My ex fucked me & made me wear my panties soak

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My ex fucked me & made me wear my panties soakI ran into my ex at a wedding reception. I had spotted him from across the room and hoped he didn’t see me. I remembered how he use to ravage my pussy. I don’t know what he did but he had the most cum I’d ever seen. I could never even swallow all of it. Half of it would come out the side of my mouth, drip down my chin onto my tits. Just the thought of what he did to me made my pussy tingle.I found the seats where my husband & I were sitting. I looked for his name & saw he was sitting across the banquet hall. Thank goodness.Dinner was your typical family style. We ate but my mind kept going back to my ex. I love my husband but he never just took me & fucked me hard. He never treated me like his cum dump sex toy. Never face fucked me & came in my mouth. I wish once he wasn’t so conservative and make me do anything. My husband always made sure I got off but never treated me like a slut. Always sex in the bedroom.I’m in my mid thirties, brown hair, green eyes, 32b tits with big silver dollar nipples. I got my pussy waxed that afternoon, wore a halter type red dress a little shorter then usual, a half cup bra & a thong, hoping that maybe when we got home I could get him to fuck me anywhere besides the bedroom. The thought of that in itself was making me horny, not to mention seeing my ex. I kind of figured my nipples were poking through my dress because of the half cup bra. I excused myself to go to the ladies room to see how visible my nipples were.When I was walking down the hall to the ladies room of course my ex was coming out of the mens room. Great?He was polite, asked how I was doing bahis firmaları and commented on my nipples protruding through my red dress. Just as I suspected they were.I didn’t really comment. He took the conversation further telling me he likes to see my nipples that way. He said “it looks like your hot and ready to fuck. Meet me in the parking lot. We can reminisce about old times. You’re giving me a hard on.”What should I do? I so want to be taken & fucked, used, but I’m married. I could feel my pussy getting wet. That wasn’t helping me think this through. Is this cheating? After all he has fucked me many times in the past. It’s not like I’m giving up a piece of ass to someone who hasn’t been in my pussy before. OK I’ll go out into the lot for maybe just a little dirty talk about the past.I went out, looked around the dimly lit parking lot to spot him. I saw him by the corner of the building. I walked over trying not to run, slow down, slow your steps down. I walked over to him. He didn’t waste any time. He pulled my halter aside exposing my tits. I think I had a small orgasm right then. I like being treated like a slut. He took my nipples and pinched them. It hurt but also I didn’t want him to stop. He told me to take my panties down, we don’t have much time. I got my thong down to my ankles, he immediately propped me up on the trunk, pulled his dick out, slid it up & down my pussy & put it in. It went in easily as I was already wet. He was bigger then I remembered. Much bigger then my husband. OH FUCK, OH FUCK YEAH. Fuck me, fuck my pussy. My pussy hadn’t been stretched that wide in a wile. I was enjoying my new plum kaçak iddaa crown visitor, just pounding my pussy. He was pumping me fast and hard. He asked if this is what I want. I remember saying YES FUCK my pussy, give me your cum. As I started to cum I felt him cumming in my pussy. That only made my orgasm more intense. As usual what a load of cum. I actually felt the spurts hit the inside of my pussy. He left his dick in my pussy for a few seconds. When he pulled out so did the cum. I felt the warm cum going down my legs. He told me to pull up my panties to catch his cum & to wear my cum soaked panties for the rest of the night. Let his cum dry on my legs. I’m not done with you. Your pussy is mine for the rest of the evening.He told me that I was still a great fuck, up for anything. He liked me for being a great fuck, taking it anywhere like a good slut. Believe it or not that’s what I liked to hear. I went back in first. With every step I could feel my cum soaked thong & his slippery cum rubbing against my legs.I went over and sat by my husband thinking about how I just got fucked, the feel of my cum soaked thong against my pussy & the sticky cum drying on my thighs. My husband asked me to dance. What could I say? Sure. While he held me close I couldn’t think of anything but how I was just fucked by my ex. Little did he know I’ve got my thong cum soaked with my ex’s cum, dried cum on my thighs and a satisfied pussy. Then my thoughts went to my ex saying “your pussy is mine for the rest of the night” We sat back down at the table & talked with the other guests and danced a couple more times.The night was winding down. I saw kaçak bahis my ex out of the corner of my eye near the hall leading to the restrooms. We made eye contact. I excused myself & headed towards the restroom. I didn’t see him anymore. Then a door opened to a room. It was my ex. He pulled me in this small room where it looked like supplies were kept. His dick was erect & out of his pants. He pushed me to my knees, & put his dick to my mouth which I was happy to accept. I licked it, licked the head & sucked it for a bit. Then my ex grabbed my head & started to face fuck me. Gack, gack, gack is all I heard from my throat as his big dick hit the back of my throat. He bent me over some boxes, pulled my thong down & put his dick in my pussy. Nice & slow not to hurt me. I got wet pretty quickly. He fucked me deep. Long powerful strokes. He just kept pounding my pussy. Calling me a slut for sitting with my husband wearing my cum soaked panties. Take it you bitch. Believe it or not those are the things I like to hear. So I started back, fuck me like a man, fuck my pussy good. Fuck me like my husband never does.He pulled out turned me around, put his dick in my mouth & started face fucking me again. Gack, gack, gack. I felt him tense up & knew the mother load of cum was cumming. It did too. I slurped but couldn’t swallow it all. I even got some on my dress & hair.Lick it clean. Which I gladly did. He pulled my hair gave me a kiss and said “I hope this isn’t goodbye”I went into the ladies room to try to clean up, fix my makeup & hair. My husband was waiting for me when I came out. He asked what did I get all over me? Just that custard desert thing must have spilled on me. It sure did.On the ride home I sat there with my aching pussy, cum dried thong, cum dried legs, cum filled mouth & hair. I thought I probably had better sex then the newlyweds.

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