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My favorite bi playMy favorite bi pass times, is getting to watch another man fuck my wife, and I get to lick and suck his cum from her pussy.Our first time doing the hot wife, cuckold, thing was several years ago. We had a neigbor who has gone through a divorce recently and him and I spent some time together and talked alot. One day I went to his house and he had some porn on, and came to the door looking like I had interrupted something. I asked if he had a lady friend over, and he said no, just wishing and killing time watching porn. I told him that it was no fun watching alone unless you are jacking off and fantasising. He agreed and commented or admitted he was thinking about jacking off.To make a long story short, I offered to help him out if he didnt mind a guy touching him. He was a little hesitant at first, but the porn begin to get to him and told me to go for it. I got on my knees and took out his dick, and slowly beging to lick on it, and then took it in my mouth and slowly started to give him a blow job. I sucked on his dick for few short minutes and he told to be careful he was gonna cum. I started sucking harder, when he let out groan and humped my face faster, and started to shoot his sticky cum down my throat. He laid back hatay escort and relaxed and told me thanks, I guess I really needed that.I told him that my wife and I were swingers and we loved playing with other men. He couldnt believe it, but after some more conversation he was anxious to play with us. I just asked we keep the guy on guy thing to ourselves for now.About a week later my neighbor and my wife and I got together. We all being a little nervous, got into the swing of things pretty quick. We started out with a chain, with him licking my wife’s pussy and her sucking my dick, while I sucked his. This went on for a few minutes, when he couldnt controll his self any longer. He got up and turned my wife on her back and put his cock in her pussy and started fucking her with passion. She started cumming right away, as he pumped his hard cock in her rapidly. I watched for a moment taking in the view of his dick fucking her pussy and his big balls bouncing off of her ass. The sight of it was driving me nuts, and my dick was growing and hard as a rock watching him fuck her. She stopped him for a minute and told me to lay down. So I crawled on my back and she got into a sixty nine with me and started humping my face and sucking escort hatay my dick for a few moments. She then look up at him and told him to fuck her while I am underneath, and as you are fuking me take your dick out every once in a while and stick it in his mouth and make him suck you and get your dick wet. So he proceeded to fuck her, as I licked her clit and his dick and balls. It was a real turn on watching his dick fuck her up close and feel his balls bouncing off of my nose. After getting into fucking my wife, I noticed his balls start to tighten and he took his dick out of her pussy and stuck in my greedy mouth and shot a load of cum down my throat, all the while still humping like crazy, but instead of her pussy, it was my mouth getting fucked. Then he stuck his dick back in her pussy and started pounding her like a mad man. All the while she was shaking in tremendous orgasms from the way he was fucking her. She was so into it that she look like a real slut, as she burrow her head to the side of my legs and stuck her ass higher to get maximun pentration as he buried his hard cock deeper in her womb. All the while I am watching and getting turned on watching my neighbor’s dick above my eye’s going in and out of my wife’s pussy hatay escort bayan repeatily, fucking her without mercy. It wasnt long before his whole body tighten up and he shot a load of hot cum deep in her pussy. The both remained still for a moment, lost in their mutual orgasm’s and he then slowly withdrew and cum beging coming out with his withdrawal. He stuck his dick in my mouth and told me to clean him up, and my wife echoed the same thing. She then sit on my face with their juices cumming out and I licked and sucked and swallowed it all as she again beging to cumm even more from my mouth.She then told me to fuck her now in her sloppy seconds. I jumped on her and beging to fuck her. She was so wet I couldnt feel nothing, and then she stunned me, when she told my neighbor to take the paddle, that I didnt see, and spank my ass with it as I am fucking her. So he abliged and beging spanking my ass, and laughing. Hearing the smack on my ass and feeling the sting of the paddle made me go limp and they both laughed at me. She said there that will slow him down a little and we all took a break and got something to drink and eat.We all came back for another session, and she again told me to fuck her, and told my neighbor to fuck my face while I am fucking her. All the previous action and it wasnt long and we were all cummming again, me in her hot pussy and him in my mouth. The site of him cumming in my mouth really got her off, and so begin our cuckold, hot wife fun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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