My Ebony Prince

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My Ebony PrinceI had only just started licking the sultry asshole of my new roommate, Terry, when his plump, oversized balls began swelling in my hands. I love cupping balls, squeezing them. Especially ones that have been stimulated and deprived of their release for as long as Terry’s. Before I started to nibble his furry bung I had given his feet and strong, well-toned legs the majority of my attention. I worshiped his powerful body with great fervor, taking each toe in my mouth and sucking their generous length as if they were, everyone of them, miniature cocks. I pressed my lips firmly against the soles of his feet and dragged the fat of my tongue across them with long, sweeping strokes. I then sucked hard on his heels, first one then the other, alternating between them at random intervals, his free foot lightly stroking my cheek. I kissed up and down each muscular calf and squeezed his inner thighs firmly, pushing his legs up higher as I did so. I d****d a foot over each of my shoulders, resting my weight against the backs of his tree trunk limbs, and let gravity bring us closer together.Terry was a tall, very fit man of about nineteen. Sweet-natured and jovial. Always ready to bring a laugh to your lips when you really needed it. I was looking for someone to share my housing expenses with (and possibly date) and he certainly filled the bill. The fact that he was black also played a role in my choosing him over the other three applicants. African-American males have always made my heart flutter. Even from an early age when I spied my first ebony cock through a neighbor’s bathroom window I knew I wanted/needed to serve black dick. The look of hatay escort my neighbor’s massive (even when soft) ‘elephant trunk’ cock, black as pitch save for the bright pink head, made my young butthole sweat for it’s touch. From then on I had to have African seed pumped into my ass as often as possible. At 6’6″ Terry could definitely look imposing, but he was a good guy and friendly to all. A suitable roommate and, hopefully, a lover. Now, with my cockhead nuzzling his crack, pushing it’s way through a forest of tightly-coiled hairs and soft, supple flesh, I gasped in admiration of the contrast of our bodies. My pale skin glowed against his darkness. I drank in the beautiful sea of his frame outlined in the moonlight. He grunted loud and low as his bung accepted my shaft into his body. I laid my chin on his lips and he sucked on it breathlessly, swirling his bright pink tongue in great circles, tickling my Adams’ Apple, licking the roof of my wide-open mouth. I covered his face with mine, kissing him hard as I fucked his asshole into a creamy, frothing mass of rectal juice. His enormous black cock beat a drum between our bodies and he locked his ankles behind my head, the largest toe of each foot rubbing up and down my scalp. His giant balls, the size of peaches, ricocheted wildly as I my exertions increased. The whole length of his anal canal was now so dilated and slick with his juices it felt as if I were pushing my cock into a bowl of warm jello through a tiny rubber band. I broke the embrace of our tongues and he immediately began gnashing his teeth. Seeing his bright pearlies sawing against each other compelled me to offer him my neck escort hatay to chew. He accepted the gift with enthusiasm, sinking his teeth hard into my flesh. His hard sucking, leech-like mouth and foaming butthole brought me off to an explosive orgasm. My guts whirled with spasms as my balls spewed forth great rivers of seed into the deep, coiling flesh of his bowels. I gave him big, smooching kisses, letting his pucker suck away the dregs from my loins.I rolled myself off of his sweat-soaked body and instantly crouched near the foot of the bed, my ass raised high. I felt long, thick fingers gripping my hips and the shadow of his cock on the wall alongside the bed gave me gooseflesh. The head of his penis was about five inches in diameter and he was easily a good 14″ long. His enormous nuts swayed like twin wrecking balls as he readied my anus for his pleasure. He brushed his tongue up and down my crack stopping occasionally to French out my bung, loosening me up. He then laid that massive, well-lubed shaft between my ivory cheeks and pumped himself up and down the divide. As he did so he squeezed both halves of my ass together, fucking my jug butt like an enormous pair of tits. I looked back and saw that glistening, black monster rising and falling, the pink head fat as a plum, leaking rivers of semen from it’s raised and puckered pee hole. He laid his log upon my back and let me feel the full weight of the b**st about to devour me. He ground his nuts into my chubby ass cheeks and I opened my legs even wider, the coarse curls on his ballsack tickling my own. I rested my face on the pillow and surrendered my loins to his pleasure. I felt hatay escort bayan giddy yet nervous, like the time I took my first ride on a roller coaster, that sense of anticipation and dread. He emptied half a tube of lubricant in one squeeze, covering my shitter in thick goo, and without warning pushed himself inside me till the rim of his head had us locked together. “You one knotted bitch, now”, he whispered. I closed my eyes in agony and exhilaration as, inch by inch, he sank his python into the velvety coils of my rectum. He started chugging right away and wouldn’t stop until he was through. My Terry was born to stick with that dick. He used to love pussy, but now “it’s all bout the ass”, “cuz it’s dirty and nasty”, and he “loves making dudes cry”. I came again as he was just warming up, my spunk adding fresh color to the bed sheets. The head of Terry’s shaft was now buried well into my lower gut, I was receiving so much precum by now that if it were possible I’d have already been thoroughly inseminated. My Prince Charming always boasted of his fertility. He dragged that massive meat in and out of my body with such venom it felt like he wanted to saw me in half with it. Usually I try to give a little back when I’m being fucked, but with Terry all I could do was relax everything and hope I could still walk after he was finished. He drove that cock into me for almost an hour. My belly was on fire from his probing pecker. Suddenly the entire thrusting mass went rigid, increasing a full quarter in size and length. I could almost count the veins in his dick with my asshole. Boiling cum rushed into my body, filling my bowels with warmth, every spurt had heft and weight, his living seed swimming in the pit of my stomach. As the ninth wave of semen surged through his monster prick he threw back his head with a shout, “Lawd, I love to fuck a man!” I know you do, baby. I know. xxx

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