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Subject: My Brother’s Keeper 3 Please Donate to . They do a great job keeping the blood pumped into our nether fty/donate.html __________________________________________ CHAPTER 3 “Did you see where David disappeared to?” Freek was taking his shoes off, wiggling his toes, which were only too happy to celebrate their freedom. He was sitting on the edge of his King Size, extra length four-poster bed. The searing sun outside was held at bay by the generous porch that surrounded his house for just that purpose. Shawnie came over and kneeled at his feet and put his hands on Freek’s huge left foot that was resting on his knee as he removed his shoe. He gently pulled it towards him and looked up in Freek’s kind eyes, a small smile playing on his handsome face. “He snuck off with Hennie the first chance he got. You should have seen Sussie’s face,” Shawnie giggled. “I think she has her eye on Dawie for sure.” “Not if Hennie has anything to say about it. Did you see how he never left Dawie’s side? Touched him whenever he could. He has it bad for him.” Freek sighed as Shawnie massaged his toes, pulling his sock off the sweaty foot as he did so. “Dawid and Jonathan?” Shawnie asked as he pressed his cheek against Freek’s moist sole. He sniffed deeply and licked up the length of the huge foot. “Your love for me was wonderful, more wonderful than that of women. 2 Samuel 1 verse 26,” he sighed and leaned forward, gently removing his foot from Shawnie’s grasp and cupping the teen’s face in his generous, work-tough hands. “How do you know that verse, and the reference uit jou kop uit?” (Off by heart) Shawnie giggled. Freek’s generous masculine lips loomed large. His smile was radiant and welcome in the aftermath of the sad day. “Because I wanted to know if there was any sign that anybody in the Bible was like me; made to love another man, but still loving the generous, caring God I came to know as a child,” he said, as his lips found Shawnie’s. “How can it be wrong to love somebody the way I love you, jou stoute klein donder?” (Literally – you naughty little thunder) he mumbled into the boy’s mouth as their tongues found each other. Shawnie got up from his kneeling position without breaking the lip lock. “It’s been too long since…” he growled. “Undo your pants,” he commanded and Freek grinned, still sitting, pulling back to comply. “Ja, baas,” (yes, boss). Without getting up he undid the belt of his suit trousers and sat back resting on his hands expectantly, watching as Shawnie did the same. As the boy dropped his pants with a clink of the buckle, he pulled his underpants off and his adult-sized cock was freed, slinging a generous amount of precum which caught the light and clung to the tip, dribbling down the uncut shaft towards the respectable balls. Freek’s breath caught in his throat as Shawnie used his feet to remove his shoes and pants without breaking eye contact. “I saw how you looked at Dawie and now I’m going to make you remember who’s boss in this house,” the teen growled. He stepped up to the bed and roughly pushed Freek backwards on the covers. The farm manager fell back with a ankara eve gelen escort hiccup. Shawnie didn’t give him a chance to say anything. He grabbed the man’s feet and pushed his legs back towards his head. With his left hand, he reached under Freek’s ass and pulled his pants and underwear up in one movement, exposing Freek’s hairy ass. Freek grabbed his legs and hugged them to his chest, exposing his ball-sack and hole to the hungry teen, who leaned forward and spread the hairy hole he saw there. He sniffed the crevasse and broad-licked the cleft from Freek’s tailbone, over the sweat-moist anus to the jiggling balls. Freek pushed his leaking cock through his clasped legs and Shawnie continued his tongue journey, ending in scooping the copious precum he found there up with his bottom lip. Freek caught his breath as Shawnie travelled back to the hole and dribbled the spit and cock snot into the winking orifice. He didn’t play around and started working the slimy mixture into the hole. Freek frowned with pleasure. “Fokken werk daai hol, Shawnie! Jy weet net hoe!” (Fukkin’ work that hole Shawnie. You know just how.) Shawnie’s rough finger quested inside, finding the ridge of Freek’s prostate. “Jy soek my piel met ‘n seer hart, né Freekie?” (You need my cock badly, Freekie?) While he worked the hairy pussy with his rough finger he sucked one of Freek’s balls into his mouth. He wasn’t gentle and Freek’s groans were a mixture of delicious pain and pleasure. Shawnie knew that the gentle giant was a sub at heart and he knew how to take control. He pulled back and the ball exited his lips with a satisfying ‘pop’. He long-licked over the hole and taint and his hooked finger worked the prostate while his other hand worked his man-sized boycock which wept its anticipation all over his hand. He felt Freek’s sphincter relax and his probing finger gained easy, soft access to the pliable hole. He knew it was time. He straightened up and spread the generous precum over his 7-incher. He aimed it at Freek’s hole and slid it in with a solid thrust of his hips. Freek’s breath left his lungs with a sharp “whooph!” His eyes tilted into the back of his head. He clung onto his still clothed legs for dear life as the teen laid into his hairy buns with a vengeance. There was no slow preamble, no gentle increase. Freek was being thoroughly fucked and from the appreciative, almost keening wail that sirened out of his upturned mouth, he was experiencing celestial pleasures. Shawnie’s boy bum dimpled and rounded as he pistoned in and out of the now fuck-slick hole. Freek pulled his legs even further back, allowing Shawnie’s steel-hard teen fuckstick to plough still deeper into the farmer’s furrow. With each punchy contraction, he hit Freek’s love button and to a crescendo of “o fok of fok o fok!” Freek squirted a gigantic load of thick fuck-slime directly onto his tie and white shirt that still covered his hairy tummy. The contractions around his teen cock send Shawnie over the edge and he slammed into Freek’s hole, squirting his teen spunk into his lover’s hairy man-cunt. gaziantep escort Shawnie leaned up against Freek’s legs which were still sheathed in his suit trousers and hugged together to his chest. They were both out of breath and delicious post-orgasmic waves of pleasure radiated through their thighs and groins, pulsing through their dopamine-saturated bodies. Both still wore their suit shirts and ties. Freek separated his knees, still trapped in his suit pants and Shawnie slid through the gap and up his abdomen and torso, slicking Freek’s ejaculate between their sweat-soaked white shirts. When he arrived at Freek’s face the man opened his mouth and Shawnie dribbled a gob of saliva into his mouth and then dove in to retrieve the warm liquid again. They swapped spit and licked each other’s tongues and mouths for a while, slowly calming down to exchange loving pecks and gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes. “I wonder what Dawie’s doing now?” Shawnie giggled. ———————————– “Where are we going?” Hennie just gave me a secretive sidelong glance, a small smile on his handsome face. “Vir my om te weet en vir jou om uit te vind!” (For me to know and for you to find out!). His voice had deepened into a masculine baritone that sounded like a stone rolling around in a large copper pot. The farm had changed in the years I had been absent. The road was new and went to a region that was dotted with rocky outcrops that in some cases fulfilled their promise and protruded into koppies (hillocks). The flats that had been developed into farmlands were left behind and we entered the shadows behind an outcrop with craggy rocks topped by hardy, stringy thorn trees. It was a huge relief to be out of the sun that beat down on the roof of the ute as Hennie stopped the vehicle with a crunch of tyres on the dusty sand road. From where we had stopped, the sun-bleached veld stretched as far as the eye could see, and the Free State sky, blue as any heaven could be, arched overhead and slammed triumphantly into the horizon. A windmill towered just off to the left, over a circular corrugated iron pool. Sheep grazed out here and although there were none to be seen right now, this was their oasis. The water in the dam was a perfect reflection of the sky in the perfectly still Free State afternoon. When the dust settled the unearthly stillness of the veld came to rest on us like a palpable presence. I had forgotten about the beauty of silence. It nourished something in you that starved unknowingly in the clamour of the city. I had not known that I’d missed it until this moment. Henny turned to me, his glance an extension of the stillness and austerity of the landscape. My friend had matured and the playfulness of his youth had settled into a manly peace that crossed the space between us and welcomed me back. “Hennie…” I started, wanting to apologise…my voice, although barely above a whisper, disturbing the silence like a pebble dropped in the water. “Shhhh…” His finger on my lips prevented any further words. He didn’t remove it but allowed it to rest on my mouth. ankara gerçek resimli escort The silence was such that the flapping wings of a bird that flew overhead could be clearly heard, punctuating the stillness like commas in a sentence. The smell of the veld was sun-burnt and dusty, with a spicy herbal undertone that teased the senses. Hennie let his finger slide from my mouth onto my chin. He slowly flipped his hand and cupped my chin in his hand. The silence hissed its presence. The car seat creaked as Hennie leaned towards me, at the same time gently pulling me towards him by my chin. I thought he was going to kiss me but he stopped when I could feel his breath on my face, warm and welcoming. His face, until now serious but restful, crinkled into a slow smile. I felt mine respond as his eyes, knowing and caring, crinkle into sun-induced crows feet of kindness. With a swiftness that took my breath away, he put his left hand behind my head and pulled me over his lap. I was stunned into limp acceptance as he brought the palm of his hand down on my ass with a sharp slap. Before I could stop him or even react in my shocked state, he rained stinging blows on the suit-covered mounds of my ass with stinging regularity. “This-is-for-the-hell-you-put-me-through-when-you-dis-ap-peared-with-out-a TRACE!” He punctuated the words with stinging slaps. I felt my dick get hard in my pants as he rained the blows down on my burning ass. I could feel his hard dick in his pants under my suited tummy. It felt HUGE! “Hennie, I’m sorry! I didn’t leave you, I left the farm!” I tried to stop him with my hands over my ass but he gripped my wrists in his one farm-boy hand and pulled them up towards my back so I couldn’t protect my stinging butt. He slammed one last colossal blow on my buns and then it stopped. We were both out of breath. I was trapped between the steering wheel and his abdomen and he still held my wrists. With his other hand, he gently rubbed my aching ass. He leaned awkwardly down towards my head and I heard a wet sniff. My friend was crying. “At first I was frantic,” his broken voice caught in his throat. “I thought you’d fallen while out riding. For days I searched for you. I pictured you, lying with your head crushed by a rock after that demon horse of yours threw you.” There was another wet sniff. I felt a warm drop in my neck. His left hand still stroked my ass, soothing the pain he had inflicted. “Then we heard that you hitched a lift from Freek and that he dropped you at the bus station in town.” His voice hardened. “I felt like you had died. I felt like I had died.” His voice grated on the last words as he broke into hoarse sobs. “How could you do that to me?” He was openly howling now, his voice like rough sandpaper on a rusty barrel. I was also crying, my snot and tears soaking into his pants. “Hennie, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…” I groaned. The words were torn from me and reinforced by the still-stinging sensation that radiated through my glowing ass. I pulled myself up on my hands and sat on my knees on the seat next to Hennie. Our faces, streaming with ugly tears, were level. He put his left hand behind my neck and pulled me in. Our crying mouths met and we pouted our lips, meeting in a snotty kiss. “Please don’t ever leave me again.” He breathed into my mouth before his tongue wriggled between my lips to find mine. I shook my head and abandoned myself to his passion.

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