My Fantasy Nights – Part 3

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My Fantasy Nights – Part 3This is the third installment about how many of my fantasies have come true for me thanks to my loving wife. As noted in previous stories, my sex interests tend to be more kinky than my wife’s, but she has been willing to try out some of the wilder things with me.As I stated in the second installment, we had tried out some very mild bondage and domination recently, with both of us assuming the submissive position at various times. I really prefer that my wife dominate me and I wish that she would get into it a little more. I trust her and know that she would never hurt me. However, I do wish that she could go with it and get a little “bitchy” in her demeanor and be more demanding when taking the lead role.Knowing my wife, I think that I would be willing to try most anything she would come up with. For example, I could never envision her requiring me to wear any women’s clothes or whip me hard enough to bruise. She just is not into the kinky scene that much, and I do not think that I am either.This story is different from the others in that we have not actually lived through it yet. However, I can always hope.Early one Saturday recently, my wife surprised me with the statement that she would be taking charge for the day and night. If I was interested in “playing” that night, I would have to do exactly as she instructed. I did not have to agree, but if I did not, she would be having sex that night by herself, at least with her hand and a variety of vibrators. She also said that if I did agree, I would be subject to her desires and my primary function was her pleasure.She knew the answer before she brought it up. As much as I would love to see her pleasure herself with a dildo deep in her pussy, of course I would agree. My fantasy is for her to be my mistress. My cock was already hardening at the mere thoughts of what she could possibly have in mind. Hopefully it would include her giving my ass a good work out and force feeding me a completely messy creampie. I was sure that no matter what direction the evening took, I would get at least as much pleasure as she was going to get from me. And if she took it to a level we had not gone before, it would be even more incredible.She did not mention anything about her previous statement for a long while. The rest of the day, I kept a semi-hard cock and was drooling pre-cum constantly from just thinking about the possibilities. Later that afternoon, she said that she would like to go out to see a movie. I was to wear some loose shorts, because she might like to play with her “toy” while we were out. And oh by the way, she had a surprise for me – a satiny thong. Now I did not know where she got this because the only special underwear I had was a black pouch style g-string. I could not tell if they were for males or females. And how did she know my size. Great, now I would certainly be walking around with a hardon in underwear that might be for a woman and I would probably have a spot on my shorts.We went to the movies and as we sat there, she never touched me. However, the torment of waiting for her to grab my cock kept me hard the entire movie. My mind raced. To prolong the agony, she told me to stop by a restaurant. Even more torment for my cock.She teased me during dinner by taking off her sandals and rubbing my bare legs with her foot. A few times she also moved her foot up to my cock for a rub. She also licked her lips often, and always in a sexual manner. She knew what she was doing – my cock and balls ached from the excitement.Finally, we finished dinner and drove to the house. As I was entering the house, she grabbed my cock and balls with one hand and my ass with the other. She said, “Tonight, these are mine.” Instant erection again.When we entered the house, she took me to the den and turned, looking sternly at me. She said, “As you agreed, tonight I am in total charge. For the rest of the night, you will follow all my instructions completely. If you do not, you will be punished. You are not to speak unless I ask you a question. Then, you may respond, but you will always address me as Mistress or Ma’am. Do you understand?”I responded,Yes” “Yes, what?””Yes, I understand””Well, I was going to let the first one tuzla escort go, but you apparently want to try me. I told you to address me as Mistress or Ma’am. You will receive five licks for that little mistake. Would you like more?I lied and said, “No, Mistress.” Boy she was getting into this better than I could have hoped. This was going to be good.She told me to go clean myself “completely”. I was told to shave my cock and balls and trim my pubic hair. She said that she liked her cocks “neat”. Also, she told me to shave my face, since she preferred to fuck my face without any stubble. I retreated to the bathroom. I retrieved the clippers and trimmed all my pubes short. Next, I took a shower and shaved my cock and balls slick. Of course, I had to keep pushing my hard cock out of the way to finish. Lastly, I cleaned myself out with an enema. I made sure to shoot some KY deep into my ass, in case she wanted to give it to me deep.After cleaning up, I put my gym shorts on and went back downstairs. Her reaction was immediate. “Did I tell you to put on those shorts? I want to be able to see how well you cleaned up and trimmed. That little mistake will cost you another five licks. Now get those shorts off.”I quickly took off the shorts. Now I was starting to get a little worried. If she was getting into the Mistress role that well, she just might give me a good thrashing. Now I had 10 licks total.”Go upstairs and draw my bath. I will be up for you to give me my bath shortly.”I ran her bath and waited patiently for her to arrive. She came into the bathroom and stood in front of me, waiting. “Well, take my clothes off. I can not take a bath fully clothed.”Immediately, I removed her clothes and took them into the laundry room. When I came back into the bathroom, she had already gotten into the tub. She looked at me with a peeved look on her face. “First, the bath is too cold – that is five licks, and I did not tell you to put my dirty clothes away – that is five licks.”Oh, shit. I better pay attention to the details. I now had 20 licks coming. At least my cock was still hard.I must have done all right with the bath, because she seemed pleased as she stood to be dried. After she was dried, she walked into the bedroom. The velcro cuffs were tied to the bed posts and a black thong was laid out on the bed. She told me to get on my knees and kiss her pussy, which I did eagerly. After a few licks from her asshole to her clit, she pulled my head away and told me to get the thong. She told me to put the thong on her; that was as close as I was to get to her pussy for a while.Next, she told me to get a large towel. When I returned, she had placed an oversized pillow lengthwise on the bed. She took the towel from me and laid it over the pillow and covering part of the bedsheets. Then she told me to get the box of “toys” out. We have a box we keep our collection of dildos, vibrators, etc. in. I was instructed to get the cock ring from the box. I did not realize that she remembered we had that.She told me to put the cock ring around my cock and balls and cinch it up. She did not want my cock going off until she said it was okay. She reached over to the nightstand and retrieved a condom and the jar of Icy Hot. She got some of the Icy Hot and rubbed it on my hard cock. Then she opened the condom and rolled it down my cock. She said that she knew my cock would be leaking and she didn’t want me getting pre-cum or Icy Hot on the linens. It was a good thing I had the cock ring on, or I might have shot off right then.She told me to get on the bed and lay face down on the pillow. I did and as she began to put the cuffs on my wrists and ankles, she told me what was next. She said that I had not been getting her off as much as she deserved recently and that she would make sure that she received what she needed. Also, she told me that was going to fill my ass up so that I would know how she had felt when I did her and that she would be “opening” my ass up. (I had told her before that part of my anal desires was to know how she felt receiving my cock. Also, as part of my domination session with her as the sub, I had stretched her pussy lips to the maximum and filler her completely.) She also sancaktepe escort pointed out that I had not followed directions and she would be administering my complete complement of 20 licks with her whip. This was what I had been dreaming of for months – she had decided to take complete control.By this time, I was secured to the bed, with my ass and torso elevated. She went back to the toy box and got out the blindfold and a set of ear plugs. As she laid them on the bed, she said that she would put those on shortly. She wanted me to see the toys in my future. She got out the whip, which she slapped against her hand and smiled. Then she retrieved several dildos and vibrators of various sizes and a butt plug I had purchased. She also got out the massage oil, massage cream, and the KY.She placed the blindfold over my eyes and secured it. She reached over and got the massage oil, pouring it down my spine to my ass crack. She began to rub the massage oil all over my back and ass cheeks. This was very relaxing and I moaned. She told me to be quiet or there would be more licks.She poured some more oil down my ass crack and over my hole. As she rubbed it in, she slipped the first of what I was sure would be several fingers into my asshole. She massaged my hole and finger fucked me. When she was satisfied that I was lubed up enough, she put two fingers in and continued the fingering. At this point, she informed me that I would need my ass opened up completely to take all of what she planned. Oh God, this was going to be great!A third finger joined the first two, and eventually a fourth was added. It felt incredible and this was only the beginning. I could tell that her whole hand was pounding me up to the thumb. I asked for her whole hand and she informed me that she would decide how much I would get, but she could assure me that I would be satisfied. Again, I was thankful for the cock ring.She suddenly removed her hand and reached for a soft vibrator, which I heard her turn on. She rolled a condom on it and lubed it with some oil. She slid it completely into my ass and began to fuck it in and out. I moaned again and raised my ass off the pillow. She slapped my ass and told me to be still. That would be another five licks. She pushed the vibrator deep into my ass and told me to hold it in.She said that I had better hold that vibrator in my ass while she gave me my 25 licks. She had opened my ass up and now it felt like she wanted me to hold this small lubed toy. This would be a challenge.She reached over and got the whip. She told me to count out the licks as she administered them. She began to slap my ass (not too hard, not to soft, just right). I counted them out – one, two, three I felt the vibrator slipping out and squeezed down on it. Twelve, thirteen, f******n I counted out each lick. This was incredible! ! Finally, she got to the 25th lick and complimented my ability to accept my punishment.She reached back and pulled the vibrator from my ass. She said, “You did so well with that, I think you will be rewarded with a larger toy.” With that she reached over and retrieved a larger vibrating butt plug. She lubed it liberally with the KY and pressed the tip against my puckered asshole. She told me to relax, which I did and pushed out as she applied more pressure against the plug. Finally, my sphincter relaxed enough to accept the plug and it popped into my ass completely. The base was flared to hold it in place.She said that that should keep me busy for a while. She was right, my ass felt filled, but I felt the plug beginning to slip. With that, I felt her get off the bed and she slapped me on the ass. She said that she was thirsty and would be back after she had a drink. I was told that I had better not let the plug slip out while she was away. With that, she put the ear plugs in my ears so that I could not hear anythingI waited patiently, laying bound with my ass vibrating away until she returned. I could not hear her come back into the room, but her arrival was announced by another slap on my ass. I jumped from the surprise. Then I felt her hand grabbing the base of the plug to remove it. I was again complimented for holding the plug in.She removed one üsküdar escort of the ear plugs and whispered in my ear. She was going to unbind me and turn me over. She began to remove the cuffs and when I could, I turned over on my back. My cock was throbbing and felt larger than it ever had in my life. She removed the pillow from under me, but left the towel. She rebound my hands and feet.Next, she took the condom off me and commented on the fact that my cock was certainly hard enough to please her. She took a washcloth and wiped off the Icy Hot from my cock. She also loosened the cock ring. At this point she climbed over me and fed my cock into her juicy cunt with one quick stroke. She grabbed my nipples and began fucking me. I knew I would not last long with this and apparently she did too.She climbed off me and retrieved a double headed dildo she had laid out. She lubed it up well and approached my ass. She told me to relax my ass and spread my legs. I did spread them as far as the bindings would allow. She reached down and held my ass open with one hand. With the other hand, she pressed one end of the dildo against my asshole. I pushed out as she pushed in and the dildo began to feed into my ass inch by inch. This might have been the best part so far.When she had buried 8-10 inches of the dildo in my ass, she gave it a few strokes. When she tired of giving me a deep ass fucking, she climbed back up to my face. She removed my blindfold and lowered her cunt, which was opened in excitement, to my waiting mouth. I love eating her pussy and this was like the nectar of the gods. I sucked and licked her enthusiastically. As she approached orgasm, she grabbed my hair and pulled my face hard against her cunt. She began moaning loudly and spasmed repeatedly in a huge orgasm. Her cunt cream poured over my face as I lapped as much of it as I could. She held my face in her pussy until the spasms stopped and she sort of deflated as she let my head go.When she had received all she needed from my tongue, she dismounted from my head. She retrieved the vibrating butt plug she had previously used and took out the nylon straps which attach to make it a strap-on. Now this was getting out of sight.She stepped into the straps and pulled the dildo to her waist. Before she began, she let my feet from the cuffs and told me to hold my legs up. She was going to give me a good ass fucking. I had asked for this many times, but she had not wanted to go as far as a strap-on. I held my legs up as she pulled the dildo from deep in my ass.She looked straight into my eyes and began to slowly slide the dildo into my ass. Both the dildo and my ass were still lubed, so it slid in completely in one stroke. She turned on the vibrator and began to stroke back and forth. This was more than I could have hoped for. As she fucked me with deep strokes, she reached up and touched my cock and tweaked my nipples. When she sensed that I was about to come, she stopped and squeezed my cock in her hands, stopping my orgasm in its tracks.When she had fucked my ass for a while, she pulled out and took the strap-on off. She then reached up and untied my hands. She lay down on her back and told me to give her my cream. My pleasure, Mistress. I slid my cock into her hungry cunt and began to pound her for everything I had. After about 12-15 strokes, I could not hold out any longer and buried my cock as deep as I could in her belly. My cock pulsed and poured the largest load of my life into her squeezing cunt.We lay together for a while and I started to get up. She said, “Where are you going? You are not through yet. Lay back down on your back.”I lay back down as instructed and she climbed back on my face. She held her cunt lips open and I could see my come begin to make its way out of her cunt.”You made a mess, and now you need to clean it up.” With that, I opened my mouth to begin licking as the first dribble of my come dripped from her cunt.I began licking her outer lips and licking deeply into her fucked-open cunt. She must have been squeezing my come out of her, because it was pouring out. I had really pumped a load into her and now I was eating the entire thing. I licked her pussy until she had another orgasm. At that point, she was satiated and we cuddled exhaustedly for several minutes.This was the last part of my total fantasy and she had done it all to me in one session. I am sure that my wife will surprise me further with other wild sessions. But those will have to wait for the next installment.

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