My First Bi Experience Ch. 02

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Please read chapter 1 published a week ago to put this chapter into context. I am new to writing these stories but have loved this site since discovering it a few months back.

Any feedback would be welcome to help me put down my experiences in a way I can share it better with all you happy readers.

Slowly a sense of where we were and what had just happened came into focus; I’d just gone from recently losing my virginity to my boyfriend Jed, discovering the joys of masturbation to the beginnings of lesbian sex with a girl who was a stranger only a few hours ago, not only was I very pleased with my sexual road of discovery but I was loving every minute of it!

I now wanted more, images were flashing into my mind of things I desired, I want to suckle her big tits, I want to get inside her panties and I wanted to do to her what she just did to me. As I got my breath back I kissed her long and hard only this time I pulled her hips into mine, I wanted her to feel the heat of my pussy.

I was desperate to make our two bodies feel like one but something took over me, suddenly I’m pushing her back toward her bed and telling her I want her, I’m saying things I’d never imagined I’d say to another woman and the next thing I know I standing over her as she lays down for me to admire.

She looked amazing laying there, her big breasts full and round with nipples proud and perfect, her little tummy looking soft and smooth and the bulge of her vulva in her skimpy panties just finished of a vision of pure sexuality. She watches me take an admiring look over her body and invited me to feast my sexual desires by opening her legs to show me her panties and the wet patch from her pussy. I could clearly see her dark pubic hair through the thin material of her panties and the moist folds of her proud pussy lips

Another thing I wanted to discover was how my pussy compared to hers, I guess as a growing girl developing into womanhood you want reassurance you are like everybody else, (it’s not only you boys who compare size and shape you know LOL)but comparing your pleasure flower with that of other women is not something you can easily do at the age of 18. My pussy is very neat and my clit is small and well tucked away whereas Emma looked like she has big fleshy lips, adding to this from what I saw whilst watching Valerie undress she had to had full meaty lips and that was what I seem to be picturing in my fantasies, licking a dark haired pussy with big wet lips

I was totally amazed with the situation I found myself in, my pussy was dripping after my orgasm and my nipples still aching to be touched, but this was going to be me exploring my own desires now so those thoughts were put to one side, this was going to be me crossing my own boundaries and discovering new and exciting pleasures that are part of my recent sexual explosion. So many fantasies have been ignited since my time with Valerie and Sally that my mind was awash of things I wanted to try, sucking her tits, spreading her lips, licking and rubbing her clit, tasting her juices and rubbing my pussy against hers. All the things I’d heard or read about, all the things Sally had discussed with me, and all of these things I had imagined doing with my friends gorgeous mother.

I sat on the edge of the bed and placed my hand on her stomach, looking into her eyes I knew I had the freedom to explore her body at will, she looks so beautiful and so sexy and when she put her hand on my thigh I knew that this was going to be a long night of sexual fulfilment. My eyes were all over her body absorbing the splendour of her heavy breasts, her big nipples, and the bulge of her pussy in her panties and not forgetting the look of lust in her face.

Emma lay there with her mouth open and eyes bright and welcoming, she was total relaxed and willing to let me have my desires fulfilled. Almost trance like I watched my hand move over her tummy and towards her breasts then down to almanbahis adres the elastic of her panties, I moved over her thighs and then inside her thighs pushing them wider, I was taking it all in very slowly and very sensually and my eyes covered every inch of her torso. I allowed my finger tips to glide over her pussy mound feeling the moisture in the thin material and quickly looked into her eyes; they were full of lust and desire and again a welcoming smile greeted my eyes.

Like earlier my trance was broken by her soft voice “You are so beautiful” She whispered “so beautiful”

“And you are to” I replied “I can’t believe this is happening here, I’ve never done this before”

“But you’ve thought about it haven’t you?” she asked inquisitively “I can tell you really want it”

With a coy look and a soft voice I admitted I have been having thoughts and moments of lust around certain women, but always kept my feelings to myself.

“Me too” she giggle, “As soon as I saw you I thought wow I love her to be the one”

There was a few moments of silence as my fingers move up again towards her breasts but just is I was within inches she pulled on my panties and suggested we didn’t need these for a while, a brief moment of panic was quashed by the reassuring look on her face and the next thing I know I’m standing up at the edge of her bed about to expose my most private parts to another woman.

It was certainly a defining moment for my sexual revolution and whilst watching her watching me I gently eased my PJ panties off my hips and very slowly revealed my bare pussy. It was one of the most amazing feelings of sexual expression I’d ever felt, nothing like secretly feeling horny and being semi naked in front of friends or strangers, nothing like talking about sex with Sally and taking voyeuristic glances at her panties, but this was me standing completely naked whilst very aroused having just let another woman make me orgasm. As I began to expose myself Emma’s eyes widened and her smile changed to a look of awe, it was an amazing sensation and felt so erotic and so naughty.

I kicked my panties away and just stood there feeling her eyes burning into my body, looking at her admiring me sent shivers through my body and I just had to part my legs slightly so she could feast fully on my womanhood. Emma just looked open mouthed; “beautiful” was all she said

I felt so excited to be this exposed in a sexual situation and so very different to the times Jed has seen me naked, this was so erotic and so much of a turn on, my pussy alive and wet and my nipples bursting to be touched, I could feel her eyes on my crotch and felt so sexually alive knowing she too was aroused by the sight of my bare pussy, a quick image flashed into my head of just climbing onto the bed and sitting on her face however I wanted to play and I wanted to explore.

I leaned over and kissed Emma’s soft lips and as I did my nipple brushed against her breast, I lifted my hand to caress her fleshy curves and felt both my nipple and hers with the finger tips, it felt so good to see her respond to my touch and as the little whimper of a moan escaped her lips I knew I wanted this more than anything else. I lay myself down beside Emma and she turned on her side to embrace me, once again I looked into her eyes and instantly we kissed as I pulled her closer, I could feel my bare pussy against her hip bone and the warmth of her arms wrapping around me.

Our chests couldn’t have been any closer and I felt the fullness of her breast crush mine. I began to move my hand up and over her stomach like earlier only this time it wasn’t met with interruption, suddenly I was caressing her fleshy breast and then I found her nipple, it was amazing to see every little touch met with a moan of pleasure.

We kissed and kissed for what seemed like hours whilst our hands caressed each other’s breasts; and before she could do anything else almanbahis adresi I began to lower my head to her kiss her nipples. With Emma lying on her side her breast seemed so full and so wonderfully feminine and after a few seconds of capturing the perfect picture I was flicking my tongue out and licking a very hard nipple; wow it felt amazing, from licking and kissing then to sucking I was having a ball, I lifted her other breast and feasted on flesh and nipples moving from one to the other.

Being so wrapped up in my own pleasures I didn’t realise what effect all this was having on Emma, it dawned on me she was now just letting me have my way with her and lay there with her eyes closed and her mouth open. My own pussy was pulsating and aching to be touched but I think Emma was totally under my control now; I wanted to make her orgasm and wasn’t going to let anything stop me. Emma’s whimpering moans of pleasure were becoming louder and more vocal, the more I sucked and massaged her breasts the longer and louder her cries became.

As I lay there I had one dominant thought in my mind and that was to slide my hand down and into her panties, I don’t know why but the image of my hand in another woman’s panties always excited me, not just playing with another woman’s pussy; but whilst she was still in her pretty panties and like so many other images of recent fantasy this one too was about to be realised.

Well this was it, all of those thoughts, those fantasies and questionable desires were all about to be found to be true, I knew over the last few months that I wanted to have sex with other women and I knew I wanted to make another woman orgasm, those times when I took Sally’s obvious invites to peeks up her skirt or allowed her to watch me change clothes before going out, those urges to visit my friend and hope Valerie was at home, the times lying in bed enjoy my own body and my mind switching from Jed to Sally and onto Valerie I knew I wanted this very much

I lay there with Emma’s right breast in my mouth and continued to lick and suck on her long hard nipple, as I did this I managed to look down and watch my left hand make its path towards my goal, looking down over soft olive skin her white little panties looked so pretty and so inviting, sensing my action a little gasp escaped Emma’s lips and she allowed her thighs to fall fully open. Emma’s panties did so little to conceal her pubic bulge; and with the see through material allowed me to see her soft covering of hair her pussy couldn’t have looked any more inviting.

As my fingers reached the embroided bow on the thin elastic I looked up to see Emma in a daze, her eyes shut, her breathing very deep and her mouth wide open, it was too good a moment to not kiss her and my mouth joined perfectly with hers, my tongue flicking hers and my eyes were lost in her eyes. Now we were laying toes to toe, nipple to nipple and as we kissed passionately I slit my hand under the elastic to feel the soft wispy hair followed by the fleshy folds of her pussy lips, as you’d expect Emma was very responsive to my touch and very wet indeed, every touch being met with a deep throaty moan of pleasure and the further I probed the more thrilling was the response.

Feeling the wet folds of her pussy was nothing like playing between my own sweet lips, Emma was so wet, much wetter than I get and the soft fleshy lips felt wonderful in contrast to my little money box of a pussy, I have no protruding lips and a small clit (I think its small anyway) and from what I could feel she had quite long lips which were concealing a much bigger clitoris than mine, but the most amazing sensation was just how wet she was and how sensitive she was to my touch. As my fingers explored I spread her lips and allowed my fingertips to slip inside her, my two fingers tight in her pussy began to slide deeper into her and the response was so sensual making my own pussy began to ache so much more, hearing almanbahis adres her cries of passion spurred me on to bury them deep in her, my long slender finger probing deep in her hot box and whilst we continued to kiss passionately I began to finger fuck her pussy at the same time as rubbing her clit with the palm of my hand.

It wasn’t going to take much to push Emma over the edge and as she continued to produce a steady flow of sweet pussy juice; my fingers fucked her with longer and longer strokes, only now her hips would move to meet my fingers, it was as though she was humping my hand and sighs became moans and now moans were deep sensual grunts, she was close and I so much wanted to see her orgasm.

This was going to be a strong and very welcome orgasm, I wasn’t going to tease or make her wait as I think we both wanted this as much as each other, Emma was completely at my mercy and totally in the zone, I had my hand clamped on her crotch and my third and fourth fingers deep inside her, it felt so good for me so it must have been so good for Emma. I watched and listened in awe at how I was bringing Emma to a peak of sexual pleasure, I felt so powerful at being able to give such immense pleasure to another woman

By now Emma was gasping and telling me she was close, crying out for me to not stop, her hips lifted of the bed and her head rolling for side to side as the immense feeling grew inside her, I watched in amazement as her stomach muscles pulled tight knowing she was about to reach her climax. I clamped my mouth on to her breast sucking in her nipple whilst I fucked her hard with my fingers, this was it; she was on the edge and ready to explode.

My own pussy was aching to be touched and as I humped my bare pussy against her hip she could hold back no longer, with my fingers fucking her deep and her hard nipple in my mouth she began to grip onto my shoulders pulling me in with immense force.

“Oh my god” she gasped over and over again, every time it getting deeper and more animalistic,

“Don’t stop, please don’t stop” she cried, and then it happened, Emma raised her hips high off the mattress and began to cry out

“Oh yes, oh yes, oooooooh Yes!!”suddenly I felt her thighs clamp around my hand locking my fingers inside her, her breathing very loud and very fast, I stopped fucking her and watched in amazement as her pussy and stomach contracted and squeezed against my fingers, I rubbed my palm into her clit and then she just went ballistic!

It was the most intense, almost violent orgasm I could imagine, she bucked and twisted, every muscle in her body seemed to spasm with uncontrollable emotion as she cried out, the flow of thick pussy juice was endless and the release of sexual tension was a joy to see. Many times I have made myself cum in the silence of my room but this was such a thrill so very erotic.

Watching Emma come down from her peak was fascinating as we lay there together, her breasts rising and falling, her breath slowing and becoming softer and her fingers caressing my soft skin as slowly we blissfully drifted of to the most perfect slumber imaginable.

I was (and still am) so very pleased with myself, that huge fear of my bi feelings turned into the most exciting sexual experience to date. The last year has been amazing for me for many reason but let me paint a brief picture.

I’m 18 years old and just about to finish higher education, I’m going off to university in London in September. I’m 5’10 and a uk size 8. because of my blonde hair blue eyed looks and academic skills most boys have avoided me for whatever reason they have.

However in the last 9 months I have been going out with Jed who is a lovely boyfriend and he was the first boy open up my sexual awareness. Since then my desires and mind has exploded in a way which has surprised me, I now masturbate frequently whilst thinking of many situations and role plays, I have desires and thoughts I never thought I’d ever have some of these have been played out and enjoyed to the max. 9 Months ago I’d barely touched myself in a sexual way and was still a virgin 6 months ago, I hope to share my wonderful world with you guys as and when thing happen so watch this space.. Beth xx

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