My Exception is You Ch. 06

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***All characters are 18+ years old***

Chapter seven is a special one. It’s amazing and probably my current favorite! I hope all of you following Clay and Bruno really enjoy this one. And in a crazy little twist I wanted to experiment with, it’s from Clay’s perspective…

Love you all, thank you for sticking around. This has been so fun for me and this chapter feels like a big thank you, like a special treat from me to you.


I was sitting on Bruno’s bed, my foot shaking as Jake sat on his bed across the room. He had his arms and legs crossed, leaning back on the wall he studied me. It felt suffocating. “You ok man?” he asked and I flinched, hesitating as my eyes took him in. He looked pissed.

“Uh, besides the fact that you’ve been glaring at me for the past five minutes?” I glanced at my wrist as if I had a watch on, hoping Bruno would come back from the bathroom soon. We had showered but he insisted on showering again. I guess he really wanted to put effort in for this date. I appreciated it, but having to sit here in front of Jake was complete torture.

“So are you two magically better now?” he demanded and I sighed, rubbing my hands together as I glared at the floor.

“I don’t expect you to understand,” I muttered, hating this gut churning feeling. It always happened, ever since I was a kid. Confrontation never sat well with me, and upsetting people was even harder.

“You didn’t see Bruno messed up over this,” he snapped and I pressed my hands to my forehead, glaring at the floor. “He’s a good fucking guy. Anyone would be happy to have him as a boyfriend, and lucky. Most people don’t deserve someone like Bruno,” he continued and I pressed my lips together. I couldn’t disagree with that.

“I know. Even when he gets upset or frustrated it’s usually for good reason. He’s been really patient with me, and understanding. More than I feel like I deserve,” I muttered, glancing at Jake. That seemed to shock him. We stared at one another in uncomfortable silence again until he cleared his throat.

“So what the hell is the problem?” he demanded and I felt my forehead wrinkle as I glared at him. I tried to compose myself but my anger was getting the best of me.

“You want to know the fucking problem?” I snapped, his eyes going wide momentarily before he composed himself. “I was a kid raised in a family of high expectations and even greater prejudices. My father is a well respected minister of his church, my family active parishioners that do volunteer work in our community. Our family was oriented around serving others over ourselves, being kind without fault, and proving to everyone that we were the best. My parents had a warped sense of purpose and belonging. I was not worthy of their love or respect if I didn’t earn it. I had to be the best I could be at all times. No temperament, no fights, no bad grades. I could only be happy and excel! Being bad, being average wasn’t an option. And being gay? Fucking forget about it!” I blew up, seething as I clenched my hands into fists. The sound of the door latch made me gasp, looking over to see a shocked Bruno studying Jake and I.

“What the fuck Jake? I told you to be nice!” he barked, crossing his arms as Jake could only shrug.

“How can I be nice to someone who hurt you?” he challenged and I scoffed, rolling my eyes as I rubbed my face.

“Who said he hurt me?!” Bruno raised his voice and I took a deep breath, pushing up from the bed. His eyes darted to me, looking uneasy as he pursed his lips. “Are you leaving?” he asked pitifully and I shoved my hands into my pockets, shaking my head.

“You can’t tell me he didn’t hurt you!” Jake pushed up then, glaring at me before turning to Bruno. “I’ve known you since we were in middle school. I know when you’re bent out of shape and fucked up over something. You try to put a brave face on, try to downplay your emotions Bruno. You always have! You never think you’re in the right,” he continued and I hesitated, studying the two of them. So they’ve known each other that long? Maybe Jake could be helpful, give me advice on how to stop fucking up. I glanced at Jake, curious now as that thought crossed my mind.

“Well whatever! I can handle my own damn problems Jake!” Bruno insisted. This situation reminded me of the few times I ever got to hear my parents argue. They tried to hide their problems, even from their own kids. Listening to these two bicker reminded me of the few times I’d heard my parents “discussing” something behind their bedroom door.

“You sure? Because last I knew you weren’t the kind of person to forgive so easily,” Jake started and Bruno shook his head.

“I told you-“

“That this is different because of the situation? Is it though? Or are you lying to yourself?” Jake pressed, glancing at me then. “Is he really so great you can forgive him this easily?”

“Yes,” I was floored, Jake and I staring at Pendik Escort Bruno in mirrored shock. But he stood with his arms crossed, nothing but conviction in his eyes as he glared at Jake. “You don’t know what it’s like Jake. And I have only had a taste of it, but even my problems are bearable. I’m willing to accept what Clay is doing. Not because it doesn’t hurt me, but because I know where he is coming from. What kind of person would I be if I gave up on someone I cared about just because I couldn’t handle some of their problems?” he demanded. Jake was speechless, but I was too.

I couldn’t help but admire him though, even as he and Jake bickered. This cute, sexy, fiery half-Cuban man was unbelievable. My chest felt warm and fuzzy as my eyes wandered along his body. He had on ripped jeans, high top sneakers, a slightly baggy tank top tucked into the front of his pants, and his shaggy hair pushed back and a bit wavy. His arms and shoulders looked toned, his body lean but muscular at the same time. Thinking about what was under those clothes was even better. His flat stomach, the cut of his hips, how firm and plump his ass was, and the few cute little moles on his body. Then of course there was his damn face. He had thick, dark eyebrows; warm chocolate eyes; soft, pouted lips; and a square but soft jaw. He was so cute, almost pretty in a way! And that fucking mole under his eye, it was so unique and adorable…

“Come on Clay,” Bruno looked at me, pulling me out of my trance. I hesitated, glancing at Jake warily.

“I get it, believe me I do. If I were in your shoes I’d be pissed to,” I muttered and Jake sighed, crossing his arms as he glared at me. “No, I’m already pissed at myself to be honest,” I corrected with a slight chuckle, shrugging as I glanced at Bruno. “But I’m working on it. Is it selfish of me to ask Bruno to deal with me while I work through my own shit? Yes. Do I hate myself a bit for doing it to him? Of course. Can I give him up for his own sake?” I glanced at him, pursing my lips before I sighed and shook my head. “No, I can’t. He’s too amazing,” I muttered and Jake actually smirked.

“Well, you hurt him again-“


“I won’t ask for another chance,” I nodded, Jake looking a bit shocked. “It’s not fair to Bruno if I keep fucking up and asking for forgiveness. And I’ve already gotten my second chance,” I mumbled, feeling a bit uncomfortable as I glanced at him. He rubbed his arm, blushing as he smiled back at me. Damn he was cute. I turned to Jake and cleared my throat. “I’m only telling you this because you care about Bruno too. I don’t normally explain myself to people,” I grumbled, still feeling queasy and jittery.

“Noted. And for what it’s worth,” Jake hesitated, glancing at Bruno before he sighed and studied me. “I hope you two work out. I can tell Bruno really likes you. He’s never gotten like this with anyone else,” he breathed.

“Alright we’re leaving!” Bruno exclaimed, grabbing my hand. I couldn’t help but smile at the look of frustration and embarrassment on his face. His ears were even getting red as he pulled me to the door. I glanced at Jake, gripping Bruno’s hand as I stopped us.

“We should get a drink and chat about Bruno sometime,” I muttered, Jake grinning wickedly. Bruno sighed heavily, pulling me out of the room. He let my hand go almost immediately, shoving his hands into his pockets as he grumbled to himself. I bit my lip, amused with how cute he was being. “Lighten up,” I insisted, easing my arm over his shoulders as I pulled him closer to me.

“Whatever. I’m just tried of Jake and Devon acting like I need protection sometimes,” he complained and I sighed, a weird pang in my gut at the mention of Devon’s name. I hesitated around the thought and then sighed, squeezing his shoulder before adjusting my arm and taking a deep breath.

“Why are you and Devon so close?” I demanded, both of us stopping as we got to the stairs. His eyebrows pulled together, wrinkling his nose and forehead cutely as he studied me.

“Because he’s been a pretty good friend. I know you said you don’t really like him, or can only handle him in small doses. But,” he shrugged and smirked then. “Jake and Devon are a lot alike. So I guess it just feels natural for me to get along with Devon?” he offered and I pouted. He looked around quickly, before stretching up slightly to give me a soft kiss. I felt my face get hot, looking around as well.

I pulled him closer, kissing him a bit more suggestively. My tongue brushed his lip and he cleared his throat, pushing away as he covered his lips. He looked around again, his face and ears blushing. “You’re too cute,” I whispered and he smiled, nudging away from me and heading down the stairs.

“But don’t be jealous of Devon or Jake. Neither of them are my type and they’re both just really good friends. Almost more like brothers,” he insisted as we got outside. We walked next to each other, our arms brushing Tuzla Escort occasionally. It was frustrating, this inner battle I had of wanting to hold his hand, to make everyone know he was my boyfriend and to hide all of that truth away for the sake of myself and my image. It was like I could hear my mom’s voice telling me over and over again that my worth was in how people viewed me. That no matter what I thought was right or fair, it didn’t matter because I wasn’t in a position to make those judgments.

“So you really think I’m worth all this trouble?” I asked suddenly, breaking the silence and he faltered, pausing as his head turned toward me. Before I could stop walking he continued, clearing his throat.

“Yes, for the most part. You’re really nice, you’ve always seemed really kind,” he started and I held back my own thoughts. If only he knew how cynical and selfish I really was. “But it’s more than that,” he stopped then, grabbing my arm. I felt my eyes narrow as the look on his face made me uneasy. His eyes were boring into mine, a look of deep thought on his face as he studied me.

“Don’t take this the wrong way, but I really hate when you look at me like that,” I grumbled and he surprised me with a warm laugh, smiling brightly. It made my heart ache, my hand grabbing his instinctually. He bit his lip, looking at our hands as my fingers slid between his. “What more is there?” I pressed, turning to keep walking. I felt giddy and nervous, my heart racing as I tried to ignore the urge to see who all was around. I promised him I wouldn’t hide this, and even though it was against my better judgment I wanted to make good on my promise. If it was for Bruno, to have him, it felt worth it.

“You’re so volatile,” he mused after a moment of thought and I scoffed. “Oh please!” he squeezed my hand, chuckling. “Ok, I’ll play along. Clay you’re so perfect. You’re always happy, always laughing and nice. You’re never confrontational but that’s because you just want to get along with everyone,” he was being sarcastic, shaking his head with another light laugh.

“What?” it irked me a bit that he was teasing me like this.

“Come on Clay, I already told you I know you’re faking half of it,” he stopped us then, turning me to look at him. That same, intense stare had my throat feeling dry and tight as I stared back at him. “You can be nice, you can be happy, you can laugh and joke around just fine. But what you don’t let most people see are the other parts of you,” he continued, my stomach turning. Was he always this intuitive? Was this the reason I liked him so damn much?

“Explain,” I insisted, dragging him along as we continued to walk toward the downtown area. There was a little movie theater I wanted to take him to, to catch a movie before I treated him to a nice lunch at a good restaurant.

“Well it’s like I said before. You pick the parts of you that make you perfect or whatever,” he shrugged, my eyes darting to study him again as he stared ahead of us. “But the rest of it is just as enjoyable too. Like you have a very mischievous side to you. Especially, uh, in bed?” he muttered, a cute smirk on his face. I squeezed his hand, smiling smugly as I looked ahead as well. “I also like the complicated parts of you. Seeing your real emotional turmoil, experiencing your dilemmas, even seeing you lose your cool and almost flip your lid,” he continued and I hesitated, shocked. “Those parts are great too, because it means you’re not just some emotionless drone, but that you really are human and imperfect too,” he smiled at me then and I felt a bit choked up.

I didn’t have anything to say, and Bruno just walked along with me as I processed that. I think what I liked the most about Bruno is he never tried to fill the silence. More than that though, it always felt comfortable. Everything felt so natural and easy with him. I guess that’s why he could understand me so easily though. He had a way of breaking my walls and pulling back my veil that no one else could.

As we got closer to the downtown area there were a lot more people on the street and I felt uneasy. His hand felt hotter and tighter all of a sudden. I knew it was just me being hyper aware of our display as people walked past but a panic was creeping in. What if one of these people knew who I was? What if I didn’t see someone, but they saw me, and they told my parents? What if someone from the team, what if Zack-

“Hey,” Bruno tugged on my hand, stopping us. I glanced at him, my heart racing and my hand feeling clammy. “Do you want to stop holding hands?” he asked gently, his eyes looking sincere and concerned.

“Why?” I croaked, surprised at how dry my throat felt.

“Are you kidding me? Your hand is so sweaty and clammy and you’ve been looking around frantically for the past like five blocks?” he chuckled, still seeming so calm and sweet. “I told you this can be at your pace Clay,” he reminded and I swallowed the lump in my Anadolu Yakası Escort throat, taking a deep breath to calm myself.

“No I want to hold your hand,” I admitted and he smiled.

“Ok, but stop whenever you feel like it,” he assured me and I nodded, taking his hand again. I focused on just walking toward the little theater, ignoring the paranoia screaming at me. We got to the building soon enough and I let his hand go, pulling the door open. “Thanks,” he smiled at me and my stomach flipped. I felt pathetically infatuated with him. I followed him to the ticket counter, admiring him the entire way. Without thinking about it, my arms wrapped around him pulling him back into me as we stopped in front of the register. The girl working the desk looked shocked for a moment, then smiled and cleared her throat.

“Can we do two tickets for,” I hesitated, studying the listings. They were all older movies. I wasn’t expecting that.

“The Birds,” Bruno offered and I felt my forehead wrinkle as I nudged him. He looked at me with a smile. “My cousin is a movie buff and says it’s a classic thriller,” he shrugged and I sighed, nodding. I stepped to the side, leaning on the counter as I looked at the snack options. Without putting too much thought into it my hand slipped into the back pocket of his jeans. He tensed slightly and I went to pull away when he leaned on the counter with me, his ass almost pushing into my hand.

“So two tickets for The Birds. The next show time is in half an hour, is that ok?” she asked and I nodded, blushing a bit as Bruno slid his arm around my waist and pulled himself closer to me. “Snacks? Popcorn? Drinks?” she gestured to the menu board and I looked up, hesitating as I thought about popcorn size.

“I could sometimes eat a large tub on my own,” Bruno nudged me and I chuckled.

“Save room for after though. Remember we’re eating too,” I insisted and he smiled cutely. He glanced past us and then stretched up, kissing my cheek. My body was on fire and tingling as I tried to stay calm. This man never ceases to surprise me. I glanced at the clerk who looked unphased as she smiled back at me.

“One large tub?” she asked and I nodded with a soft sigh.

“I like M&M’s with really buttery, salty popcorn,” Bruno insisted and I shrugged.

“Whatever you want,” I squeezed his ass gently and he didn’t even flinch. I grabbed his ass a bit more firmly, pulling him tighter against my side. “But remember you have to share,” I muttered, pressing my lips to his forehead. He laughed, patting my chest gently.

“We’ll get two bags of M&M’s, and one big Coke to share,” he decided and I sighed, closing my eyes as an unexpected happiness washed over me. He wasn’t embarrassed or ashamed to be with me. In fact he seemed incredibly eager to show people that we were together. It was intoxicating, thrilling, and terrifying all at once.

“Alright that’ll be $27.95,” she breathed and I let him go, pulling my wallet out. I hesitated when he wrapped both his arms around me, hugging me as he rested his head on my chest. I cleared my throat, smiling and blushing as I pulled my card out and swiped to pay.

“Thanks babe,” he grabbed the popcorn after she got it, grabbing a few pieces and popping them in his mouth. I grabbed the M&M’s and our empty cup, sliding my wallet back into my pocket. Before I could turn he reached up and put a few pieces in my mouth. His fingers brushed my lips and tongue, my cheeks burning as I glanced at the girl at the register.

“You’re ridiculous,” I grumbled and he laughed, snatching the cup from me. I exhaled, feeling funny as I followed him to the soda fountain. He filled the cup with a bit of ice, grabbing one straw as he dispensed the Coke. I glanced at the straw and smiled. “One straw?” I asked and he nodded, tapping it on the counter to push it out of the wrapper.

“You’ve swallowed my cum, you can’t tell me you’re nervous about sharing a straw with me,” he breathed loudly, my face hot as I looked around. Thankfully only that poor girl was around us. She stifled a giggle, glancing at me with pink cheeks before turning and disappearing into the back room.

“Jesus Bruno what’s gotten into you?” I demanded and he smiled, his tongue brushing against his teeth as he snickered. The look in his eyes was both devious and playful as he pushed the straw into the lid.

“You mean besides your dick?” he muttered shamelessly and I put my hand on his mouth, my ears scorching as I glanced around frantically. He laughed, kissing my palm before rolling his eyes. “Relax, it’s just us. And that girl. But we’re clearly a couple so is it that weird?” he shrugged.

“Hugging and kissing is one thing. But I don’t want you publicly announcing everything!” I insisted under my breath, hurrying him toward the theater rooms. He laughed happily, walking along with a pep in his step.

“Fine. But you’re really cute when you get all flustered,” he teased and I couldn’t help but smile. We handed our tickets over, an older guy gesturing us down a short hallway. We pushed into the theater room, not surprised to see it was empty. “It’s kind of a shame this theater isn’t more popular. It’s really cool. I like the idea of playing old movies,” Bruno started as we walked toward our seats.

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