My First Time

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My First TimeEveryone always looks back on their first time and remembers what it was like to experience the touch of another person, the joys of the build up. Most say they were confident, other say they were nervous, me on the other hand, all I can remember was being incredibly horny.It all started in year 8 in high school where I began to develop my first love. Well I say first love because that’s how I felt at the time, in reality it wasn’t as romantic, just a big crush or lust for Hunter O’rielly. He was, to me, the school heart throb. I will always remember the pleasure Physical Education used to give me, that short glimpse into what it would be like to see him standing naked in front of me.Trying not to get an erection while I watched him get undressed after gym was both exhilarating and anxious at the same time. His smooth body, perfectly round ass, the few hairs he had from his pubic hair to his naval. He was stunning. weeks went by with me hoping, well, longing for him to reveal his love for me, something that I knew would never happen. My mate James invited me to a party that was going on in his house. His parents had left his older brother in charge while they went away and in usual style, çanakkale escort he threw a party. In case Hunter was going I showered for about an hour, changed my clothes too many times, even for a gay man, took ages to do my hair and finally headed out to the party of the year.The house was rammed with lads and girls and most were already well on their way to being plastered when we arrived. The guests were aged up to senior year down to a few from my year, obviously allowed by James older brother to keep him quiet. I looked around for ages but didnt see my secret crush around anywhere. So I went to get a beer from the kitchen. Hours passed I had drunk only two cans and feeling merry and went upstairs to use the toilet.Thats were I bumped into Hunter, he was waiting to use the loo and I knew I must have looked in awe at him when he smiled at me. “someones getting it on in there I can hear em” he laughed, my god his laugh was awesome. “Typical” I replied, I really need to piss too” I laughed about sneaking to James room and pissing out his window, and to my surprise Hunter was up for it. “yeah lets do it pal, be well funny” so nervously I followed as we went into James’ room and opened his window.Both escort çanakkale unzipping and pulling out our cocks, we pissed… Well he pissed, I was a little pee shy. Looking down at my limp cock, he smirked and joked about my “stage fright”, dont worry about it he said, we all have one, and leaning over he grabbed my cock and shook it, laughing around about trying to shaking it out of me. He stopped laughing when he felt my cock start to throb.He looked freaked out and putting his cock away he left. Getting of the ledge I put my cock away and stood there, trying to fight off the tears when Hunter came back in. My heart sank, this was the moment I get my head kicked in and laughed at in school. He made his way towards me lifted his hand up and as I braced myself I get a smack in the mouth, but not by his fist, by his lips. His hand had reached up and grabbed the back of neck, pulled me in and planted one great, if not wet, kiss on me.That was enough to make my cock go rock solid in my pants, I grabbed him and kissed him back. This was the moment I had dreamed about the last few weeks. He pulled his shirt off then mine, revealing his smooth body, I could see his cock poking over çanakkale escort bayan his waist band and I knew I needed to get it out before he changed his mind. As if he read my mind, he gently pushed on my shoulders and down I fell, to my knees. Pulling his jeans down with his boxers, I revealed his 7inch cut cock.Not having much experience with cock, except my own, I grabbed his shaft in one hand and sucked on his cock hard. Taking it as deep as I could, slowly I moved my head back and fourth, he tried to stifle a moan but couldnt. I pulled my jeans down and took my own cock in hand. I had to wank, it was so horny. Pulling back, he moved towards the bed where we removed all the clothes and lay down together. I was shaking and so was he, lead on my back with him over me, we kissed as we wanked each others cock. Moving down my body his tongue and lips kissed at my stomach until he reached my cock. Taking my nice long dick in his mouth he began to suck my cock. Never felt anything like it up till then, and finding it so pleasurable I shot my load as he went down and he ended up swallowing most of it. Standing up he wanked his cock over me and a few seconds later he too shot his load all over my chest.That was the moment I knew I wanted more.I thought maybe we would kiss some more, but he rushed his clothes on and said “tell anyone and your dead” and moments later he was gone leaving me covered in his cum on James’ bed. I couldn’t wait to tell him all about it.

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