My Father-in-Law’s Visit

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“There he is.” My husband Mike says as we pull into terminal B of the airport. We slowly start to pull over as Ron, my father in law walks toward our SUV.

“How’s it going old man?” Mike says to his Dad while walking towards him to give him a hug.

“Can’t complain son, it’s nice to see you both again.” Ron replies.

“Hey Ron. It’s good seeing you too.” I say, as I lean in to give my father in law a hug.

“Hey Kim, it’s good to be back in town.” He replies.

“I hope we didn’t keep you waiting to long.” Mike says as he loads his father’s suitcase into the back of the SUV.

“Your timing couldn’t have been better. I just walked out.” Ron replies as he reaches for the back door.

“Ron don’t be silly, you sit in front, I’ll jump in back. You need the leg room more than I do.” I say.

“Well thanks Kim, at least let me get the door for you.” He replies.

“Thanks.” I say as I get in, letting the rear of my skirt ride up as I bend over making my way to the middle of the bench seat.

“Not a problem.” Ron says as he closes the door.

Ron and Mike get in, and we begin the drive back to our house. Mike told me last week that his dad Ron would be staying with us while he was in town. I guess Ron has a few meetings this upcoming week at his company headquarters, which is less than ten miles from our house.

Mike and Ron were so close, until Ron took this new position in Atalanta about two years ago. Ron claims it was a position he “couldn’t pass up”, but we think it was to get away from his ex wife, my mother in law who remarried one of Ron’s old friends after the divorce. Whatever the reason, Mike was glad to have his dad back in town for a few days.

We made small talk on the forty minute drive from the airport to our house. During the ride I could’ve swore I seen Ron trying to get a peek between my legs, as he’d turn around during our conversations. He wasn’t making it obvious, it was a quick glance every now and then, when he thought I wasn’t looking. The thought of him trying to sneak a peak, sent a tingle to my twenty six year old pussy.

I wanted to see if I was imagining the glances or if he really was trying to see up his son’s, wife’s skirt. I carefully slid the front hem of my skirt a tad bit higher on my thighs. I also parted my legs, not to the point of being obvious, but just enough to allow my father in law a glimpse of my blue satin panties that were covering his daughter in law’s shaved cunt. I put on my sun glasses so I could study his eyes without making him feel to uncomfortable.

Ron turns around, and immediately steals a glance from between my legs, with my thoughts confirmed he asks, “Kim, how’s work going with you?”

“Sorry hun, I forgot to tell him.” Mike says.

“Yeah they kind of laid me off two weeks ago.” I say to Ron.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to bring up a sore subject.” He says as he turns back around. He continues “Kim, when the right job rolls around… “

His words fade, as I think about how turned on I’m getting knowing that my father in law seen my panty covered pussy. I think to myself, “This could be a fun week for the both of us.”

This would be a good time to tell you a little bit more about myself. I’m a brunette who’s 5′ 5″, 140 Lbs, with firm 36 DD all natural tits, and an ass that fits my frame perfectly.

I’ve been married to Mike for four years, we have a nice marriage. Mike has a tough time keeping up with my sexual appetite, especially since he spends three to four days a week out of town on business. Due to the excessive travel over the years we’ve accumulated a large collection of sex toys that Mike enjoys using on me when we mess around, and that I enjoy the many days I’m home alone.

I also enjoy having Mike take nude pictures of me. He started doing this about two years ago, he said they keep him company when he is alone and out of town. We must have over four hundred photo’s. Some photo’s are of us having sex, but most of them are of me posing in various sexual positions and masterbating with my sex toys.

I do have a little secret that I keep from Mike though. What he doesn’t know is that over the last year I’ve been posting some of those photo’s on a website that allows others to comment on them. Reading the comments that guys leave and knowing that those same guys get off to my photo’s is a real turn on for me. So to say I’m a sexually charged, attention loving, horny little wife would be a huge understatement.

Don’t get me wrong though, I am totally faithful and committed to my husband and I have never cheated on him. I just enjoy showing my body and seeing what kind of reaction I can get, and that’s why I look forward to teasing my father in law this week.

When we arrived home, Mike helped Ron with his bag, and showed him to his room for the week in our ranch-style home. Ron’s room is across from our room and down the hall from our bathroom and computer room.

“Dad feel free to use the dresser and closet in the guest room, and just make yourself at home.” Mike told his father.

After Ron got settled in, he insisted that we order Manny’s Escort bayan Pizza, a childhood favorite of his. While we waited for the pizza, Mike packed his suitcase for his three day trip to St. Louis, for a meeting with a potential customer.

“Honey, what time is your flight tomorrow morning?” I asked.

“It departs at six, so I’ll have to leave the house by four fifteen.” Mike replied as he zipped his suitcase closed and set it on the floor next to our dresser. “My return flight lands Wednesday afternoon at one. Kim, thanks again for not having a problem with my Dad staying here even though I’ll be gone most of the time.”

“It’s not a big deal Mike, I understand how things come up last minute. If there was anything that bothers me, it’s that the next four days are when I’m most fertile this month.”

“Sorry hun, I know, but there’s not much I can do about it. This is a huge business opportunity.” Mike replied.

Recently Mike and I have been trying to have a baby. I’ve been off my birth control pills for four months, but still no luck.

“Pizza’s here!” We heard Ron yell from the kitchen.

When we got in the kitchen Ron already had a piece of pizza in his mouth.

“This taste the same as it did the first time I had it forty plus years ago.” Ron said with half a mouthful of pizza. We chuckled and grabbed a slice for ourselves.

“So Dad whats your schedule for the week? When I get back I’d like to try to get a game or two of golf in with you.”

Ron replied, “Tomorrow and Tuesday I have meetings from eight to four, and Wednesday I have a meeting from nine to noon, with my flight departing at ten Wednesday night.”

“I get back in town early Wednesday afternoon, so lets try to get a round in then.” Mike replied.

“Lets do that, sounds like a great time. Plus, it’s been a while since I kicked your ass in a game of golf.” Ron said with a grin. “All joking aside I really appreciate you guys letting me stay here for the week, it means a lot.

“We wouldn’t have it any other way Ron.” I said. “Make sure you don’t make plans for dinner tomorrow, I’d like to make you a home cooked meal.”

“Kim, you don’t have to do that.” Ron replied.

“I know, but I insist. You seem to have forgot with me being laid off I have all the time in the world. Prepping a dinner will help the day go quicker.” I said with a smile.

“Dad, is the company sending a car for you in the morning?” Mike asked.

“No, with it being so close it’ll be so much easier to call a cab.” His Dad replied.

“I can give you a lift to work.” I told Ron.

“No…no… Kim, you’ve done enough already. I don’t mind taking a cab, but thank you.

“Well you let me know if you change your mind, and here let me write down our address for when you call the cab”.

After dinner Mike and his dad went into the basement and played a few games of pool, while I sat on the patio with a cocktail, enjoying the beautiful summer evening. About an hour or so later they walked out to the patio, and I could tell I wasn’t the only one drinking.

“So who won boys?”

“Dad took the best out of five series, three games to two.”

“Beat him on his home turf, just like I plan on doing with golf later this week.”

They both laughed as Mike held a clinched fist up to his Dad.

“Congrats Ron, you win a free cocktail with me.” I said, needing one myself.

“Well I hate to cut the party short, but I need to hit the sack, early flights suck. Kim, I’ll call you sometime in the morning, and dad I’ll see you Wednesday.” Mike said as he walked in and went to bed.

“Ron, your not calling it quits for the night are you?”

“What time is it?” He asked looking at his watch. “Nine thirty, yeah I’ll take another, I don’t have to get up until six forty five. Anyways I wouldn’t want to leave you out here to drink alone.”

I chuckled, “Thanks. Why don’t you mix us up some drinks, while I hop in the shower?” I asked with a flirty grin.

“I could do that.” Ron replied.

“Great, meet you back here in ten minutes.” I said has I hurried into the house.

I was getting quite excited in the shower thinking about the fun I was going to have teasing my father in law this evening and the next few days.

After I finished with my shower, I put my blouse, skirt, bra, and blue satin panties in the hamper. I put my bra, then panties in last paying careful attention to the position of both. I intentionally left the hamper lid open in hopes of sparking my father in law’s interest in his daughter in law’s freshly wore panties, that he was peeking at earlier today.

I quietly went in our bedroom trying not to wake Mike who was surprisingly already a sleep. I closed the door and turned the light on above the dresser.

“No bra or panties tonight.”I thought.

I found my v neck cotton nighty. I slipped it over my head and looked in the mirror.

“Perfect.”I thought to myself.

The tight fitting cotton is so thin you can see my nipples protruding and the v cut gives a great view of my cleavage. It hangs to about mid thigh, and without any panties Bayan escort on it’ll give me many opportunities to flash my shaved pussy.

I opened the bedroom door and walked down the hall into the kitchen.

“The drinks are on the patio table. I need to use the bathroom.” Ron said as my erect nipples made it a struggle for him to maintain eye contact.

As the bathroom door closed, I felt my pussy beginning to get moist. I was so curious to see if my father in law would pick up my bra and panties.

I made my way to the patio, the warm breeze had picked up significantly. I sat down and had a sip of my vodka and cranberry. As I was putting my glass down, Ron walked out.

“Ron are you trying to get me drunk?” I said smiling, referring to how strong Ron made my drink.

“Hey you said yourself, it’s not like you have work tomorrow.” He replied as he sat down and took a drink.

“That breeze feels so good.” I said brushing the hair out of my eyes. “But I’ll be right back, I need to get a hair clip.” I said as I stood up.

“Could you drop a couple more ice cubes in here for me?” Ron asked as he handed me his drink.

“Anything for you Ron.”

As I walked toward the patio door I could feel the breeze lifting the back of my nighty, I didn’t bother trying to hold it down. I grabbed the door handle and I could see Ron looking my way in the reflection of the glass door.

“That’s just the beginning Ron.” I thought to myself.

I set Ron’s glass on the counter and headed to the bathroom curious to see if my bra and panties were moved. The first thing I noticed was the hamper lid was closed. I walked over and lifted the lid, sure enough he must have picked them up. The bra was now laying on the panties, I smiled. Did he look at my bra to see what size my tits were?

I was also turned on thinking about my father in law picking up my warm panties and smelling them. I wondered if he rubbed his dick on them imagining it was my pussy. I grabbed a hair clip and headed back to the kitchen.

I grabbed Ron’s glass and walked around the counter to the refrigerator. I open the freezer door and grabbed the bag of ice. I dropped a couple cubes in the glass, put the ice away and walked outside to hand Ron his drink.

“Here you go.”

“Thanks, Kim.”

I sat down across from Ron at the glass top patio table. I was sitting with my right leg tucked under my left thigh, which with the light of the tiki torches would give My father in law a great view of my aroused wet pussy lips and clit through the clear glass of the table. The breeze kept my nipples hard and poking through the thin fabric of my cotton nighty as we talked.

Throughout our conversations Ron tried his hardest to be a gentleman and not gawk at my nipples or wet cunt that were exposed for him . But as his whisky kicked in, he became a little more daring. I caught him staring more than a few times. I would just pick up my phone or take a drink and act like I was unaware of the display I was putting on of my most intimate body parts for him. I love this attention he’s giving me.

Rob finished his drink, and said, “Well Kim, unfortunately I need to call it a night. Do you mind if I take a shower before I head to bed?”

“Not at all, I’ll show you where the towels are.”

We grabbed our empty glasses and Rob followed me in the house. After setting the glasses on the countertop, I led him down the hall to the bathroom. I could feel his eyes on my ass during the short walk.

“They’re right in here.” I said as I opened the bathroom cabinet.” Just throw the towel in the hamper when your done, I’ll be doing the wash in the morning.”

“Thanks a lot Kim. I had a great night, it was nice to talk and share a drink or three with you.”

“Same here Ron, and don’t forget, I’m cooking for you tomorrow.” I say as I leaned in to give him a hug, making sure to noticeably squeeze my tits against his chest.

“I look forward to it.” He replied.

I walked out of the bathroom and back into the kitchen. The clock on the stove read ten twenty. I was to worked up to go to bed and being the unemployed lush that I am, I decided to pour myself another drink.

I grabbed my drink and walked down the hall toward our computer room. I heard the shower turn on as I walked past the bathroom.

I sat down at the computer desk and turned the monitor on for some late night picture posting. With the exhibition I put on for my father in law earlier I was feeling so sexually excited. I slid my index finger along the length of my sopping wet pussy lips. My finger was glazed with my warm, clear fluid that coated the inside of my vaginal walls seconds ago. I grabbed the flash drive which has all of my nude photos, plugged it in, and opened the file titled “Personal Photo’s”.

I heard the shower turn off. I had another naughty thought cross my mind, I could post pictures anytime. I wanted to give my father in law something more to think about as he went to bed.

I turned off the monitor, grabbed my drink, and quickly made my way down the hall.

I quietly closed our bedroom door, and Escort walked in to Ron’s room. I turned on the light, setting my cocktail on the dresser. I walked to the closet where we keep the extra pillows and sheets and knelt down, waiting for Ron to walk in. My heart was racing, I couldn’t believe I was about to do this. I knew this would certainly give him something to think about as he laid in bed.

I heard the bathroom door open, and Ron walking down the hallway. I bent over and leaned into the closet. My nighty rode up my back leaving my bare ass, and dripping wet pussy fully on display. He paused as he walked into his room.

I held my position for what seemed like an eternity, then I looked over my shoulder. Ron was standing there in his sweatpants and tee shirt taking in the view.

“Oh my I’m so sorry Kim.” He whispered. ” I didn’t…”

I pulled the back of my nighty down and stood up with a pillow case in my hand. “Oh Ron… I, I, I didn’t hear the shower turnoff. Oh my, I feel so embarrassed.” I continued, “I was just going to put a clean pillow case on for you.” I said walking toward the head of the bed.

Ron tried to break the feeling of awkwardness by saying, “Don’t feel embarrassed, it was an accident.”

“I can’t believe that just happened Ron.” I chuckled.

“You can’t believe it? I can’t believe it.” Ron said with a grin.

“We’re good right? I don’t want this to make things awkward for the rest of your stay.” I said, as I finished putting his pillow case on.

“I’m ok with it, as long as you are.” He replied.

“Good, then it’s behind us. No pun intended.”I said with my sexiest grin.

I couldn’t help but notice the outline of Ron’s cock in his sweatpants. I grabbed the pillow case that I just changed and walk towards the door.

“Good night Ron, see you tomorrow.”

“Good night Kim.”

I walk out the door and turned around, “Can’t forget this.” I said as I grabbed my drink off the dresser.

I walked in the kitchen with the biggest smile on my face. I could feel my pussy juice dripping. It starting to make my inner thighs wet. I take a drink and set my glass on the table. I realize that I’m still holding the pillowcase.

I walk to the bathroom and open up the hamper to throw the pillow case in, and I noticed that my blue panties were partially sticking out of Ron’s towel. I turn around and close the bathroom door. I walked back to the hamper and pulled out Ron’s wet towel. Sure enough my panties were folded up in the towel. I open the towel up and immediately notice that the gusset of my satin panties were covered with my father in law’s thick, warm cum. I’ve never seen so much cum before.

The thoughts start spinning in my head. I want to rub his cum all over my aroused cunt, but I know that with me not being on any birth control that may not be my smartest idea.

I place my finger in my father in law’s fresh sperm, I can’t believe how warm it is. I put my finger to my lips and lick it with the tip of my tongue. I do it again, but this time I use two fingers and scoop more. I never thought I’d have Ron’s cum in my mouth. My pussy wants it, no I’d say it needs it.

I carefully slide my cum saturated panties on, trying not to spill any. Before I finish pulling them all the way up, I spread my slick pussy lips with my left hand and pull the satin waistband up with my right. I press the sperm covered gusset into my cunt, and feel his warm cum invading my pussy. I walked to the door and opened it.

I made my way down the hall with my nighty concealing the fact that I was wearing panties that my father in law came in less than ten minutes ago. As I approach the bedrooms I see Ron’s door is open. I think of how I want to hang a right and go sit on Ron’s hard cock.

“What’s happening?” I think to myself. I’m used to being in control while teasing, but I don’t feel in control anymore. I smartly decide to choose the door on the left, I slowly open it and walk in. I creep to the dresser and open the second drawer from the top which has all of my toys in it. I grab my favorite, a eight inch long, thick dildo and quietly close the drawer.

I walk towards the door with my dildo in my hand making no attempt to conceal it as I enter the dark hallway. Still resisting the urge to walk into Ron’s room and ride him to orgasm, I head to the bathroom and close the door.

I carefully slide off my panties, again trying not to spill any sperm. I sit on the edge of the tub and spread my legs wide. I part my pussy lips and start to slide my toy into my slick, drenched cunt. I quietly let a mown out, as I imagine it’s Ron’s dick penetrating me. I resist the urge to cum, and pull out my glistening toy, and set it next to me on the edge of the tub.

I carefully grab my panties and using my fingers I scoop up the thick wad of cum, which pools in the palm of my hand. My aroused pussy is literally leaking my vaginal fluid down the outside of the tub as it waits to receive my father in law’s load. I take my left index and middle finger and spread my lips exposing the opening of my vaginal canal. I take my right hand and place it between my legs, and slide three of my sperm cover fingers in my awaiting pussy. I tilt the palm of my hand and the warm sperm slides from the palm of my hand, down to my fingers, which funnels the cum in to my awaiting pussy.

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