto contract Toxic Shock Syndrome. It’s going to take a few times buteventually you’ll get used to his huge cock but you’re going to want topick up a box of these for the first few times.”I nodded and put them in the clutch We had purchased earlier still tryingto process everything. I looked at Elaine and said “I’ve got a ton ofquestions!” She smiled, reached out and patted me on the cheek, and said “I’m sure you do Sweety but unless I miss my guess you’ve got one hell of anight ahead of you. Let’s just get the shopping done for today. You and Iare going to become very good friends. You’ll have plenty of time forquestions later.”She left the room and I inserted the tampon into my tender rectum. Ifinished dressing and Elaine came into the room a short time later. we leftthe shop together and headed to ou next destination.This was my favoriteplace of all Frederick’s of Hollywood. A shop that specialized in sluttylingerie. There was a large fitting room in back that had a privateattached sitting room where Elaine could wait while I tried on variousoutfits and then come out to the sitting room to show them off. the sittingroom had a full length three sided mirror so I could see my self from allangles. I thought about all the women trying on slutty lingerie while theirboyfriends and husbands watched and wondered how many had gotten fucked inthis room while unknowing customers shopped a few feet away.I tried on many different outfits in all sorts of styles and colors. I wasin absolute Sissy heaven. To this day while I do love being dressed up inwomen’s clothing it’s lingerie that makes me feel sexiest and my favoriteoutfit is to be dressed up in heels, thigh highs, panties, garter belt,corset, and bra.”We spent the rest of the afternoon shopping. and Elaine picked out at leasta couple dozen outfits for me. We even stopped at a Uniform shop thatprovided sports uniforms for all of the schools in town including the localuniversity. There we ordered eskişehir escort a green and yellow cheerleaders uniform frommy hometown’s university and on a whim I asked for my school colors ofCrimson and Gold as well. (And yes since this is a true story there areclues with in this narrative that can give away my hometown and possiblyeven my identity. If you are that much of a Sherlock Holmes Message mewith your guesses and I will either confirm or deny your assumptions.Either way I figure youre on Xhamster also so youre not likely to betray mysecrets!} Elaine looked at me questioningly and I realized she must think Iwas a freshman/girl at the local university and that Gunther hadn’t toldher everything. I quickly covered by saying that the colors were from myold alma mater and it would be fun to dress up in them. She replied “Wellif you tell him that I am sure he’ll like it. He does like them young!”‘This confirmed my suspicion that she actually didn’t know how old i reallywas and I resolved to keep that information private and act as if I was an18 year old freshman at the local university.By the end of the afternoon we had bought an entire wardrobe for me withdresses in various styles and lengths. Skirts, blouses and tops in anassortment of styles, along with hosiery, panties, bras , corsets and waistcinchers. Oddly enough we did not buy any pantyhose, Elaine explained thatGunther really didn’t like pantyhose as they covered up theass which annoyed him. “The entire time we dated I had to wear Hose andGarters, which was quite frankly a pain in the ass! Pantyhose are mucheasier.” She exclaimed. Funnily enough this is a preference which has stuckwith me to this day. I rarely wear pantyhose, preferring thigh highs orgarter-style pantyhose that leave my ass exposed for groping and fondling .( and yes please do!) In addition to having my ass fucked I’ve discovered Iquite enjoy being groped, licked, fondled, spanked, and reamed! At leastwhen I’m dressed as a gurl… Try that with me when i’m in guy mode and youmight get knocked out! I’ve never been able to explain or completelyunderstand those two very different aspects of my psychology There aretimes when I am completely all Guy, ready to fuck any woman (as long as sheis in shape, attractive and hot.) But the thought of hooking up with a guywhen I am not dressed as a gurl is quite frankly disgusting, but when I amin gurl mode I will let almost any Guy with a stiff cock fuck me silly. (OK there are limits… excessively hairy,(EWWW Gross!), morbidly obese,tiny cocks……etc.Sorry! I prefer them large and any thing under 6″ is a waste of my time.Where as a 6 to 7 1/2 inch cock is perfect for face fucking . Mmmmmyummmy! And 8 to 10 inch cocks feel divine in my gurl pussy.Anythinglarger and it gets a bit painful. To this date the largest I have everdealt with is 14 inches but that is a story for another day (NoI didn’t deep throat him and No I didn’t take him all theway inside me…but I did try!)Anyways… we spent the rest of the afternoon shopping and Elaine pickedout many new outfits for me. By the time we were done I had changed into anew outfit with a form fitting black pinstriped pencil skirt with a wideblack patent leather belt and a white silk blouse that Elaine had taken theshoulder pads out of saying the last thing I needed was to emphasize myshoulders. it was unbuttoned low enough to how off my cleavage and justthe very top of my padded push-up black lace bustier. My shoes were blackpatent leather stilettos with a strap around the ankle Underneath, I wore ablack girdle that further slimmed my waist and had strategic padding tomake my hips and ass look fuller and rounder. There were garters attachedto keep my black fishnet thigh-high stockings up and it had a snap crotchfor ease of access.It also had the effect of minimizing any bulge which wasgood as my Skirt was pretty tight and form fitting. The black bustier hadboning for support and laced up the back. Elaine had helped me with thispulling the laces fairly tight, further slimming my waist and pushing anyloose flesh to to my chest creating a very realistic cleavage whichbetween the pushup bra cups and the inserts Elaine put in made it appear asif I had real 38d cup breasts.. Standing there looking in the mirror atmyself before I put on the skirt and the blouse and seeing my self as asexy young woman I knew I loved being a sissy and would neverstop cross-dressing. I was really looking forward to tonight’s activitiesand remembered what Gunther had said about a spitroast and asked Elaineabout it. She muttered something about Gunther being a pig and told me Iwould find out soon enough because looking like I did there was no way Hewas going to be able to keep his hands off of me for long once I got back.She had me take off the red wig I had been wearing an took some pins out ofher purse along with a rattail comb and restyled my long hair into anelegant french twist with a swept bang and quickly redid my makeup withdark smoky eyes and a wine red lipstick that she applied a shiny glossover, which made them look very full and kissable. She had me put in largegold hoop earrings and tied a black ribbon choker necklace around my neckwith a gold filigree heart pendant. Next she handed me a pair of blackrimmed nonprescription glasses to put on that we had picked up at Claire’s.The overall effect was that I looked like a sexy librarian or secretary andI was totally thrilled with it. I hugged her and told her how much I hadappreciated her help and asked if their was anything I could do to repayher kindness. She kissed me on the cheek and told me not to worry about it,Gunther had paid her quite well for today and that was compensation enough.I insisted there must be something I could do and she said that she didhave some boxes in her basement that she needed moved and maybe I could dothat for her sometime.we left the mall at closing time at 6pm. Her trunk was filled with shoeboxes and her backseat was filled with shopping bags. We stopped at a localMexican restaurant called the Armadillo and she ordered us fajitas alongwith a pitcher of Margaritas and a couple shots of tequila telling thewaiter to bring us Herradura Reposado Not Jose Cuervo as the only thingCuervo was good for was cleaning out rusty pipes with. She told me a coupleshots of Tequila would help prime me for this evenings festivities. Theycertainly had me feeling pretty good in short order and i tucked into myFajitas when they arrived with abandon not realizing how famished I hadbecome. Strangely after only a little bit I was stuffed. I remarked uponthis and Elaine told me that the compression from the girdle andthe bustier left little room for my stomach to expand which caused me tofill up quicker.Between the shots and the Margaritas I was pretty buzzedand Elaine and I were talking and laughing like we had known each other fordecades instead of just one day. We left the restaurant around Eight. andshe drove me over to Gunther and Tracey’s apartment.She parked close to the stairs that led to the apartment and we eachgrabbed several bags before heading up the stairs giggling and laughingover a dirty joke Elaine had told me. Gunther must have heard us because heopened the door before we could knock, He stared at me a stunned smile onhis face obviously pleased with the way I looked. Elaine told him to quitgawking and go down and grab some more bags and bring them up. SpottingTracey sitting on the couch she told him get off of his ass and go helpGunther. We took the bags into to Gunthers bedroom and dropped them infront of the closet that I had come to think of as the Sissy Room. Guntherand Tracey came in arms loaded with boxes and bags and she told them to putthem on the floor and she’d drop by later in the week to reorganize thecloset. We all went out into the living room and relaxed a bit while Traceyrolled us all a very large joint. We all chatted for a bit and Elainechided Gunther for his coarseness over the use of the word “spitroast”. Herolled his eyes and said she was uptight. She laughed at that saying “Ijust spent the day outfitting your new little sissy toy and i’m uptight?That’s so rich Gunny!” with that she got up and said “Well, that’s my cue.I’m really tired and I’m sure you boys are eager to show little Miss Bobbiwhat a spitroast is.” she paused and arched an eyebrow at Gunther “Have yougiven Bobbi a safeword yet Gunny?” He looked a little sheepish and admittedhe hadn’t yet but he was going to get to it tonight. “Fine then there’s notime like the present, is there?” She turned to me and explained that someof the games Gunther played could get a little extreme, and if it ever gotto be too much I was to use the word Waldo and everything would stop.., noharm no foul. I asked why “Waldo”? She replied it’s his middle name and hehates it. With that she gave both guys a quick peck on the cheek and gaveme a big hug before kissing me gently on the lips and whispered “Don’t letthem bully you, Gunther may be the Dom in the room butultimately you’re the one with the power here.Remember That! Ohand don’t forget about those boxes. maybe you can come by Wednesday afteryou get out of classes. I put the address in your purse.”She walked out and I turned to the guys, I was already feelingpretty buzzed from the tequila and weed but Gunther must have wanted mepretty pliable as he crushed up a vicoden and put it in Captain and Coke hemixed up. He handed me the drink and told me to go into the bathroom andclean myself out down there with the enema bag and said I had five minutesto get ready. Naturally, I took ten. When I came out Gunther sternly toldme that since i had kept both of them waiting for five minutes each that Iwas to receive five swats from each of them . He ordered me to go get thepaddle and a blindfold from its drawer in my sissy room along with fourscarves and four lengths gaziantep escort of silk rope. I did so and came out to the livingroom to discover that they had moved the coffee table in front of the twocouches over against the wall and that Trace was setting up the videocamera on its tripod to focus on that area. Gunther told me to take off theskirt and blouse but Trace interrupted suggesting I should do a sexystrip tease for them and he had the perfect song in mind for it. He walkedover to the stereo and popped a Memorex cassette tape marked “Bobbi” intothe player. He said “I was bored earlier so I made you a mix tape”. Guntherand he sat on the couches and Gunther chuckled when the Kink’s “Lola”started playing over the speakers. I started dancing and slowly unbuttonedmy blouse showing more cleavage and revealing my 38 D cup ersatz titties.1983 was when “Flashdance”had come out and I used some of the moves fromthat as my inspiration. By the end of the song my blouse was fullyunbuttoned and David Bowie’s “Rebel Rebel” came on I glanced over at Traceywho shrugged his shoulders and I realized he had filled the mix tape withsongs about transvestites. Oh well it was my role so I might as well ownit! I sashayed over to Gunther and had him him unzip my pencil skirt frombehind after I had taken off the patent leather belt. I was facing awayfrom Gunther so as he helped me shimmy out of the tight skirt he couldn’thelp but to grope and fondle my ass and legs. I sat back on his lap and hegroped and fondled me all over as I ground my ass onto his stiff cock. Iloved it when he grabbed my boobs and roughly squeezed them. I gave him asexy lap dance through two more songs “Royal Orleans” by Led Zeppellin and”Walk on the Wild Side” by Lou Reed. By the time Wild Side” was over Icould tell that Gunther was getting really worked up as there was a spot ofprecum staining his khakis. At the end of the song he growled “Enough!” andpushed me off of him and made me stand at a specific spot in front of thecouches facing toward the couches Then he had me put my hands together infront of me and bound my wrists together with one of the satin scarveswinding it around them in a figure eight before tying it in a knot at thecenter. then he took one of the lengths of rope and passed it between myarms tying one end around the scarf binding my wrists together. The otherend he passed through an eye-hook that was drilled securely into a joist inthe ceiling It was painted white so I hadn’t noticed it before and Iwondered what other modifications to the apartment Gunther had madeto accommodate his fetish for bondage and domination. Quite a few actually,as I would find out over the next two years that I served as his SissySlut. He pulled my arms up over my head until I was just barely touchingthe ground and tied the rope off with the same knot he had used the nightbefore.Then he blindfolded me and told Tracey to put another tape in thevideo camera. He left me hanging there for awhile while heand Tracey smoked another bowl and I’m pretty sure I heard Tracey snortingsome coke as well. I was tired and buzzed from the weed, alcohol andvicoden and I suspect I dozed off hanging there with my feet barelytouching the floor suspended from the ceiling by my wrists, because out ofthe blue I felt a sharp crack on my satin covered derriere which explodedme out of my reverie. I groaned inwardly as I realized what song Traceyhad cued up “Bad Boys Get Spanked” by the Pretenders. A few seconds later Ifelt another swat and I could tell it was Tracey because it didn’t hurt asmuch as Gunthers swats. They took turns tanning my tender backside until Ihad received all ten swats that I had earned with my tardiness. Once theywere done Gunther reached up and undid the knot keeping my arms raised overmy head gently lowering me to the ground. He untied the binding on mywrists and both he and Tracey rubbed feeling back into my arms as they hadbecome numb in that raised position.Then they took off my blind-fold andhad me kneel on the floor and d**** myself over a padded ottoman. Guntherpeeled back four squares of carpet and revealed four recessed D-Ringssimilar to the ones he had used the night before. my wrists and my ankleswere wrapped in the satin scarves before he secured them to the D-Rings.Tracey helped and I could tell he’d done this before with Gunther as theyworked in unison binding me to a helpless doggystyle position from which Icould not move. By this point I had figured out what they meant byspit-roast and that I would be servicing one or the other with my mouthwhile the other one fucked my eager gurlpussy. Once I was bound andhelpless they took off their clothes and paused a bit to snap some picturesof me with the polaroid. Tracey put the blindfold back on me and the guysstopped for a moment to take a drink, a few minutes later i felt a cockpress up against my lips and I opened up my mouth to take it in. By thesize I could tell it was Gunther and I felt Tracey undoing the snaps on thegirdle which allowed him access to my ass, his fingers lubing up my backside as Tracey prepped me for his meaty cock. A few seconds later i couldfeel the head of his cock pressing against my hole and it slid in with alittle pop and he began sliding his cock in and out of me slowly at firstbut increasing the tempo til he was slamming in and out of my pussy like ajack hammer. Gunther obviously enjoyed watching Tracey fuck what he nowregarded as his little bitch, he pistoned in and out of my mouth with bothhands holding my head like a vise using my mouth as a fucktoy while hecalled me a little whore and a slut saying that he and his friends weregoing to make me into a little sex toy. I LOVED IT! Tracey slapped my assseveral times and fucked me for along time before he puled out of me andripped off his condom shooting his load all over my smooth asscheeks. Thisput Gunther over the edge and he pulled out of my mouth jerking his hugecock as he sprayed gout’s of cum all over my face and into my eager mouth.He ordered me not to swallow untill he took a couple pictures of hississy slut with his cum all over my face and in my mouth. They left methere, bound and helpless while they took a smoke break. Tracey smoking oneof his clove cigarettes and Gunther a cigar. I knew it had to this waybecause I was well acquainted with the smell of Tracey’s clove cigarettesas they were quite fashionable amongst teens back then. They hid the smellof ganja so we could sneak a few hits when we gathered at a local bar onteen nights. And the smell of cigar smoke is much different than regularcigarette smoke. Besides I just couldn’t see Gunther smoking a cigarette!They chatted a bit while they took their break with me bound and helpless,cum dripping from my face and running down my slutty ass cheeks, pooling inthe crevasse between my cheeks and drizzling down across my anus to mytaint and along my shrunken sissy sack before it would drip onto the floorbelow me drop by drop. Exposed as I was, blindfolded and vulnerable I feltevery drop. Laying there like that I started to get irritated. I wantedthem to use me again like they just had but in reverse with Gunther fuckingmy pussy and Tracey fucking my throat.. I should have known at that point Iwas a cock addicted Sissy bitch.and that over the next few years i wouldlet a great many men fuck and use me for their perverse desires but theonly thing I was thinking about right then was how I desperately neededthem to quit screwing around and start screwing me.After an eternity they turned their attentions back to me. Gunther asked”Have you had enough my little sissy bitch?” I dutifully replied “NOMaster, You haven’t fucked me yet and I really want to feel your big cock deep inside me!!!”That’s the right answer slut! I’m going to enjoy r****g your little Sissy ass while I watch Tracey shove his cock down your throat. Come on Tracey let’s fuck this whore!Soon Gunther was deep inside me and Tracey was using my mouth like it was a piece of prime pussy. Every now and then he’d pull out of my mouth and slap my face and lips with his cockCalling me a little Sissy bitch and a whore. He made me beg for his cock. All the while Gunther was fucking me with his giant cock, slapping my ass and talking dirty. They had already blown a load earlier so this time they lasted alot longer. Occasionally they would high five each other and switch off ends. Eventually Gunther blew his load deep in my pussy while Tracey shot his load down my throat. After that they took off the blindfold and untied me. After a quick smoke break and some drinks they started in on me again, fucking me in every conceivable position and using me as a little Sissy Ragdoll Fucktoy for the next couple hours until we were all too exhausted to play any more. By the end I felt like a used dishrag. Cum all over my ass, face, and tits. My lips were puffy and raw from sucking dick all night long and my jaw was sore and tired. My ass cheeks were red and bruises were starting to show. Although I loved it while I was getting fucked my rectum was sore and tired and worn out and bleeding from the rough usage. It was only a little so I plugged my hole with one of the tampons Elaine gave me and crawled up on the couch and passed out.The next morning I woke up, tired and sore, the smell of coffee brewing in the kitchen. Tracey was lounging on the lazyboy watching the morning news. I groaned in pain, I was seriously hungover and felt like hell. Noticing a partially burnt joint on the table I lit it up and took a deep toke. Relief flooded through me as the THC hit my system. I felt somewhat better but I knew there was no way I could get through school feeling like that so I had Tracey call my school pretending to be my father and tell them I was sick. Gunther had left early in the morning for a business trip and would be gone for the week. Tracey didn’t have to work until later and said he’d give me a ride home after I took a shower as I certainly couldn’t go home looking the way I did. He was right, showing up dressed like a sextoy covered in cum wouldn’t go over real well with my parents. After I showered and put on the boy clothes Tracey took me home where I crawled into bed and fell deep asleep.

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