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my brother in lawI have changed the names to protect my family; otherwise this is a truestory. I am posting it to this board in the sincere hope that someone whoreads it may have some advice to help me through a difficult situation.My father is a minister in the local church in small suburb outside ofTulsa. I have an older sister who studies ancient languages at a universityabout two hours away, and I am a senior in high school. Our mother died ofcancer three and a half years ago, after a two-year struggle. Since thattime our father has become harsh and distant, and has developed a drinkingproblem. My sister recently became engaged to an older doctorate studentfrom her school, after dating for about a year or so.Although my father knows that my sister is sexually active, he has a rulethat her fiancé is not allowed to sleep in her bedroom when he stays overat our house. Since my room has two twin beds Steve, as I shall call him,stays with me when he visits for the weekend. I like Steve very much. Hehas taken me fishing a couple of times as well as go-kart racing, and hasinvited me along to movies and such when he and my sister go out. He comesfrom a prominent local family and had a reputation as a hell raiser at onetime. His parents sent him away for high school, to a military school, andafterwards he joined the military. After his discharge he pursued a collegeeducation in theology, and at this time he is working on his doctorate.As I have mentioned I am a senior at a public high school in a small townin the Bible belt. I am a straight-A student basically, with specialproficiency in mathematics, and I am a strong player on the tennis team. Ihave a girlfriend, but we are both still virgins at this time. She iswilling to have sex it seems, but I am painfully shy and inexperienced. Iam not gay, and I have never had any sexual contact with another male.Since junior-high, though, I have had a number crushes on boys from school,and I have covertly watched them in the showers and locker room at school.I masturbate regularly to straight porn on the internet, and sometime Ialso fantasize about the boys I have had crushes on. I do not view gay pornon my computer because I am afraid that my father will view the logs of myinternet activity.Steve has stayed over at our house for weekends and holidays many timesover the past year or so that he has been dating my sister, and has sleptwith me in my room on each of those visits. He is thin with an athleticbody, short dark hair, pale skin, and blue eyes. He is masculine, but hispersonality is extremely calm and mild mannered. I have had an intensecrush on him since the first time I met him.I try not to make it obvious, but every time that Steve takes a shower orchanges his clothes I make an excuse to be present in my room, and try toappear occupied by doing homework or playing video games. I guess I wasn’tas discreet as I thought I was.This weekend my father and sister left early Saturday morning to attend toa church outreach program. I slept in and when I got up Steve was still athome as well. I thought he would be with my sister, but he said he hadstayed behind to catch up on reading for school. I had breakfast and coffeewith Steve in the kitchen. When I was finished Steve stretched and said hewas going in for a hot shower. I waited until I heard the water running andthen went to my bedroom, sat down at my desk and started working oncalculus, waiting to covertly stare at his naked body. After a while thewater stopped, and in a minute he came into the room wearing just a greentowel.I don’t know if I mentioned it, but he has a very nice dick which I love tolook at when I can. It is uncircumcised and meaty. This time when he camein I could see right away that he dick was tenting out the front of thetowel. He must have had a hard-on in the shower, I thought. He driedhimself off in plain view, and then dropped the towel. He stood near me,completely naked. His dick was puffy and extended, but not hard. He lookedat my papers and asked me what I was working on. Calculus, I said. Cool, hesaid.He stood like basically directly in front of me, stretching out for awhile, and then sat down on a chair, still naked and facing me. I pretendedto study. When I looked up to steal a peak, he was sitting there and now hehad a full-on erection. His face and neck were flushed red, and he wasstaring down at his dick. I froze. I didn’t know what to do. But I hadnever seen a dick like this before. It got really big when it got hard, andit had a regular head like mine, which came out of the skin when it becamefully erect. And dude, this thing was fully, painfully erect. I tried to goback down to my pretend studying, but I just couldn’t take my eyes away. Ohmy god, it was like a dream. I could hear my heart pounding in my temples,and my palms felt itchy. I was trembling. I couldn’t take my eyesaway. Finally I gave up on pretending not to look and just began to stareopenly at his hard dick.He seemed to be nervous as well. The red blotchiness spread down hischest. He wouldn’t look at me in my eyes. His hands were shaking as hegrasped his dick and started pumping it. He would pull the skin up untilthe head was fully retracted, and then slowly pump all the way downagain. The tip was leaking pre-cum. After a while he asked, “Is this cool,Daniel?””Um hum.”And then after a while he asked, “You like lookin at my dick, huh, Daniel?””Um hum.””Good. Because I like to showin you my hard dick, Daniel… We’re buds nowDaniel, okay?””Um hum.”The pumping got faster. I moved my chair closer. Then he pumped really fastand shot a wad of spunk half way across the room. He caught the rest in thegreen towel, and then quickly wiped up the mess off the carpet, as best hecould. Afterwards he had a big smile on his face. “Dude, that was cool,” hesaid, out of breath. “Do you wanna pull one off now?” He looked at me withcuriosity.”I dunno.” I really did want to, but I was just way too shy.”Okay, no sweat man.” He didn’t push.Late that night when he came in to go to bed I was wide awake laying in bedpretending to be asleep. He turned on the lamp, and coughed, and startedgetting undressed. I was watching from behind my pillow as he pulled downhis jeans and underpants. His dick was rock hard again and sprung out likea jack-in-the-box. I adjusted my pillow and opened my eyes. He has standingfacing my bed, feet spread, wearing just his tee shirt, and pumping hisdick again. Under the covers I started stroking my own dick which was alsofully erect. He pulled off another load while I watched, and this timecaught the spunk in his hands. “G’night man. I’m beat.” And then he hoppedinto his bed.I jacked off four times under the covers, fantasizing about his dick.Sunday he left to go back to school. I haven’t been able to think aboutanything else for a week. I can’t concentrate or study, and I keep jackingoff thinking about his dick and his naked body. I want to suck his dick,and other stuff as well, but he’s going to marry my sister in a few months.I’m torn apart inside my mind, and don’t know what to do. I’m hopingsomeone on this board will have some advice for me, Please let me know ifyou can help.During the week following my first experience with “Steve” I had greatdifficulty in concentrating on anything, other than the mental pictures ofhis dick which floated around inside my mind. I was unable to study,uninterested in tv or movies, really wasn’t on my game on the tenniscourt. Basically I was uncomfortably horny all the time, remembering theimages of Steve’s hard dick. I jacked off quite a bit, but it still didn’tcalm down my mind. I always had this one image of his dick when it wasreally hard, and he was making it twitch and jump. That image would alwaysappear to me when I was jacking off and I was about to come.The following weekend was very strange. On Saturday I was working in thegarage. My sister was at school and my dad was reading in his study. When Ipicked up a screwdriver and held it in my hand, the handle suddenly feltcool and odd and I had a strange ümraniye escort sensation all at once. I quietly went backinto the house, went to the bathroom, and got a jar of Vaseline. Then Ireturned to the garage. The big door was shut, but the side door wasopened, and anyone could have walked in. I stood behind some shelvingunits.I pulled my jeans and boxers down around my ankles. I dipped the handle ofthe screwdriver down into the Vaseline and twisted it around. Then I tookthe screwdriver and started trying to jam it into my butthole, handlefirst. It hurt and it wouldn’t go in. My hands were trembling and my heartwas pumping, I was so nervous. I took a big gob of Vaseline in my shakyfingers and rubbed it roughly all over my butthole. Next I just jammed thescrewdriver handle in there. Dude it hurt like hell, but once it was in Ipractically started crying because it felt so fucking good. I twisted itaround a bit, and then I jacked off with the thing in my butt. I had neverbefore had such an intense orgasm.That night I had a date with my girlfriend, who I will call Andrea. Overthe course of the previous couple of weeks two of my friends told me thatAndrea had been cheating on me by seeing another guy behind my back. Theguy, I knew. He was a Mexican k**. Ugly, with horrible acne. He got awfulgrades, was into d**gs, and the only thing going for him was he was reallyinto cars. Anyway I don’t want to bore you with all this. Basically Ididn’t believe it, and I never gave it a second thought.Having been so horny for so long I just really wanted to have sex. I knewshe was interested and basically willing, and I just really, really wantedto be naked with another real, live person, and just see what it was like.Because I am posting this to a gay listserve, because I think I might begay, I won’t go into any of the details, except to say that I basicallylost my virginity that weekend, and that I enjoyed it immensely. I’ll justmention one thing — which I didn’t really pay attention to at the time:when we were getting ready to do the nasty I didn’t have any condoms, butshe did. She said she had gotten a pack so that she could have sex with mewhen we got ready. But the pack was already opened. I didn’t really payattention at the time because I was so fucking hard and horny, but later itoccurred to me that there were condoms missing from the pack.Unfortunately this is all that I have time to write at the moment. I willpost another page shortly, because more things have unfolded still, and Iam even more confused than I was before.Over the course of the next two weeks, my sister and Steve both remainedaway at college. During that two-week period I had sexual intercourse withAndrea about fifteen times at least, and I got pretty good at it. Ourlove-making sessions usually took place in my dad’s car, or on a blanket inmy backyard. During each session I would come at least three or four times,safe sex always of course. She has a nice body, and her pussy would getdripping wet all the time. She loved to fuck.During that time my friends kept telling me that she was cheating on mebehind my back with that Mexican k** I told you about. I will call himPaco. Finally I told her what my friends had said, and laughing about it, Isaid something like “Those guys are stupid huh.”She said, “Uh… I wanted to talk to you about that…”So I said, “Why? What’s the matter?””Well, I dunno…””You didn’t do anything with that guy for real, huh…””I dunno … It’s real weird…”That was when I really started freaking out. I had just lost my virginityand stuff, and I really, really liked to fuck Andrea a lot. But then Istarted feeling sick all at once. I said, “That guy is a total loser. Youdidn’t really make out with him did you?””I would never do anything to hurt you… on purpose.” Oh man this was sofucked up. I started crying and stuff, and my mind was just racing. Anywaythe long story short was that she had let him fuck her a bunch of times,without a condom, before things got serious with me. She said she reallydidn’t like him a lot – that she liked me better – but she said thatafter they had sex she started really liking his dick a lot, and that shecould never get the memory of his dick out of her mind. She said that sinceshe had started hanging out with me seriously, she hadn’t had intercoursewith Paco, but she said that she had sucked his dick a couple of times.I was more messed up inside my mind than I had ever been, even after my momdied. I asked her how many times did she do it, and after some prying shefinally admitted that she had been hooking up with the guy every morningbefore school in the parking lot, to give him head.I just started screaming at her and calling her names and all this stuff,and telling her she was a slut, and saying that I was going to tell herdad. It was awful. I told her it was over, that I wish I never met her,that I never wanted to see her again.So anyway that night when I went home, I was feeling really tight andviolent inside and I felt like hitting and breaking things. I watched tvuntil late, and after my dad went to sleep, I went back out to the garageand I got the screwdriver, the one I had used on myself before, and I gotanother one as well, a bigger one. I brought them both to my bedroom, andgot the Vaseline from the bathroom. That night I stayed up until about fourin the morning watching gay porn on my computer, with the small screwdriverhandle up my butt. I had never watched gay porn before, but I really likedit a lot. I liked looking at the hard dicks, and then I started fantasizingabout Steve’s dick. He would be back in town the following weekend, and Idecided then that I wanted to see his dick again really bad. I decided thenthat if I got another chance to hang out with Steve naked again, that Iwanted to do more stuff. I wanted to touch his dick, and maybe try suckingit too.Steve and my sister arrived around 6 the following Friday evening. I hadexchanged texts with my sister, and arranged to go to TGIFridays for dinnerwith them that night. They came by the house to unload their stuff. Steveput his duffle bag in my room as always. I was as nervous as heck, buttried to play it really cool and not put out any weird vibes. Steve wastotally cool, and just acted the same way he always did, real friendly andwith a big smile. Dad was at church running the adult supportgroups. Steve, my sister and I took off in Steve’s old Toyota 4Runner.Steve bought a beer for me at dinner. We had potato skins, and watched ESPNon tv. When my sister left to go to the bathroom, Steve looked over at mewith a big smile, and raised up his eyebrows in a mischievous way. “Hey,Daniel. You wanna hang out again tonight? Ya know…?””Um hum.” I nodded.His eyes lit up, and his smile got even bigger. “Well, alright.” He gave mea high-five. I was scared someone would hear, or my sister would come backand suspect something funny was going on.We stayed at TGIFridays watching NASCAR until about 10. No one spoke on theway home. When we got inside my sister and Steve started watching a moviein the living room, and I went into my bedroom to play video games. Iwouldn’t bother them again until they were done. I knew that when they werewatching movies in the den, that was their chance to make out before bed.I was very horny as I waited, but I was determined not to jack off, becauseI wanted to save up my spunk, and wait for Steve just in case I might getto do some kind of nasty stuff with him.Finally I heard the tv go off around midnight or so, and then heard voicesout in the hall. Steve came in, and said, “Oh, you’re still awake. Ithought you might be asleep.”I said, “No. I’m not tired yet.”So he said, “What were you doing?””Just playing PS2.””Cool.” He sat down on his bed next to my desk where I was sitting, andgrabbed the other controller, and we played Madden for a while. He waspretty good actually. Then he said, “hey you can play dvds on this huh?”So I said, “Right on. Whatcha got?””Err… I was just thinkin… Do you ever watch any porn?”Oh man this was way kadıköy escort cool. “Mostly just on the internet,” I said. “I’venever seen one for real… with my dad around and all…”Long pause. “Hey Daniel, I was thinkin… like… maybe we could watch someporn together… I’m not tired yet either… Whatta ya think?” His skin wasso white, and he was blushing really red on his cheeks and neck.”I guess so… We better be real quiet though.” I didn’t want my sister tohear us. My dad was already crashed. My mind was racing. I started feelingscared all of a sudden.”Okay. I’ll lock the door okay.” He got out his duffle bag and handed me adisk entitled “Oral Examinations 3,” and went to the door to lock it. Iqueued up the disk, and kicked back in my desk chair. Steve sat on his bed,took his shoes off, and then settled back on some pillows. “Hey, you wannahit the lights?””Sure.” I got up, hit the switch, and was going to sit down as the videowas beginning. Steve motioned to sit next to him on the bed.”Here, sit here. It’s more comfortable.” He handed me a pillow. I sat nextto him on the bed, sitting sideways, back against the wall. “This way wecan both face the tv.”The video started. The first sequence had one guy and one girl. The actorswere really young, like teenagers or young 20s. The girl was really cute,and wasn’t wearing any makeup at all, hardly. She had a nice smile, andlooked like she was really enjoying herself. The guy looked like he couldbe from my school or the local community college. They were outside in thebackyard, and the girl stripped down to her panties and struck some posesfor the camera. Then she got down on her knees, and started to unzip theguys blue jeans. His dick was really hard, and she started reallyworshipping his dick, and licking and sucking it, and fondling his balls.I liked watching the porn video with Steve a lot. The other sequences weresimilar, except with two guys and one girl, or three guys and one girl, andthen two guys and two girls. It was really cool. All the actors were reallylaid back. The guys were just regular looking young dudes, no superhard-body types. Just guys in jeans and flannels. They all had really nicedicks that I liked looking at a lot. The girls were all really cute andyoung looking, with fresh faces and tight thin bodies.I started getting really hard right away. I noticed that Steve’s dick wasreally tenting out the front of his jeans as well. He kept shifting aroundand rearranging his dick. After about ten minutes or so he said, “Hey dude,I gotta get these jeans off okay.” He stripped his pants down, and pulledoff his socks as well. Now he was just in his white briefs and a teeshirt. “Is this cool Daniel?””Um hum.” His dick was really hard, and poking up toward his belly. I couldsee a spot of shiny precum on his underpants. Yeah, this was fuckingawesome.I was wearing cargo shorts and a tee shirt, and sitting so close to Stevethat I could feel the heat radiating off his body. I could smell hismuskiness. As the video played, Steve reached down and tugged at his harddick through the cotton fabric of his briefs.I could see him stealing a glance in my direction, out of the corner of hiseye. I reached down and adjusted my stiff dick, lingering slightly longerthan necessary. My breathing was quick and shallow, and my scalp had atingling sensation.We watched the video for a little bit longer. A cute Asian girl was givinghead to two young Spanish guys at a skate park. One of the guys was wearinga baseball cap on sideways, and had a huge brown uncut dick. His buddy wasfair skinned with a really short buzz cut. While one guy was receivinghead, the other guy watched intently. The girl was wearing aCatholic-school uniform, but no panties. My dick was so stiff it hurt.Steve started squeezing his hard dick through the white cotton fabric ofhis briefs. So I started doing the same thing, squeezing and stroking mydick through my shorts and boxers. The guy with the big uncut dick startedblowing his wad in the video.Steve pulled down his underpants and tossed them on the floor. He placedhis hand on his abdomen, positioned the base of his stiff penis between hisfingers, and pointed his hick straight up toward the ceiling. Then hestarted wagging it back and forth. Then he started stroking it up and down.He looked over at my crotch. I was tugging my dick through my cargoshorts. He said, “Dude, you wanna pull one off with me right now?”So I said, “I dunno.”And he said, “You wanna get naked with me right now?”So I said, “I guess…” I pulled down my pants and underpants down aroundmy ankles. My dick was only about five and a half, but really hard andleaking.He said, “This is fuckin hot right here b*o.” He started pumping reallyhard, grunted, and blew spunk all over his chest. I watched and shot myload as soon as he was finished.He paused the tape and went into the bathroom. I heard the water running,and put my boxer shorts back on. He came back out after a few minutes,still wearing his tee shirt, but naked otherwise. His dick was fully erectagain. He stood in front of me with his dick pointing straight at me. “Areyou tired now? You wanna watch more video?””That’s cool,” I said. His dick was like right in front of my face. Ireally wanted to reach out and grab it or to just start licking it, but Iwas too scared to take the initiative.”Awesome,” he said, and sat back down next to me on the bed, giving me apat on shoulder as he settled in. We watched the video for a whilemore. The sequence showed two girls and two guys in an abandoned stonefarmhouse. The two guys were standing with their arms around each other’sshoulders as two cute girls gave them head.Steve said, “This is so cool. Have you ever jacked off with another guylike this before?”I said, “No… Have you?”He told me that when he was at military school he had a coach who was inhis 20s, and the coach really liked looking at Steve’s dick in the showerand stuff, and that the coach had jacked him off a bunch of times. Stevesaid the guy was really young and really cool, and that he liked it a lotwhen he did it. Then Steve said, “He used to really like it a lot when hewould stare at my hard dick for a long time and then give me hand jobs inthe lockers. It was way cool…”On the screen the two guys were jacking their own cocks and pointing theirhard dicks at the faces of the young girls, getting ready to come. Steve’sdick was hard and throbbing.”You like lookin at my dick, don’t you Daniel?””I guess…”So then he said, “Did you wanna try playin with it a little bit?””I dunno…”Then he picked up my hand and brought it over and put it on his hard dick,and he started jacking his dick up and down with my hand under his. After awhile he let go, and I just started jacking his dick by myself. Once in awhile he would reach down to show me how he liked it, but the he would letme continue. After a while I could feel his whole body start to tenseup. Then he said, “Jack it hard… Hard. Jack it really hard, dude.”I started yanking the heck out of the thing. He grunted and said, “Fuck.Keep doin that. Hard. I’m guuna blow spunk.” Then he blew a massive loadall over his chest and belly and I got it all over my hands.Steve crashed after that, but I stayed up and jacked off three more timesand then crashed out. The following morning, Saturday, I slept in, andSteve and my sister were gone by the time I got up. I had a tennis matchthat afternoon, so I was occupied with getting ready and warming up for therest of the morning. Right before the match started, I received a text fromAndrea saying she needed to see me. I lost the match.That evening Steve and my sister were going out to the movies with a coupleof Steve’s friends from town. I wasn’t invited.I met Andrea at the mall. I was really nervous, and wasn’t really sure whatto feel. I was hurt and angry, but somehow I still wanted to fuck her, butI wanted to do it real hard and mean. We met at the food court. My stomachwas doing summersaults. I just got a corndog and an order of fries, andsome nachos, and an orange tuzla escort soda. She said she had made a big mistake, andshe wanted to get back together.I said I wasn’t sure about that. I asked her if she was still hooking upwith Paco. She said her dad had forbidden her from dating Paco. She saidshe wanted to have a future with me. I was really smart she said, and shewanted to be a part of my life for the future.I told her I was still hurt, and wasn’t sure about things. She startedcrying. I said I needed to go, and asked her to walk me out. My dad’s carwas at the edge of the parking lot. When we got there I motioned her to thedriver’s side, away from the other cars. I started kissing her, and shestarted crying again. My dick started getting really hard. I wanted tohumiliate her the way she had humiliated me.I told her to take down her jeans, I wanted to see her pussy. She said, nothere in the parking lot. I said yes, if you love me pull down your pantsright now. She said okay, just don’t let anyone else see. I said, no onewill see. She said okay. She pulled down her jeans to her knees, but nother panties. I motioned her to lean forward against the side of thecar. She said, “What are you going to do?”I said, “Don’t worry.” I put my hand down the back of her underpants, andthen started putting my finger up her butt. I wanted to make her feel asabused as she had made me feel. But rather than fighting and pushing myhand away, she reached behind and pulled her panties down in the rear togive me easier access. Then I noticed that her pussy was dripping wet.I put some spit on my fingers and then jammed my middle finger all the wayup her butt. She squeezed her butt muscles against my finger, and moaned ina low guttural way. She started moving her butt back and forth on my fingerlike she was liking it. But then I looked at her face and could see she wascrying. Good, I thought.With my middle finger up her butt, I worked my ring finger and pinkie intoher pussy, and that’s when she totally started going nuts, and reallyhumping back and forth on my fingers like a dog in heat. She grabbed myother hand and started sucking on two of my fingers. Then she came all overthe place. The goop was dripping down her legs, and all over my hand.I said, I gotta go. She pulled up her pants and underpants. She said, gimmea ride to my car. I said, I’m in a hurry. She said, Cumon Daniel, please. Isaid, Seeya, and got into the driver’s seat, and locked the door. She camearound the passenger side and tried to open the door, but it was locked. Istarted driving off. She slapped the passenger window really hard. I couldsee a look of resignation in her face, in the rearview mirror.As I drove home I kept thinking about hooking up with Steve that night. Iwanted to suck on his hard dick. I wanted to lean across my desk and pulldown my pants and let Steve touch my own butthole. I was so horny I didn’tcare what he did.My dad was in the living room watching a rerun of Seventh Heaven when I gothome, and Steve and my sister were still out. I watched with my dad for awhile, and he asked me about my match, and other things at school. Wechatted a bit, and then I went to the fridge and got a drink, and went tomy room to play video games.I went in my room, but couldn’t lock the door. He would know something wasup. So I got the game controller, and sat in my chair facing the tv. Butinstead of playing games, I switched the input to dvd, and I was watching”Oral Examinations 3,” and holding the game controller close to my crotchand rubbing my hard dick through my jeans. If he came in, he wouldn’t beable to see the tv, not right away anyway. Eventually I heard him go intohis room to go to sleep.After that I couldn’t help myself. I pulled my pants and boxers down aroundmy ankles and started jackin off to the video. I wanted to save up spunk tomaybe do some more nasty stuff with Steve when he got back, but it startedgetting later and later, and I wound up pulling off three wads watching thedvd. By then it was after midnight, and Steve and my sister still weren’thome. I was still horny, but exhausted. I lay face down in my bed in justmy tee shirt, and fell asleep. I left my smooth white ass uncovered soSteve would see it when he came in.I heard him came in around two, and I could smell beer on his breath. Hewent into the bathroom. I could hear him taking a long piss, and thenwashing his hands. I lay still and prone and pretended to be asleep. Heleft the light on in the bathroom, and left the door cracked slightly. Icould hear him standing near my bed. I listened as he got undressed, hisbelt buckle unfastening, his jeans and shirt hitting the floor. The roomwas still and quiet. I could hear his breathing. He was standing nearme. He stood for several minutes and then went back to the bathroom.I dozed off for a minute. Then I felt him gently rubbing my shoulder andwhispering in my ear. “Daniel. Daniel, uh, are you awake…””Uh huh, what’s up…””Uh, I dunno, I’m leavin again in the morning… Uh, did you wanna hang outfor a while maybe…” He was standing near, wearing just his white briefsand white socks. His dick was hard, pointing sideways.I sat up in my bed, and pulled the sheet up over my dick. “I dunno… Isthat what you wanna do…””Yeah I guess so… You wanna watch that movie for awhile maybe?””Yeah… Cool,” I said.He said, “Lemme see if I can find it,” and started rustling through hisstuff.”It’s already in. I was watchin it earlier.””Haha,” he laughed nervously. “That was really cool last night, huh? Whenwe watched together, huh Daniel?” He started up the dvd, right in themiddle of a sequence with three dudes getting blown by a pale red head in acheerleaders outfit.”Yeah Steve, that was way cool.” He pulled down his underpants, and hishard dick sprang out. He stood near my bed and pointed his hard dick atme. He started pumping his dick from the inside, and making it twitch andjump. I sat mesmerized.He said, “Fuck dude, this is so cool… I really needed this Daniel…” Isat up in bed. He rolled the desk chair close and sat down. He spread hislegs wide, and leaned back. His hard meaty dick stuck up past hisbellybutton. I could see the line between his legs and the dark hairy crackof his ass below his ball sack.I reached out and started pumping on his meaty dick, unrolling the foreskindown so the head poked out, and then back up again so it disappeared. Iscooted in closer, and continued pumping. He moaned gently. He put his armon my shoulder, and squeezed gently. I was fascinated by his fleshyuncircumcised dick. I had never really seen one up close before, and I wastotally spellbound by the way the head could totally disappear and thenroll back out again. It felt warm and pliant, and he used his dick musclesto make it convulse in my grip. His belly was smooth and firm, with a darktrail of hairs up from his abdomen. I rubbed his tight belly, and put myindex finger in his shallow bellybutton. He began to rotate gently in hisseat.He began to rub my shoulders and back, firmly. I started pumpingharder. His neck and chest were flushed. He was beginning to sweat. Hishand was trembling as he began to rub lower down my back. I felt a rush ofintense excitement as he began to go lower towards my butt.I started to moan a little bit too, and shifted around to give him accessto my butt area. I closed my eyes and grabbed his dick really hard as hebegan to rub around my butt. He didn’t stick his finger in, although Isecretly wanted him to do that. He just rubbed and squeezed all around thearea.He said, “Jack it hard Daniel.” I started pulling really fast.He put his hands behind his head, and watched the video intently. “Faster.”My hand was getting tired. “Jack it hard dude… Oh fuck that’s niceman… harder… harder…” Damn. I was whipping the shit out of his dick,and he was loving it. On the screen one of the young dudes, a skate punkwho looked about 17 but had a huge pink dick, started to squirt in thecheerleader’s face. His buddies were high-fivin each other.”I’m gunna shoot spunk man…” Grunt. Splat. Fuck, that was so wild. Heblew spooge all the way over his shoulder, and all over my hands. I was sofuckin hard, I started pumping my own dick, my hands all creamed up withSteve’s spunk, and blew another load in about ten seconds.

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