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MY BRUSH WITH FAMEWhen still in the US AIr Force my first Base in America having served five years in both Asia and Europe wa remote Grand Forks, North Dakota on a Minuteman Missile launch facility as a security policeman. I,d only been engaged to my English fiancée a few months and it was still nearly a year till the wedding. As winter approached I,d remained true to Sarah and intended to remain that way till the following June, but life has a tendency to change all that. One afternoon after just doing my three days on the remote site I was driving into the city of Grand Forks fifteen miles from the Air Base during a nasty early November snow storm. Having been raised f******n years three hundred miles away in eastern South Dakota I knew how to drive in that weather and had already fitted chains just in case, but the main danger so far was fresh snow driven over the hard top which was rather slippery in some places. I laughed inside as less experienced drivers from warmer states passed me taking little notice of the weather/road conditions as most of them sat in their cars beside the road awaiting tow trucks having sk**ded off the highway. I was about five miles from the city when I noticed a large Cadillac with California license plates stalled half across the highway, the female driver getting frustrated as she tried to see why her car had stalled, hood up. Though she wore a heavy fur coat she had long blonde hair, fashionable boots and obviously a shapely figure so like any red blooded man I pulled onto the shoulder to see if I could help. The deepest blue eyes almost melted me as she told me she,d sk**ded first then the car had just stalled and she couldn,t start it again. She looked very familiar, but I soon found the only thing wrong with her car was it had flooded the engine and she,d have to wait till it cleared itself. With izmir escortlar the help of another driver that stopped we managed to push her car onto the shoulder then I invited her to sit in my old Chevy so she could warm up as she was frozen from the bitter wind that drifted the light snow across the surface of the highway. “Thanks ever so much for your help! I should have realised the motor had flooded out, but with the sk** and being half in the road I panicked a bit. I,m ##!” she quoted a well know Hollywood actress from back in the 1960s who I will not mention We shook hands and I noticed that her hands had warmed up at least, but once she,d opened her coat the dress she wore underneath did little to keep,her body warm. “If I were you I,d wear a bit more under that coat while you,re here in cold icy North Dakota!” I advised her. “Yes having been born not far from here I should know better, but living in California I sort of forgot what it can be like here.” she laughed. “You from around here then?” “No. Born in Washington State, but spent f******n years in eastern South Dakota so learned all about winter driving there.” “I left home after I graduated from high school and hitched all the way to California. I was lucky to break into films in just a few years, but it Wasn,t easy for me. I,m a big name now, but you can,t imagine the Shit I had to do to get here.” “You can talk about it if you like as I,m a good listener”! “Okay, But hope I don,t bore you too much.” She told me all about her “modelling” days when it ended up being photographed for soft porn glamour magazines before she graduated to hardcore where she,d do everything except the real kinky stuff. Then one day she,d been asked to attend an audition for a part in a low budget film. She had to fuck the director, but got the part and was amazed how much money it payed. izmir escort bayan Otherbsmall parts followed and a few tv appearances and she,d never looked back after that. She said she was saddened that her private sex Life was crap though. She,d been engaged three times in the last two years, the first time purelynfor publicity purposes, the second time she,d caught her fiancé in bed with another man! Hollywood life Didn,t sound so wonderful to me listening to her talk about it. She said it would be so nice just to return to being a “nobody” but the money and prestige was hard to ignore. “You look a down to earth sort of guy. When my car starts again why don,t I buy you a supper and we can have a better chat where it,s nice and warm?” she suggested. As Suspected her Caddy had only flooded and started firstbtrynso she followed me to a restaurant I,d been to a few times. Inside when she took off her coat if the other males present hadn,t recognised her face they certainly noted thevrevealng dress she wore that threatened to expose her nipples as her big titties tented the dress alarmingly, her bottom seemed painted on the dress, only her winter boots spoiling the sexy view. More than one envious female watched as she slid in the booth opposite me and began to scan the menu. She obviously Wasn,t watching her weight as her appetite was a healthy one then insisted she pay the bill which I eventually accepted after I made her sign my autograph book. Even one smitten fan took pictures first of her next to me then handed the camera to me so I could take one of her next to him. “I noticed a nice looking motel just next door. Why not continue our little chat there?” she suggested as we left the restaurant. “Okay”, We drove our cars the short distance and parked outside the motel then checked in together. The manager on duty recognised izmir bayan escort her right away and seemed curious as to who I was, but I ignored him. She Didn,t book an expensive room and we weren,t interested in tv any way. “I,m going to take a Hot bath tomwarm myself up. Care to join me?” She asked and before I could agree she began to remove clothing till she stood before me like a porn star unashamed, long hair down to,her shoulders, natural forty inch plus titties with big pouty nipples of coral and slightly shaven blonde pubic hair over her pussy. “Come on then. Get your clothes off!” I watched her ample derriere as she entered the bathroom soon followed by an equally naked me, my cock like a rod of iron before me. She laughed as she turned on the water. “He,s all ready for action.” As the tub filled she gently stroked my cock while I fondled her magnificent mammaries. She obviously worked out one way or the other to keep herself in shape and it showed. Once the bath was full she eased her body in then let me squeeze in behind her so I could fondle her titties from behind which she loved. “Some times I cum just having my tits played with!” She purred. Once we,d taken enough time to wash each other we helped dry each other then headed for the king sized bed. This first time she wanted a straight fuck, no foreplay, just my cock directly in her cunt and then fuck till our juices began to run and I pumped her full of my heavy semen. She,d already mentioned she couldn,t have k**s so I could fill her to the brim till it flows out of her mouth! After that initial fuck we had a slow sixty nine session where she had no qualms of swallowing every spurt of my heavy load and loved it when I ate her pussy! I lost count if the times we fucked that night. In the morning she told me “I must go visit my father today as he,s not very well. When,s the next time you have off?” “Back on site Thursday, but back Sunday morning.” I told her. “I,m not sure, but if I,m free I’ll pick you up at the main gate at your base on Sunday then” she kissed me passionately as she got in her Cadillac TBC

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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