My first gay experience.

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My first gay experience.As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been bisexual for as long as I can remember. To this day, I still enjoy some man to man fun. In fact, just last week I hooked up with another bi guy and we enjoyed some really incredible sex. As I was replaying that evening in my mind, it brought back memories of my first real gay experience. By that I don’t mean that I had never had sex with other guys. I had, but this one experience was just different, more passionate I guess you’d have to say. Here is how it came about.I grew up in a small town, and I was home from college for the summer. My brother was involved in an organization that was selling subscriptions to make money for a planned upcoming organization field trip. He had collected most of the outstanding money he was owed, but still had a couple of people who hadn’t paid him yet. I was home one Saturday afternoon when the phone rang and the guy on the line said that he had some money for my brother. As it turns out, my brother had gone camping with the rest of my family and I was home alone. In an attempt to help him out, I went to the guy’s house to collect the money for him. When I got to the guy’s house I rang the doorbell and he answered the door with just a towel wrapped around him. He invited me in and he paid me the money that he owed my brother. I was staring at him wrapped in that towel when he must have felt compelled to explain that he’d been in his hot tub. As I stood there, It was hard for me not to notice that for a guy who was going into middle age he had a wonderful body. Being in his house, I couldn’t help but recall a rumor floating around that the guy may be gay. No one knew for sure, but little did I know that I was about to find out. He asked me if I’d like to join him in the hot tub. I begged off, I had to attend a birthday party later that evening at my girlfriends house. He offered me a “hot tub” rain check if I ever wanted to join him.I thought about the offer and the rumors all the way to my girlfriends house and throughout the party. After dinner and birthday cake, my girlfriend told me she couldn’t go anywhere and that she felt she needed to spend the rest of the evening with her family. I certainly understood that, so I bowed out and left. On the way back to my house, I couldn’t help but think about the hot tub invitation I had gotten earlier. When I got back to the town, I parked my car on a side street away from the guy’s house. Small town, didn’t want any rumors to start about my car being parked in his drive way. I walked up the street to his house. I summoned enough courage to walk up and ring his doorbell. He answered the door, this time fully dressed. I took one deep breath and asked, does the hot atakum escort tub invitation still stand. Of course was his answer, come on in. Once inside he poured a couple of glasses of lemonade for both of us. I passed on the wine he offered and apparently had been drinking. After a little while, we headed toward his screened in porch where the hot tub was located. I told him I hadn’t brought any swim wear to put on. No problem, he said, I’m always naked when I go in. We both stripped our clothes off completely and stepped into the hot tub. The warm water felt so good all over my body. He sat directly across from me in the tub and we talked about my college career. He seemed genuinely interested in my education. He was particularly interested in my college varsity soccer activities. Maybe because he was admiring my athletic body at that point. As we finished our lemonade, he got out of the tub, headed to the kitchen to refill our glasses. When he came back, he climbed into the tub, this time though, he sat down right next to me, his legs rubbing up against mine. As we talked some more, I felt him put his hand on my thigh. I sat there trying not to tense up, but my mine was whirling trying to sort out where all this may be leading. It wasn’t long before his hand had worked it’s way to my cock. I was trying desperately to relax and enjoy. I was already so turned on at that point, and I felt his hand under the water slowly start to stroke my hard dick. It was feeling so good. I put my hand under the water and found his cock. His cock was also rock hard so I slowly I started to stroke him. Do you want to take this to the bedroom he asked. Yes I said.Once dried off and in his bedroom, he turned on the TV which was opposite his king size bed. He put in a disc, and the screen was filled with all sorts of guys enjoying sex with each other. I laid on his bed watching the show while his mouth had found my rock hard cock. With one motion, my 6 1/2 inch cock disappeared completely in his mouth. It was easy to see that he loved deep throating cock. The sensations that started to run through my body were indescribable. With my cock still in his mouth, he managed to work his body around to where his cock was in my face. His cock was about the same size as mine length wise, but probably was a little bit thicker. I slowly started to suck him off. It had to sound weird, both of us moaning with our mouths full of cock. He must of sensed that I was about to explode so he pulled off my now throbbing dick. He ordered me to roll over on your stomach. It was obvious that he was taking charge, and I had become his subordinate. I found it really exciting how he had taken charge like that and I was determined to do atakum escort bayan what he wanted. I was lying on my stomach in such a way that I was facing the TV. I was watching and listening to guys sucking and fucking on the screen. I felt him lay down on top of me. He was propped up on his elbows and his rock hard cock was resting in the crack of my ass. I was lying flat on the bed as I felt his cock slowly going up and down my ass crack. Close your legs tight he said, I want to feel your ass cheeks squeeze my cock. I did as I was commanded. With the sex on the screen in front of me, and a cock pressed against me, I just lay there lost in the moment. Soon I felt his lips on the back of my neck. He was kissing my neck and worked his way to my shoulders. This was different, I’d had sex with other bi guys, but never with an older gay man this passionate. I could sense all the passion he was putting into what I’m sure he felt was making love to me. I felt like I was frozen in time, enjoying the moment with different sensations racing through my body. As he kissed his way back up my neck, his lips came near my ear and he whispered, I want to fuck you. At that point, I remember thinking, he can do whatever he wants as long as this keeps going on. Yes I said. He got off of me and had me get up on all fours. As I was in that position still watching the TV, I felt his tongue working its way down inside the crack of my ass until it found my opening. He started to rim my tight hole and he kept it up for what seemed like an eternity. Even more intense sensations were now racing through my body. Sensations my body had never felt before, I was in heaven. After a while, the rimming stopped and I felt one lubricated finger enter my tight ass, then another. I was too tight to take three fingers at once. Spread your legs he said. I did as I was ordered and prepared to feel the penetration that was about to come. I could hear him lubricating his hard, hot cock. He inched his body up closer to my ass and I felt the head of that hard cock right at my opening. Slowly the head popped inside me and the inevitable pain started. I remember putting my head down in the pillow that I had put in front of me. I was biting the pillow to keep from screaming. I remember telling him that it was hurting me really bad. He just kept slowly pushing his cock inside me. He didn’t ram it in, and he didn’t stop, he just kept pushing it slowly in. You’re going to have to take it I heard him say to me. I know it’s painful he said, but It’s hot and tight and I want to fuck it. I’m not going to stop so you’ll have to deal with the pain. As I was biting the pillow I felt his balls hit mine and I knew he was all the way in. He escort atakum waited for a moment and then really slowly started to pull his cock back out, then in again. The pace was beginning to quicken as time was going by and I knew he was feeling really good being inside me. Somewhere along the line with all this thrusting, the pain had now become much more pleasurable. I remember reaching down under my stomach and grabbed my cock. I started stroking my own cock to the rhythm of his thrusts. His pace had really quickened and he was pounding my hot ass really hard now, his balls slapping against my ass with every thrust. I noticed that I was shaking from all that thrusting as well as the sensations coursing through my body. It wasn’t long before my hard cock started to erupt and I exploded in the most intense orgasm I’d ever experienced. My body was convulsing as I was shooting my whole load all over the comforter on the bed. As I was cumming, I was watching the hot sex on TV and I was feeling his cock pounding all the way up inside me. With my orgasm, every muscle in my body was contracting including the muscles around his cock. That tight feeling must have been too great for him to control, my ass milking his cock because shortly after I popped, I could tell he was getting ready. His hands were grasping my hips tightly and pulling me harder back toward him. I heard him ask as he was panting, do you want my hot cum? Oh Yes I said. I have a big load building for you he said. Give me it, I responded. I’m going to breed you right now he said as he moaned, I’m cumming, I’m cumming and I felt his body tighten up and convulse, he was shaking uncontrollably and his cock was throbbing inside me. He was emptying his balls completely and filling me with all of his hot cum. I felt him collapse on top of me with his cock still inside. He whispered in my ear, that was one sensational orgasm that raced through my body, extremely intense. We stayed in that position with him laying on me for a few moments and then slowly his cock fell out of my still throbbing ass. I felt his cum run down my ass and my balls and onto the bed. The comforter had become one big cum mess.We showered up together and cleaned each other up. I got dressed and as I was headed to the door he said to me, I know you’re not gay, and you know that I am, but anytime you want to relax in the hot tub and have sex with me, I’m available. I usually just have sex with other gay men he said, but this was so enjoyable with you. I told him that I would most certainly be back again and I left. Driving home, I couldn’t help but think that I was glad my girlfriend had to spend the evening with her family. For me, this evening couldn’t have worked out any better. If I’d stayed at the birthday party, I would have missed this great sexual adventure. As the summer went on, he and I hooked up three more times. None of the three experiences were nearly as good and couldn’t hardly compare with the first one.

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