My ex made me gay

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My ex made me gayIt wasnt the first time she jokes about shoving her toy in my cute asswe had been together for 3 month and one night sucking me she shove a finger in me , taking me off guard i look down as i filled her mouth cumming instant her finger deep fingering me with her spit she used to slide in easy she smilled at me squealing on her finger and got me empty”you like it hihi”kissing me ”i could fit my toy in there and make you cum im pretty sure””you are crazy you surprised me i was close to cum””if you say so”mounting my face like i know she likeshead on my pillow my gf riding rubbing on my face ”you will smell pussy all around your face , im so wet”i was licking and getting face ride by my cute gf who always have lots of fun keeping me under her pussyshe came and look at me smiling face wet of her juice we watch netflix and went to sleep my face still smelling pussy , i drift asleepthe next day she woke me with the feeling of her mouth on my cock i open my eyes to see he sucking me under the drap just the draps moving up and down i wanted to lift the draps but i move my arm and they were strapped to our bed headi felt it touch my hole and i knew exactly what she was doing”fuck i said i didnt want to ahhhhhh shittt Iza ”the toy poping up her mouth working on my hard cock i tried to concentrate and not cum my ass open by her toy”mmmmm your ass so sexy baby i love how cute it opens up””Izaa shit wait wait dont dont”sliding it back in with more lube”what you gonna cum getting fuck by my toy baby? ”she was giggling removing the draps from her head”here we go”bzzzzzzzzzzzzher toy was turn on and she dive in watching me eye wide open ”ahhhhhh fuckkkk not like this””oh yes like this , i always love that cute ass, i think its prettier than mine”i look speechless my cute gf fucking her toy in me ”you are so hard , you like this dont lie”back at sucking my cock i relax and moan my ass fuck more lube added i cum so hard i never thought i cum like this before she took it all and still tied up i saw her mouth closed come toward me and she took my head in her hand and drop all of my cum on my face i stop talking and closed my eyes until she mounted my faceand rub on it , wet and full of my own cum she rubb her pussy so hard i could breath tasting my own cum as i got face fuck by my horny teen gf”god this is hot ”she said trembling cumming as she look down at me face made a messi started feeling shy around her and she started to be more dominant telling me to do stuff around the apartment or ill get fuck again in my pretty assthat night we had a dinner and once back at home my gf took out her toy and the lubeI told her i didnt wanted this again not so quick she smile and came to me , took my cock out and sucks meshe stop and look at me”this is boring i want to fuck your cute ass i suckor i stop””but… no please””i want to fuck yours cute ass yo ulove it look ””ahhhh fuck no Iza no i dont”2 of her finger pluging in me”fuck iza this is weird””no let it go stop this cute ass is mine ”her finger going deep and making me feel it again ”shit halkalı escort no nooooooo”’i shook and cum in her mouth she swallowed looking at me feeling shy”you way faster when i fuck your ass””its so cute how shy you are about loving it ”getting on my face”eat me now , you been a good boy”i lick her feeling ashame its the 3rd time we didnt fuck , i was and she cum on my face telling me she likes me when i listent and saying that she came to cuddle me and rub my ass”this cute hairless ass is mine ””stop saying that””no i wont ””your cute hole is mine to play with”she kissed me looking at me not replying anything and we sleptshe made sure the next day i would be her bitch nowi saw her came back from shopping with a devilish smilei was soon plugged by a remote control toy she put in place and saw me take it in place quite well ”we are going to eat at my parent place and i want you to behave”god she made me into a silent following bfwe got back late and i was feeling she had more for mei was fuck doggy on the couch as soon as we got home she was wearing a big cock strap on i didnt know about ”now you be my bitch , im the one with the big cock”i squeal and had to be tied up hands in my back not to crawl away from her big cocki was fuck and she giggles as i moan under her cock”oh nooooo oh noo not like that””yes like that baby deep in your cute ass cuming all around because you love getting ass fuck”i shook and scream cumming her fucking me nice and deep i felt beaten, broken and weak my cute gf cheering at me cumming on her cockshe slided out and fuck my mouth my cute gf asking me to clean her big juicy cocki look up her tities hard and she was trully loving thisshe took it of her self and i got it strap on my faceshe mouted it and i was pounded her ass smaking me down on the couch my cute gf moaning like a sexy slutshe ride me hard and her ass smack me so intense i felt face slap again and again eye wide open to her pussy wet fucked on the toy she cum and yelled she love big cock smacking my face hard until i was left there and she went to sleep , i crawl behind like a dog begging to be untied and i slept tied up my plug help back in my ”cunt” she call it, pushing it back in place kissing me good nightshe spent a month training me she called itmost night lubed and strap on fuck until i cum , quick and shy i always cum my ass fuck she set it up on a friday night after we went to the showeri did want to be wearing it but she didnt take no for an answerputting her strapon cock between her legs and showing me the little pink cock cage she boughti argue this was too much but she giggles , her hands taking my little cock and she locked me up”this is wonderfull”my little cage cock in her hand”iam the one with the big cock in this couple , isnt that right my cute boyfriend?””iza….””shhh its ok here i bought these its made for lil cage boy ”a clear lacy manties panty in her hand i look her happily slide my legs in and pull it up i placeright in front . in a pouch made taksim escort for it , i rest in my cage and plugged looking at my gf in disbeliefshe had me girly looking and it made her happy knowing i was a useless plugged up bf who follow her without a complainwe went at the pub and when inside , she turn on my buzzing plugi felt weak and shy like i never was sit at the table with her friends spending the night fetching beers ad obeyingmy gf was getting drunk and started to whisper to me she want to get her cock in my pretty ass and fuck me like a bitch”im going to fuck your pretty hole until you cum without touching tonight”i felt owned and weak knowing she had her big cock strapon on , knowing she meant it for reali drank more to forget about the ordeal she is putting me throughher friends were leaving i knew it was time to go we got into the uber and she was drunk and horny the dark skin driver smiling at her acting funny , iza slapping my ass as i got in the cari didnt want the driver to see anything but she really didnt care ”what you shy hes gonna see you are my little bitch?””stop iza please”the driver looking back iza pulling on my jeansuntil she won and had me in the manties groping my cage pouch ”you are scared he will see you like my cock in your pretty ass?””iza stop please””stop talking here suck on my big cock”she pull her cock out and shove it in my mouth the driver eye wide open at iza big strapon cock getting feed to me ”yes like that my cute cock sucker””show him how you suck good my little bitch”the driver looking at her fuck my mouth open he took his bbc out and started stroking ”ohhhh do you see that big black cock baby””u think he like you?””you want my bitch to suck you?””yes why not you two are great”he stop in a parking, my gf put me doggy and made me wait for him to join usshe made me suck his bbc and showed him i was plugged and ready to be fucksliding in me pushing me down on the cock as she pump in my assand she stop helping me turn my ass presented to him she look in my eyes”you are going to get his bbc all in you ””you been training for this be a good bitch”it went so quick , i was drunk and fucked by a real cock , it felt warm and real , my gf looking at me ass up taking the black dude cock, my lil pink cage swinging between my legs”cum in my boyfriend make him a boy pussy ”she was horny and touching watching me get fuck the bitch she trained to take cock she kept repeating making him say iam a good bitch”he is a good bitch you train him good”he filled my ass , he grunt and exploded my gf cheering for me to take all off the cum”wanna have his number? be a good bf and tell him you want to suck him again tomorrow”iza turning me around to face him”clean him and ask him for more like a good bitch its ok baby iyou hve my permission””oh he really filled you up ”putting back my plug in the pool of cum hole i am, keepig it inside me by the plug, my manties back onhe made me clean his bbc my gf pligging me back, he repeated to her i was really a great bitchhe took my number şişli escort and drop us home for freei woke up the next morning my gf on top of me ass up her toy deep in me my arm stretch up to each bed post and tiedshe started moaning in my ears”oh yes my god fuck me fuck me”trying to look behind and i saw them both , the uber driver on top of us pounding in my gf her toy in me making me feel his pouding in her as she moan to get fuck more and moreshe moan and moan pounded down on top of me , making me fuck like her ”see Iza i told you it would take only a month”i listen as my gf master reveal to me he was behind all of it”ive been fucking your girl because she told me you cant ””shit im going to cum i think ”my gf pull away quick ”not in me , cum in him he cant get pregnant”i was speechless my cute gf kissing the black guy who unleashg it all in me , all of his babies in my sissy cunt”you were right he loves this too ””yes i told you , you are going to work ? ””yes see you later ”they kiss like i wast thereand i was flip when she lefthe took my legs and strap em to my bed”you know, your gf such a good girl, you make her proud ””i knew we would find a way to be all happy ”he fucked me into a sissy , a little cock loving slut for his strong bbci was watching him just pound me up and repeat to me this hole was his pussy tooat first i spent the rest of the day lost and crying i was uselessmy gf came back home and made me feel good about it allwe took a shower and she was gentle making me a soapy massage kissing my neck telling me its all fine that she loved me as iamwe got out and i willingly got in the same cute panty as herwe got out in red panty and matching red lipse stick glittering he was home drinking his beeriza sit kissing with him getting her panty rub both looking at me sucking Mike , looking at them kissing and calling me a good sissy boyiza joined me , we suck and kiss , licked and had fun together worshiping himshe stood up and sit on him getting her tight wet pussy down pulling my head to lick her she moan so cute , on him as i lick her, catching her clit as she bounce on his bbcshe cum holding me head on her , shook and moa she was cumingand giggle off the bbc helping me at her place my cage kiss and tease by her ”you are so cute taking his bbc”she help me ass up and offered me to him they kiss her sit on me him fucking me up open”you make my bf such a cute slut , cum in him ”he filled me up after a while of her cheering for it, kissing over mei was a slut , i knew it and they knew it toothat night i met one of Mike friends ad his nice bbcshe help me dress up and get back to them smoking weed and waitingwe walk hands in hands getting to our cock and together we sucked nice bbcMike friend telling iza she had a pretty sissy bf as i suck him smilling i endup looking as they spitroast my gfand didnt care about me anymoremy cute teen gf eyes flipped moaning between them they fuck her for an hour telling me to look at her i just look helpless my gf cumming again on bbc they stop and came to mei was feed cum , one then the other , before they went back fucking her , still gul[ing down the second my gf already back getting fuckthe 2nd joining taking her ass , her 2 pretty holes used and my mouth a condom they saidthey left me a dizzy little raggdoll gf i had to drag to the showerall she did was smilling and tell me they were the best her holes opens gapping we slept exhausted bbc sluts

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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