My First Dual Encounter

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We had met online and texted each other several times. We met in person briefly enough to know we were interested in each other. Now we were really going to do it. I was nervous when the day finally came. As I was on my way, he texted me to tell me the hotel room number. I felt butterflies in my stomach, knowing what was in store for me this evening.

I entered the hotel room and he was waiting for me. He had already taken his shirt off, so I felt overdressed. He pointed this out, asking why I was wearing so much clothing. I was wearing a low cut top, showing lots of cleavage, a short skirt, and sexy pink lace panties. He began to kiss me before I could even put down my purse. I dropped everything and succumbed to his kiss. He grabbed my breasts and fondled them as we kissed. He turned me around, kissing my neck, caressing my body, touching me all over, all at once. He pulled me to the bed and knelt behind me, releasing the tension of my day by rubbing my shoulders, kissing my neck, and reaching into my top, freeing my breasts from my bra. I lifted my arms and he pulled my shirt over my head and threw it to the chair. My bra was right behind it. I asked if my skirt needed to go too and he said, “yes,” so I promptly removed it, leaving only the pink panties. He was still behind me and exclaimed, “Damn!” at the sight. I just grinned, knowing what I was doing gaziantep escortlar to him.

Soon enough, the panties came off too, and he was sucking my nipples, squeezing my breasts, and rubbing my smooth pussy, when we heard a knock on the hotel room door. He looked at me and smiled. I sat on the bed, out of sight, as he answered the door. Around the corner walked his friend. We had brief introductions, and then my friend asked, “Where were we?” as he pushed me onto the bed and began to suck my hard nipples again. His friend quickly pulled his shirt off and followed suit, joining him in sucking and touching me. I groaned in pleasure at the feeling of two mouths on my breasts and four hands roaming my body. Soon enough, I felt a hand pushing my legs apart and finding my clit. He started rubbing and I felt the excitement growing. Before I knew it, I had a hand in my pussy, a hand on my clit, and a mouth on my breast. As I lay on the bed, all I felt was pure pleasure! I soon had my first orgasm, my pussy grasping down on his hand as I came.

With no break from my first orgasm, they both continued, sucking my nipples, biting them and making them hurt with pleasure. Again, I felt hands pushing my legs apart, except this time I also felt the warming lube being rubbed on as well. I thought he was going to try and fist me, so I relaxed, waiting to take whatever he wanted to give me. Instead of fisting, I got the time of my life! He found my g-spot and started rubbing it. Another hand came out of nowhere and started rubbing my clit. I lost track of time as my clit was rubbed, my g-spot was teased, and my body was given great pleasure. I began to moan loudly, even scream, with pleasure, as I was having feelings I had never felt before. Eventually a vibrator was brought into the picture and rammed into my pussy as well. I was having orgasm after orgasm. I begged for mercy, for a break, saying my body couldn’t handle anymore, but he wouldn’t stop. He continued over and over, pulling the orgasm out of me over and over. Finally, the cum squirted out of my pussy, soaking the bed. Both guys smiled saying, “We’ve got a gusher here!”

After recuperating from my amazing orgasm is when I realized I was the only one who was naked…both guys had their shirts off, but still had on pants. I said, “I have a question. Why am I the only one who is naked here?” They said they wanted to make sure I was comfortable to which I replied, “I’m VERY comfortable!” so they immediately stripped down. I then had two cocks in my face, begging to be sucked, so of course I had to oblige! I took turns sucking one and then the other until they were both very hard. One grew very long, 8-9 inches! He tried to shove it all down my throat, and it gagged me a little. The other grew hard, but not that long, and I was easily able to take it all in my mouth. Once they were both fully hard, I was thrilled when I got the big cock in my pussy while I was still sucking the smaller one. He started out slowly, only putting the tip in, but then he started ramming it in over and over. I moaned in pleasure at another new sensation, one cock deep in my pussy and one in my mouth at the same time! After giving me a good fucking this way, they traded sides, flipping me over to my stomach. I got the smaller cock in my pussy from behind, and the larger cock in my mouth. I was getting a deep doggy style fuck and a dick down my throat at the same time! Another new and wonderful experience! Very soon he said he was ready to cum, so he told me to flip back over again because he wanted to cum on my stomach & boobs. He fucked me some more until he pulled out and stroked his cock, squirting his sweet cum all over me! Watching the smaller cock cum on me almost drove the bigger one over the edge, so he stuck his huge cock back in my pussy and rammed it into me until he was ready as well (it didn’t take long)! He pulled out and squirted cum all over me too! I must have had a gallon all over me!

They both got up, smiling at me covered in their cum. One of them tossed me a towel as they dressed. They both gave me a kiss and said, “Nice to meet you. We hope we get to do this again,” as they left the hotel room.

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