My daughter’s tutor

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Double Penetration

My name is Roxanne, I’m 39, and I have a daughter named Sofie. She is in college and 20. We’re both dark brunettes, and people even mistake us for sisters at times. Her dad divorced me and moved roughly 2,000 miles away. Anyway, she has a rather cute tutor named Amber. Well, I think she is really cute. When I was in college, I experimented with a couple women, but I never considered myself a lesbian or bi-sexual though. Amber is blonde, and she definitely proves that not all blondes are dumb. She is smart and wears glasses, which makes me a little more attracted to her. She’s 24, and has a matching C-cup rack like mine. Anyway, one afternoon, she came over looking for Sofie, but she wasn’t home at the time. She knocked on the door, and I answered. She had a bag with her, and I assumed it had books and stuff like that in it.”Hello there,” I said in a rather sexy tone.”Hello, Mrs. Newton,” Amber replied as she came in.”Oh please, Amber, call me, Roxanne,” I said.As she walked into the living room, my eyes were glued to her ass. My pussy got wet, as I followed her into the living room. As I saw her, I completely forgot that Sofie wasn’t there. Amber set out all of her stuff she used to tutor Sofie and then asked me a question.”So, where is Sofie, we got a lot of stuff to get through,” Amber said.”Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot to mention, Sofie isn’t here, I think she’s at a friend’s house,” I replied.”OK,” Amber said in a frustrated tone.”Here, let me pay you for the session anyway, Maltepe Escort you know, time is money,” I replied as I went for my purse.I guess she felt a little frustrated, but didn’t wanna make me pay for nothing.”No, don’t worry about it, shit happens. Well, maybe there is something you can do for me though,” Amber said.I had literally no idea what she wanted, but I was gonna listen though.”Well, what can I do for you?” I asked.”I was going to get ready for a party, after I was done tutoring Sofie, so can I change here?” Amber asked.There was no way I was gonna to say no to that.”Of course, you can use my room,” I replied.”OK, thank you very much,” Amber said as she got up with her bag.She walked over to my room to change. The only thing running through my mind was this: should I do it? What was it you may ask, well, in our house you can see into my room, from the kitchen through the windows. Should I do it, I thought. I wanted to use my brain, but my wet pussy decided for me. I headed straight for the kitchen, and looked over into my room. I saw Amber, she was standing right in front of my bed doing nothing.”What are you doing?” I asked.She slowly took off her t-shirt and dropped it. For me, it was like watching porn, I was turned on, so my right hand found it’s way into my panties. She slowly bent down, and pulled down her shorts just leaving her in her bra and panties. She was wearing a matching set, and I could swear it came from Maltepe Escort Bayan Victoria’s Secret. My hand and panties were drenched as I began rubbing my pussy slowly. Then her hands slowly went to her back and she undid her bra. She took it off rather slowly as well, and let it drop. I let out a moan as she leaned down a bit. She began sliding her panties down to her feet very slowly, and then she was nude. After that, she just stood there completely naked, but I could only see the back of her though. She just stood there for a minute, and I couldn’t tell if she was moving at all or not.”I’m gonna ask again: what are you doing?” I asked.Then all of the sudden, she turned around and I saw her tits and pussy. She went over towards my dresser, and opened the top drawer, where I just happened to have a dildo. She went right for it, and pulled it out. She held it up in front of her, and stroked it slowly. The dildo was a fairly big one, but not huge though. She stroked it for another minute, and eventually took it in her mouth.”Are you sucking on my dildo?” I asked.Well, the answer to that question was in my sights. I was wondering ‘What the fuck?’, but I was also really turned on though. She sucked on it for a couple more minutes, then she laid down on my bed. My view was weakened from that point, but I could still see her though. She rubbed her boobs with the dildo a few times and then stuck it right into her pussy.”You have got Escort Maltepe to be kidding me, now you are actually sticking my dildo in your pussy, where the fuck are your matters?” I asked.I watched her thrust my dildo in and out of her pussy numerous times, and I just had to take off my skirt and panties too. I rubbed my pussy really quickly and even stuck my fingers up in there. I usually didn’t masturbate like that too often, I usually just used the dildo, but for this scenario, I made a special exception.”Oh my, Amber, I wonder who taught you to do that,” I said.I had no idea, but then it became to be a little too much for me, so I lost my balance. I fell to the floor and finished my dirty deed. I masturbated and came all over the kitchen floor. I had eaten a couple pussies before, but I hadn’t ever been a voyeur before though. I was laying there half naked, not knowing when she was gonna finally come out. About ten minutes had gone by, so then I got up. I looked over into my bedroom and I saw she wasn’t there. I was scared half to death, so I quickly got dressed. I was decent just in the nick of time, because as soon as I pulled my panties up, Amber walked into the kitchen wearing different clothes.”I’m sorry that took me so long, I was just talking to a friend on my phone,” Amber said.”No problem, don’t worry about it,” I replied.She looked down and of course noticed the puddle on the floor.”Did you spill something?” Amber asked.”Yes, it’s just water,” I replied quickly.She certainly sensed I was a little on edge, and then I just could not make eye contact with her.”Are you okay, Roxanne, you seem a little off,” Amber said.”I’m fine, don’t worry about me,” I replied.I couldn’t help it, I just saw her naked, and became attracted to her in process of her little stunt.

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