My Devious Plan

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This story is the finality of a plan that was put in motion two years ago. The results couldn’t be more perfect.

Let me explain before I begin the story.


My wife decided to stop having sex a few years ago for whatever reason. Her decision led me to find it someplace else.

My name is John and I was 50 at the time. My wife was 49 and her name is Laura. We lived in Yonkers, New York.

At that time, I used to go into the AOL Chat rooms often. One time I found a chat room with a woman, Lisa, in it. It turned out that she lived about three miles from my house and indicated that she was a “companion.”

We chatted off and on for quite a few months before we decided to meet. When that day came, we met and talked. It seemed we both had a lot in common, including the lack of sexual activity.

Let me describe Lisa. She is a young woman of Italian heritage. She is about 5’7″, 135, long black curly hair, brown eyes, very big tits with big nipples and looks like a blend of Nancy McKeon and Linda Hamilton.

We didn’t have sex until our third meeting and she was fantastic. We met often the first year and I decided that if my wife found out things would get messy. So, I came up with a plan that would balance things out if my wife ever found out.

Now, Lisa is a nurse and when I had surgery, I hired her to look out for me for a weeks time and to be a companion for my wife. She became very good friends with my wife in the meantime, which helped in my plan.

My wife and I moved to Georgia and at that time, my wife needed medical assistance and I hired Lisa to come down to take care if her, which she did for a week.

They got along great and Lisa and I then implemented the plan.

Here is the story.

Lisa and I discussed our plan which was simple. I knew my wife wouldn’t fuck another guy so I asked Lisa to be her lover. At first, Lisa said no because she wasn’t into women. I told her she only had to pretend to enjoy it. I also told her to text her often telling my wife how much she liked her until Lisa could eventually bed her.

I would make sure I had video of the two of them in bed.

Lisa eventually agreed to the plan and we put it in motion.

For a year, Lisa would text her and even send her nude pictures of herself to my wife. My wife returned the texts and even sent her nude pictures of herself to Lisa.

Lisa in turn sent me copies of all the texts and pictures.

Finally, Lisa came down for a visit and stayed with us for a week.

Laura gave her a tour of the house which we had built in a secluded parcel of land. We had an 8′ high security fence installed and the house included a pool and hot tub.

Now, at this time, I told Lisa to pick a day and time for her to make love to my wife. She said that she would do it the next day.

That morning, my wife and Lisa went out shopping which gave me the opportunity to set up a mini video camera in the bedroom which would send video & audio directly to my smartphone.

I set up the camera and had it centered on the bed.

When they came back I told them that I was called into work and didn’t know when I would be back. I also told Lisa that I would text her later to tell her the time I would be back and what to do.

She agreed and everything was set.

When Urfa Escort they got back, Lisa texted me to tell me they were back.

Lisa then texted me that she was going to start.

I logged onto the camera app and I could see the bed. I could also hear everything clearly.

When they were in the bedroom Lisa asked Laura if she could take a shower and Laura said she could. Laura went into the master bathroom and got towels ready for Lisa.

Lisa was in the bedroom and started undressing with Laura present. I heard Lisa ask Laura if it was ok for her to undress in front of her and Laura told her it was ok.

When Lisa was nude, Laura told her she looked better in real life rather than in the pictures she sent. Lisa thanked her and moved toward her and gave her a light kiss.

I could see Laura’s left hand reaching up to feel Lisa’s right tit.

Then Lisa left to take her shower. As soon as she was away from Laura I texted her to tell her things were great so far.

As Lisa was showering, Laura went in. I could hear Laura asking Lisa if she needed any help. Lisa responded by saying, “I could use my back washed if you want to help,” as she laughed.

Laura must have removed her clothes as I then heard the shower door open with Lisa inviting her to come in. Lisa told her that there was room for the both of them.

For the next few minutes all I heard was the water running and mumbled words. Finally, they shut the water off and I heard better.

I heard Lisa thank Laura for her help, then I heard Laura ask her if she wanted her to dry her off and Lisa told her she would like that.

I heard Laura invite Lisa to relax on the bed with her to rest awhile. Lisa told her she would like that.

I saw them entering the bedroom. Both were naked.

I texted Lisa and told her I would be at the house in one hour. She replied ok. I heard Lisa tell Laura it was just her daughter.

I watched as the two naked women laid on their backs naked. Lisa made the first move by moving her right hand to Laura’s left thigh.

Laura moved onto her left side, facing Lisa. Laura’s hands then touched Lisa’s tits. Soon, Laura had her mouth on one of Lisa’s big nipples. Lisa started rubbing Laura’s back and then moved down to her ass.

In an instant, Laura was on top of Lisa. I could see their tits pressed together. Lisa started kissing Laura and Laura kissing her back.

Then Laura started rubbing her pussy against Lisa’s pussy. Soon, they were grinding their pussies together and I heard Lisa yell out that she was going to cum. Laura rubbed faster and harder and soon, both women had orgasms. I could see their juices running down their legs.

Just then I texted Lisa and told her I was coming upstairs in 20 minutes. I told her to take another shower and when she went back into the bedroom say, “Laura, that was great sex. Thanks.” I told her to come into the bedroom naked holding the towel to the right and to follow my lead. She responded with an ok.

Exactly 20 minutes later, I got to the top of the stairs, outside the master bedroom. Just then Lisa came out of the bathroom naked, holding the towel to her right saying to Laura, “Laura, that was great sex. Thanks.”

As soon as she said that, I walked in and saw Lisa & Laura naked.

My Urfa Escort Bayan wife nearly died saying, “What are you doing here? John, this isn’t what it looks like.”

I looked at the two of them and said, “Well to me it looks like you two were having sex. Were you?”

Lisa looked at me and said, “John, it just happened. It isn’t a big deal. Don’t blame Laura.”

I replied, “Who am I supposed to blame? My wife doesn’t want to fuck me but she’ll fuck you.”

I then told my wife that it is time for a divorce.

Laura started crying and said, “No, not that. If you want me to, I’ll fuck you now.”

I looked at her and said, “No, it’s too late for that Maybe I want to fuck Lisa now in front of you and you can see how it feels.”

Lisa looked at Laura and said, “Laura, if he wants to fuck me now, he can. I am ok with it, really.”

Laura looked at her and said, “Would you do that for me, really?”

Lisa smiled at her and nodded an ok.

I told Laura to sit in the chair and told Lisa to get on the bed. I watched Laura as she saw Lisa laying on the bed with her legs stretched wide.

I got on the bed and mounted Lisa. In a second, my cock was deep inside her cunt. I started fucking her and soon I was ready to cum.

With a final thrust, I yelled out that I was cumming and shot my cum deep into her cunt. When my cock finally stopped spurting out cum, I slipped my cock out of her cunt. I looked at Laura and said, “Did you enjoy the show? How did it feel seeing me fuck another woman?”

I put my clothes on and went downstairs.

I watched on my smartphone to see what they were doing. Laura and Lisa were talking and Lisa told Laura that she would talk to me to iron things out and Laura thanked her. They kissed and got dressed. Laura then told her, “Lisa, I don’t want a divorce. I will do anything he wants, anything…please help me. Lisa told her she would see what she could do.

Lisa came down first and said she wanted to talk to me.

I told her I heard everything. Then Lisa asked me what should she tell Laura.

I told her to tell Laura my demands, which were:

. I wouldn’t divorce her if she let me fuck Lisa whenever and wherever I wanted,

. I would let Lisa and you have sex whenever you two wanted and that I would watch if I wanted, and

I told Lisa to tell her my demands and to let me know.

Lisa smiled and gave me a kiss and said she liked those terms. She then went upstairs to Laura.

Lisa told Laura, “Well Laura, he gave me two requirements.” Then she told her what they were.

Laura looked at her and said, “Lisa, I can’t ask you to give into his demands. I just can’t.”

Lisa said to her, “We have no choice. John has a video of us and he said he would show it.”

Then Lisa said, “Laura, I am your friend. Let me help you. Besides, fucking John isn’t the worse thing I could do. At least you and I can still have sex.”

I saw Laura look at Lisa and give her an ok nod.

Lisa came down and gave me a thumbs up and a kiss.

Soon Laura came down and walked over to me. She apologized and was glad everything got resolved. She even thanked me for being so understanding.

Now, since Lisa was staying with us for five more days, I was going to make the most of our Escort Urfa new arrangements.

I told Laura that Lisa would be sleeping in our bed tonight. She just said that was fine.

Everything was quiet for a few hours and not much was said. When it was time, we dressed and went out to dinner. At the restaurant, Laura sat on one side and Lisa on the other side of me.

Conversation was light but things seemed to be improving amongst us.

Dinner was very good and we went through a bottle of wine.

When we got back, we all got into shorts and tops and relaxed.

As it was a hot evening, I suggested we hit the pool. Lisa said she didn’t bring a bathing suit. I told her she didn’t need one. Laura looked at me and smiled. Then we all went into the bedroom and undressed and headed out to the pool.

As soon as we got to the pool, I went in and Lisa followed. I told Laura to join us and she hesitantly came in.

We were all enjoying the pool when I watched as Lisa went over to Laura. I couldn’t hear them but I watched as they hugged each other and kissed. Laura looked at me and I nodded my approval. They then continued to make out as I watched.

I went over to them and joined in. Soon, I was kissing one, then the other. Both women were playing with my cock and balls and kissing each other. Their hands went from me to them and back to me. My cock was rock hard now.

I told them to join me on the pool deck. As soon as I got out, I laid on the deck with my cock straight up. The women knelt besides me, sucking my cock and balls and feeding me their nipples.

I told them I was going to cum and I shot my cum right into Lisa’s mouth. I watched as she swallowed every drop.

For the next couple of hours we enjoyed the pool and each other.

That night, I made Laura watch as I fucked Lisa at least three times before the sun came up.

The next morning, I told the women to stay naked as I might want them at any time. They agreed with a smile.

I don’t remember how many times I fucked Lisa while she was here but I know it was a lot. My wife never complained or said anything.

I let her and Lisa enjoy each other as often as they wanted. I even noticed that Lisa was enjoying lesbian sex and I kidded her about it. She just smiled.

One night, I had them both get on all fours and fucked them doggie style, slipping my cock in one cunt, then the other. When it was time for me to cum I had them lay on their backs as I shot my cum all over their tits.

Another day, right after breakfast, I got Lisa on all fours and was fucking her ass as I made Laura slide underneath her on her back and told her to eat Lisa’s pussy as I fucked Lisa’s ass. When I came in Lisa’s ass, I told Laura to suck out my cum from her girlfriends ass, which she did.

That afternoon, we enjoyed the hot tub in the nude. At one point, I had to pee. So I got out of the hot tub and walked over to a spot near the fence. Then I told Laura to come and hold my cock while I peed. When I finished, I called Lisa over. Then I told Laura to lay on the grass and told Lisa to give Laura a golden shower. I really enjoyed watching Lisa pee all over my wife’s stomach, tits and pussy. Then I told Laura to do the same to Lisa.

By the time Lisa was ready to go home, the three of us enjoyed each other in every way possible.

Now, my wife lets me fuck whoever I want but I only want Lisa.

Laura has never denied my sexual requests either. It seems that my plan worked and my wife never questions me about me fucking Lisa whenever the opportunity arises.

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