My ex_wife Chapter 2 My Cheating wife’s story

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My ex_wife Chapter 2 My Cheating wife’s storyIt was a Wednesday afternoon that I came home early from work. My best friend and water skiing buddy, Merv was laying tiles in our bathroom at that time so I was not concerned when his car was parked in the driveway. I parked on the road and walked up the driveway to the house. I could hear no noise in the house which was unusual as my wife usually listened to music during the afternoon. I knew that she was home because I could see her car in the garage. Because it seemed so unusually quiet I entered making as little noise as possible. I walked down the hallway and the door to the bathroom was open so I peeked around the corner. My wife, Sue was sitting on the edge of the vanity facing slightly away from where I was and our friend was on his knees licking her pussy. Merv then stood up with his cock in his hand and rubbed the head of his cock up and down her slit then entered her. She responded by wrapping his legs around his waist while leaning as far back as she could to give him better access. Initially, my feelings were mixed between anger but also wanting to know what would happen. I have had a vasectomy and I knew that my wife at that time was not on the pill but there appeared to be no attempt to use any protection. As I watched, my anger was starting to take over. Because I didn’t want to start a fight I turned around and left the house, slamming the door as I went. I then got on my bike making a good deal of noise in the process and left. I returned later that night entered the house and found my wife in bed. Our friend had left.I got into bed behind her but facing her back and found that she was nude. I was still sexually excited from what I had seen but most of my anger had dissipated by this time. My cock was pushing up against her back. She moved her body so that my cock slipped between her legs after which she started to move back and forth so that my cock was slipping across her slit. She was extremely wet and visions of Merv’s cock teasing her pussy followed by a flash vision of her pussy filled with his sperm possibly fertilizing halkalı escort her eggs entered my mind. She moved her but so that I slipped into her. She was very loose and slimy and so I immediately knew that he had finished inside her. I wondered how many times they had done it and also whether this had been the first time. My brief sight of his cock showed me that he was quite a bit thicker than me. This explained why she was so loose to my thinner but perhaps slightly longer cock. It didn’t take me long to cum. Normally, I can hold back but on this occasion, I found this was not possible. She then rolled over, kissed me and said “I’m sorry honey but when I was watching him working I could see his bulge in his shorts. This was getting me horny so when he took me in his arms and kissed me I just couldn’t resist. Merv and his wife have been fighting endlessly recently and he has been confiding in me about how they haven’t had sex in months. He told me that it is driving him insane. How could I not help him out? He is our best friend.”By this time I was getting horny again so I reached down and started rubbing her wet hole. I threw the blankets back rolled her onto her belly and entered her from behind again. Before I entered her I got a good look at her pussy and it was red, swollen and gaping open with sperm visible inside her. The sperm was possibly mine but the picture in my mind was that it was his. She was so loose that I made her close her legs to give me the friction that was required to feel her.”How many times did he do you? You’re so loose I can’t feel a thing”. “When you left we knew you wouldn’t be back in a hurry so we moved into the spare bedroom. It was so long since he had sex that he went 3 times in a row over about an hour and a half.””You didn’t use protection?””We didn’t plan it. It just happened and neither of us was prepared.” “He could have pulled out.”” You know me. I love my sex and I would never ask a man to pull out at the most important moment. Besides I wanted him to finish it in me. I came at the same time as taksim escort him and I was not going to let him pull out. You know what I’m like when that happens to me.” This put me over the top again. I pulled out and placed my cock at her rear entrance. My cock and groin were soaked in sperm. She was also coated in sperm from her mons to her back. It was a slippery mess. I was feeling the anger returning now that my sex drive had reduced. “You know I don’t like that,” she said. “Why should I care if you like it? You can fuck other men and if I hadn’t caught you I may never have known. Why should I give a fuck if you don’t like it up the arse?””It was not other men. It was our good friend. You must have known that I like him and that I would never be able to say no if ever the question came up. I intended telling you when I had the opportunity.”The sperm was providing enough lubrication that without much pressure I was entering her rear hole even though I was not fully erect. I stopped with just the head inside and made very slight and slow movements. After being in a very loose hole this was starting to feel great so I was becoming erect again. Usually, this would have been a turn off for me and I knew she did not enjoy my touching her there but for some unknown reason, it made me feel great on this occasion. Perhaps I was subconsciously punishing her for what she had done. “Well, Do it if you have to!” she said, raising her voice to demonstrate her annoyance.”I will but there’s no rush,” I replied continuing my slow movements. After a while, I could feel her starting to push back on me slightly. I reached around to her clit and used my finger to pull some sperm out of her pussy to allow a light massage of her little button. After about 3 or 4 minutes of these very slow and slight movements, she started pushing back harder and harder on me making me go deeper and deeper. With this, my stoke became larger so that I pulled back to her entrance and then back in. Eventually, I was in as far as I could go. Suddenly she started to shudder and scream. “Fuck me, you şişli escort cunt. Give it to me. Ooohh, it feels so good. Fuck my tight little arse you prick.”Her orgasm was very intense and it continued for a long time. I could feel the muscles in her abdomen pulsing with her orgasm. This was my third time in less than an hour so it was taking a while. She reached down and gripped my hand and started pushing my fingers into her pussy. Meanwhile, she became louder and louder and her whole body was shaking. I had never heard her swear the way she did on this occasion. Her whole behaviour was abnormal. It made me feel like I was with someone other than my wife. I could now feel my fingers in her pussy with my cock. It drove me over the edge. We lay still and started to fall to sleep together. As she dozed off, I said to her. “What happens now?””I guess both of you will have me when you want me. I will never say no to you and now that our friend has had me the same applies to him.””What if I say no? You can’t do it with him.””You can say what you like but I will decide. You won’t. If you don’t want to know what I do then tell me and I’ll keep it to myself. If you want to know then we can talk about it as long as you accept it.” “What if I can’t accept it?””Then that’s up to you. I don’t want you to leave but if you do then I will just have to get on with my life.”We were together another 14 years. I became aware that she was taking the pill some years later when she forgot to hide them. When I challenged her about it she said her doctor was concerned that she was irregular on her period so he had prescribed it for her. I knew that she was lying because her period was always regular. Missing a period for Sue meant that she was pregnant. It would have been better for both of us if she had discussed things with me but with the exception of a couple of minor things she kept me in the dark which makes me think that when I caught her and Merv it probably was not the first time. As the years went by there were other things that I witnessed and occasionally she would drop a hint that there was someone else and on other occasions, I could tell that I was not the first that day. Eventually, I was to tell her that I knew that she was cheating on me and she did not try to deny it. There was not much that I could do about it other than leave and I cared about her and our k**s too much for that.

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