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Subject: My Boys Boy 7 My Boy’s Boy: part 7 Please support Nifty!! Donate:: fty/donate.htm This story is fiction. Snippets are from reality with additional kink and dreams of my own added, along with suggestions from readers. I appreciate reader feedback–it’s the only pay we get here, so feel free to email me at derrick1968mwm@. I’m always playing with myself while writing and usually while reading comments as well. Play safe and use your head that can’t be circumcised when playing with others. That’ll help you play with your other head longer. It may soften your prick to think of it, but some things are better left in the land of fantasy. Derrick Dylan’s View I was so tired from all the fucking from Craig that I just wanted to go to sleep. I thought about getting up and leaving the room he and Dad were in, but I thought it would be awkward. I felt awkward enough having just been fucked for the first time by Craig that I followed their lead and didn’t say one word and decided to just fall asleep with my head slightly on Craig’s chest like Dad did. The way Dad was cuddled up to Craig was actually sweet in a way. I glanced at him once and he looked so peaceful there with his head on Craig’s chest. Craig fell asleep so damn fast after it was all over that I could not believe it. I couldn’t help but peek a quick look at his cock. Fuck…it was still slightly chubbed up even after all that fucking and it was shiny from the fucking. Before I knew it I was asleep too. I don’t remember falling asleep, but Craig’s soft snoring had the odd effect of helping me sleep. Craig slept like a log. The only movement was the rising and falling of his chest. Then I felt slight movement from Craig and it woke me up. I didn’t say anything when my eyes opened and was glad that I did not. My Dad was sucking Craig’s cock right there as Craig apparently slept. Slowly Dad’s head bobbed up and down. I couldn’t really see Craig’s cock because of the angle Dad was at, but I knew what he was doing as Craig’s breathing changed. I just laid there. Dad’s started sucking Craig’s cock faster and it looked like he was playing with Craig’s nuts. Craig’s breathing got faster and he still was asleep or faking it. I could not take my eyes off my Dad’s head going up and down on Craig’s cock. My own cock had stiffened up and I could swear I felt precum dripping down it. I then heard Craig grunt and I knew what had happened. He had cum and Dad had swallowed it. Dad put his head back on Craig’s chest and before long he was snoring and so was Craig. The cumming was just going to make him sleep all the more. There was enough light in the room that I could see Craig’s cock–wet with some cum and my Dad’s spit. I could not stop staring at it. It was slightly hard and it looked so tempting. My eyes would not leave it. Before I knew it, I was moving my head towards it. It lay there, half hard from the recent cum and glistening. The head was pointed towards me and istanbul travesti the slit looked like an eye just staring at me. My own cock was hard as hell. Craig’s chubbed up prick excited me. From this angle I couldn’t even see his balls as they were either hanging down or still pulled up from the cum. I moved my head to get a better look at Craig’s nuts. They were not pulled up at all. They were hanging low and still looked masculine and full of cum. They couldn’t be full of cum and Craig couldn’t be horny again already. He’d fucked like crazy last night and Dad just sucked him off. I moved my head closer to Craig’s cock so I could get an even better look. I was so close to his cock that he probably could feel my breathing on his prick. The moment I realized I was breathing on his dick was the moment I saw his chubbed cock twitch and grow just a little. The eye moved. The next thing I knew Craig’s cock started to stiffen. It was no longer plump and laying against his body. It was starting to rise and become erect. The fucker was getting a hardon right in front of me while he slept. Craig’s View Kevin often sucked me off in the morning when he woke up, especially if he didn’t have some chore or whatever to attend to immediately. It was just easier to get a blow job to wake me up in the morning than to actually go to the work of fucking. My response was always dependent upon how awake I really was, whether I had to piss, and whether I wanted to try and go back to sleep. Sometimes I’d grab Kevin’s face and force him down on me and really make him gag. That would have to wait. I was hoping Dylan would wake up and see his Dad sucking me off and servicing me while I didn’t even acknowledge it. And I wanted to see what Dylan would do while he thought I was still asleep. So I held off cumming for just a while as Kevin sucked me. The longer he sucked me off, the greater the chance Dylan saw his Dad suck me. I wanted him to quietly see his Dad service me. See how his Dad pleased me while I didn’t even wake up. Dylan knew I loved his Dad, but he needed to see just how much a cum hungry bitch his Dad could be for me. It would send a message to Dylan if his Dad sucked me off while I really wasn’t aware of it and could think I was dreaming. The thing was that there was no dreaming about Kevin’s blow jobs. They were excellent. I can hold back my cum pretty well when I set my mind to it. It’s difficult to do in my sleep as moving, telling Kevin to stop, etc. are things I cannot do. And I know Kevin likes to see how fast he can get me off–it reminds him of how good his cocksucking skills are. But I held off as long as I could before I blasted a load in Kevin’s mouth. I thought I had heard Dylan stirring as Kevin sucked me off, but I could not be certain. An early morning cum makes me want to drift off–just like any man–but I wanted to see if Dylan was awake. Kevin took my load and moved to his usual spot snuggled kadıköy travesti next to me. I was almost to sleep when I felt a stirring on me that seemed to come from Dylan’s side of the bed. I felt it again and I know my cock started to surge just a little at the thought. Dylan had seen some of the blow job his Dad gave me. He had seen his Dad swallow my load and snuggle up beside me as a good submissive. That’s when I felt another movement from Dylan and what I swore was his breath on my cock. Damn I was glad I took those Viagra when I got up to piss an hour earlier. I felt the breath again and my cock went from chubbing to full erection. I could feel it hard and twitching in the air. It was just a question of what Dylan would do with my wet boner vibrating ever so slightly in front of his face. And then I felt it. His mouth. His wet mouth. He had just taken the tip of my cock in his mouth and he was uncertain. But there he was. My cock was in his mouth. It took every ounce of my being not to thrust in his mouth and facefuck the hell out of him. That would come with time. I wanted to be fully inside his mouth, but I told myself that it needed to wait. Let him take his time. Let him get used to it. You fucked his ass on your terms and he did like it. But he might not be certain he’s really gay or that he likes cock. He might think that he was a little bit coerced into getting his ass fucked even though he wasn’t. Let him do this on his own so that he starts to realize that he really is a faggot. He really is a cocksucker and he really likes dick. He and his Dad can have the discussion about what a faggot really is and isn’t is a conversation they can have later. Let him get used to the cock on his own terms—at least this time. There’s plenty of time to be aggressive and assertive with him. And so I laid there, enjoying the start of a blowjob from Dylan and thinking of how good it would be when I could be fully awake and as aggressive and assertive as I wanted to be and as I think he needed me to be. I felt Dylan’s mouth go further down on my cock and sliding into his mouth felt so good. He was going to be a natural. He wouldn’t get all of me in this first time, but that really didn’t matter. What mattered was that he sucked me off. The real question would be whether or not he would swallow my load. He knew that his Dad swallowed my load but there was no guarantee Dylan would. My cock popped out of Dylan’s mouth and then I felt him kiss and lick the head of my cock. Hell he was French kissing my prick. He’d then take more of me in his mouth. I was probably about half way in his mouth when he gagged just a little. I could feel him do it more than hearing him. He didn’t want to wake me up. I knew that. I didn’t want him to make too much noise or he would know that I was not really asleep. I wanted him to think I was asleep for as long as he sucked my cock. He just kept going up and down on the top half bakırköy travesti of my dick. He was using plenty of spit which was good. He wasn’t as good as his Dad, but I did not feel his teeth. That was half the battle for a first-time cocksucker right there. I decided not to hold off too long since I didn’t know how long he’d want to suck me and I wanted to cum for him. And besides the excitement of being his first blow job to give was really getting me on the edge of a cum. I felt those signs that every man knows–especially a top who likes to control his cum–the signs that a cum is going to happen soon. My cock stiffened just a bit more and got even harder. If I hadn’t cum earlier, I might have leaked precum. I was going to cum and I was hoping it would be in Dylan’s mouth. He kept sucking and took in just a little bit more of my dick. “Did that faggot know he was going to make me cum?” He had to know I was going to cum. He had to want the cum. He knew that he had sucked me longer than his Dad had sucked me earlier. As soon as I realized how long Dylan had sucked me and that I was probably going to be the first to cum in his mouth, my balls and cock couldn’t take it. Some things just turn me on too much for my brain to control my cock. This was one of those things. I thrust ever so slightly. I just couldn’t hold back on it. The cock and crotch want what they want and my balls wanted to shoot cum through my dick and my crotch wanted to feel that sweet relaxation that happens afterwards. And so I shot. I blasted cum from my cock and into Dylan’s mouth. It felt so damn good–mostly because cumming always feels good and partially because I was getting off on my first time shooting in his mouth. He didn’t pull off. He kept his mouth on my cock. Before I knew it my cock had contracted hard and shot three alpha male squirts of mancum in his mouth. There was the fourth and the fifth. Then I felt his hand around the part of my cock that wasn’t in his mouth and he squeezed. This was a very good sign. He wanted it all. He was milking me for the rest of my cum and I let him. After a four or five less-intensive squirts, I was done actively shooting cum from my dick. Damn my cock felt good and it was still in his mouth. The rest of me started to have that “just cum” feeling. I thought I had no more to give. That’s when I felt it and damned if my cock didn’t twitch one last cumshot into his mouth. I have no idea where it came from because I thought I was already spent, but I know why my cock thought it had to shoot just a little more cum into his mouth. I felt the fucker swallow. Dylan was not only a cocksucker but a cumeater as well. His mouth was still on my cock working out the last bit. I was spent for real this time. My cock was going to return to its non-erect state and take a well-deserved break. My balls would go back to work to tank up for later. I smiled an evil smile and went back to sleep myself. This was gonna be fun, but I needed to get some rest. Author’s comment: Trying to decide where to take Dylan next although I have some ideas. Thanks for the comments–I really appreciate them (even if it’s just to say you liked the story) and keep them coming to me ail

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