My First Nude Day

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Abella Danger

My room mate, Mike, tells me that National Nude Day is only three days away and that some of the students here at college are trying to figure out how to celebrate it. “Mike,” I tell him, ‘I’m not going out on campus and to a class naked. I’d probably be arrested. If you can figure out some way that a girl and me end up naked at the same time in the same place, I’d be interested. But I’m not going to go running around out in public naked just to see if we can get away with it.”

“Yeah,” he says, “Same here. I’ve heard a couple different people talk about doing something but I have no idea what we could get away with.”

“Well, if you come up with some good idea, let me know. I bet, though, that it’s always guys talking and not girls. Guys that hope they could get some girls naked. Girls are too smart for that, though.”

And that’s where I thought it would end. Then something happened. I’m taking a Solid Geometry class. There’s a girl in the class that I barely know. We’ve sat at the same table having a coke with other kids and perhaps had a few sentences with each other. She’s smart, doing really well in the class. I’m doing okay but I have to work at it. Physically she’s what I guess I’d call normal. Not unusually tall or short, not heavy or skinny. Not ugly but no raving beauty. She’s maybe five foot five, perhaps one hundred and twenty pounds or so, I’m no genius at guessing weight. She always wears sweatshirts and jeans, loose stuff, so I don’t know what kind of body she has, probably okay. Dark hair usually pulled back sort of tight, brown eyes, wears glasses, just normal looking. Never has said anything to get my attention, seems a little shy or at least quiet. Her name is Gladys.

As I’m leaving class the next day, Gladys comes up to me. “Jerry,” she says, “Do you have time for a coke or cup of coffee? I’d like to ask you something.” I assume she wants to talk about one of the problems we’ve been given. I don’t know what else it would be.

“Sure” I answer. So we go to the campus coffee shop that’s not far away. I have an hour before my next class. We each get a coke out of a machine and she leads me to a table that’s sort of off to the side away from most people.

“This isn’t easy for me to say,” she says, “But you always seem to be a casual guy, friends with everyone, so I figured you’re the only person I know that might help me with a problem.”

“Sure, if I can,” I tell her, sort of intrigued with this. It’s not at all what I expected.

“Well, I’m a good friend with this girl who’s a student here. We’re from the same hometown and I’ve known her for years. She’s a year older than me. She keeps telling me that I need to loosen up and be more social and I agree with her but it’s difficult. She’s always out doing things, always has, it just seems to come natural with her. “

“She lives in a house off campus, not in the dorms. I think there are six people live there, all students here. I think there are four guys and two girls that share a bedroom. I mean the two girls not all six. Share the bedroom, I mean. Anyway, they’re having a Nude Day party at the house. It’s by invitation only. I’m invited and I’m to bring a friend. A male friend. So I’m wondering if you would be willing to come with me to the party.”

“This is a Nude Day party?” I ask.

“Yes,” she says, turning a little red.

“So we would be nude and everyone else there would be nude?”

“Yes,” she says again, now very red and sort of turning and not looking at me.

“Including you and me?”

Now she does look at me. “Yes,” she says again.

“Sure,” I say, “I’d love to go.” She gives me a big grin which makes me realize she looks like an attractive girl that I’d never paid attention to before. We then talk about the timing and the location and that we can go there dressed but will have to undress once we get there. She also lets me know there’s a ten-dollar fee per person because they’re going to have burgers and beer and if that’s too much she can pay for me, too. I let her know that, no, I can not only pay my way but I’ll pay for her, too. She’s grinning really big and almost shivering or quivering or something.

This is the perfect solution for celebrating Nude Day. Being naked with a girl in a private house. A girl that I barely know, oddly enough. But one that chose me. I mean, it’s got to have possibilities doesn’t it?

So, the next night, I wear some shorts, a T-shirt and some loafers; clothes that will come off easy. I have a twenty-dollar bill in my pocket. I go to her dorm to meet her and this very good looking girl with loose hair down to her shoulders, no glasses, and shorts and T-shirt that indicate she has very nice breasts moving sort of freely, as ready to undress as I am, comes up to me. “Hi, Jerry,” she says, putting her hand on my arm, “I can see without glasses but a little blurry so please help steer me along.” I put my arm around her waist, just to help Uşak Escort guide her of course, and we start walking off. She’s obviously nervous because she never shuts up, telling me about her friend and the house we’re going to.

I stop her. I face her and say, “Gladys, calm down, relax. We’re going to a party and we’re going to have a good time. Don’t worry.” I put my hand under her chin and turn it up a little and lean down and kiss her. Not a real sexy kiss, just a friendly one, no tongue or anything. It’s a very nice kiss. Her lips are soft and she leans against me and kisses back. “See,” I then say, “it’s going to be fine.” She grabs my head and kisses me again. I suspect it really is going to be fine.

We get to the house and her friend sees us and aims us to a bedroom where we can leave our clothes. I step out of my shoes and push them partly under a chair, pull off my shirt and fold it and put it on the chair. I then slide my shorts down and fold them and put them on the chair. Gladys is standing there looking at me. “Your turn, Gladys,” I say.

“Oh,” she says, looking as if she’s just woke up or come out of a trance or something. “Yes,” she says, turning red again. She steps out of her shoes and pushes them next to mine and reaches for the bottom of her shirt and pulls it up and over her head. She has really nice breasts, full and firm and standing up. Not double Ds but sure something, C maybe. She doesn’t even look at me, but pushes her shorts down and steps out of them and folds them and puts them on the chair. Her pubic hair is dark, too. She has female hips, a firm looking butt, good-looking legs and a slim waist with just a little hint of a pooch.

“You’re a gorgeous girl, Gladys,” I say. She finally looks at me. She looks down my body and stares at my cock, which isn’t fully hard but is rising a little. She looks up at me and grins.

“You are, too, Jerry,” she says, looking at me and then back down at my cock. “I’ve never actually seen a real one before,” she says and reaches out and circles her fingers around my cock. It gets fully hard fast. “Oh,” she says and looks up at me again. I step to her a little, put my arm around her back and kiss her again. She kisses back and never lets go of my cock.

“Should we just stay here and see where this leads or should we go out and mix with the others?” I ask her as the kiss breaks.

“Oh, I don’t know, I’ve never done this before,” she says and kisses me again, still holding my cock. So I put one hand on one of her breasts and tweak her nipple a little. Eventually she steps back a little, lets go of me and says, “It’s early, and I guess we should go mingle a while.” I reach down to my shorts and get the twenty and we leave the room. There must be more than a dozen people there, eighteen total I learn later. We find her friend, who looks at my still hard cock and grins and guides us to the guy collecting the money. As I look around, at least half the guys are completely erect and a couple of the girls are holding a drink and feeling a cock, I think this will be an interesting party.

We go over to a table and each get a beer then move near a wall and turn to look at every body. I stand on her right so I can put my left arm around her and drink the beer from the plastic cup I’m holding in my right hand. She sips at her beer once and then just looks around. “I’m so out of place here,” she says. “I don’t know anyone, well my friend and you, but I don’t really know even you that well. I feel like an outsider, sort of inadequate in some way. I just don’t belong.”

“Gladys, every one here has feelings like that. You’re as good looking as any girl here with an extremely sexy body. Instead of feeling you don’t belong because you’re inadequate you could feel you don’t belong because you’re so superior. I’ve never experienced anything sexier than when you grabbed my cock in the bedroom. I was ready to toss you on the bed and ravish you.”

She giggles a little and looks at me. “I have to admit, I’ve had feelings here with you that I’ve only had before at night in bed when I start fantasizing about sex and watching the ‘net.”

I set my beer on a table and turn to her and lean my head down and kiss her, running my hand down her back onto her butt. I then crouch down a little to hold her breasts and lick one and suck on her nipple, then on the other. I then stand back up, kiss her again and pick up my beer. “Believe me, you’re the sexiest girl here. I don’t know what you’ve fantasized about but I’d like to let you experience every fantasy you’ve ever had.”

She kisses me back and runs her hand down my back onto my butt. She looks down at my cock. She grins at me. “I think you really do like me, it shows. I like you just as much but it doesn’t show the same way, although I probably am about to have some juices running down my leg from the way I feel.”

“I wonder if there’s any place we can be alone,” I say Uşak Escort Bayan to her, expressing my thoughts out loud. “Let’s go out in back and see what’s available.” We carry our beers and find out way through the kitchen to some steps that lead down into the back yard. There’s a charcoal grill with some burgers cooking on it, a table full of buns, condiments, plates and tableware, and four people standing around the grill talking. Two guys, two girls, all naked., all with their arms around one another. As I look around, there’s a chaise lounge with its back rest down over next to a garage, that’s not hidden but at least out of the main stream. I lead her to it and we sit down. I set my beer on the ground and so does she and I put my arms around her and kiss her.

As we kiss, I start maneuvering us to lay horizontal and she seems very willing to go along with the idea. As I break the kiss I start kissing her shoulders, onto her breasts. I slide down some and fondle each breast, kissing it, licking it, sucking on it. She makes little mewing noises. I kiss down onto her stomach and slide my hand ahead to get to her pussy. I run my fingers up and down her pussy lips. She lifts one knee and lets it fall to the side to give me room. I kiss down toward her pussy then move off the lounge and kneel on the ground so I can get my mouth to her pussy.

“No,” she says. “People can see.” “Oh, what are you doing?” Then a couple of “OH’s” as I get my tongue into her slit, my hands holding her open, her pubic hair back out of the way, and start licking up and down. “You can’t,” she says and then makes a little moan. “Oh” again as my tongue finds her clit and flicks on it. Then her hands is on the back of my head, pressing me into her more and her pussy gets a little juicier and I move one hand to get a finger up under my chin and push it into her vagina. The noises she makes are small but I imagine the couples at the grill are watching us, which doesn’t turn me off but on. I might as well give them a good show. I get my other hand under her butt to lift her slightly and really get my tongue and lips working on her, flicking my tongue fast, sucking with my whole mouth. She cums and she cums and cums and I suck it all up and when her hand starts pulling on my hair, I climb back onto the lounge and up over her and half lay on her and kiss her. She reaches between us to grasp my cock. My very erect cock.

“That’s never happened except in my imagination,” she says. “I’ve never cum like that before. That’s the biggest orgasm of my life.”

“Is that what you wanted?” I ask.

“I don’t think I ever knew what I wanted but yes, that has to be it. There can’t possibly be anything better.”

“Well, maybe there is.”

“Oh. Oh! Yeah. Maybe. I don’t think I’m ready to handle that yet. Can I make you feel good now? I’ve fantasized about that a lot, too.”

“If that’s what you want to do, I’ll love it.”

She flips me off and moves around and has my cock in her mouth in a couple seconds. She may never have done this before but it’s obvious that she has some idea of what to do, I guess everyone has watched some porn and learned something. I can look over at the grill and the same four people are all standing there watching us. Well, three of them are. One girl is sliding her hand back and forth on her guy’s cock. The other girl, whose guy has a spatula in his hand and is tending the burgers, is on her knees with his cock in her mouth.

Some girls have better technique but none have ever seemed to want my cock any more than Gladys does. She’s licking and sucking and slurping and sliding her lips up and down on me and grabbing my balls and I shoot a load into her and she doesn’t miss a beat but just continues to slide her lips up and down on me until I finish my last load and start to go soft. Then we’re lying pressed together, our arms around each other, kissing some more. “I can taste myself on you,” she says.

“I can taste myself on you,” I reply and kiss her again.

“Can we do that some more?” she asks between kisses.

“Sure but it might take a little while to get my cock back up again. By the way, did you know we had an audience?”

She kisses me again. “As good as that was, what do I care. They’re probably jealous.” She rubs her pussy against me.

“You’ve never had anyone do that to you before?” I ask.

“No.” she says

“Have you ever done that before with anyone?”


“So you’ve never gone further and fucked.”


“Are we going to?”

“Oh, I really hope so,” she says and kisses me again. “Maybe not right now, I think I should get my head straight before I try that. Besides, I’m not on any pill or anything. But I want you to do that all again for sure.”

“Any time,” I tell her and kiss her.

“How about now?” she asks and grins. So I start kissing my way down her body again, work on her lovely breasts and Escort Uşak then get my tongue and mouth to her pussy and my finger into her and make it last a little longer than the time before. She again holds me to her with her hand on my head and eventually pulls me away after I suck up her cum. Almost immediately she’s down on me again, sucking my cock. I look over to the grill; another couple has joined them and is watching us. I’m pretty sure it’s her good friend that’s playing with her date’s cock as she watches. The cook’s girl has apparently finished sucking him off and is now eating a burger.

Once Gladys finishes swallowing everything I give her and we hold each other and kiss some more, we pick up our beers, get up and move over to the burgers and get one each and stand there and eat and wash it down with some beer. Some almost flat beer by now. Her friends smiles at her and says something about, “Are you happy you came?” And then almost pushes her guy over to the same longue we just used. We could stay and watch them but I don’t think either of us thinks of sex as a spectator sport. It’s the action itself that’s important.

The guy that’s been cooking the burgers says to us, “You’re students here?”

We both say yeah.

“What year?”

Again we both answer, sophomore.

“I’m a senior. I’m graduating in a little over a month so I’ll be moving out. My room mate here,” he turns and kisses the girl that was sucking his cock earlier, “is also graduating. So there’s going to be a room available if you two want to rent it.”

The first thing that comes to my mind is the fact that his roommate is a girl. “Is each bedroom used by couples?” I ask. “I mean, who would be our room mates?”

“Yes, three rooms, three couples, one the same sex so I hope that doesn’t bother you.”

Gladys says, “You mean Julie and, uh, him,” she points to the two of them now fucking on the lounge we were on earlier, “are room mates?”

He grins. “Yeah.”

I’m not sure it matters but I’m curious. “Are you and your room mate staying together after graduation?”

He looks at her and she looks back and they both grin. “No, we’ve talked about it and we’re not. I think we both agree the sex is great and it’s been a good couple years. I should let her say it but I think she feels I’m not permanent material. And she’s probably right. I’ll probably never get rich.”

The girl, who’s very good looking, then says, “Ted is a really great fuck and his cock is delicious. I could take that forever. I guess I hope to have a big life, lots of success and lots of money and he doesn’t really give a damn about any of that. So I have to give the big time at least a try. Who knows how it will all end?”

I look at Gladys and she looks back at ne and we both grin. “Who would I have to talk to about moving in here once we talk this over and how soon do we have to make the decision?”

“You could talk to Julie, she has the master lease now. I don’t know about timing but I would guess she’ll have to do something within a month or so. Are you going to summer school?”

We both look at each other again. “We’re going to need to talk about this. We’ll let her know later but thanks for telling us about it.”

“Oh, I think she would have suggested it herself but she’s sort of busy right now,” he says, smiling and nodding toward Julie and her guy fucking up a storm.

Gladys and I walk away a little. “Julie is your friend. I guess you had no idea about any of this did you?”

Gladys grins. “No. I think there’s a lot that I’ve had no idea about. I do know that I’m going to Student Health tomorrow and getting on the pill. I want to do what we’ve done over and over again and want to go all the way, too. I don’t know about moving in here with you. I mean, I’d love to sleep in the same bed every night and get lots and lots of sex. I doubt if there’s anyone that could be any better at it than you. But, gee, moving in together. How do I tell my parents? What does it cost to live here compared to the dorm? You have a life, would you even be interested in anything like that. I mean you hardly know me and there are lots of girls around besides me.”

“Yeah, the parent thing is a problem. My guess is they don’t get told about a roommate, just that it’s a good deal financially. As far as me wanting someone other than you, well I think you’re as attractive and sexy as a girl can be. We might end up like those two, breaking up at graduation but it would be a terrific two years, wouldn’t it? But there’s stuff we don’t know yet, the actual cost, the timing and so on. Is the room furnished or do we need to bring a bed? But I’m interested in pursuing it if you are.”

As I finish talking, she has her hand around my cock, pulling on it, getting me hard. She drops down on her knees and starts swallowing my cock, right there standing on the lawn in the back yard. She slurps back and forth a couple times, pulls her head loose and looks up at me and grins, her one hand holding my cock, the other fondling my balls. “How’s this for an answer?” she says and then slides her mouth over me again and starts licking and sucking.

This is ending up one helluva date. Happy Nude Day.

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