My boss is a Mistress Ch. 05

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Following chapter 4. Veronica is no longer in the scene and Stephan is becoming not Claire’s but Jennifer’ s slave. Jennifer can foretell some future events. Claire has left with Stephan from Veronica´s place and taking him to meet her. For whoever starts from here Stephan is about to meet who is to be his Mistress for life. They had met before but neither one knew for certain they would meet again, let alone with this life style. Please note that Stephan is learning what is to be a submissive to a Mistress and at moments not too comfortable but as he goes along, he ends liking the experience, knowing if he wants, he can put a stop to it immediately, so the bottom line is, it´s consensual for both, dominant and submissive.


Claire drives calmly towards her place, I hear traffic as we stop a second and then drives on, I guess we are heading for the outskirts as the traffic noise settles down, I dose off, not becoming aware until I´m waken up as I feel the ankle cuffs are unhooked from me and a female hand makes me get into a sitting position, then my feet are out of the car with help. Now out and standing I feel two sets of hands on my arms, not a word is spoken to me and I cannot ask due to the penis gag in my mouth, it has a strawberry taste to it, which Claire added saying that training me this way she would make me love cocks, she and her peculiar way of being I thought. Now the blindfold, penis gag and hood are removed from me, but straight after the blind fold is on me again, adding the familiar collar to me as well as a leash which is hooked on to it and dropped as I feel it touching my thigh. I’m also feeling leather restrains are being put on my thighs, my hands get mittens on, the current wrists cuff´s I have on are unhooked and hooked to the thigh restraints just added to me. Then I hear Claire’s voice, “We are home slave as you are aware your owner is with me, inspecting you as her property, she has asked me to speak on behalf of her instructing me to tell you that you are to keep silent or a gag goes back on, if you understand, just nod with your head slave.” Claire said standing before me with her voice betraying, she is having fun. I nodded. I felt my owner I guess in silence fondling me from my back in a very sensual way, she is driving me crazy. I feel my cock cage being released, her hand is gloved and it stroked me once and it reacted as it should, she laughed, I remembered its Jennifer’s way to laugh, I started grinning,

“Hello slave.” Jennifer said.

“Hello Mistress.” I said, falling immediately into my own mistake by opening my mouth. Jennifer kissed me withdrew herself, then putting her lips on me again and as I opened my mouth she withdrew and I felt the inflatable gag go in and tied by Claire I suppose. It is pumped up before I could wink, “Hm, hm.” I now said.

“You were told to keep your mouth shut and foretold the consequences of it.” Jennifer said serious.

“I’m now taking you to a bedroom, you are to tug along.” Jennifer said and pulled the leash I started walking until she told me stop. I heard a door close and silence. The blindfold is removed, I set my eyesight to the light of the room, and there I see Jennifer for the first time in over a year, beautiful as I remember her and my first time seeing her splendid body with high thigh leather boots, gloves and a belt round her hips falling just under the navel showing a golden buckle as if a crown over her mound, absolutely stunning, let alone her sexiness but it’s all of her that I see now, if my life with her is as this moment I’d marry her right away. But what I wish she might be like with me and what it is to be with her is not ever the same in my experience, “Stephan it is good to see you again, now if you keep calm, I’ll get the gag off you and we can have a civilized conversation, of course you are to take into consideration that you belong to me, do you agree?” Jennifer asked me, I nodded, the gag came off.

“Hello Jennifer, it is good to see you again although in very strange circumstances at least for me, which I wish it were not.” I said feeling this new strange situation.

“It is as much a baffling situation to me as it is to you. I do know you’ve been told by Claire of my prediction regarding all of us, at the same time as I cannot certify them, I mention them without saying it’s to happen, time is whom shows me I’m right and, in my case, I do not take advantage of the visions I have, I just accept them and live them when they involve me no matter if good or bad as they unfold.” Jennifer said.

“Yes, I was told about my fate when the ball was already at the other end of the field, I would not have gone into this had I known before hand, please note I’m not complaining about you. I will add I like the idea of a dominant submissive relationship, just that I had started with Veronica and now all the sudden changes have me off balance.” I said feeling better getting that off my chest.

“Just to calm you down and see that fate sometimes seems out of the blue and we Anadolu Yakası Escort cannot do anything else but accept it. Nobody knew Veronica was about to jump to a possible merger in which she is a major shareholder, not even I had that information until later on, by that I mean you were in her payroll when I saw the reason of the changes to come, but kept it to myself and guess what, you were the pivot to get her there, she told Claire that if it had not been you at the office all this would not have happened. The merger started to get all into place and changing everything the moment you stepped into her house. She tried I know it because she spoke with me. She tried to get the ends to meet by having you as a slave and the merger at the same time, but she had to sacrifice something and that was you.” Jennifer said to me very business-like.

“Lovely story, but it turned out upside down for me.” I said frustrated.

“Again, if it not were for you in that job, she would not be merging and I would not be a Mistress to you and so on. It’s time to leave the past and let’s get back to us.” Jennifer said.

“Yes, that is the theme of the day for me at least.” I said wondering if it´s for her too.

“It’s the same for me, so I’m to point out some things as to where we might me heading to and other matters that just concern us only, these last ones are to remain with us, if you happen to open your mouth about them to anybody ever or until I say so you can, you will get the beating of your life to the extent of having permanent marks on your body, I know you are not a masochist and I’m not sadist, so what will it be, are you ready to hear me out?” Jennifer asked.

“Would you consider showing me now the direction our relationship could be heading to and avoid the other, since I’m to live with you and like it or not I’ll be hearing you out, so later on is better to my own interests.” I said calmly.

“You are right we do have time, but I have to get it out, so I’m taking advantage of my position as your dominant and spilling it out to you, just remember the consequences. It will be a mix as I tell, by that I mean sharing my feelings and what is strictly me as a Mistress. Everything concerning my feelings for you are to be kept to yourself. I’m a new Mistress and in private I’m Jenny to you, unless I’m vexed and you will know about it when you get me that way, so don’t worry. I’ve licked you since the first time I saw you and the moment Claire phoned me to tell me the latest events, I’ve become infatuated with you and there’s no way I’m letting you go. I’ve been all day waiting for you, this I say is not proper of a woman or a Mistress who is just getting to know you, but as your dominant I can have these prerogatives. I see you are flushing red so there’s something from you side as well. Our feelings for each other are real and know if I had been a Mistress when we first met I´d would have taken you, but life had another way of getting us together. By the way love now that I look at you I´d never though a guy could have the looks in female clothing but you are changing my mind as you have also made me change from being a slave to an eager Mistress and owner, so will be trying many things new to me too.” Jenny said.

“You have been so transparent with me, leaving me speechless I thank you for it and you do know I had the likes for you, but after that first time, we never met again. I forgot you and started making my life with Veronica and now here you are out of the blue at least how I feel it from my side. Let me tell you I felt hurt by Veronica leaving me and thank Claire for not holding on to me as a Mistress to be sooner or later passed on again. I would have liked to date you back then of course we both knew that at the time somehow it could not take place, Veronica later on when into our relationship, told me you belonged to Claire and in an all-female relationship, when I had that information, I guessed it would have not worked out for me, I cannot compete with a female. Now here we are you and me, but in a different circumstance, but still I cannot offer what a female can. Are we all going crazy around here?” I asked.

Jenny laughed in the happiest way, “You are right we are crazy, but I’m specially crazy about you and I know I’ll be bitchy also, I’m jealous which is certainly a new feeling to me, of course I have been jealous but never as I feel now, come over and lie on the bed.” Jenny said and the moment I was on it she gets on me and starts kissing me passionately even drooling, I can feel her wetness on my leg as she uses it to slide her pussy on it, her breathing gets heavy she has an orgasm twice and the third one as it comes makes her shudder, “Mm, mm, mm, mm.” she then calms down and stays over me keeping still, her skin is so smooth and beautiful. I have pre cum running also with a twitching partner. She touches my penis, “My little bitch is also wet, I love you Stephan / Stephany both of you are one to me, I know you do not use tampons, let’s see Kartal Escort what I do with that appendix with balls you have attached to you my love and slave.”

“Jenny baby, you are quite something, we could have a more of a vanilla relationship if you want. I notice you call my magic wand an appendix, which I have never heard it called that before, which only means you do not have much interest for it, although I could perform magic with it.” I said putting some humour in.

“Look let’s get something strait, even if I do have a soft spot for you and let you do and say things that other ones would not let or even dream of letting you say and do, it does not mean I’m not your Mistress as we make our own path, I suggest you see and inform yourself further, then come back to me and check for a fact, that I’m the most wonderful Mistress you will ever have, of course I suggest you do not get into my bad books love. About your magic wand, yes it´s true it´s not what I want mostly of you.” Jenny said.

“I’ll bear it in mind.” I said knowing it´s a fact.

“Tonight, if the occasion is right, I’ll let Claire take me and/or I’ll take her, she can get rough, but it would be enlightenment for you since you are new to this life, it will give you an idea how it can get between a couple in a bdsm way of life.” Jenny said.

“Thank you, Jenny, but I would not like you to go that far just for my sake.” I said.

“I like it when she does it to me, so it’s not a problem and seeing that you are not a switch but a true submissive maybe in time, I wonder, I have not seen it if that is what you might be thinking.” Jenny said.

“Favour, could you please remove the plug from my arse dear Jenny?” I asked.

“I’d love to and get the sensation of it, but it’s Claire’s, she has to, she is the one that put it in. Would you let me get it out and in again to feel the sensation love?” Jenny asked.

“Since this relationship is going to go on and you have confirmed that you will not let me go, I want to be positive with you, so should I just turn? I asked.

“You are so sweet. Come bend over the bed and I’ll get another condom on it just in case the one it has on breaks.” Jenny said and heard as she opened the casing and had lube ready also.

“It’s my third time I total and my first with you.” I said as I feel her pulling the plug out, she is doing it extra slowly, which when it is in the thickest part of its body, I feel it huge, she carries on at the same speed so it takes long until it’s totally out.

“I love this experience it’s so sexy, obviously because it’s you, now let me get it ready and back into you.” Jenny said exited.

“Even with your kind touch I feel it, I admit I was about to grunt but kept it to myself.” I said.

“Ok new condom on, lube and ready, here we go love.” Jenny said as she put the tip of plug in and waited.

I feel the cold goo, “You stopped, change of mind?” I asked.

“No, I’m savouring the moment, it’s my first time ever accessing, inserting, penetrating, taking anybody and whom I’m taking now is my slave and my love.” Jenny said removing the plug putting a condom on her leathered finger, I felt the tip of it, “Changed my mind and decided that before the plug I want a part of me in you, you are mine and I want to feel it.” the finger slides in slowly until it is all in, she feels her finger surrounded lost inside, it gives her the feeling she wants, that of an intimate connection with her slave and it’s overwhelming her, she started watching her finger go in and out, she is even breathing heavier knowing not every guy would accept this and here she is with whom she knows is and will be the love of her life, then an immediate sense of ownership envelopes her and the finger goes faster as if she were into a pussy, she is loving it getting her very wet.

“I’m feeling you Jenny my prostate is delivering I guess, I’m wetting everything, you’ve done this in a strange way compared to Claire, there’s sweetness in you. “I said as my voice started to crack due to the sensation the prostate is giving me.

“I love you Stephan, I do not know if I like calling you Stephany, maybe I’ll find another name when I want you female or I could get accustomed it. When we are home, I’ll definitely fuck you sooner than later. ” Jenny said withdrawing her finger and replacing it with the plug.

“I prefer your finger love.” I said trying to follow the moment.

“Time to get your plug in you love, I’ll take it easy as I insert it. This experience with the plug we are to keep to ourselves nothing to be said to Claire.” Jenny said putting the head of it back into the ring and stretching it as she pushes, she is watching as the ring is expanded forcefully taking in the invading object, now it’s past the thickest part and disappearing as if being swallowed.

“Ok Jenny, hm, it’s so thick, ah.” I said changing from the softness of her finger to a once again constant fullness in my arse. Getting my body rigid in the process, then Maltepe Escort loosens up as it is all in.

“You have made me feel a world of sensations I did not have up to now, one of them which I’ll mention now, which is the awareness of my connection with you, having my finger in you is so special and I’ll be digesting these feelings in my own time. That same finger also showed me, that I own you, you are my property to which I have full access to, it makes me feel proud from tender love to total possessiveness giving me at the same time the outright supremacy over you. You belong to me from now on and it gives a full meaning of Mistress to me which I had not felt until now.” Jenny said with a radiant face.

“Can your finger in me, trigger so much?” I asked puzzled.

“Understand you are no longer anything else but my slave and whatever I decide you be.” Jenny said as if she were another.

“You all have it in you.” I said knowing now that behaviour is of a dominant.

“Sorry my love, it just happened, I admit I’m your Mistress but never thought I’d jump at you that way without apparent reason to, I’m not a creepy person, changing, do remind me when I happen to have outbursts at least until I’ve developed into who I feel I am to you now.” Jenny said becoming aware of her dominant side concealed until now.

“Yes, Mistress Jennifer as you say.” I answered not knowing if she is testing me.

“I’m not testing you, please as I said from the start when alone I’m Jenny to you and will be Mistress when vexed or as chastisement and of course before Claire or others in the bdsm family, unless told otherwise.” Jenny said and looked at me and as soon as she saw my face calm down, “You will still start adapting to me you my little sweet bitch. You will have to deal with me since you make me horny, I love and crave you.” she added laughing sweetly as she mentioned it to me.

“Ok Jenny remember to let me know when you no longer want me to stop you although it may be apparent to both of us when that happens in the future.” I said knowing that day will come to pass.

“Come over and lie down I want to fondle you.” Jenny said and pinched my butt.

“Ahh, I feel that.” I said as I lay down and she immediately came on top of me.

“You are so sexy and get me so horny. You are my doll.” Jenny said deep kissing me and her hands go all over my body.

When she finally let me catch my breath back to normal, I asked, “What has got into you Jenny?”

“The fact of having my way with you when and how I want is new to me and it is such a fulfilling experience! I think of you as a doll now, a speaking one, but that nevertheless it does what I want it to do.” Jenny said thrilled.

“This is an experience I’ll live and hope it turns out well Jenny.” I said feeling a guinea pig but a happy one with her.

“My mindset will eventually be that of a Mistress, I have it now, but as you have experienced up to now, I do not know how I’ll unfold, as an example having you bound as you are now makes it very sexy for me and the outburst, well just don’t get me into them.” Jenny said starting to unravel her wings for the first time.

“Yes, I understand, it could help if when I feel you are going over the edge with me, I just call you Mistress Jennifer. I still have to get accustomed to be a slave, also new to you as well.” I said thinking it would make it easy.

“With me it will be much easier to slide into your role, since I know how a submissive think´s and goes about. I’m letting you know I will be on top of you as needed and if not mistaken I will truly enjoy controlling your mind, the body is the easy part.” Jenny said putting one of her medium, to small breasts with its perfect nipple into my mouth.

I nibble it and feel her nipple get hard I love it, “Mm.” I said as she rests her body on me now, making me open up and get the most I can of her into my mouth.

Jenny withdraws, “It’s ok bunny, I like how you nibble my breast and I’d love you to eat me but we will get to that once in our home, they’ve been getting the house ready for us today and they said it would be all set tomorrow. I have my car in the garage.” Jenny said excited and happy.

“That is very quick.” I said not asking.

“Yes, I’ll explain later, we should get back to Claire and I’m Mistress Jennifer don’t make look wrong.” Jenny said.

“Yes Mistress.” I answered.

“I want to grasp you like I would with a fluffy puppy, my love. Come on follow me, I’ll use the leash now, if you want to speak to her you ask me permission, I’m switching into full dominant, don’t screw up.” Jenny said as if in an office with a task to go ahead with. I have my new boss.

“Yes, Mistress Jennifer.” I said and followed her.

Claire is using her laptop and concentrated but the moment she hears the heels of her former slave she looks up, “Hello happy couple, did you make her yours, did you fuck her?” Claire asked with only one thing in mind.

“No, I had other issues, I will in due time.” Jennifer said.

“What about you slave, don’t you want your Mistress in you?” Claire asked knowing I’m scared and would avoid it until my mind is ready for it which will not take long. I do not answer, “Well slave I don’t want to slap an answer out of you.”

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