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my fantasy…58i suddenly wake up in your bedroom& 4 a minute i don’t know where i am…then i feel u breathing by my side& it all cums flooding back 2 me…i slowly lift the corner of the sheet& stare down at your naked bodyas i shiver with sheer excitement…my eyes move slowly 2 your chestthen on downward 2 your belly& finally 2 what i really wanna see…( your magnificent ass-r****g cock )as soon as i touch your silky penisit begins 2 slowly lengthen & thickenbe4 u have even opened your eyes& i slip down the mattress beside u2 hungrily mouth your fat cock-head…as i swirl my tongue around the ridgei feel u grow even harder in my mouth& i slowly push my lips down the shaft2 engulf inch after totally tasty inchas u continue 2 grow longer & harder until my lips encircle your thick root…suddenly your eyes open & u groan” suck it !! suck it !! suck my cock !!i wanna watch your mouth on me !! “as your hands grip the sides of my head& your ass lifts quickly up off the bed& your girthy glans invades my throat…i struggle 2 relax my taut oral opening& let your cock slip all the way inside mebe4 i slowly pull my drooling mouth away…i move down 2 your smooth shaved balls& suction each one of them in2 my mouthas i roll them wetly around on my tongue& i hear u gasp & groan loudly above me…i wrap my fingers around your fat shaftas i slide my other hand under your ass& slip a finger 2 your resisting pucker…as soon as my finger slides up in2 ui hear u groan & then softly whimper” oh fuck !! i’m fucking cumming !!! take it !! yeah !! take it !! take it all !!! “so i quickly mouth your cock-head& lock my wet lips behind your ridgejust as the first spurt bursa escort erupts from u& it splatters the roof of my mouth…i gulp & swallow over & over thirstilyas i suck down every delicious dropof your sticky steamy-hot man-seedwhile i stare up in2 your wide eyes…u look at me questioningly & i whisper” i want u 2 fuck me !! fuck my ass !!! “u just smile as u lean down & lick thigh& i feel a shiver run through my bodyas i look down in2 your eyes…u move your face up closer 2 minebut i stop u & then quietly whisper” no kissing !! “u nod & move back down 2 my legsas u lightly nip the inside of my thighthen coax me over on2 my belly…i sigh as i submissively roll over 4 u& i feel your tongue on my lower backthen in the beginning of my cleft…i moan softly as i feel your tongue& it slips in2 the crack of my assas i lift my hips upward 2wards u…i raise up on2 my hands & kneesas u pry apart my quivering cheeks& stare down at my puckered hole…i press my ass back & groan loudly” yesss… eat my ass !! make me wet !! “as your tongue flicks my taut opening& i almost collapse with pure pleasurewhen your tongue stabs deep in2 me…then u suddenly back away a little& your tongue lathers all aroundas it wets my entire cleft with saliva…when i am nice & wet with your spitu push your face right in2 my ass& plant a deep kiss on my taut holeas u force your tongue inside again…your lips massage my outer rimas your tongue wriggles deep insidethen slides in & out of my taut hole& u slowly tongue-fuck my horny ass…when i am finally nice & loosened upu begin 2 massage my slippery hole then slide a finger slowly inside me& i groan as my ass swallows bursa escort bayan it upthen grips it tightly & eagerly…i moan deeply & almost endlesslyas my ass clenches & unclenches& then u push in a second finger as i start 2 rock my ass back & 4th…i bury my face in the sheets & pillowsas u press your face in2 my open ass& start 2 lick around my horny holeas your fingers continue 2 penetrate…i twist my head around & then whisper” fuck me !! i wanna feel u inside me !! “u gently slide your fingers out of meas i twist my head around 2 look at u & i see that your cock is fully hardas i prepare 2 feel u enter my depths…i shudder as u pull my ass wide apart& i feel your cock slide up & down as u smear pre-cum all over my crack…i moan as your glans finds my wet holethen hold my breath as u begin 2 pushuntil i feel your girthy cock-head enter& i groan as my tight anal ring clenches…my inner muscles grip u very tightly& imprison u within my taut confinesas u hold very still behind my thighs…when i finally begin 2 relax a little bitu start 2 slowly move your hips around& swivel your cock-head inside my ass…then u push 4ward just a little bit more& my ass-hole takes u deeper & deeper until half your cock is buried inside me…when u spread my cheeks even furtheri start 2 play with my own erect cock& i turn around 2 stare at u & groan” i wanna feel ALL of u inside me !!! “u reach & grab the front of my thighs& pull my ass back 2ward u roughlyso my ass slides all the way on2 u…i groan as u bury yourself inside me& i can feel every inch of your cockas it stretches my tight & grippy hole…being so deeply violated is amazing& i start 2 grind escort bursa my ass backwardsas i try 2 take your fat cock deeper…i feel your balls press firmly on2 mineuntil u slowly withdraw from my ass& my clutching fuck-hole grips u tightas it tries 2 keep your girth engulfed…u finally pull almost all the way outuntil your cock-head tugs my anal ringas it tries 2 pop all the way out of me…i slowly twist my ass from side 2 sideas u push all the way back up my ass& fill my aching cavern with thick cock…i squeeze my ass on2 u as tight as i canuntil u have a hard time even moving itthen i release u just enough 2 slip back…i raise my ass just a little bit higher upas i accept the full length of your cockthen i turn 2 look back again & groan” oh my fucking god !! faster !! faster !! “as u piston your thick cock in & out…i start 2 push my hips back 2ward u& u stop moving as i increase my paceuntil i am fucking your cock steadilywith each firm back-ward ass-thrust…my own aching cock suddenly explodes& i push my face in2 the pillow & scream” oh fuck !! i’m cumming on your cock !! “as i roar through my anal-induced orgasm…my ass clenches & unclenches your cockas it tries 2 milk & massage your tool& the feeling is absolutely incredible…as my juices splatter 2 the sheets belowu grab my hips as tight as u can hold& start 2 thrust 4ward harder & deeperas u feed your cock in2 my greedy hole…u start 2 really deep-fuck my hot assas u pound down in2 my tight hole& drive my hips down against the bed…as i wriggle my hips in tiny tight circlesi hear u groan deeply & then whisper” i’m gonna cum !! i’m gonna cum !!! “as u start 2 pump cock in2 me faster& i look back over my shoulder & moan” deep in me !! cum deep deep in me !! “as i feel your thick cock spasm inside& then i feel the juicy splatters of cumas they drench the inside of my chasm…(do u wanna ??? )

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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