my cousins Kathie and bobby

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my cousins Kathie and bobbyduring high school I was fortunate enough to buy a wreck of a car and i did what a 16 year old could do to restore it to a descent looking drivable vehicle. it was a 55 chevy. I loved that car. My uncle was a truck driver but always had plenty of off road time and during that time he would often work on cars. He offered to help me work on my cars outer appearance. We sanded the entire car down and we were adding some bondo into one of the minor dents. My cousin Kathie was always running around scantily clad as she often did guring this time and would bring me to full arousal. she was what most guys would strive for. Since she was my cousin and I was still a virgin with Girls, I didn’t have the confidence or i****tuous desire to pursuit her. My uncle got a call and informed me he was going in to work a 3 day run. He said once I get the bondo worked down I should wet sand the entire car to prepare it for him when he returns. I was wet sanding the car with 120 grit and my cousin volunteered to help. She was wearing a white tank top and white shorts. as we sanded and talked, i noticed she had low d****d arm holes on the top and wasnt wearing a bra. This got my attention. She was getting wet and her top was sticking to her tits. The nipples were well pronounced. My aunt stuck her head in the door and said she was going to run to the mall and she was leaving Bobby home. she told us to look in on him once in a while. Kathy was one month younger than I and bobby was 2 years younger. once my Aunt left Kathy was getting more playful. She was getting me and her more wet and would often throw the wet sponge at me. I threw it back and hit her in the crotch. she was now totally wet in front. she said she needed to dry her clothes out and stripped her tank top and shorts off and to my disbelief she was totally naked underneat and was now exposing herself to me. I was gawking at her and she said you act like you’ve never seen a naked girl before. I didn’t budge and was still staring as she walked to the door naked and she turned and said, You haent have you? I didnt answer and she said grandbetting giriş Ill be right back. she came back wearing a large t-shirt. I didnt know it but she was naked underneath. She took my hand and pulled me into the car. She said we need to take away your virginity. she pulled my head to hers and kissed me. I never kissed anyone prior to this other than my mom or grandma. and she wasnt kissing me like they did. She said relax. and let me show you how to kiss. She then began licking my lips. I couldnt have gotten better lessons if I paid for them. kathy slid her tongue into my mouth and we swapped tongue for a few minutes and while doing this she slid her hand into my jeans and felt my cock. she said ooo you’re bigger than I thought. then she unzipped me and slid my jeans down with my skivvies. she went down on me and after sucking on the head and sliding her mouth up and down she said you taste so good. You showered before you came over, didnt you. I shook my head, still not talking. I was stunned as she slid her t-shirt over her head so it was on her arms but behind her head. She took my head and placed my mouth on her nipples and said lick and suck my nipples gently. I did so for a few minutes and then she took my haed up and kissed me again as she slid her hand on to mine and lowered our hands to her pussy and slid them back and forth. she felt wonderful. she then showed me where her clit was and instructed me to rub it for a while. as I did so she went down on me again. Then she said ok your turn and had me suck her clit and lick her pussy. It was my firt taste of pussy. I tasted strawberrys and a slight lingering bit of urine. she asked me what I thought and then she kissed me again. I didnt even think about the fact that she was tasting her own pussy until I realized i was kissing her lipps that just came off my cock. I was even more hard now. she stopped kissing and said lets fuvk. She slid her leg over the top of the front seat (thanks god for older cars with a long bench seat). and she pulled my cock to her pussy. as she inserted it she said how does grandbetting yeni giriş that fell. I said man are you tight. She said push in and pull out for a couple of times. I did so and i felt like i was going to cum. I told her and she pulled off immediately. she said we need a rubber. she got out of the car and went inside and in a flash she was back. I saw her rip open the rubber with her teeth and she began to put it on my cock. she got it on and pulled me to her pussy again. this time it didnt feel as good, I mean it felt good but the wetness was gone and the slippery feeling was gone. I pushed in and pulled out for a few more minutes as she rubbed her clit and told me to rub her titties. I was rubbing them and fucking her while she was masturbationg. she all of a sudden was thrashing around and my cock slid out of her. I guess my rubber came off and we didnt realize it but she put my cock back in. as I was sliding in i realized there was no more rubber. it must have gone inside her. We fucked more while she was cumming and i was so turned on in a few minutes i was exploding, shooting more cum than I had ever expereinced in my life. as we finished cumming and relaxed in each others arms, she said that was awesome. I never felt a guy cumming inside me like that before. ususally i only feel a bit of pressure and the pulsing of his cock, but you made me feel like you actually shot your cum into my bare pussy. I didnt know what to say so I kept my mouth shut and continued to kiss her. I slid out and she said what happened to the rubber? I shrugged my shoulders and she went into panick mode. She ran into the house and left me laying there with a glistening boner. I could hardly believe I was hard again. then I felt an arm reach down and grab my cock. I was stilll horny and didnt move. it was billy and when he leaned over and kissed me, I didnt budge, i sat there and exchanged kisses as he stroked my cock and balls while kissing me. He then saked if He could suck my cock and I replied sure. He leaned over and climbed into the front seat. He was naked too and I grandbetting güvenilirmi could not believe it. theere near my mouth was a perfectly shaped near hairless 5 inch cock with the foreskin pulled slightly back exposing a precum dripping slit that looked so inviting. as he sucked my cock i took his into my mouth and we sucked each other for a few minutes when he exploded, shotting huge ropes of cum into my motuh causing me to come in his. we finished cumming and he collap[sed on the front seat with his head in my lap and his still hard cock poking up. I wanted to suck him again but having cum twice already in less than 15 minutes, i let reality creep in and said Kathy will be coming out soon and we better not let her see us like this. he agreed and kissed me and ran to the outside garage door where his clothes were lying on the work bench. he dressed and left. moments later kathy appeared still wearing that t-shirt and me stil lying there with my cock out and pants around my knees. She explained to me that the rubber must have come off when we were fucking and that when we began fucking again I wasnt earing a rubber. She then said she douched and she was hoping that would keep her from getting pregnant. then she went down on me and she asked if i could go into the basement with her. I agreed and we went downstairs to the basement. we laid on the couch and we were in a 69. she was putting her finger in my ass and kept playing with my anus as she sucked. If I hadnt already cum 2 times in less than 20 minutes i would have shot off already. I caught something moving out of the corner of my eye and saw billy masturbation behind his sister so I could see. as he shot off into his hand I too shot a load of cum and kathy began cumming. she squeezed my head between her legs and almost choked me to death as she came real hard. Billy licked the um from his hands and I pushed kathy off my now sensitve cock. I could not believe what had just transpire in a few minutes since uncle bud ernie and aunt marcella had just left. wow. I continued seeing both boby and kathy for quite a few ears until a family argument broke up the tight knit family and then I got married and lost track of them. I saw kathy at a funeral once, but her husband was with her. she did comment in the buffet after the funeral that she had the sexiest cousin alove. her husband must have been possesive because we never talked again after that.

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