My Crush Can Be So Cruel

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My Crush Can Be So CruelI was 16 years old and eagerly awaiting the end of my school life, I had just a couple months left to go and couldn’t wait to be free! Exams were just around the corner…”You been talking to my boyfriend, bitch?” Charlene angrily asked, pushing me up against a tree in the back of the school yard. It was my favourite place to hang out with my friends as hardly any teacher would be there.”What?!” I blurt out, stunned.”I saw you talking to my boyfriend the other day!” She accused. I realised it’s Mark she was talking about, he had been chatting me up a lot despite my obvious lack of interest. Not that he wasn’t an attractive boy, its just boys don’t do a thing for me.”You got some kind of crush on him, bitch?” She demanded to know.”W-what, no! I haven’t!” I pleaded my innocence. I did have such a crush on Charlene, however, she’s so beautiful, tall, gorgeous, her skin like creamy coffee, her hair so golden and thick and strait. She always looked so effortlessly stunning. Shame she’s strait…”I’ll fucking kick your ass!” She screamed grabbing my hair and throwing me onto the ground.I let out a grunt as I landed on my side, rolling onto my back as she pounced on top of me.She grabbed my hair again with one hand and raised her other hand above her head in a fist.Everything seemed to go into slow-motion as I gazed up at her, her gorgeous beauty almost shining in the midday sun. Her golden hair glistened as it slowly waved back and forth across her beautiful face. My eyes lingered on hers, like the green emeralds they are.Then suddenly I felt the hard knock of her knuckles into my face. I let out a tiny cry.I held my hands up to my face to protect myself, but she quickly and so effortlessly pinned my arms down with her knees, trapping them and leaving my face exposed. She kept punching me, I screamed for her to stop but she wouldn’t let up. I screamed to my friends for help but they just stood there over us, chanting for me to kick her ass but I was in no position to do that.Suddenly more students came running over surrounding us chanting ‘fight!’ as she continued to lay into me. I felt so sore and humiliated, but I couldn’t get angry, not against the stunning beauty that is Charlene, she’s by no means a skinny girl nor is she fat but she has got some good meat on her bones, which probly is the reason why no matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t move under her.”I’m going to make you fucking love me!” She taunted while pummelling me, she stopped punching and placed her hands triumphantly onto her sexy curvey hips. I could only look up at her.”See, this is what little hoes get!” She mocked, a satisfied grin spreading across her face.”Who’s a little ho, bitch? Who’s a little ho?””Me…” I sighed dejectedly.”That’s right.” She snorted, she then leaned her face down to mine, pursing her lips. I thought she was going to kiss me, but she suddenly spat right in my face. My eyes kaçak iddaa closed as her warm spit slowly dripped down from my eye and across my brusied cheek.She wouldn’t let me wipe it off, she just stayed firmly sat on me, humiliating me further infront of the whole year 11 students.”Wow she kicked that slut’s ass!” I heard some of them taunt and mock.”Aww have you got something in your eye?” She teased before spitting in my face again.”Keep your claws off my man!” She sternly warned before slapping me across the face, adding that last little bit to my humiliation.”Ok ok…” I winced, submissively.She then stood up over me, “Get yourself cleaned up, you look like a dirty tramp!” She then walked away victoriously as I continued to lay on the ground, I wanted the world to swallow me up as everyone else began walking away laughing and cheering at what they had just seen.Only my friends stayed with me, looking a little sheepishly.With my arms now free, I quickly wiped what I thought was her warm spit from under my nose but looked at my red fingers and realised it was bleeding a little. With my other hand, I wiped at my cheek and under my eye and saw it was her warm bubbly spit. I just stared at it as I sat up.”Gee, Sam, you ok?” My friend Courtney asked.”Yeah…” I muttered, still staring at my spit-covered fingertips.”Damn, you got your ass kicked badly…!” Gina, my other friend, stated.”Oi!” Courtney slapped Gina’s arm, “Show some sympathy!””Oops, sorry, I didn’t mean- sorry.” Gina squeaked.”It’s ok, don’t matter…” I muttered, sighing. I got up and heading towards the school toilets.”Want me to come help you clean up?” Courtney asked.”No its ok, I want to be left alone for a bit.” I replied.”Ok, I’m here if you need me.” She responded, sounding concerned.”Thanks.” I grumbled, heading off to the toilets making sure not to bump into any teachers.I went into the girls loos and sat down in a cubicle, closing and locking the door.I still had Charlene’s spit on my fingers, I knew it was the closest thing I had to tasting her kiss which I desired so much, so without even thinking, I put my fingers to my mouth and licked it.It tasted so surprisingly sweet. I wiped the remaining residue of spit from my face and licked that off my fingers too. I then took some toilet paper and cleaned the blood from my nose.A few minutes passed as I gathered my thoughts, when I heard some girls coming into the toilets laughing and giggling.”Anyone in here?” One asked, I recognised from her voice that it was Charlene.I didn’t say anything.”You’re such a badass Char!” I heard one of her friends chirp.”Thanks!” Charlene giggled, “That little bitch was so pathetic, I could have done anything I wanted to her, she wouldn’t have put up any fight…”I heard her go into the cubicle next to mine, I held my breath not wanting to get caught.She continued chatting to her friends as she sat down onto the loo-seat. I heard the tipobet güvenilir mi tell-tale tinkling sound of her peeing. Suddenly, I heard a small trump echo from her bowl.”Pardon me!” She laughed.”Charlene!” One of her friends gasped.”How very lady-like!” Her other friend stated, and they all laughed.”Beating up bitches makes you gassy, huh?” One of them joked.”Oh don’t,” Charlene stated, “would love for that bitch to be here right now, I’d fart right into her pathetic face!” She giggled evilly.”Yeah, that’d teach her!” Her friend replied.I suddenly realised I’d be holding my breath the whole time, and as I went to swallow, my dry throat scratched and trying my best to stifle myself, I coughed.”Hey, someone is in here!” Charlene stated.”Who’s in here?” Her friend asked.”Er, no one, nevermind, I’ll be out your way soon…” I quickly splurted out, trying to disguise my voice, rather pathetically.”Hey I know that voice!” Charlene cheeped. “It’s that stupid bitch, herself!””Oh yeah, talk of the devil!” Her friend grinned.”Go lock the door, girls.” Charlene instructed as she stood up. Her friends quickly bolted for the door to the toilets, blocked it with a large heavy bin.”Please, I don’t want no more trouble.” I nervously pleaded.”Come out here, and I’ll go easy on you.” Charlene insisted.”…Promise?” I responded.”Sure, come on out.” She replied.I sighed real nervously, nibbling my lower lip. I stood up, unlocked the cubicle door and walked out. I saw her friends first, they both had a silly grin on their plain faces. I walked infront of the cubicle doorway and saw Charlene sat there on the loo, her pink knickers down her ankles along with her black school skirt. Her white buttoned top was hanging over her creamy thighs, just about covering her vagina up. She looked so stunning.”You really are so pathetic, aren’t you, slut?” She mocked.”Yeah, I am…” I sighed and gulped nervously. “I’m very sorry, I never meant to offend you-“”Shh!” She frowned, “you speak when you’re spoken to, is that understood?”I nodded my head.”Good, you bruised my knuckles with your stupid face, and I think you should make it up to me.”She stated.”Ok I’ll do anything, just please don’t beat me up again.” I pleaded.”Get down on her knees, like you’re used to being, slut.” She instructed.I obediently did as I was told, and kneeled down infront of her.”I need to wipe, and there’s no paper in here.” She said looking at the empty paper dispenser.”Oh, would you like me to get you some from the cubicle I was in?” I asked, trying to sound helpful.”Shut up,” She bluntly told me, “I’m not asking for paper, I’m asking to be wiped.””Err…” I nervously looked towards her friends, who were looking at me.”Come wipe me.” She told me.”Um, how?” I nervously asked.”Can you hold your tongue out?” She mockingly asked.”Oh god…” I quietly sighed, realising what she’s asking of me. Truthfully, I’ve always wanted tipobet giriş to lick her delightful pussy but I didn’t think it’d be like this.”Yeah…” I gulped, and held my tongue out.”Good, little slut knows what a tongue is!” She teased making her friends laugh.”Oh Charlene, you’re not really going to make her lick you, are you?” Her friend asked, a little puzzled, a little bit grossed out.”Of course,” Charlene calmly responded, “I’m going to make this slut my bitch!”She motioned me to crawl towards her with her finger, and lifted her shirt up with her legs open.I looked at her beautiful young shaved pussy. Her lips glistened from the residue of her pee.I nervously gulped and crawled towards her, my tongue hanging out like a panting dog.I looked up at her submissively, as she subtly nodded in permission of me to lick her, and with a little hesitation, I rubbed my tongue slowly onto her lips.I tried not to wince as the bitter sour taste of her pee scratched against my tastebuds, like licking the juice of a sour apple. Nevertheless, I continued to lick.”There we go,” She sighed, “that wasn’t so hard, was it?” She giggled as did her friends.I stopped and licked my lips.”Hey, I didn’t tell you to stop, you’ll keep licking ’til I’m clean, you got it?” She warned.”Ok.” I sighed and leaned back in, licking her pussy clean.Finally, she told me to stop.”That’s enough, dog, stay there where you belong.” She commanded as she then stood up infront of me.”God, I feel another fart coming.” She calmly stated, making her friends giggle. She turned around, lightly rubbing her tummy through her shirt.”Come here, put your stupid slutty face to my ass, you’re going to take it in your face.”She cruelly giggled.I obediently leant my face in close to her beautiful pert butt, she reached back grabbing my blonde hair and wedged my nose right up close to her little pink crack. I couldn’t help but take a sniff of her delightful sweetly musky scent. I couldn’t believe I was doing this to a girl who just beat me up, but I fancied her so bad.With a little push, she suddenly rattled a fart in my face.”Ahhh inhale that, you little bitch!” She grinned.I breathed the hot smelly air in, it wasn’t the most smelliest fart ever but it sure wasn’t perfume either!She bent down, the tip of my nose brushed against her little hole as she pulled her knickers and skirt up. She then turned around and walked out the cubicle. She walked over to the sink, washed her hands and fixed her hair and put another layer of lipstick on infront of the mirror.”Listen here, slut,” She spoke to me looking in the mirror, “you’re going to get yourself cleaned up, I don’t want you looking like a little tramp, and you’re going to come to my house after school, I’m not done with you yet! If you don’t turn up, I’m going to give you a beating that’ll make today’s beating look like a little playfight! Is that understood?””Yes, Charlene.” I responded so submissively.”Good, come on girls,” Charlene chirped walking towards her friends at the door, “leave this pathetic slut here, we got Maths next.” And off she headed with her friends to class, leaving me all alone in the toilets, alone and so very horny…!

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