My first BJ, Anal and caught

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My first BJ, Anal and caughtThis is a true story that happened years and years ago.  I am presently 60 yrs old and deep in the closet since I was 16.  Way back when I was 16, I liked girls but never made and moves.  I hung out occasionally with my cousin who was 15, and lived about a mile away.  My friends were 15, 16 and 17 years old his were 14, 15 and 16, but sometimes we intermingled.  I had a close friend Mark and my cousin Paul found out where are fathers stored their porn magazines.  Now back in the 70’s must just showed tits and a little pussy, but it was enough to get us excited and JO.  One day after baseball practice Mark said is dad has a new magazine and he will drop by later for us to look at.  I said cool, and went home to shower.  When I got out of the shower my cousin  Paul was sitting on my bed.  Scared the crap out of me.  Now I was not a big guy, I was very slim and had a small cock, I saw Pauls and Marks and they were much bigger.  I walked up to him and asked what he was doing here.  Paul explained that he was looking thru the trash, to see if his dad, my uncle was throwing and magazines away.  He said bingo and held up the magazine, but this one was way different.  We flipped through the pages and it was hard core stuff!  Actually people fucking canlı bahis and BJ’s.  I still was naked and Paul made a comment when we saw a Bi picture of a 2 guys fucking.  He said “this guy reminds me of you”why because he’s slim and has no hairyeah, and a small cockI said very funnyWith that he pulled a G-string out of his pocket….Paul said I found this all the way down with the magazine.He throw it to me and said put it on, it should fit.I stood up and put the g string on….it fit and I started to get super horny.Paul got up and walked up to me and kissed me hard on the lips and started to play with my nipples.  I was getting hot.  Paul then started to suck my nipples and rubbing my cock through the thin g string fabric…..I started to moan.  The next thing he did surprised me, I even surprised myself on what I did.  Paul started to push me onto my knees, as I went down I started to unzip his pants and fish out his cock.  Paul said we are going to act out all the dirty scenes in the magazine.  I said OK, as I started to swallow his cock.  I was bathing it in saliva, now Paul was moaning as he held my head.  Asking me if I liked it…Yesdo you want more yesdo you what my cumyesHe yelled here it comesI started to bob up and down faster, swallowing as fast bahis siteleri as I could.  It was amazing.Paul looked down at me and said thanks that was great.  What about me I saidPaul said JO for now….I didWe both rested on the bed, for awhile, me totally naked Paul in his jeans with his cock just hanging out.  luckily my mom was out with my sister and dad was working.We spoke for awhile about his dad having this type of magazine with guys, we thought he might be gay.  We said nay he has 3 k**s he can’t be.  After awhile Paul started to get rock hard again.  He left the room and came back with some Crisco.  I said what’s that for?  Paul told me to get on my hand and knees, I started to shake.  I had no idea what to expect, so I got down, not before give his cock a few licks.  Paul got behind me and put a finger full of Crisco on my butt hole.  I beg him to hurry I was getting hornier every second.  Paul said are you ready?  Just stick it in I said.With that Paul slowly started to push in, I was screaming to take it out it hurts, but he just kept going in.After he was balls deep, I kept banging the floor telling him not to move.  After about 10 seconds Paul said “I can’t wait”He then started the back and forth motion, slow at first the pounding.  I had my bahis şirketleri face on the floor with my hand holding my ass cheeks apart.Paul asked if I liked being fuckedOMG YESwill you let me fuck you all the timeOMG YES, please fuck me I saidHe kept driving his cock in me as far as it would go I was grunting with every thrust, asking for more, no begging for more.Then we both heard a voice and my bedroom widow (1st fl opened)It was Mark!  My nice small hard cock went limp, but Paul never stopped.  He told Mark to come in through the back door.  Mark said OMG what the fuck are you doing?  Paul said what does it look like.Paul then told Mark to whip his cock out and I’ll suck it.Mark said  “really”  I said yes and hurry.  Mark sat on the floor in front of me with his cock standing like a flag pole out of his jeans.  It was my first split roasting in my life.  I knew Mark would not last long and he yelled I’m going to blow”  I moved faster on his cock, taking it all in,  Then Paul let loose deep in my bowels, I still remember his cock twitching in my ass. I told Mark sorry I feel so embarrassed that I acted like a slutty whore.  Both Mark and Paul agreed that the incident would be between us with 1 condition.  What’s that I said.  At the same time they said if we could use you again.  I said deal.  I never got to fuck them or get a BJ from them through the years we played together, but I did watch them fuck each other.  I use to just JO on their ass cracks for extra lube.True story 

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