My Fantasy Weekend Ch. 07

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Message from author: I know it’s been a long time since the last chapter of this series was posted, and I apologize for that. It was unavoidable. This story pushes the edges of many envelopes, especially in this chapter. If you haven’t read the previous chapters, you might not understand some of things going on in this chapter.


I looked into Julie’s eyes and reached out to take the ‘Fuck-Me-Panties’ from her. Yes, I heard her warning – I heard it loud and clear. Yes, I knew that if I put them on, both she and Cathy were going to have a turn at me with the strap-on. Yes, I firmly understood that there was something more to all of it – something symbolic and powerful. I accepted all of this as I took the ‘Fuck-Me-Panties’ in my hand. By putting them on, I knew the destination of my journey tonight would end up with my ass being fucked by one, and maybe both of them. “Fine by me,” I though.

I took a step back from the bed to put the panties on, but, Cathy moved to my side and took the panties away from me. “Here,” Cathy said, “let me help you.” In a way, her offer made me feel submissive to her, a feeling I was beginning to enjoy and cherish.

As she had done already once this evening, she knelt in front of me to help me put on my panties. Cathy held the ‘Fuck-Me-Panties’ open for me to step into….. first one leg, and then the other followed by Cathy pulling the soft and stretchy panties up my legs, stopping at mid-thigh. I wondered why she had stopped but when I saw her look at Julie and then nod, I realized there was something symbolic about not pulling my panties all the way up my legs.

Cathy got up from her kneeling position and moved back to stand side by side with Julie, who had moved to the middle of the room. “Greg,” Julie said, “tonight is kind of a ‘Rite Of Passage’ night for you. But, when it’s over, I don’t want you to feel like you were tricked or forced into anything. If you want to continue, you’ll need to pull those up yourself. We’ll consider that to be your voluntary permission to continue with what we have planned. So, pull them up and stick your cock through the front hole if you’re ready.”

I didn’t need to think about it. Why the hell would I hesitate now? Through the proceeding weeks and all the things we had done, Julie had never hurt, disappointed or disrespected me. She had never led me to a dangerous place and always seemed to be one step ahead of my own realization of my feelings. I had trusted her up to this point….. so, why shouldn’t I trust her now? After all, she’s my wife….. she wasn’t going to hurt me and she had never let me down. I wasn’t going to second guess any of it now, that’s for sure. I proudly pulled the ‘Fuck-Me-Panties’ up and stuck my hard cock through the hole cut in the front of the silky material. It WAS symbolic, my actions were, I mean….. putting that specific pair of panties on meant I wanted to have my ass fucked and was willing to let them do whatever they wanted to do to me. Once they were on, I felt a sense of freedom, release and desire the likes I haven’t felt in a long time.

Julie came to hug and kiss me. She didn’t say anything, but, the way she hooked her hand behind my neck and pulled me down to her told me she was happy, hot, horny and overdue for some action. “I love you, Greg,” she said, “more than anything in the world. I’ve worked for weeks to bring you to this point….. I hope you enjoy and get into all of this. But if you want to stop, just say so.”

Taking me by the hand, she led me over to the side of the bed and told me to bend down over it. As I did, I knew my ass would be in the exact position that it was in the first time she took my ass with her strap-on.

When I was in the position she desired, she patted my back and told me to stay like that. Turning away from me, she walked toward her closet and opened the door and motioned for Cathy to join her. Julie reached in and took out a large bag from the adult store we visit and handed it to Cathy.

With the bag in her hand, Cathy came over next to me and dumped the contents out on the bed. There was another strap-on harness, similar to the one Julie and I used. There were two dildos, which, I assumed were for the strap-ons. I went through a momentary panic noticing they were much larger than the one Julie had used on me before. There was a butt plug, some anal lubricant and a pink blindfold. The last item was a life size life like dildo, with a spongy covering.

Shortly, Cathy was joined by Julie who had our normal collection of toys which included her own strap-on harness and the regular dildo she used to make love to my ass.

“These,” Julie said, holding up the two larger dildos, “are for Cathy and I to use on each other.” The momentary panic I went through when I first saw them was instantly relieved, happy now that they wouldn’t be pushing their way up my ass, but instead pushing their way into each other’s vaginas.

“The butt plug is for you…. and this,” holding up the life like dildo, “is for you, too. But, don’t worry, it’s not going in your bottom, Honey. It’s Escort Bayan for you to suck on later. If you’re going to experience sex as a woman, you’ll need to sharpen up your cock sucking skills. It’s all part of being a woman, Dear.”

Julie pulled Cathy behind me and I felt her lower my panties down below my ass. The feel of her pulling them down and exposing my ass to them gave me a terrific thrill. My mind started to prepare myself for a fucking and I wiggled my ass out to them and spread my legs a little to make their access easier. To my dismay, they didn’t fuck me.

“Open that anal lube, would you?” Julie said to Cathy. Cathy reached over to pick up the anal lube from the bed, looked down at me and smiled teasingly.

“Now,” Julie said, “put some of that on your finger and run it around his hole first. Gradually use more and more while you put your finger in him a little at a time and once you have him nice and slippery, ease the butt plug in. But, don’t rush it – take as much time as you want. Tease him a little if you want to…… believe me, he won’t complain. Make him anticipate your fingers… he loves that. Try to get the feel of his butt so you can judge how tense he is and when he finally relaxes.”

I felt Cathy’s finger touch my hole. The cold lube startled me a bit, but it wasn’t that bad and I lay there quietly so she could lube my ass. “Make sure you use a lot of lube back there,” Julie told Cathy, “it has a desensitizing agent in it that will help him relax and enjoy his penetrations later.”

Julie bent down on the bed and moved next to me so that her face was right next to mine as if she was going to kiss me. She ran her fingers through my hair and smiled at me. While Cathy’s finger worked on my ass, Julie and I kissed and rubbed noses and cuddled as best we could given the position I was in. “Greg,” Julie said, “just trust me, you’re going to love this. We’re going to be very careful and I’ll be watching out for you the whole time. Just relax and get into it. You get to watch for a while before we take your ass, I know you’ll get off on watching Cathy and I fuck each other with the strap-ons. After you watch us do each other, then it will be your turn. And don’t try to make yourself cum because it will spoil the surprises I have planned for you later.”

Julie lay with me for a few more minutes while Cathy fingered and lubed my ass. I was content to let her do it all night, too, because what she was doing felt fantastic. Her finger was like a small slender dildo gliding effortlessly into me, pressing on my prostrate and then fucking me. I relaxed my ass to take more of her finger and allow her to go as deep as she wanted to go.

“I think he’s all ready for the butt plug now,” Cathy said, “should I put it in him?”

Julie smiled, kissed me and then said “I’ll be right back, Honey, you just relax and stay right where you are.” Hell, I wasn’t going to go anywhere! I closed my eyes and concentrated on Cathy’s finger as it moved in and out of my ass. She definitely did a good job with the lube and her finger easily moved in and out of me, just like a finger going in and out of a well lubricated vagina. I was really enjoying the pampering and the gentle feel of her touch. I really didn’t want it to end.

“Can you get two fingers in him?” I heard Julie ask. I felt some slight pressure back there, but, her gentle touching and the lube had relaxed me enough to easily accommodate the extra finger and it wasn’t uncomfortable at all. In fact, it felt rather exciting to be bent over and exposed like that, with these two women playing with my ass. I started to feel like a slut….. and you know….. I loved it. I wiggled my ass and moaned so they would know what they were doing to me.

After a minute, I heard Julie tell Cathy to go ahead and slip the butt plug into me. “Just the tip at first,” Julie instructed, “then, ease it in a little at a time.” Julie came back around and lay on the bed next to me again. Smiling, she asked, “Are you doing okay so far?” I nodded that I was fine and she added, “the butt plug will help stretch you a little, Darling, then it will feel much better for you when you take our cocks. I really want you to enjoy this and experience the same penetration a woman would feel. The butt plug will help get you ready for that.”

My cock was throbbing. Even thought I couldn’t see it, I knew it was leaking copious amounts of pre-cum and I was expected it to start to throb and explode any second now. I had one of those hard-ons where the head of my cock was actually aching from the volume of blood surging through it. Each erotic thing that was happening took me one step closer to the edge, making me harder and I was loving every minute of it. I felt the butt plug finally slip all the way in me and plop into place. By itself, it simply felt good, filling my ass, giving me this nice and snug erotic feeling.

Having slipped the butt plug into me, Cathy pulled my panties back to my hips as Julie got up from the bed. She pulled me up and we kissed for a short minute before she Bayan Escort put her hands on my chest and said “Okay, Panty Boy, it’s play time. You just watch for now…… and no touching that cock, Mister!”

Julie walked over to Cathy and stood in front of her. “Are you ready?” Julie asked. Cathy nodded ‘YES’ and I watched in amazement as Julie took charge of her assistant. There was a sense of tenderness between them… maybe it was something unspoken, but, the sexual connection between these two was undeniable. I wondered if Cathy had something of a submissive streak in her that Julie was trying to tap.

“You’ve been waiting a while for this, haven’t you, Cathy?” Julie asked. Cathy nodded again. “You’ve been wonderful playing along with us, and we both really appreciate it,” Julie told her, “and, now you’ll get part of your reward.”

I watched as Julie reached up to tenderly caress Cathy’s breasts, still encased in her bra. She felt them lightly, running her hands around Cathy’s bosoms and cupping them in a way that was very touching. Julie stopped her caress for a moment and reached for Cathy’s hand and pulled it toward her own crotch. Cathy let Julie guide her hand between her legs and I watched Cathy’s face as she touched Julie’s pussy through her panties. The look on her face was priceless as she felt Julie’s warmth. This might have been the first time Cathy had ever felt another girl and I could tell she was digging it. After a minute of touching, the girls fell into an embrace and kissed. Their actions were exploratory, soft and slow, warm and loving, and I could tell they were enjoying themselves with Julie leading Cathy every step of the way.

As their kiss broke, Cathy looked at me and blushed. It was so cute to see her embarrassment, but, her attention was stolen away from me when Julie took her hand and moved it up to the elastic waist band and then down into her panties. I groaned in unison with Julie as she shifted her weight and spread her legs to allow Cathy’s probing fingers to find the warmth of her vagina. I was watching my wife being felt up and it was an extremely erotic sight. Sure, I’ve had thoughts about watching my wife have sex with another man – every man has those thoughts. And as well, I’ve had thoughts of watching my wife have sex with another woman, something that’s totally normal, too. But all of that aside, what really turned me on was that my wife was being pleasured by someone else in front of me. I watched as Julie squirmed and wiggled her pussy on Cathy’s fingers while subconsciously wiggling my own bottom to feel the butt plug inside my ass.

After a minute or two of finger fucking, Julie broke their embrace and reached behind Cathy to undo her bra. Stepping behind Cathy and turning her to me, she slipped the bra down Cathy’s shoulders and off. After tossing the bra to me, she held Cathy’s breasts in her hands like she was offering them up for me to see.

Cathy’s eyes were closed and she had a slight smile on her face as Julie tweaked her nipples, teasing them both and pulling on them lightly. I sat down on the bed and started to stroke my cock as I watched them play. Over Cathy’s shoulder, Julie gave me a stern look – which I immediately understood as an order to stop my stroking.

Still standing behind Cathy, she moved her hands to Cathy’s waist and hooked her hands into Cathy’s panties. Still facing me, Julie started to lower Cathy’s panties, not stopping until they were at her thighs. Her vagina was perfectly framed for me and I had an unobstructed view of her until Julie’s hand found its way to her wet sex and started to fondle her lips. I could hear the unmistakable sound of wet pussy lips as Julie’s fingers masturbated her. With her eyes still closed, Cathy started to breathe deeper and soon it turned into panting as Julie concentrated on her clit and alternately pushing her fingers inside the girl’s wet vagina.

Soon, Cathy started to move and sway in time with Julie’s touch, bearing herself down on my wife’s fingers. When she came, she grunted and moaned “Yes! Yes!” so loud that it startled me. Damn, what a sight to behold. I reached for my cock again, but, stopped myself before I could touch it. I really needed some relief – this was absolute torture not being able to stroke my cock while watching them.

“Are you ready to be fucked now?” Julie asked. “Uh-huh.” Cathy answered.

“Move up and lay on the bed, then,” Julie said to Cathy, “and lay next to my husband. Show him how horny girls lay when we want to be fucked.”

Cathy crawled on the bed and lay next to me. She drew her knees up and opened them. I saw and heard her vagina open, her lips making a wet sound as they parted . What a huge thrill it was to see her pink inner lips blossom open to reveal her moist vaginal entrance in such an inviting and lewd manner.

I looked over to see Julie putting on her strap-on with the new dildo she’d purchased just for this occasion. I felt a twinge of jealously for an instant, but, the feeling went away when Julie walked over to me and asked me to ‘get Escort her ready’. I knew exactly what she meant, and as Julie moved closer to the bed, I met her fake cock with my mouth and began to suck it. This was something I had done numerous times before, but never in front of someone. Julie must have sensed my timid reluctance to suck her cock as fully as I usually do.

“Come on Panty Boy, don’t be embarrassed,” Julie said, “take my cock and suck it like you usually do so I can fuck her. The longer you take, the longer she has to wait. Come on, done be embarrassed…. It’s just us, Honey. I’ve told her how good you can suck a cock, now it’s time for you to show her I was telling the truth.”

Her words touched something in me and I immediately started to suck that cock like there was no tomorrow. I grabbed it with my hand and slobbered all over it, running my mouth up and down and taking it as deep as I could. Julie had spent countless hours coaching me on how to get her ready, and it was time to make her proud……. And that’s just what I did.

After two or three minutes of cock sucking, she pulled the cock from my mouth, patted my head and said “Now watch her closely so you know what you’re supposed to do.”

Julie got on the bed between Cathy’s spread legs and placed the dildo snuggly at the opening of the girl’s pussy. She rubbed the fake cock up and down her wet slit until the cock head finally found its home. “Ready?” Julie asked Cathy.

I looked up to see Cathy nod that she was ready. When Julie slipped the cock into her, Cathy’s eyes slowly shut and her head rolled back with a deep sigh, “Ooooohhhhhh.”

Julie fucked her slowly at first, sliding the cock all the way into her and then all the way out. Then pausing for a moment and repeating the cycle time after time. As Julie’s speed increased, Cathy started to come alive and move in time with Julie’s thrusts. Soon, they were moving in unison with Cathy tilting her pelvis up to receive the cock deeper and deeper on each thrust. Cathy’s hands moved to her own nipples and she squeezed and pinched them. Her fingers took no mercy on her nipples as Julie’s rhythm settled into a deep, repetitive thrusting into Cathy’s pussy.

Cathy was in her own little world now, her eyes were closed and she was moving in a way to allow the maximum depth to each of Julie’s thrusts. I could see Cathy’s inner lips stretching to grip the cock, pulling outwards when Julie withdrew out of her and disappear inwards when Julie pushed in. The marvel and wonderment of this girl’s vagina was evident to me as I watched her being fucked from a vantage point I had never once enjoyed – until now.

Within a few minutes, Cathy’s breathing increased and she started to moan. “Oh, yes… fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

Julie’s pace increased and I looked down to see Cathy’s pussy was wetter than I would have thought was possible. Her pussy juice, liberally flowing from around the pounding cock, was filling the room with her scent. I couldn’t contain myself any longer – I just had to stroke my cock. As my hand found it and started to stroke it, I looked to see if Julie was going to get upset with me. I needn’t have worried, though, as Julie’s eyes were closed and her teeth were clenched as she continued to fuck our young lingerie salesgirl.

When Cathy came, it was like a long slow build and then a noisy release. She started to moan, saying “Oh, yes, I’m going to cum!” Then a little louder, “I’m going to cum!” I took my hand away from my cock so I could watch her pussy closely when she finally was there. A small stream of juice came squirting from around the cock, soaking Julie’s cock and crotch and I knew Cathy was exploding. “Yes!” Cathy screamed.

Julie pushed the cock deeply into Cathy’s pussy and held it there until Cathy’s shuddering climax ended. There was no doubt that Julie had given Cathy a good fucking – this wasn’t some show they concocted for my benefit – my wife fucked this girl well and Cathy’s cum was spectacular.

“Panty Boy,” Julie said, “sometimes a woman will have to suck her man after he’s fucked her. Some women don’t like to do that because they don’t like to taste their own pussy juice, but, you won’t give us any trouble, will you?”

At first I didn’t understand what Julie meant. But, I understood her meaning exactly when she reached over to pull my face down to her cock as it was still embedded in Cathy’s vagina.

My mind went into slow motion as I realized my wife was pushing my head down into another woman’s crotch. Cathy’s pussy was soaking wet and as I got close enough, my tongue began to lick the girl’s juices from my wife’s cock as well as Cathy’s vagina. Slowly, Julie pulled out of Cathy pussy, letting me clean the dildo and Cathy’s pussy as she did so.

As the cock pulled free, she pushed my head onto it and I began to suck her as I did before, but this time enjoying the smell and taste of Cathy’s thoroughly fucked pussy. I opened my eyes to find both Julie and Cathy watching me take the cock deeply into my mouth, opening my throat to allow the cock to push all the way down until the base of the strap-on was touching my nose. I had even surprised myself….. taking the whole length of the cock until I needed to take a breath. Pulling my mouth off the cock, Julie smiled and told me I had done well.

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