My Dad Loves You

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“Shit,” he whined as I came into his office. “This sucks,” he whined, writing something down at his desk.”I know, but could you at least let me use it before you compliment my mouth?” I asked, closing the gap.”Oh, hi, Kyler,” he muttered, peeking at me briefly. “I think your dad hates me.””No, my dad loves you, Luke. He did give you his blessing to give this ring, remember? And you’re working for him too. How can he hate you?””By stacking shit on my back like I’m an indestructible camel. I’m barely getting this crap done, and I’m not seeing the payoff coming just yet, babe. I mean, I love you to death, but not your dad at the moment.””Didn’t he mention he might be giving you a promotion, though?””Yes, and I swear, he’s using you as a crutch. ‘Oh, how will you support my daughter if you quit? Kyler will dump your ass in a heartbeat if you lose your shit, so get this done.’ I mean, WTF? It’s almost like he’s making it sound like you’re a bill.””On the other hand, he’s completely cool that we’ve had sex in this office dozens of times. I guess the job does have its perks, right?””So, you’re presenting yourself as a perk then?” he asked, peeking at me.”Yes, I guess,” I answered, before kissing him. “He just wants to push you, I don’t know, but he loves you in his own way. Granted, you proposed, but if he’s cool with us having sex in your office here, then it has to be a somewhat sweet deal, don’t you think? Last week, I left my panties right on your desk here. He saw them but didn’t say a word. So, you’re like bulletproof there. I know it doesn’t make the work less annoying, but you couldn’t get away with it elsewhere.””Okay, I’ll keep that in mind.”I kissed him again and calmly backed my head away. I sighed and watched him work a bit more. I couldn’t resist but undo my blouse. It took a minute as I did it slowly, but he didn’t glance my way.Then I undid my skirt as well, so it fell off me. “Well, I think I can make you feel better.”He angled his head up. “Kyler, I’m sorry, but I got work to do.””I know, but may I suggest something big that may land you a bigger salary?””What, should I get down to my boxers, put on dead president masks, and…””No, not a Point Break robbery, but something that will get your heart rate up, though. Now, just hear me out, how about…””Neither one of us is gonna ask him for a raise either.””Okay, you are pissy if you’re cutting my sentences off when I’m half-naked in front of you. Now listen.”We stared at each other with my hands on my hips.”Are you gonna keep me in suspense?””How about you put a bun in my oven?” I suggested, rubbing my stomach.He had a skeptical look for a moment but failed to speak. I didn’t say another word and allowed him to think about it.”Okay, even just assuming that would work, are you ready to be a mom?””Yes, let’s just say my mom and dad have been pushing. There’s another perk; you haven’t heard a word from them about knocking me up, have you?””Holy shit, I have my dream job,” he said, coming out from behind his desk.”Well, it goes with your dream woman, which you successfully landed,” I reminded Ankara escort him, closing the gap and taking his hands in mine. “I love you, and you love me. Believe it or not, my dad loves you. He’ll quit stalling your promotion if we tell him his grandson or daughter is coming. I don’t see how that wouldn’t work. I hate my job anyway, so you’ll be making enough money to support all three of us. Granted, having a baby is a big commitment, but it’ll also earn you emotional rewards from my parents. Maybe you’ll get closer to them, and I don’t see how that’ll backfire. Granted, we can’t have sex for a while after I give birth, but as you said, my mouth sucks.””I love you, but this is nuts, Kyler. We haven’t even talked about having kids. Now you think this would be a good move?””I do, but we don’t have to do it if you don’t want to. It was just a suggestion, that’s all. How about you sit down, and I use my mouth on you now?” I asked, dropping my hands to his pants. “Now sit down.”He didn’t do that, but felt my butt with both hands. He pasted his lips to mine and had me switch places with him a moment later. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was hopeful that he’d make the right choice.I felt his lower back the whole time and felt my heart beating like a jackhammer. I just waited him out for some time, but still enjoyed myself quite a bit. We set the record for our most extended make-out session and loved every minute.After a twelve-minute make-out session, he parted his lips. “Call me crazy, but even if you’ve never said a word to me, the idea has been bouncing off your walls in your brain, hasn’t it?””That would be a fair assessment.””And that’s an odd way of saying, ‘Yes.’, too.””Yes, it has bounced around in my head, but I’m not pushing. Believe it or not, I don’t want our baby to be a wedge. We’re both entering our thirties in the next couple of years; my parents aren’t getting any younger. I’m sure yours wouldn’t mind having a little McArthur running around. So, what do you say?””Do we have to decide now?””No, but it’ll take me ten seconds to get my panties and bra off, so we can still have and remember that one perk.”I had no idea what he’d actually say, but I loved it that way. I didn’t strip to persuade him, but I thought I made my case rather well already. So, I let him think about it for as long as needed. I didn’t push him, but didn’t back away either.”And you don’t think your dad will resent me for getting you pregnant before our wedding?””Well, we won’t even know for sure until after the wedding, so I think we’ll be good. So, do I have your permission to take out your hard friend?” I pondered, placing my hands on his thighs.”Yes, I guess.””Hey, I’m proposing we fuck to make a baby; I’m not saying let’s be celebrant until the wedding, dude.””Duly noted,” he added, before kissing me.As our lips stayed together for a moment, I undid his pants and fished out his hard friend. I stroked it, and he couldn’t help but place his palms on my butt. He caressed my bare butt cheeks, and I felt him jiggle a bit from his Ankara escort bayan hand job.After a moment, he parted his lips. “Well, you do make a compelling case.”I brought my hand up. “I accepted your ring because I love you; now, do you love me enough to start a family with me?””Yes, but this is still a big step, though. We’re not switching from cable to Sling; once we have a baby, he, she, or they are here to stay. The baby contract is signed, and even though they haven’t been conceived yet, I’m certain they’re gonna expect us to uphold that contract.””I understand, but I’m not going to push you, but I’m ready, and I think it’s your ace in the hole to get that promotion soon. I think you’re still gonna get based on your work, but if we go to my parents and tell them I’m cooking, they’re going to be happy.””Okay, I’ve also heard bad things about pregnant women, like mood swings.””It’ll be a bumpy ride,” I confessed, taking off my bra. “But, I love you and love me, so I think we’ll be fine,” I added, pushing down my panties as well. “Yes, I’m cheating, but in a good way,” I admitted, pushing him on his desk.He watched me get down on my knees and strip the bottom half of his body. He helped himself to the top half, so I could only guess that he was sold. Once he was naked, I rose to him and kissed him again.”Okay, do your dirty work.””Oh, shut the fuck up,” I told him, getting up on his lap. “I might love you with all my heart and soul, but I still have access to your balls, and I know how to squeeze them,” I warned him, guiding his cock to my pussy.”Although, in that scenario, won’t that hurt the goal of getting pregnant? I may not be able to cum so well if you squeeze my balls.””When I’m pregnant, just agree with me or say ‘I understand.’ don’t correct me like that. That’s a warning that won’t bite you in the ass,” I added, letting it in there deep.He clutched my butt cheeks and vibrated. “I understand.””Don’t you love it when you listen?” I pondered, slowly thrusting my snatch off his dick. “I can’t think of a better way my parents will love you more than giving them a grandchild. Whether it’s a boy or a girl, they’ll be delighted. Don’t let it all shine on my parents either; your parents would love to have a grandchild too. When you need to cum, make sure you have me lie down first; we don’t need gravity fucking things up for us.””I figured that out, thank you,” he replied, before kissing me and lying back.”Okay, but sometimes a hard dick makes you not think straight,” I said, snatching his hands. “Now feel these boobs you love so much that you gave me a ring.””I didn’t propose just because of your tits.””Not solely, but they did help quite a bit, didn’t it?””Fair point.””Dude, I took your ring, and I’m trying to get you to get me pregnant so that you can be honest with me. I’m not saying you may tell me that you love my boobs more than me, but you may tell me that you love my melons almost as much. Even if you tell me that you fell in love with me when you came on them for the first time and not our Escort Ankara first dance where we had our first kiss, I won’t slap you.””You’ll squeeze my balls, though.””No,” I giggled, before giving him a straight face. “That would make me a bitch; you’re smart enough to say, ‘No way, sweetheart, you’re the opposite of that.’, right?””No way, sweetheart, you’re the opposite of that.””Don’t you love it when you listen?””Yes.””Does my dad love you?””Yes, but let’s not talk about him now.”I made myself bounce up and down slowly, but enough to make his cock go apeshit. I felt the veins in it beating hard, so I knew he was having trouble holding back. Nevertheless, it was still early in the game, and I stayed on offense.His hands stayed on my jugs, so he felt them move somewhat, but he did clutch them to some degree. He didn’t hurt them, but even if he did, I was okay with that; it went to the goal we had. I felt somewhat gitty and cheesed, but didn’t shove it in his face.I was sure he still knew my feelings on the subject, though, so he could see right through me. We didn’t talk for a few minutes anyway and just enjoyed each other. Even if we didn’t discuss the goal every second, we still knew why his seed would erupt in my womb.He made sure to add in some of his own thrusts as well, which made the desk come off its legs from time to time. So, his computer and briefcase rocked a bit, but we weren’t worried about either. We sucked each other in and didn’t let go; the intimacy was too grand.After a few minutes, I pulled his palms down and had him grab my thighs. That way, he could see my hooters flop a bit, which almost immediately stole his attention. I chuckled a bit, but didn’t bust on him.He feasted on the eye candy for a few minutes, and I tried to thrust my cunt off his cock as much as possible just to make my hooters shake even more. I didn’t need to look to verify that; I felt them convulse.So, my mind wasn’t on making him cum, but on making him feel really damn good. He held me somewhat tight, but not enough to control me. I was off my leash, so to speak, and he got to enjoy me for all of my sexy goodness.As my dad knew we used his office for sex many times, he knew to let us have our time alone when I came to his office. I didn’t think he knew how unhappy Luke was, but he knew I made him happy in his office from time to time.So, he milked me for all the happiness he could get then. He certainly learned that babymaking was essential to me, so he had that working for him to make me even feistier. I jerked my body as much as I could without taking us down to the ground.”Oh, I’m going to flood your womb, Kyler. I’m gonna get you pregnant and then have enough left over to do it again.””I’ll hold you to that, horndog,” I added, before blowing him a kiss. “I guess my melons are getting plumper and never ‘deplump’ if you know what I mean.””I do,” he giggled, rising with me. “For the record, I could have bigger tits than you, and I still would’ve proposed.””That could be the best lie of our pre-marriage,” I stated, before kissing him and pushing him back down. “You’re fucking your hot fiancé, so you get at least one mulligan, and under the right circumstances, I’ll grant you another,” I revealed, before thrusting my twat again. “Yeah, as if you’d find me to be sexy if you had bigger boobs than me. I love you to death, but that’s a crock.”

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