My boss Carl 3

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My boss Carl 3The next day after we had wanked together and eachother we were in the van on the way home. After Carl had dropped the last worker of it was just me and him and I got in the front with him. He asked me if I enjoyed what we did yesterday and I smiled and nodded, still embarassed as we did not talk about it the whole day at work. He said good and he liked it too and put his hand on my leg and puleed me closer to him in gthe driver seat. I could see the bulge of his cock harden in his work trousers as he looked down at it. He grabbed my hand and put it on his crotch and I started to rub all around. His hand slid down to my own bulge and started doing the same getting me rock hard straight away. He laughed and said I was keen and I know not what he means but he explains ‘You like it..your dick likes that yeah?’ I nod again, understanding now. He reached down and undid the button at the top of his trousers and slid my hand in, touching his underwear and feeling his dick stiffen more some. I reached into the hole in his boxers and let his cock out and he grinned and said ‘play with that’. I did as he want and started to wank when he spit down onto his cock head. His spit slid down his shaft some and I worked it into his cock and my hand was moving faster now because I was so excited. He told me to lick my own hand when his cock tried and keep going like that so I did. We were almost at his house and he told me to go slow because he not want to cum and told me I was very good at pleasing his cock with my hand and asked if i would like to have him in my mouth. I said I don’t know and that I never had a penis in my mouth before and he said I should try and that he thinks I would be good at it and that I would like the taste and feel. I still was unsure but Carl didnt say anything else but put his cock away because we were nearly home. When we had removed our boots and outer wear it was time to shower. Carl told me to wash up first as he took a sit on the sofa. He looked me the whole time I was under the water and was rubbingand playing with canlı bahis his cock over his underwear. I was still hard from the van and and Carl told me to ‘give it a good wash’ as he watched me soap it up and wank the length. Once I had finished Carl told me walk over to him. He already had towel and asked I stand in front of him. I was cold and shivered a lot as he stood to face me and started to dry me, rubbing the towel down my chest, over my springy dick and down my legs to my feet, covering every inch and did the same this time drying from my other foot up to my hair. Once he had dried my face he leaned in and kissed me with the towel in his hand drying my cock more. We kissed a while and he brought the towel up to my back. He pulled away and with a hand on my shoulder turned me around so he could dry better. He hunched down to do the backs of my legs and back up to do my lower back when he put some pressure on my back to me to lean forward he sat back down and rubbed the towel on my ass his hand cupping each cheek as he rubbed before drying my crack a bit rougher and harder this time. He lay the towel on the floor below and with hand on my waist turned me around to stand on it. I was standing with my cock close to his face and was still semi hard from the pleasure of him drying me. He looked up at me and smiled before moving his head forward to take my dick into his mouth. He held my head in his mouth a little, running his tongue all the way around and I moaned. He asked me if I liked that and I can only say yes as he takes me deeper in his mouth. He was able to get about have my 8 1/2 cock in now it was stiff fully and kept saying how he liked the taste and feel of a hard hot teen cock in his mouth. I try to say I am 20 but only gasp as he sucks hard on the head before releasing from his mouth and makes a plop sound. He hold my cock against my stomach and starts to lick my balls too. When they are wet from his tounge he sucks each hard into his mouth and pulls and I cry out becasuse it feels good but a bit sore. He laughs and says how bets10 I have a ‘nice big ball bag and lovely and smooth too’. All I say is thanks. I never had so much pleasure from a mouth on my cock and balls before and I think how he is better at giving head than my girlfriend.He sucks me more and plays with my balls, pulling at them with his hands causing me to nearly cum. I fall forward a bit and rest my hands on his shoulders and he lets my cock out of his mouth. ‘I knew you’d like me sucking on your meat’ he said with that smile again and leaned back with his hands behind his head. ‘I need a rest’, he said ‘do you wanna do me?’ I feel I should and I want to try and see if it’s good. Carl liked sucking on me so I think I want to have him in my mouth but I am scared a bit and this is all new to me. He is still dressed and has me kneel in front of him with my knees on the towel. My hand are on his legs as he zips his fly down and takes his cock out. He is fully erect and only a bit smaller than me but just as thick. He is uncut and has more hair above his cock and his balls are covered in dark hair and hanging low and it is a proper mans cock and I cant imagine having it in my mouth or what it might taste like. He says to me to relax and grips the base of his huge cock and points it toward my lips. He puts one hand on the back of my head and says ‘lick it’ as he pulls me towards his what he called ‘helmet’. I stick my tongue out to do as he says and immediately taste the pre cum on his cock head. It tastes odd but not bad, just different. He has me lick up and down his entire shaft and asks me if i like the taste and I do kind of. Just tastes like skin and doesn’t seem that big a deal anymore. When I nod he says ‘I thought you would’ and smiles and takes his hand from the back of my head and back behind his own. ‘Just enjoy it lad’ he says and ‘do whatever you like’. I tell him I like to try having his balls in my mouth and he says ‘Go ahead then’. I copy as he did and held his cock in my hand and licked his hairy sack some. I like bets10 güvenilir mi the sweet taste of sweat and the hair didnt bother me like I thought it might. I am only used to my girlfriends cunt and it is smooth so this is a lot different and feels dirty. I am horny and turned on and my cock is ready to explpode. I reach down and start to wank it and it doesn’t take long before I am cummming hard on the legs of his trousers. I do not stop sucking him even as I am cumming and I don’t know if he has even noticed that I had cum on his clothes and I am sucking him more now and enjoying pleasuring him and he tells me I am doing a good job and that it feels great and that he knew I’d me good at ‘giving head’. He asks if I can taste his pre cum and if I like the taste and I say yes and he tells me I would like his cum in my mouth . He stands up and I suck his cock into my mouth as much as I can about half way down and it fills my mouth. He is wanking the base of his cock as I do this and tells me he is nearly ready to shoot. He pulls his nob from my mouth and tells me to wait with my tongue out. I do as he wants and he holds his cock near my mouth brushing against my lips. He is wanking hard now and fast and breathes deep. He slows his hand down and I know what is coming as he aims his helmet at my tongue and puts one hand on my head….’Oh, fucking hell..yeah..this is it…you ready…oh fuck I’m cumming lad.. ahhhh’ With that i flinch a bit and my tongue is covered in his cum. He squirts a few times and hits me on my face with 1 or 2 pumps but I dont care as I only want him to be pleased with me and I think he is! He sits down tired and I am still with my mouth open and his spunk on my tongue. He tells me to swallow and with some difficulty I get it all down my throat as he wanted. I tell him he tastes good and he smiles and says he is glad I like the taste of cock and cum. He rubs his thumb across my cheek and scoops up some cum, slipping it into my mouth and has me suck the juice from his thumb and fingers and it is very horny and satisfied to me. He had me remove his trousers and socks and unbutton his shirt. I was happy to help as he was tired from cumming and sore from working all week I gathered them all up and put them in the washing machine with my own as he showered.

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