My Daughter’s Cuckold Ch. 01

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My wife was gone for the weekend, and I was planning to take full advantage of the time alone. She may have suspected from time to time that I may have had come less common sexual interests, but I knew better than to even ask if she might be inclined to encourage or participate in them. As much as I loved her, I also knew she was pretty narrow minded when it came to sex. Even trying new positions required a lot of patience, planning and persistence; she was not one to try anything new until she had time to think about it for a while. As a result, when she went away for any length of time I would generally do what I could to amuse myself.

This afternoon I was lying on the bed, legs spread wide. They were spread wide in part because I had my ankles bound tightly to the ends of the foot board of our queen sized bed. I would have bound my wrists to the headboard as well, but it was not easy to do… and besides, there was no one else around so I needed at least one hand free.

I was wearing a pair of skimpy, sexy lace-trimmed satin panties which had a growing wet spot from my precum. Below them were lace-topped thigh high nylon stockings, held up by their own rubber stay-up strips. I had a pair of spring loaded clamps on my nipples, which were now, after half an hour with the clamps in place, in exquisite agony. The discomfort only served to make my smooth, shaved cock strain even harder at the fabric of the panties. As I caressed my balls and cock through the panties I was lost in my own little world, enjoying the sensations and imagining being taken roughly by — I really didn’t know or care whom.

It was probably this reverie, along with the sound from the porn video playing on the bedroom TV that made me unaware of the sound of the front door. I had locked up the house and turned off the ringer on the phone, not wanting to be bothered for the next couple of hours. The first indication I had that I was not completely alone was the loud voice from the bedroom doorway…

“Daddy? What the FUCK?”

I looked up in terror, only to see my eighteen year old daughter Tracey standing in the doorway, eyes wide, a look of utter disbelief in her eyes. She had been away at college for the past several weeks, and I was not expecting her to be home any time soon… and yet here she was, staring at her father tied to the bed in lingerie, playing with his cock through a pair of panties. I tried to cover myself up to some degree, but it was useless… my ankles were securely bound, and there were no covers to pull over me.

I was in a panic. I stammered out a few confused words, hoping to beylikdüzü escort find some way to explain, but I was coming up empty. I knew I was truly busted, and the only thing I could do was to try to keep it quiet. If my wife found out I knew there would be many months of the cold shoulder, and she’d probably want me to see a psychiatrist for my perverted inclinations.

“Honey, please… I’m sorry… I had no idea you would be coming home! Please don’t mention this to your mother — it would upset her so — can you hand me something to cover up with?” I was frantic, desperate to find some trace of understanding or anything other than disgust in her eyes. She stepped into the room and picked up a towel from the end of the bed between my legs. She was reaching over to hand it to me, when I saw her eyes linger for just a moment on the front of my panties. They were soaking wet, and although I was rapidly losing my erection I knew that it would be plainly visible through the wet fabric. She flicked her eyes to the nipple clamps, then to my ankles, and back to my cock… which, despite my panic, responded by starting to fill again. For all my panic and horror at being caught, this was one of my biggest fantasies, to be caught masturbating, helpless and completely at the mercy of a woman. My cock didn’t seem to care that the woman was my own daughter!

“Daddy… you’re getting turned on again… that’s disgusting! I’m your daughter, for fuck’s sake! How could this get you hard?”

“Baby, I’m sorry… there’s nothing I can do about it! It’s purely a physical reaction, nothing else! I’m dying here, PLEASE cover me up honey!”

“Mom’s going to completely freak out when she finds out about this. Does she know you’re jerking off in her panties? Do you do this all the time?” She made no move to give me the towel, holding it out of my reach.

“No, baby, and please don’t tell here about it… please… I’ll do whatever you want, just don’t ever mention this to your mom or anything else. This can be our little secret, right? Maybe you could even just forget it ever happened?” I was pleading with her, desperate to keep my wife from finding out. I didn’t even notice that as she looked at me, helpless and restrained on the bed, my cock had now reached its fully erect state and was clearly throbbing. I didn’t notice, but she did.

“Daddy, I think this is turning you on! Look, your cock is hard as a rock and you’re dripping wet. I think you like this. I think you planned to have me catch you! Are you a pervert, Daddy?” She gave me a look of complete disgust, beyoğlu escort which only made matters worse. I could feel a fresh droplet of precum ooze from the head of my cock. I had not planned to be caught, but she was right about one thing. This was one of my biggest fantasies, and it was turning me on to the point of near orgasm. I tried to form a coherent sentence, but no words came out; there was only a confused gurgle ending in a low moan as I sank back onto the bed.

“You are a perv! I bet you do this all the time. I bet you lay here in panties and dream about being caught and dream about some woman watching you. Or is it a guy, Daddy? Do you dream of a guy fucking you? Is that it?”

All I could do was protest, but it sounded weak coming from a guy wearing panties and nipple clamps. Tracey stood there, eyes flicking between my panties, the clamps, my face, and a strange look came into her eyes. It was a look I had never seen from her before.

“You’d probably do just about anything to keep me from telling Mom about this, wouldn’t you, pervert?” I nodded my head, too afraid to say anything. There really was nothing I could think of that I would not do to keep her quiet, to keep her from ruining my relationship with my wife and from up-ending my life for the foreseeable future.

She stared at me thoughtfully for a moment. I could tell she was struggling with something, something she wanted but was unsure of. Finally she seemed to come to a decision.

“You know, Daddy, I wouldn’t have been back this weekend but I had a double date. Roger and I went out with my roommate Sharon and her date. Roger and I came back here to his place, but after we had sex” — she saw me wince — “Yes, Daddy, we fucked, I’m not a virgin — after we had sex we had a fight. Roger got off, but I didn’t. Now I’m horny and pissed off, and I’m going to take it out on you. You, Daddy… you’re going to be my bitch. Is that OK with you?” she asked sweetly.

I was dumbfounded. I could not have been more shocked if she had said she was from Mars. I was still in shock when she started unbuttoning her jeans and kicked her shoes into a corner.

“You see, Daddy, Roger is a nice guy, but he’s clueless in bed. All he wants to do is fuck me, and he thinks his big, thick cock is enough to make me cum. Well, it doesn’t, but Roger doesn’t really care. Once he gets off he’s finished, and thinks it’s hot when I masturbate to get myself off. Well, it’s no fun having to do that! So tonight YOU are going to get me off. You, Daddy. Now do a good job and I won’t tall Mom what a fucking bomonti escort pervert you are.”

I didn’t have time to protest. I wasn’t even’ sure if I would have or not. I knew it was wrong, in so many ways, but I was completely at her mercy. She took my wrists and tied them to the headboard before I had even recovered enough to realize what was going on. Then she climbed onto the bed and lowered her pussy onto my face.

I was not ready for this! I was not ready to have my own daughter use me as her submissive. I was especially not ready for the sloppy, pungent mess she clamped down onto my mouth.

“That’s right, Daddy. Roger came inside me. He shot his big fucking cum load into my pussy, and you’re going to clean it all up and make me cum, Daddy. Now, stick out the fucking tongue and get to work!” She reached down and gave me a slap across the face as she finished speaking, to drive home the point that I was now her slave, her plaything. I could taste her boyfriend’s cum on my lips and smell it on my face as she ground her sweet teenage pussy onto me. I had no choice… I started lapping and licking and sucking for all I was worth, gently cleaning every fold and crevice of her tight little twat with my tongue.

She ground her cunt down onto my face and moaned, swirling her hips around to get the full advantage of my tongue. I felt her take off her top and toss it onto the bedroom floor, saw her playing with her prominent, delicious nipples as she used my face. I nearly gagged as a large glob of Roger’s cum slid out of her pussy and down my throat, but I managed to swallow it and keep going. Eventually all I could taste was her sweet pussy juice as she got closer and closer to the edge. She grabbed the headboard with both hands and bore down, grinding her pussy on my face and she started a low, rhythmic moaning, deep in her throat. I found her swollen clit and sucked it between my lips, flicking the tip of my tongue rapidly across it. Finally she erupted, squealing and gyrating, smothering me with her sweet cunt as she abandoned all restraint and launched into a series of orgasms. At last she collapsed with a satisfied sigh, obviously spent.

After a few minutes she sat up and looked down at me, still half covered with her neatly shaved pussy. “Good job, Daddy. I might just keep on using you like this, you’re really good at licking pussy. You made me cum hard!”

She looked behind her. “Oh, but your poor little wee-wee is still all hard, isn’t it? I bet you want to cum really bad, don’t you Daddy?” I nodded and made some muffled pleading sounds, hoping she would let me cum.

“Oh, I think that might have to wait. I don’t think I’m quite finished with you yet.” And with that she got up off the bed and padded from the bedroom, leaving me tied to the bed. My face was still covered with a glaze of mixed pussy juice and her boyfriend’s cum.

End of Part One…

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