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My Daily Selfie’sIt was one of those seemingly rare July weeks here in Briton when the sun was actually out, and the tempretures high! It was a Monday, and I was off work for the day due to an iffy tummy. I was laid out on the sofa, watching a bit of tv. Julie though was making the must of the 30c tempreture, and was laid out on a sun bed in the garden. Although I was inside, I had a great view of her beautiful feminine body through the open French doors. She was wearing her dark blue short dress, made even shorter with her single raised leg, exposing her soft, smooth leg shapely thighs. Our garden was completely unlooked over, except for our neighbour to the right. we had a side alley, with a 5ft fence our side, and a seven foot wall on our neighbours side, but because of the gradient our street was on, the wall was only 3ft high on their side of it. It meant they had a completely clear and unobstructed view into our garden. Not that that should of been aproblem today as they were at work… but they had a pair of builders in, working on a small extension. Julie did the best to ignore them, but I could see from my position inside our house, they weren’t ignore her!They were mixing some cement in their mixer, when the one with the hosepipe, watering the mix, signaled to he’s mate. He pulled out he’s smart phone and aimed it at my unaware wife, hiding behind a tree, but clearly in view to me. The one with the hose suddenly flicked the hose at Julie. She didn’t notice at first, so he did it again, this time a big splash landing on her exposed thighs. Startled, she looked up and at him. ‘Sorry luv! Just putting some water in the mixer’ Julie scrawled at him, and them looked away. He flicked the hose again, this time getting her across her chest! Julie leapt up from her sun bed, the material of her dress clinging to her torso, and stormed inside, past me, and up stairs. The builders chuckled between themselves. ‘Did you get that Terry?’ ‘Yeah Wayne, such sexy legs!’ten minutes later Julie came back downstairs, walking through the living room towards the French doors. She had changed her outfit, She was wearing her thin white vest top, usually reserved for bed time, and what appeared to be her bikini bottoms. From the way her pert 34B breasts jiggled as she walked, she appeared to illegal bahis be braless. ‘Honey, are you bra…’ She shot me a look over her shoulder, ‘What?!”Oh, nothing’She carried on out to her sun bed, the builders taking a double look, as she laid her self out again. She looked a sight! The material of her vest top was thin, and I had no doubt in the bright sun, Terry and Wayne would clearly be able to make out her areola’s. I was amazed Wayne managed to wait as long as he did, a good five minutes, before flicking the hose pipe in my wifes direction again. Terry was hiding again, with he’s smart phone trained on my wife again. The splash of water landed on her slim tummy. She twitched but didn’t react. Another splash of water land on her crotch,, her vest turning transparent, showing her spotty blue bikini bottoms through the material. Again, no reaction. This time Wayne gave a big flick of the hose, a deluge of cold water landing on her chest! She leapt up and turned to face him, her delicate hands on her shapely hips. From my side view of her, I could see her vest top was totally soaked, clinging to her pert breasts, her dark pink nipples clearly visable! ‘I’m soaked! she shouted. ‘Sorry luv, couldn’t resist it! You looked so hot!”Hot? In tempreture, or appearence?’ she flirted back.’You are a very attractive, sexy young lady’ he replied’Really?’ she replied with a sly smile. ‘Well this top is no good know its wet.’ And with that she grabbed the hemline and in one swift movement, pulled it up and over her head, tossing it aside. My sexy wife was now stood in our garden, just wearing her bikini bottoms, water still dripping off her pert firm breasts, with Wayne and Terry just feet from her! My mouth fell open, as did the builders. ‘Getting a good shot of my breasts?!’ she said as she squeezed her right breast, rubbing her stiff nipple, as she turn to look at Terry, partly obscured by he’s tree. He stepped out, looking a little guilty, but still holding up the camera. ‘Do you like my 34B’s? Look great on my slim size 8 figure don’t they?’ They both nodded in unison.’Well, you’ve seen me, let’s see you then.’ She said, as her hand dropped from her breasts, and slowly traced down her trim tummy to the waist line of her bikini bottoms, her delicate fingers toying with the youwin waist band. The builders looked at each other in shock. ‘Keep on, no one can see us her’, she lied. I could see everything going on!Wayne acted first, pulling he’s shorts down, he’s already aroused cock springing out!’Mmm… not bad… and you?’ she said to Terry. He slowly pulled down he’s shorts one handed, he still had he’s phone aimed at my wife, obviously getting a great video!’Wow, hello big boy’ my wife exclaimed. Terry did indeed appear bigger than average.’Well, you’re a good shot with that hosepipe, but lets see how good a shot you are with your cocks! She stepped closer to our fence, probably just four feet from the builders, in their elevated position. ‘See if you can hit my young firm pert breasts with your cum from there!’ she said with a giggle. The guys looked at each other again, looked back at my sexy nearly nude wife, and grabbed their cocks! It didn’t take long, before they both shot long ropes of cum out over the wall, across the alleyway, but hitting the fence on their side.’Awww… maybe you’ll have better luck tomorrow’ and with that she grabbed her dis-guarded top and walked inside. She looked like she was buzzing from the attention. She remained topoless the rest of the afternoon in our house, (it was a very hot humid day!), and we had fantastic passionate sex that evening!Tuesday, and I was feeling a lot better, so went to work. Just after lunch time, my phone beeped to tell me I had a message. I pulled my phone out, and opened the message. Iy was a photo message from Julie. The photo both shocked and excited me, She had aimed the camera closely at her bare breasts, but I could see she was stood in our alley way. ‘They got me today, with a little help’ the message read. I looked again and the cum splattered on her smooth pale skin. In fact there was a strand of cum dangling off the tip of her stiff left nipple! I was hard all afternoon, thinking about my wife teasing those builders! The moment I got home I took her over the kitchen table! She gave me a mind blowing blowjob later that night too.Wednesday, 12;43, and my phoned beeped again. The message read, ‘I thought I’d bring them over some ice cold drinks….’ The photo was again a close up of her bare breasts, a tray youwin giriş of drinks with a glass of ice in the background, clearly in our neighbours garden. But what grabbed my attention was the hand of Terry, or Wayne, holding an ice cube to my wife’s right breast, the trail of melted water sparkling over her beautiful skin.Thursday, 13:12, and i grabbed my phone before it finished beeping!! I opened the photo message, yet another close up of Julie’s beautiful breasts, with her slender delicate hands each wrapped around thick throbbing cock, holding them against her nipples, pre-cum oozing out of both cocks. Her message read, ‘ok if i jerk them off??’I quickly replied, ‘yeah, providing you send me a photo of the result’I waited impaitiently for 20 minutes before my phoned beep again. I opened the photo, her message simply read, ‘Mmmmm…’ It was a photo of her torso, wit hone rope of cum across her left breast, and another over her upper right breast, across her fine collar bone to the base of her delicate neck!Friday, 12;57, and my phone beeped. This photo had to be done with a self timer, it was a long shot of my wife being held horizontally across four guys!! Wayne and Terry was there, plus two others. Everyone was naked! One of the guys hands was gripping her upper thigh, extremely closely to her bare pussy, A big black guy had he’s arm under her armpit, he’s big hand cupping my wife’s pale soft breast, and he’s enormous cock was jutting out just below her head! If she had turned her head to face downwards, I am sure it would be in her face!! The message read, ‘Terry and Wayne have a couple of mates over to help… mind if i help them??”Sure,’ I replied, just send me a photo after.I waited, and I waited, pacing the floor. Nearly one hour later, I received a message, a photo from my sexy wife. She was laid out naked on her back on the grass. The photo was taken from above giving a full length view of her beautiful perfect naked body. And her breasts, trim tummy, and pussy were smothered in thick cum!!! Her message read, ‘I made sure they all came at least twice! They are now gonna help we wash off in the shower!’That night she told me how they had all gathered around her as she stood under the shower, four pairs of hands stroking and caressing her sticky body all at once, not knowing whose hand was whose.She had been fingering herself all afternoon after they left her, and now she really badly wanted my cock, deep inside her!’Sure honey, anything for you!’ I said as i ripped my clothes off!

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