My drunk Mom

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My drunk MomThere was a knock on the front door. I was pretty sure who it was.So let me set this up for you. If you’ve read my stories, you know that my wife, Janice and I, share our home and bed with my sister Ginger. We’ve been living between Texas and Florida for the past few years, but Florida, where I grew up, was going to be our home from now on. And to put it plain, Florida is hot. It is hot in the winter, hot in the spring and fall. And it is really hot in the summer. Having grown up in the heat of Florida, clothes in our home are an option. Always have been, always will be. It’s so much easier to be nude when the temp. is 105 and the humidity is 99%.And tonight was no different. I was just wearing a pair of boxers, trying to beat the hot summer Florida night. Mom has moved in with us for a while, putting her life into shape, and tonight she was out with a girlfriend for a few drinks. Problem was she left for her night out at about 7:00 pm and the knock on my front door came at 3:30 am. Janice and Ginger went to bed hours ago, but I wanted to stay up to make sure mom got home alright. And now at 3:30 am, there’s a knock at the door. Like I said, I know who it is.I open the door, and there is my disheveled mother, one shoe on, hair a mess, smiling at me and being held up by one of our local police officers. “Are you Mr._____?” the officer asks me.I just shake my head and said, “Yes, officer. And that little woman leaning on you is my mother. She wasn’t driving, was she?”“Oh no,” the officer said. “The bartender called to say there were two ladies sort of sleeping on a table in the bar and they weren’t leaving. türbanlı escort I checked their ID’s and realized they lived close by, so I thought it would be better just to drop them at their homes. Here you go.”As the officer let mom go, she fell into my arms and nearly knocked us both over. I said, “Thank you, officer, I’ll take it from here.” With that, I closed the door, took mom over to the couch and flopped her down.Mom looked up at me through her drunken state, smiled and said, “Donny, what are you doing at the bar?”“You’re not at the bar, mom. You’re home. A police officer brought you here.” The whole time I’m telling her where she is, she’s taking off her clothes and tossing them to the ground.“God, it’s hot in here. Help me get these things off, Donny.” It wasn’t that it was hot, it was just a typical summer night in Florida. And seeing mom nude wasn’t anything new either. So I helped her take off all of her clothes, but left her panties on. As I was picking up her clothes from the floor and folding them, she asks, “Donny, why am I sitting her with just my panties on?”I said, “Mom, you just undressed. I left your panties on to sleep in. You’ve been drinking a lot and you don’t want an accident now, do you?” She smiled at me and said, “Like this?” She grabbed her panties, pulled them off and proceed to pee all over the wooden living room floor, laughing like crazy.“MOM! Come on, I have to clean that up!” As mad as I was at mom, I have to admit, watching her pee like that gave me an instant hard on, sticking through my boxers. I decided to take her to the bathroom, türbanlı escort bayan so I reached down, put my hands under her arm pits and lifted her up. She wrapped her legs around my waist and as she did, my cock slid right into her now wet pussy. As I held her, I could tell she has passed out. So I carried her into her bedroom. I laid her down on her bed, with my cock still deep inside of her pussy. As she lay there, naked and sweating from the heat, I was so very turned on. I proceeded to pump my cock in and out of her for a couple of seconds. Her wet pussy, pee mixed with pussy juice, was so moist and slippery. After a few seconds of the old in & out, I could see she was completely out of it and wasn’t going to wake up anytime soon. That being the case, I slid my cock out of her, placed her legs on the bed, covered her and turned the light out.The next morning, Janice and Ginger decided to go shopping and left the house early. I was in the kitchen, doing dishes in the nude, when mom wandered into the kitchen in her birthday suit, as well.“Oh my God, my head is killing me. Is here any coffee, Donny?”“Of course, mom. Have a seat.” She pulled a chair from the table and flopped down, laying her head on the table. As I gave her a cup of coffee, she smiled at me and proceed to drink.“What happened to me last night? Last thing I remember was sitting in the bar with Cindy. Then I woke up in my bed. How did I get there?”As I proceed to tell her the events of the previous night, I looked down under mom’s chair. She was peeing again, all over the chair and floor. “Mom, you’re doing escort türbanlı it again!”“She asked, “Doing what, sweetie?”“Peeing! All over the kitchen floor!”She looked down and placed her hand over her pussy, saying, ”Oh my God. I sorry, Donny. I didn’t even realize. All I can feel is the pain behind my eyes.”I grabbed her arm and stood her up, saying, “Come on mom, I’ll take you to the bathroom.” Suddenly , her knees buckled and she started to fall to the ground. I reached around and scooped her up into my arms, like the night before. Again, she wrapped her legs around my waste. And just as she did, my now hard cock once again slid right into her wet pussy. She didn’t say a word, just wrapped her arms tightly around my neck and held on. As I walked down the hall, my cock slid in and out of her pussy with a regular motion. As I was going, she whispered, “Oh God, Donny, that feels so good.”I decided right then, to hell with the bathroom. I carried her into her bedroom, crawled up on to her bed with her still hanging on tightly to my neck. I laid her down softly and proceed to start pumping her pussy hard and fast. As I was fucking my mother, she was enjoying it so much. “Oh God, Donny, that feels so good. Fuck me! Fuck me, please! Ooooohhhhhhhhh!!!!!!It didn’t take her long to cum all over my cock. She squirted up onto my legs and stomach, just as I came, and shot streams of cum into her wonderful pussy. We both came so hard together. She reached up and hugged my neck, shoving her tongue as far into my mouth as it would go.We held this position for some time. Eventually, my cock went soft and fell out of her pussy. As I lifted myself up, I looked and mom was out cold. I got up off the bed, covered her up and left the room. A while later, Janice & Ginger came home. Ginger asked if mom was alright. I smiled and said, “Yea, she’s alright now. So am I.”Ginger and Janice smiled back, knowing exactly what I meant. What a day!

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