My Boyfriend

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I have been seeing my boyfriend Billy for about 4 years now and it is no exaggeration when I say that we are just as much in love if not more as we were in the beginning. Billy is 35 years old, 5’11” with brown hair about shoulder length and gorgeous brown eyes. He has an average build, is very strong and just looking at his ass drives me wild.

I’ve always been pretty much unsatisfied my whole life and could never find a man that satisfied my every desire. When Billy and I first met there was an instant connection. We could talk about anything, our feelings, our dreams & our fantasies. We became best friends. We could talk for hours over coffee and never get bored. Time flies so fast when we are together. I just can’t get enough time with him. We were friends for a couple of months before we became intimate together but it was well worth the wait. Billy and I love to take walks on the beach, cuddle, listen to the ocean waves and look at the stars. He sings to me, and he tells me all of the things he wants to do and places he wants to go with me. He is my best friend and the man of my dreams.

He is also very dedicated to me and would go out of his way to make me happy. Billy and I are very sexual and we share all of our secrets with each other. Before I met Billy I masturbated and fantasized often about several different scenarios in order to satisfy my self, it was very difficult for me to have an orgasm any other way.

One of our first sexual experiences Billy took me by surprise and as he kissed my lips and played with my nipples he whispered to me in a soft voice everything he was doing to me and everything he wanted to do to me. I’ve never been talked to before during sex and I found this to be very exciting. He loves to please a woman and he definitely knows how.

He worked his way down to my inner thighs and kissed them making me anticipate his tongue on my clit but he was just teasing me and my pussy started to twinge with excitement. I couldn’t wait to feel him penetrate me. He has a really nice cock, it is about 7 inches in length and the more excited he gets the thicker his cock swells to accommodate my moist pussy. I quickly learned what it was like to cum all over a man’s cock. I always wanted to know what it felt like and he satisfied my curiosity.

In an upright position he spread my legs, him being so excited the tip of his cock was swollen and in a quick forward thrust he penetrated me holding my legs straight up in the air as he sat straight up on the bed he began to fuck me faster than I’ve ever been fucked. His swollen mushroom rubbed against my clit from the inside with every quick thrust. My eyes widened in disbelief as I felt my pussy clamp down on his cock, Billy felt it too and figured he’d add a little something to send me over the edge. He whispered just a couple of words as he reached over and played with my nipples asking me to cum for him and I lost control of my whole body. My pussy clamped down on his cock that swelled even more than before and I lost it. He made me feel something I never felt before that no man could ever make me feel.

He completes me and he only deserves the best. One day I decided I was going to do something for Billy that I never would even think of doing for any other man I’ve been with. I wanted to excite him and give him an experience he never had just as he did for me. I placed an ad on the Internet seeking a woman to join my man and me for an evening of pleasure. The idea of exciting him and watching him do to another woman what he does to me made me horny every time I thought about what I was going to do.

Even though this was one of Billy’s fantasies he was the type that had difficulty being with a woman he didn’t have feelings for so I knew I would have my work cut out for me. I was very particular about the woman I chose for this experience and when she answered my ad I knew she was the one. Her name was Lisa, she was 5’3″ Long Blonde Hair, very cute facial expressions. She had large breast, which Billy likes, and she told me she was very little down below and asked me if I knew what she meant. I knew that meant she was tight and that turned me on beyond belief. I couldn’t wait to watch him penetrate her tight hole with his swollen mushroom and make her scream.

Lisa and me got together for a drink to talk about our plan. I was to tell Billy I reserved a room for us with a Jacuzzi for a romantic evening and Lisa was to meet me there at 10:00PM. I thought of tieing Billy up to the bed and blindfolding him so that he wouldn’t know what was going to happen to him. On the morning I reserved the room they gave me two keys, one of which I dropped off to Lisa and reminded her when she arrived later to enter the room quietly. Billy and I started out having dinner and a drink. I was already wet just thinking about what was going to happen. During dinner I teased Billy from across the çanakkale escort table by telling him I wasn’t wearing any underwear and showing him my hard nipples that were protruding through my blouse. From across the table I placed my foot between his legs to feel his cock bulging through his pants. I knew then it was time to get started.

We arrived at the hotel about 9:00PM. Billy couldn’t keep his hands off me even in the hallway before we entered the room he had his hands wrapped around me feeling my ripe nipples under my blouse. I went over to the Jacuzzi and filling it up and I told Billy to strip for me. I had brought a little radio and put on the 80’s hits they played every weekend. They were playing all of the songs we grew up with. Billy took off his pants and sticking out of his underwear was the throbbing head of his dick. As he moved in a sexual way for me he stripped off the rest of his clothes. He drives me crazy when he does that.

We were both completely nude and sat beside each other in the jacuzzi. I was so horny and I couldn’t wait to excite my man the way he has always done for me. Billy and I kissed and he worked his way down to my nipples sucking on them like a baby nursing on his mommy’s nipples. Mommy loves the way you suck her tits, I exclaimed as I looked into his eyes and reached down for his aching cock. Do you want Mommy to play with you? Hmmm? Billy’s erection stiffened even harder when he felt my handwrap around his cock. I kept on stroking him lightly from the tip of his head and down underneath his swelling balls. I smiled at him and looked into his eyes as he played with my erect nipples. He loves when my tits get hard and wrinkled around the nipple.

Ohhh Do you like the way mommy plays with your cock baby? His cock was sticking out of the water now and he was getting wet. The pre-cum oozed out of his cock and made my mouth water. He tastes so good and I bent over to suck the clear fluid out of his mushroom. Billy was looking down at my ass and started to play with my tiny hole and worked his way down to my hanging pussy lips. Do you like playing with me and driving me crazy Billy? Mommy is going to punish you and give you a taste of your own medicine. I told him to stop playing with me and I stood up in front of him exposing my pussy to him. As I spread my lips open a stream of wetness flowed down my legs. Do you like my pussy Baby? Ohh yes, Billy said.

I turned around and bent over to stick my moist cunt in his face and demanded he lick up every drop of moisture dripping from my hole. Billy did as I asked and after he was finished licking it all up I realized it was getting close to that time and told him to dry off and come over to the bed with me.

Billy exclaimed that he loves the taste of my pussy and wanted me to sit on his face. I told him that if he wanted to taste my pussy he would have to do everything I tell him to do and he agreed. I sat up next to Billy and asked him to play with his cock for me. While he played with his swollen cock he asked me if I could suck him off. Not yet Billy and I reached for the rope I had placed in my bag.

I proceeded to tie Billy’s hands & legs to the bed post and tied a scarf around his head to cover his eyes. Billy loves to be tied down and blindfolded and his cock grew another inch anticipating what I was going to do to him next. I reached out and lightly caressed his dick with the palm of my hand and Billy let out a loud groan. Ohhh you like when I stroke you this way baby? Yeees Baby? Billy said.

At this time Lisa arrived right on schedule and she slowly and quietly entered the room. She undressed and sat in the chair alongside the bed and watched as I teased my man. I started to jerk him off with my hand tightly wrapped around his cock and made his head swell up in my hand as I pulled down on his cock. How about this way baby? Do you like when I stroke you like this? He screamed and told me I was going to make him lose it. Shhhh Billy I said. You are not allowed to cum yet.

I looked behind me and noticed that Lisa spread her legs out on each arm of the chair and started to massage her clit with her pussy spread wide open I could see her pussy was dripping with moisture just like mine. I didn’t want to leave her out of the mix for too much longer and I reached over kissed her nipples taking my finger and slid it into her wet & sticky hole. I couldn’t believe the tighteness that I felt wrapped around my finger. She really was tight. So tight I could barely penetrate her with my finger without a struggle. Lisa tried hard not to moan. And all I could think about is how my man is going to make her scream.

I moved back over to my Baby and started to stroke his cock again with a more gentle gliding motion asked him if he would like me to suck him off now? Ohhh yes please suck my cock. Are you going to do what I tell you to do?Hmmm? Ye es baby, he exclaimed. At that I bent over and took his member into my mouth. I was so excited I couldn’t get his cock deep enough into my throat. I reached under his balls and started to stroke them and I felt Billy’s balls tighten & Swell in my hand. Oh yeh you really like that baby don’t you. You like when I suck your fucking cock! Billy groaned with pleasure and I could see that Lisa was ready to participate as the chair was now sopping wet.

I motioned to Lisa to take my place and I could tell she was a fast learner as she started stroking his cock with the same method as mine. Lisa cautiously took his enlarge head into her little mouth and sucked the pre-cum from the tip this must have made her excited as a stream of liquid dripped out of her pussy onto the bed. I watched as she sucked my man’s cock and bent over behind her to taste her. She tasted so good I couldn’t wait to let my man have his turn. She started to moan with his cock in her mouth and I knew that she couldn’t keep quiet any longer so I gently grabbed her by the hair and lifted her head in order to ask Billy with my head right next to Lisa’s if he wants to feel my tight little pussy wrapped around his cock now.

Billy pleaded with me to sit on his aching prick and I motioned to Lisa to do the honors. At this point his cock was dripping down the sides and a bright red color. His cock was hot and wet and ultra sensitive. Lisa wrapped her long sexy legs around him and I watched in disbelief as she pressed her pussy lips against the tip of his cock. Billy moaned with anticipation and the next thing I knew his cock had broken through her wet & sticky hole. The head was in.

AWWWHHHHHH!! Lisa moaned with excitement and Billy was silent. Baby? Billy exclaimed. And as I reached out and fondled his balls I said It is ok baby I decided to give Lisa here a shot at your cock. Just relax baby, remember you said you would do what I tell you to do. Let the Bitch fuck you with her little fucking cunt and I want to watch. C’mon Billy Push! Break that pussy open for me. Make her scream! B But Baaby?

No buts I said and I climbed up to remove the blindfold from his eyes. I looked into his eyes with a look of approval and gave him a kiss, it’s ok baby. I want to watch this bitch ride you and then I want to see you give it to her good. You still want to suck me off don’t you baby as I bent over and stuck my wet lips in his face. OH YES. Well then you do what I say! I motioned to Lisa to continue what she was doing.

I showed Billy Lisa’s nipples and I started to lick them and asked him if he wanted a turn? I took Lisa by the hair again and slowly lowered her down on his cock sticking her nipples in his face. Billy’s mushroom broke through and Lisa moaned as she felt his cock penetrate her deeper. Oh my God His cock feels so fucking good! She screamed. Suck her nipples Billy show her how good you are. Billy sucked up one of her nipples into his mouth and proceeded to suck and lick them like he does to me. That pussy feels good doesn’t it Billy? It’s ok you can tell me, let it out baby.

Billy went crazy, and let out a groan, he started to thrust forward helping his cock fall in deeper . That’s right Baby give her your whole cock. I leaned over to stroke his balls and then bent down to lick them. I watched his cock thrust in and out of her hole and got extremely excited just looking at the fluids that dripped out of both of them. Billy’s balls tightened and I heard Lisa yell. His cock must have swelled at the thought of me licking his balls while Lisa’s tight little pussy squeezed his cock. I stood up to see a look of disbelief on both of their faces and this excited me very much.

I couldn’t wait to turn them both loose on me. Iwasn’t going give neither of them any relief until I was good and ready. Lisa get off his cock! When she dismounted his cock was dripping with pre-cum and Lisa’s wetness. I made both of them watch me suck his cock. Billy groaned at the feeling of his cock going down my throat. Lisa started to rub her clit as she watched. Ohhh you like his prick don’t you. Do you want to cum all over it Lisa? Lisa begged me to let her have some relief but I told her she would have to wait. As I sucked on his cock I motioned to Lisa to bend over in front of him so he could have a look at her pussy. Her pussy was very petite, with a patch of blonde hair on top and I told Billy to finger the Bitch. Billy slid his finger into her pussy and her pussy was so wet I heard the sound of moisture as his finger slid in and out. Lisa moaned and Billy Groaned as I grabbed his cock and pulled down on the bottom exposing his swollen mushroom, licking it with the tip of my tongue I asked Billy if he wanted to taste her pussy and lick her hardened clit.

Billy hesitated and I bend over and my hips swayed in front of him, spreading my lips as I asked him if he wanted my pussy? He begged me to sit on his cock and I told him he would have to let Lisa sit on his face if he wanted my pussy. Billy nodded and Lisa sat down on his face facing towards me. I proceeded to mount him and asked him if he was sure he wanted me. His voice muffled from Lisa’s pussy he tried as best he could to plead with me. OHHH BAABy PLEASE. In a soft voice I told Billy “ok since you’ve been a good boy and kept your promise to Mommy and I slid his cock deep inside me. Taking every inch of his anticipating cock. He was so swollen and ripe and my pussy so sensitive that I knew Iwas going to lose it if I kept this up for too much longer.

Lisa couldn’t take anymore and she cried to me that she was going to cum. Ohh you are going to cum Bitch? I then leaned over and started to lick her clit as he sucked the juices out of her hole. AHHHH YEEHHH! Lisa Shouted. You want us to make you cum Bitch? Lisa screamed YES! And I told her not just yet and told Billy to stop sucking her. I was so excited and started to fuck Billy as fast as I could. I motioned to Lisa to cum behind me and lick my juices that were dripping off of his balls. Lisa did as I asked and Billy exclaimed, BAAAAAABBYYY! HOLY SHIT! I’M GOING TO FUCKING LOSE IT! Instantly I stopped what I was doing and asked Billy if he was ready to taste my pussy now. Billy begged me to sit on his face.

I climbed up over Billy and spread my legs easing my clit into his mouth and as soon as I felt his tongue on my hole I knew I was going to fill his mouth up with my cum. Without me having to ask, Lisa bent down and started deep throating his cock and jerking him off. I watched her do this to my man and make him squirm. I knew Billy wouldn’t let himself cum unless I told him he could. She went off like a madwoman all over his cock, sucking him, licking him, jerking him and licking his balls and ass. She lifted his one leg slightly in order to massage his asshole with the tip of her finger.

OH HO HO HO GODDDD! I couldn’t take it anymore and I proceeded to untie Billy. You like what she is doing Billy? Do you want to teach her a lesson for teasing you? Hmmmm Billy? Show her what an animal you can be. Billy looked at me and I said go on do it! Do it for Mommy. Mommy going to cum on your face or give you relief unless you do what I say. I told Lisa to get on her back and Propped her ass up on a pillow, I wrapped the rope around her thighs and tied her legs up and open to each side of the bed, I then leaned over to taste her as I looked at Billy told him to make this Bitch erupt all over his cock. I pulled open her pussy lips and told Billy to fuck her tight wet pussy. Lisa squirmed with anticipation and I stood up in back of Billy grabbing his ass and pushed him towards her.

Billy was giving me a bit of a hard time as he really wanted to fuck me so bad but I spanked his ass and told him to do what I say or I would leave his cock hanging with anticipation with no relief. I reached down and cupped his balls in my hand and told him Now do what Mommy said. Billy gave in and slid his cock into her pussy and by the look on his face I could tell her pussy was making him feel really good. Cmon Billy tell Mommy how good it feels and Billy let out a loud groan, go ahead Billy don’t be shy fuck her like a rabbit let me watch you make her cum all over you.

I gently stroked his balls and then Billy let loose. He positioned him self so he could get in as deep as possible and sat up lifting up her ass with his hands he rammed his cock deep inside her and Lisa Screamed just as I thought she would. Billy fucked her full speed and sent her body trembling. That’s a good boy Billy. Lisa’s face became distorted as well as Billy’s, Both of them screaming with pleasure and Billy told me he couldn’t hold it in any longer. I told him to just hold out a little longer and Billy slowed his pace a little bit. I worked my way around and stood up above Lisa with my pussy perfectly aligned with Billy’s face and told him to make Mommy and Lisa cum for him. OHHHHH ok baby, Billy panted.

Billy grabbed her ass and fucked her like a rabbit as he sucked my pussy and I wrapped my arms around him looking at the look on his face and Lisa’s screaming was driving me crazy. About to cum I heard Lisa cry out Oh my GOD! I am going to C CUM! She started to tremble and her breathing was frantic. Billy felt her pussy tighten up even tighter around his cock and his eyes widened. I leaned down and told him I love watching you fuck her as my pussy let out a warm gush of cum and sprayed all over his face. At that Lisa and Billy screamed as they tightened and swelled together and Billy filled her up with his cock. Billy always liked my nipples the best after I came so I then stuck my hard nipples in Billys face telling him to cum for us. Multiple orgasms hit both of them at the same time and they both trembled as every last drop of cum drained from their bodies. Looking down I saw both of their cum drip out of her. I couldn’t wait to get my baby alone later so me and him could cum together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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